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Re: motherboard Korg 01W Oh.... Everyone seems to need it.... On Feb 24, 2015 5:35 PM, "Vincenzo Vincenzo sarvamala@...

Alon Hillel
Feb 24

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motherboard Korg 01W hello everyone, i need your help .. I'm trying to replace the motherboard on my Korg 01W at a price not exaggerated .. some of you have available? Thank you in

Vincenzo Vincenzo
Feb 24

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Re: Sound Tower I just checked; my Sound Tower is v2.6 also naclark Philadelphia, PA USA On 2/23/2015 5:36 PM, Jeroen Elias jeroen.elias@... ... This email has been

Nelson Clark
Feb 23

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Re: Sound Tower Thanks, Jeroen; I'll have to check what version my Sound Tower is, but I'm running it on Windows 7, which seems to run okay. I may try "Change It" if I don't

Nelson Clark
Feb 23

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Re: Sound Tower Hi NaClark, Yes, I have a copy of 01wEditPro SE (v2.6) On which Windows version do you use it? Mine only seems to work properly on Windows XP (virtualized). As

Jeroen Elias
Feb 23

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Sound Tower Is there anyone in the group who has used the Sound Tower software with their Korg 01W? If so, I'm struggling with how to use the *Library feature* to save all

Feb 23

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PCG Tools 2.6.0 Version 2.6.0 of PCG Tools has been released and can be downloaded for free at http://pcgtools.mkspace.nl http://pcgtools.mkspace.nl/. All items can be found

Feb 22

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01/FWD on sale Hi all, I have a unit on sale. It is seldom used, and in good condition. Only the typical backlight issue (light off). All the rest works well and it has

César Hernández
Feb 21

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Re: PCM Card XSC-3S Ben, I found and buy one in eBay. There are other publish to sale:

Feb 20

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Re: PCM Card XSC-3S Since you kids are there, I'n wondering if anybody has ever had this issue: My sound coming through my monitor/amp is kind of fuzzy but is just clear in the

Feb 19

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Re: PCM Card XSC-3S Benjamin i have one pm me Sam ricci jr at comcast dot net Sent from my iPod ... Benjamin i have one pm me Sam ricci jr at comcast dot net Sent from my iPod On

Samuel Ricci Jr
Feb 19

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Re: PCM Card XSC-3S Hi, I am not sure where I can get those from. I need one too. Regards, Ben On Tue, Feb 10, 2015 at 1:08 PM, 'Eduardo' erfelipe@... ... Hi, I am not

Ben Bol
Feb 19

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PCM Card XSC-3S Dear, I'm looking for PCM Card XSC-3S (Piano) for my 01/W. Regards, Felipe

Feb 10

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Re: Parting out 01W/FD Hi Im sorry, but I don't think that I am interested at this time, but thank you for getting in touch. Ben On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 2:37 AM, xp_sucks@...

Ben Bol
Jan 26

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Parting out 01W/FD I am ging to part my 01W/FD. The motherboard is shot and cant be repaired. Everything else available. I will ship from Japan using EMS. Please contact me for a

Jan 25
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