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395WTB: Korg Mono/Poly

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  • underpressure116
    Feb 7, 2009
      I am absolutely in LOVE with the Korg Mono/Poly. I've been looking
      for one for about a year now. The big issue is that the price has
      become so inflated due to the Korg Legacy Collection and all these
      collectors who sit on top of treasure troves of synths that just
      collect dust while people who truly love them and would use them, like
      myself, get left out in the dust.

      So I am looking for a decent condition Mono/Poly. I don't care if the
      wood is messed up, or if the knobs are original, I just want one that

      I'm really excited that I found this place because you all know what
      it's like and truly love this beast. Also, you are all "real people,"
      as it were. We can hopefully work something out if you have one.

      I can pay about $300-$400 up front and then we can work out a monthly
      payment plan or something like that if that suits you. I'm just
      really ga-ga for this synth and I'm just so irritated by the inflated
      prices and these hoarders.

      Please email me at underpressure116 AT gmail DOT com

      I don't check my yahoo email very often.

      Thank you!

      Mike Lucas
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