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Ten Thousand Sorrows

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  • sunny_jo888
    STATEMENT TO THE PRESS Ten Thousand Sorrows by Elizabeth Kim Various allegations have been raised questioning Elizabeth Kim s account of her
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2000
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      STATEMENT TO THE PRESS<br>Ten Thousand Sorrows by
      <br>Elizabeth Kim<br><br>Various allegations have been raised
      questioning Elizabeth Kim's <br>account of her mother's death
      and surrounding circumstances in Korea<br>in her
      book, Ten Thousand Sorrows, published by Doubleday in
      May, 2000.<br>As responsible publishers, we have taken
      these allegations seriously <br>and have investigated
      their veracity and continue to do so. After<br>speaking
      with several individuals with expertise in Korea, we
      believe <br>that while opinion on some matters is
      divided, overall the core of Ms. <br>Kim's work is
      accurate.It is important to note that Ms. Kim's book is
      <br>avowedly a memoir, one person's account, not an academic
      work of <br>scholarship.<br><br>However, we do now
      believe that there are not sufficient studies for <br>Ms.
      Kim and Doubleday to have stated as an established
      fact that<br>there is a tradition of honor killings in
      Korea.<br><br>Based on discussions with Ms. Kim and the Korea experts
      we consulted, <br>we believe that the account of her
      traumatic, personal experience is <br>essentially true.
      While people are free to debate the merits of Ms.
      <br>Kim's portrayal, we at Doubleday feel the memoir
      contributes <br>meaningfully to public knowledge.
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