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147hey im a newbie !!!

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  • e_monteiro
    Mar 12, 2007
      hey everyone, i recently bought a mono/poly about 3 weeks ago, my
      limeted experience of synthesis in my whole 18 years of life has been
      purely digital. its sad i know...it was great to learn that there is a
      group to help me with this amazing instrument, im so eager to learn. i
      downloaded the manual but theres nothing like having someone with
      personal experience tell you whats goin on. if anyone could give me a
      breif overveiw of syncing the arpeggiator. i have limeted gear and
      limeted funds, i have a 707, what are the possibilities???

      thanks in advance to anyone that can help
      great group, il start posting my patches as soon as i can.
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