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PCG Tools 2.7

Dear PCG Tools users, PCG Tools 2.7.0 is released today and can be downloaded from the website (http://pcgtools.mkspace.nl http://pcgtools.mkspace.nl/). One of
Mar 27

01/Wfd MIDI Thru as a merge?

I've seen a few references online that suggest that the MIDI thru output on the 01/W is actually a merge that combines IN with internal events. Specifically,
Mar 26

Re: Korg Display Problem

ok, let me know if you solve and if you need help .. hello. Il Venerdì 20 Marzo 2015 13:42, "loyerro@... [korg01w-list]"
Vincenzo Vincenzo
Mar 23

Re: Korg Display Problem

Thank you Vicenzo, I think your answer is very good. I let it as it is. I have thought about removing the lcd housing and clening the contacts, but i thought
Mar 20

Re: Korg Display Problem

hello, you should replace the two capacitors of the display. if you still have not solved the problem you have to disassemble entirely supports the display and
Vincenzo Vincenzo
Mar 17

Re: Korg Display Problem

If its just one cap then it wouldn't hurt replacing it. But i have a feeling you will end up replacing the whole assembly.
Jose Almonte
Mar 14

Re: Korg Display Problem

Thanks Jose for the reply ! Today i opened the korg, dissasemble it, tell you wasn't easy :) The ribbon cable from the lcd to the mainboard was inserted
Mar 13

Re: Korg Display Problem

I doubt the waiting time before powering the 01w had anything to do with the issue. More than likely transportation did the damage. Check the two ends of the
Jose Almonte
Mar 12

Korg Display Problem

Hello Korg Fans, A just received a Korg 01w/df today. Display was fine a week ago before travelling from Germany to me. I waited just one hour before powering
Mar 12

Re: motherboard Korg 01W

ah ah ah...it is true! the hard part is to find it:-) Il Martedì 24 Febbraio 2015 16:38, "Alon Hillel alonhilel@... [korg01w-list]"
Vincenzo Vincenzo
Mar 6

M1 Piano Sound

Hi All, I have an 01Wfd, and I would like to have the famous M1 Piano sound installed on it. How can I do that please? I would appreciate any advice and
Mar 6

01wfd and pro x

Good day all, I have two 01w, an fd and a pro x both  need dig to analog converter   Both for $260.... I am in austin texas.  (512) 658-4993
Feb 27

Re: motherboard Korg 01W

Oh.... Everyone seems to need it.... On Feb 24, 2015 5:35 PM, "Vincenzo Vincenzo sarvamala@...
Alon Hillel
Feb 24

motherboard Korg 01W

hello everyone, i need your help .. I'm trying to replace the motherboard on my Korg 01W at a price not exaggerated .. some of you have available? Thank you in
Vincenzo Vincenzo
Feb 24

Re: Sound Tower

I just checked; my Sound Tower is v2.6 also naclark Philadelphia, PA USA On 2/23/2015 5:36 PM, Jeroen Elias jeroen.elias@... ... This email has been
Nelson Clark
Feb 23
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