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  • Waqas Akram
    Assalam O Alikum This mail presents summary of 26 years of my life. These are not ideologies, I ve composed it on the basis of all experiences of my life, I m
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2007
      Assalam O Alikum
      This mail presents summary of 26 years of my life. These are not
      ideologies, I've composed it on the basis of all experiences of my
      life, I'm sharing it with everyone, so that, It may helpful to
      anyone else.
      There are two types of Ignorant persons
      1) The One who doesn't know at all
      2) The One who knows something, but his knowledge is wrong.
      So Lets discover the two types of knowledge, It's up to us what we
      choose !!!
      1) The real knowledge which gives you your identity and identity of
      your creator and the way of success for both lives.
      2) The knowledge of this world, which either is used to enhance the
      comfort level of human beings and to facilitate them or to protect
      them against enemies.
      It's a famous Hadeeth "TO GET KNOWLEDGE IS DUTY OF EVERY MUSLIM"
      So far, we have found that we need some knowledge to lead life, but
      which knowledge, the first one or the second one?
      There are two ways to take guidance; it's up to us what we
      choose !!!
      1) To take guidance by our own knowledge and experiences of life
      2) To take guidance by knowledge of ALLAH
      Why we get the knowledge of this world?
      1) To get highest status, respect and money in the world.
      Why we need to get the Real Knowledge?
      1) To get real success in this life and the life hereafter.
      What are our blunders???
      1) We think that we get status and respect from our knowledge,
      business and hard work, but what ALLAH says "I give respect to
      whoever I want, and I humiliate to whoever I want"
      2) We think that Status, Respect, and humiliations of this world are
      3) Life is the name of our authority, our position, our status and
      our possessions like our houses, cars, bank balances, etc.
      We have forgotten that:-
      1) Our ultimate success is to get highest positions in the eyes of
      Creator and Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
      2) The respect and humiliations of this world is nothing
      3) The Creator of this world, which has all knowledge's and powers
      says "The life of this world is just sport and play
      4) ALLAH says that "World is a deceived home" and "its wing of
      mosquito" and "home of spider".
      There are three ways to walk
      1) Slow walk
      2) Casual walk or Morning Walk
      3) Fast walk or jogging
      GOD says that Live in the world as you walk, as you walk in the
      morning, Don't care if someone
      is crossing you, ahead of you or following you. NEVER RUN FOR THE
      There are two types of stays:-
      1) Temporary
      2) Permanent
      This world is a temporary station; don't live here as if you have to
      live here forever. It's a temporary place to live.
      There are three ways to pass the life
      1) Rahbanyat, The concept given by Christians (leave this world,
      isolate yourself)
      2) Nafsanyat, Run for the world, the way adopted by Jews
      3) To keep a balanced Life, Presented by Prophet Muhamad (SAW)
      How to get that Balanced life, there are some basic principles
      1) To have Halal profession and food (Halal Rozi)
      2) To Speak Truth
      3) To maintain Justice in our lives
      4) Leave the "Interest" and "Gambling"
      5) Take care of people around us, in fact every human being.
      6) Obey our parents
      7) Treat our wives with love
      8) Guide our children in a way that they should differentiate
      between good and bad and should choose the best for them.
      ISLAM doesn't forbade us to become a Professor, Dr, An Engineer, A
      Scientist, An Army Professional, A Lawyer, A Business Professional
      or any else. To get the knowledge of this world isn't bad at all;
      it's the need of time.
      The One and Only ALLAH wants us to be "First as a Mumin", and then
      doctor,an engineer, a Nationalist or whatever.
      If we are not A Real Mumin, all of our other achievements will be
      diminished to zero at the end.
      It's our final designation that decides our life goals. Our final
      designations could be
      1) This world
      2) The next world
      Choose the one you want???
      There are two steps defined to get your beloved, either its human or
      1) Love
      2) Submission
      We can't submit ourselves to ALLAH and Prophet unless and until our
      hearts are filled with their love. So first we need to develop love
      of ALLAH and Prophet of ALLAH in our hearts.
      Prophet Muhammad (SAW) advised his Ummah at the time of his death
      1) Never leave Prayer (NAMAZ)
      2) Treat good your subordinators, slaves and poor people.
      Give your slaves and poor the food you eat, Give them the cloth you
      wear, Drink whatever you give them for drinking.
      "Treat your Slaves good if you want to be treated good by your
      Lord" !!!
      A Dog is obedient to his master and if we will be dis-obedient to
      then we can understand, who is better, A Dog or a Man ???
      Recite Daroord on the Greatest Prophet Muhammad (SAW) on which even
      ALLAH and Angles recites the Darood. And remember me in your prayers
      Take care of yourselves and your families
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