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New (small) release of PCG Tools: version 2.7.2

Dear reader, New (small) release of PCG Tools: version 2.7.2 Link: http://pcgtools.mkspace.nl http://pcgtools.mkspace.nl/ Language: A new Polish translator
Nov 21

Re: Floppy Disk Drive Replacement (Successful Except for LED)

$800? Sent via the Samsung GALAXY S®4, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone ... From: "'Greg St. Martin' gstmartin@... [korg01w-list]"
Nov 16

Re: Floppy Disk Drive Replacement (Successful Except for LED)

Just any information on how what to replace the FD on an O1/W would be welcomed. Apparently there are now two group members seeking advice. So far it's been
Warren Hartman
Nov 15

Re: Floppy Disk Drive Replacement (Successful Except for LED)

Hello, I too would like info about replacing the FD. My O1w/fd has been mostly in hibernation over the years, but I just tried to inject a floppy & nothing
Greg St. Martin
Nov 14

Re: Floppy Disk Drive Replacement (Successful Except for LED)

Paul, This sounds like a horror story for someone who is not sufficiently tech able. Is this the only option to replace the FD drive? warren
Nov 9

FD drive dead or frozen

Hi! I'm certain there are a myriad amount of responses regarding repair or replacement of the FD drive. After a long period of inactivity,mine only produces a
Nov 9

Re: korg EXK-01/W FD expansion information

I have never heard of such a card for the Korg 01W. I hope someone else does!
Nov 8

korg EXK-01/W FD expansion information

Hi, does anybody have any information to share about this expansion card? is it like the EXK-M1 which effectively doubles the internal waveforms?
Nov 8

Re: Digest Number 2301

Mine cost £35 from farnells in the UK
Bennett, Paul
Nov 2

Re: Problem by switching the sound while pressing a key

There are very few keyboards out there that are capable of doing what you describe. My old Kurzweil 2500 can change programs without cutting off tails but, for
Nov 1

Re: Digest Number 2297

... There's very little of "how", except for finding +5V rail for LED power (that's usually taken from floppy drive power connection or directly from +5V PSU
Marcin 'Rambo' Roguski
Nov 1

Re: Digest Number 2297

"However, you can find a complete LCD panel of exact size needeed, which speaks Toshiba 6963 driver protocol (this is also important) for at least half of that
Nov 1

Re: Digest Number 2297

wow !!! the price seems too high !!! for all users of the group more experienced, I wanted to ask for advice: you think you can try out a small strip of mini
Vincenzo Vincenzo
Oct 30

Re: Digest Number 2297

On Fri, 30 Oct 2015 00:59:11 +0200 "Guillermo cybergui@... [korg01w-list]" ... Sure the idea is brilliant - If you look at VSE forum, there are people
Marcin 'Rambo' Roguski
Oct 30

Re: Digest Number 2297

Yeah man, but the idea is brilliant. The EL backlight has 3000 Hs of life ussage. the LED technology is more efficient than that. I change my backlight two
Oct 29
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