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German Adoptee Seeks Birth Parents

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  • sunny_jo888
    German Adoptee Seeks Birth Parents <br><br> Yoon Young-hee was adopted by a German family 25<br> years ago and recently visited Korea
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2001
      German Adoptee Seeks Birth Parents
      <br><br> Yoon<br>Young-hee was adopted by a German family
      25<br> years ago<br>and recently visited Korea for the
      third time<br> in<br>order to find her birth
      parents. On July 5, 1976 a<br><br>crying young girl
      was wandering the street near<br><br>Pyongdong
      Catholic Church in Mokpo, South
      Jeolla<br><br>Province. When found, the three-year old girl
      who<br><br>stuttered her name, "Yoon Young-hee" was sent to
      a<br><br>social welfare center in Mokpo. <br><br>
      Yoon who is<br>working at a construction company
      in<br> Germany said<br>"when I was young, I had anger
      against my actual<br>parents. However,<br> as time
      goes by, I felt an<br>irresistible yearning for my
      homeland and my parents."<br> She<br>first came back
      to Korea when she was 20 years old in<br>1992 with
      15 other<br> Korean adoptees, but failed
      to<br>find her parents envying the luck of some
      adoptees<br><br>who succeeded in meeting their relatives. In
      1999,<br>she mustered her courage once<br> again and
      searched<br>for her parents in Mokpo by herself, which also
      ended<br>in vain. <br><br> This time Yoon is
      accompanied with<br>a German broadcasting team of ARD which
      is<br><br>making her story into a documentary. Yoon shed
      tears<br>saying "I wish Koreans know<br> how much we,
      adoptees,<br>want to be a part of Korea. I wish I could
      remember<br>even<br> the name of my biological parents..."
      <br><br><br>(Kim Min-gu, roadrunner@...)
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