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793Low Audio Output

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  • jonyeo909
    Jun 26, 2012
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      Greetings to all!

      A new member here and hope to seek some advise on the current state of my MP

      I recently modded the MP with CHD 's midi retrofit. After completing the retrofitting, i ran some tests on the midi functions, they all went according to plan. The only thing its the low audio output for both Headphones and Main Output , sometimes it goes really soft, but not totally silent.

      When the audio is really soft, by Opening up the resonance to full and sweeping the filter , i could clearly hear the filter screaming away as it should but with extremely soft VCOs in the background. I fiddled around with the ADSR, its all good but with VCOs very faintly in the background.

      On a Good Day, the MP works like charm, with full audio output, without the problem mentioned.

      i like to believe the problem i have has nothing to do with the midi retrofit. Hope someone here is able to share where I can start troubleshooting, Thanks in advance

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