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401Re: [korg_mono-poly] Re: WTB: Korg Mono/Poly

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  • Florian Anwander
    Feb 9, 2009
      Hello Mike

      > I absolutely agree, but I can't FIND a decent priced one anywhere.
      > Also, I am in the US, so 600 Euro is pretty ridiculous for me. the
      > Mono/Poly cost about $400-500 USD in 1998 (about $250 in 1993!).
      That never happened here in Germany. The MonoPoly never went down that much.

      > It's not that I don't want to pay or anything like that, it's just
      > that I cannot pay such a large amount at once. It's simply not in the
      > cards right now. And I have no credit, so I can't get any kind of a loan.
      An honest business never should think about credit. Buy what you can
      afford. If you can't afford, then wait until your savings got that far.
      (our world economy crisis is based on the fact, that so called
      businessmen, think that credit is base for business. It is not.)

      > PS: My screenname is named after the Queen song. ;-)
      Ok, next investment will be a Roland Jupiter 8, which was used for that
      recording ;-) (In the Musicland Studios I played once the one they used).

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