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Beautiful London

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    JOIN NOW!!!www.groups.yahoo.com/group/entertaining_group_4u St Paul s Cathedral The dome of the St. Paul s Cathedral in London is one of the biggest in the
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      St Paul's Cathedral

                       Sunset over St Paul's

      The dome of the St. Paul's Cathedral in London is one of the biggest in the world. 

                The red light district ????

            The inside of the St. Paul's is beautifully decorated.


            Tower Bridge

                 Tower Bridge in the evening



      Walking towards Hampton Court 

      Hampton Court Palace

                                                                                                                                                                          &nb sp;                                                            

                       Fountain Court

                             Hampton Court
                               A palace just outside the city


      British Museum

      Entrance of the British Museum

       The roof

       More Elgin Marbles

      The London Eye

                      The Eye seen from accross the Thames 

                            Don't change a good design

      Trafalgar Square

      Fountain on Trafalgar Square

      Many pigeons at Trafalgar SquareSeagull on a king on a horse


      The Houses of Parliament

      Big Ben

      A guard on a horse, and a horse on guard

      Kew Gardens

      A Chinese tower and a couple of rhododendrons

      Water lilies


      The Millennium Dome

      The Dome from above (a postcard)

                      The Dome, seen from the Thames


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