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455MG and case broken + false contact

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  • lakaband_in_uk
    Sep 1, 2009
      Hello everyone!

      I still am a proud owner of the mono/poly

      but I have so many problems with it!

      First, I bought from ebay and it arrived broken: the case and, more importantly, the volume knob and the MG one. I replaced the volume knob with a friend of mine as it is quite easy to do but to replace the MG is another game!
      So I haven't done it yet.
      By the way, the ebay seller didn't pack it securely enough but refused to take responsability for the breaking, and I never saw any money from the claim I filed to the UK postage.

      That is why I cannot stress enough that it is important to be very careful buying your machine on ebay!!

      On top of that, the synth proves now to have some false contact somewhere and it plays only sometimes!

      I found a company that renews cases of synths but it is in the US. Is there is an equivalent in Europe?

      I really like the sound of the synth (when it plays!) but I am a bit discouraged and would like to know if you could advise me someone to bring it to that is not going to rip me off (I live in London).

      many thanks in advance for your time in the matter
      and thanks for this group

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