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268RE: [korg_mono-poly] New Member and Mod Question

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  • Casey Grabowski
    Feb 23, 2008
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      Oops! Opened it up, and it doesn't go anywhere! All the wires are snipped!  Guess it was an idea gone sour.
      I would still like to know what kind of cable I could use if I do decide to wire it up...
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      Hi Casey

      > That said, I got mine used with this mod already done, but I have no
      > idea what it is for! Can anyone please have a look and get reply to
      > this post?
      The picture doesn't say too much. It would be more helpful to open the
      MonoPoly and take a shot from the inside to show where the cables go to.

      There are a lot of possible moddings:

      CV/Gate-out CV/Gate-In for the individual VCO-voices.

      Separate triggers for the VCO / VCA Envelopes

      The width of the connector also implies access to the keyboard matrix,
      which would enable additional MIDI-In/MIDI- out interfaces.



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