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724Re: [korg_mono-poly] White noise when played, even with all OSC off and filter closed

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  • Mark Burow
    Nov 8, 2011
      Hi guys,

      I made a recording of the problem-M/P tonite:
      I tried to capture the noise by doing the following:

      first, all OSC off, and filter Cutoff & resonance set to 0; VCF Env 0, VCA attack 0, dec./sust. mid, short release; No additional noise or any fx;
      playing a pattern C3 A2 C3 C3 A2 C3
      then I first turn up the 16' sinewave, after that the 8', the 4' and the 2', and then the cutoff a little bit, as well as the VCA release...

      hope you can hear the noise / distortion, sounds really strange to me - none of my other synths have anything like this, and as far as I remember the M/P didnt have that earlier (didnt use it for quite a while...)
      earlier I used the M/P with 1 sinewave for heavy baass lines, dry stuff, without any noise at all... now I cant get any nice sound of it anymore without that noise... :(

      any idea off what this could possibly be?
      how can I track down the fault?

      thanks & regards


      Am 07.11.2011 um 11:45 schrieb Alan Dicker:

      > A recording would help to understand if its just the normal low level noise you find in the circuit or if it is indeed something of concern.
      > Alan
      > From: Mark Burow <burow@...>
      > To: Florian Anwander <fanwander@...>
      > Cc: korg_mono-poly@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Sunday, 6 November 2011, 21:20
      > Subject: Re: [korg_mono-poly] White noise when played, even with all OSC off and filter closed
      > hey florian,
      > sure, I will record the noise asap.
      > but do you have already any idea where this could come from?
      > thx for your help,
      > mark
      > Am 06.11.2011 um 21:07 schrieb Florian Anwander:
      >> Hi Mark
      >>> I will record the noise today to demonstrate, if this would help?
      >> This will help for sure.
      >> Florian
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