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Boy Donates Bone Marrow to Brother Adopt

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  • sunny_jo888
    Boy Donates Bone Marrow to Brother Adopted to US By Soh Ji-young Staff Reporter A five-year-old boy yesterday had his bone marrow
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      Boy Donates Bone Marrow to Brother Adopted to
      US<br><br> By Soh Ji-young<br> Staff Reporter <br><br> A
      five-year-old boy yesterday had his bone marrow extracted<br>
      to save the life of a previously unknown brother in
      the United<br> States. <br><br> Lee Kyong-ho's
      marrow, extracted at Asan Medical Center<br> (AMC) in
      Seoul, will be sent to the U.S. to be transplanted<br>
      into the boy's 14-year-old biological brother,
      Byong-jo, who<br> is suffering from Fanconi anemia, a fatal
      blood disease, and is<br> anxiously awaiting surgery.
      <br><br> But until just a while ago, the two brothers did
      not know of<br> each other's existence, let alone
      meet, as the older brother was<br> given up for
      adoption 13 years ago. <br><br> Driven by severe economic
      hardship, Byong-jo's parents made<br> the difficult
      decision to give up their first-born when he was<br> just
      months old in 1988. <br><br> Through the Social Welfare
      Society (SWS), Byong-jo was<br> able to find a new loving
      home with his adoptive parents in<br> the U.S. But at
      the age of three, Byong-jo, known better by his<br>
      American name Thomas Sankey, was discovered to have<br>
      symptoms of Fanconi anemia, one of the inherited anemias
      that<br> lead to bone marrow failure. <br><br> Unable to
      find a suitable bone marrow donor in the U.S.,<br>
      Sankey's adoptive parents turned to the SWS for help,
      and<br> were able to track down his Korean family.
      <br><br> After conducting blood tests of all family
      members, the<br> youngest, Kyong- ho, was found to match
      Sankey's blood<br> genotype, and the operation was
      performed by Dr. Thad Ghim<br> at AMC, upon request of
      Sankey's pediatrician, Richard<br> Harris at the
      Cincinnati Childen's Hospital in Ohio. <br><br> The bone
      marrow, stored in a refrigerated box, will be<br>
      delivered to Sankey later by Dr. Harris, who came to
      Seoul<br> for this sole purpose. He left Incheon
      International Airport<br> with the marrow yesterday afternoon.
      It must be transplanted<br> within 48 hours of
      extraction, or the operation cannot be<br> carried out.
      <br><br> ``I hope the operation is successful, so that
      Byong-jo can run<br> about in good heath,'' Byong-jo's
      birth mother said. <br><br>jysoh@... <br>
      17:09<br><br><a href=http://www.hankooki.com/times/200112/t2001120417090540110.htm target=new>http://www.hankooki.com/times/200112/t2001120417090540110.htm</a>
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