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6Re: Out of tune!!!

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  • analog_geek
    Oct 6, 2004
      "Open the top of your Mono/Poly. On the underside, dead center, is a
      little brown PCB with "KLM-398" on it. There are four little silver
      potentiometers on there- they each have a little slot in the center
      where a jeweler's screwdriver will fit. Plug in your Mono and turn it
      on, plug in some headphones, and you can turn those pots until all
      the oscs are humming in tune."
      I got this information at Zen mono/poly in my links section.

      Make sure you turn one VCO up at a time. And also the tune knobs are
      not in order. EX: turning tune screw one will not tune VCO 1. It will
      take you alittle time to firgure out which one tunes which VCO. MAKE
      SURE YOU DONT TURN THE WRONG KNOBS! there are other knobs in there
      that are not for tuning. Be sure your turning the right ones.

      --- In korg_mono-poly@yahoogroups.com, "mozgmozg23" <mozgmozg23@y...>
      > Hi. I've got a problem with my mono\poly- it's completely out of
      > tune: for example the first "C" note is not like second "C" and
      > third "C" is more like "D"... So, can anyone tell me how to tune it?
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