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148Re: [korg_mono-poly] hey im a newbie !!!

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  • Florian Anwander
    Mar 13, 2007

      > personal experience tell you whats goin on. if anyone could give me a
      > breif overveiw of syncing the arpeggiator. i have limeted gear and
      > limeted funds, i have a 707, what are the possibilities???
      The arpeggiator requires a single trigger signal for each step (in fact
      you need a so called "Switched Trigger"). This kind of trigger signal
      was usually generated by analogue drum machines (eg. the TR-808 provides
      trigger outs), sequencers or dedicated synchronizers.

      For synching with MIDI the easiest way should be a MIDI-2-CV interface,
      like Doepfer MCV4 or Kenton Pro Solo (others exist). If you program a
      short note for each step of the arpeggiator in your sequencer and feed
      the "gate out" of the interface to the arpeggiator in, you will have a sync.
      It is irrelevant which note you are using - because you don't use the
      tonal information (which is transferred by the CV-Signal) but only the
      Note-on/off, which is transferred by the Gate-Signal.

      Another possibility, but not as reliable, might be to use a short audio
      signal (e.g a rimshot) to trigger the Arpeggio.

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