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Seeking Interviews about Confucianism for Grad School Paper

Greetings, I have just joined the group and with the kind permission of the moderator am posting a request, if anyone can assist me. I am a Master's degree
Dawn F
Jan 28, 2013

New online course on the history and practice of Daoism (including K

This course is hosted by the new organization, Phoenix Rising: Academy of Esoteric Studies and Creative Arts, run out of Athens and London, with strong ties to
Nov 8, 2010

korean translations of philosophy texts

... Indeed, they do exist. There are Korean translations of Western philosophical texts in abundance, including Kierkegaard. They are really quite easy to
Adam Bohnet
Dec 20, 2004

Re: Digest Number 92

Y, I suggest having a look at the Kyobo books on line site - at a quick glance, there appears to be some translations of both Kant(Ä­Æ®) and Kierkegaard
Andrew Anderson
Dec 19, 2004

korean translations of philosophy texts

Hello, Does anyone know whether there are extant Korean translations of seminal Western philosophy texts? Kierkegaard especially, some Kant would be lovely as
Dec 18, 2004

Resurgence of Neo-Confucian Rule

http://www.koreaaward.com/korea/history_EarlyJoseonPeriod_03.htm Resurgence of Neo-Confucian Rule The ninth King of Joseon Dynasty, Seongjong (r.1469-1494)
Todd Cameron Thacker
Sep 13, 2004

King Sejong's Confucian Humanism

http://www.koreaaward.com/korea/history_EarlyJoseonPeriod_01.htm King Sejong's Confucian Humanism Joseon's fourth king, King Sejong the Great (r.1418-1450),
Todd Cameron Thacker
Sep 9, 2004

New Korea Journal out: The Korean Face: Philosophical, Cultural, an

We are pleased to announce the publication of the latest Korea Journal issue. The summer 2004 of the Korea Journal has been published. This new issue takes the
Todd Cameron Thacker
Aug 10, 2004

Korean Aesthetic Consciousness and the Problem of Aesthetic Rationa

http://www.uqtr.uquebec.ca/AE/vol_2/kim.html Korean Aesthetic Consciousness and the Problem of Aesthetic Rationality * Kwang-Myung KIM [ # ] Seoul ... Abstract
Todd Cameron Thacker
Jul 9, 2004

Call For Papers: "Confucianism and Women in late Choson Korea"

From "Korean Studies Discussion List" Call For Papers Original essays are invited for a collection [tentatively] entitled ¡°Confucianism and Women in late
Todd Cameron Thacker
Jun 12, 2004

Philosophy of Korean Medicine

http://www.koma.or.kr/eng/principle/ Um-yang and Five phases Um-yang(ëäåÕ) and five phases(çéú¼) explain the actual state of things and the principle.
Todd Cameron Thacker
Jun 2, 2004

Invitation to Int'l Conference on Korean Buddhist Nuns

We invite you to an international conference on "Korean Buddhist Nuns within the Context of East Asian Buddhist Traditions." Dates: May 20 ~ May 22, 2004
Apr 29, 2004

Sunggyun-gwan, Sanctuary of Confucianism in Korea

Koreana SUMMER 1987 Vol.1 No.2 Heritage Sunggyun-gwan, Sanctuary of Confucianism in Korea An Byung-ju Professor, Sung Kyun Kwan University Some Western
Todd Cameron Thacker
Apr 11, 2004

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Korean Buddhism online

http://www.rep.routledge.com/article/G201 __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Small Business $15K Web Design Giveaway
Todd Cameron Thacker
Apr 7, 2004

Popular Korean Philosophy Lecturer Castigates Impeachment on MBC

http://english.chosun.com/w21data/html/news/200403/200403230015.html Popular Korean Philosophy Lecturer Castigates Impeachment on MBC Chung-Ang University
Todd Cameron Thacker
Mar 26, 2004
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