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Measures to Improve National Image Unveiled

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    Measures to Improve National Image Unveiled By Shim Jae-yun Staff Reporter KoreaTimes The government yesterday unveiled a package of measures to raise the
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      Measures to Improve National Image Unveiled

      By Shim Jae-yun Staff Reporter

      The government yesterday unveiled a package of measures to raise the
      nation¡¯s international reputation, which has received a major boost
      following the successful co-hosting of the World Cup finals. The
      steps include efforts to protect human rights of foreign workers
      employed by local companies at home and abroad, promote welfare for
      the handicapped and less privileged, and phase out overseas adoptions
      of children.

      The measures were adopted during a "committee for the improvement of
      the national image¡¯¡¯ presided over by Prime Minister Lee Han-dong.
      First of all, government authorities will carry out regular
      monitoring of Internet sites to detect and correct erroneous

      "Textbooks, documents and major newspapers of foreign countries will
      also be subject to close monitoring to that end,¡¯¡¯ said an official
      at the Office of Government Policy Coordination. Measures will be
      taken to help mitigate negative images of the nation including the
      prevention of the unsightly display of dog meat at traditional
      markets. The government also plans to improve what it called other
      "sub-standard practices¡¯¡¯ such as lingering business regulations,
      corruption and confrontational labor-management relations.

      English language television and radio programs will be expanded to
      improve international awareness of the country, while the network of
      ethnic Koreans living overseas will be set up to enable them to
      conduct events designed to publicize Korea in the international

      The government will also carry out national image surveys of locals
      and foreign nationals on a regular basis. In order to publicize the
      national image as a dynamic one in the area of information
      technology, the government will dispatch some 200 "Internet youth
      volunteers¡¯¡¯ to 20 countries around the world, such as China and
      Mongolia, for education purposes. In the business area, the
      government will focus its efforts on enabling 10 corporate brands to
      emerge among the world¡¯s top 100 brands by the year 2010. At
      present, only Samsung belongs to the top 100.

      It also plans to develop 500 commodities to become the world¡¯s best
      goods by 2005.

      Education-related authorities will concentrate on having foreign
      educational institutes set up Korea-related departments and assist
      related research activity.
      "We will continue to actively participate in international events in
      areas of disaster recovery, environment and human rights, while
      endeavoring to attract major international conferences,¡¯¡¯ said the

      He went on to say that the drive would focus on equating the national
      image with dynamism, clean and transparent institutions and
      open-minded people.

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