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Konformist: Disinfo.con 2000

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    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com Disinfo.con 2000 Disinformation, the Web s
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 4, 2000
      Please send as far and wide as possible.


      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist

      Disinfo.con 2000

      Disinformation, the Web's Leading Subculture Portal and Search Engine
      Announces Disinfo.Con 2000

      Set For February 19, 2000 Disinfo.Con Will Explore the Future with Robert
      Anton Wilson, Douglas Rushkoff, Genesis P-Orridge, RU Sirius and More!

      New York, NY - Richard Metzger, Creative Director for The Disinformation
      Company Ltd. announced the details of the much speculated upon Disinfo.Con
      today. Disinfo.Con will be the first event of its type in New York since the
      legendary Nova Convention, honoring author William Burroughs, in 1979.
      Featuring a line-up of speakers drawing from the best of the underground
      media, new science and far fringes of the art scene, Disinfo.Con 2000 will
      turn New York City's majestic Hammerstein Ballroom into an 11 hour
      Technicolor dream house of revolutionary thought, visionary art and lysergic
      lectures. The event will be "one part rave, one part performance, and one
      part mind fuck," according to Metzger.

      The event brings together many of today's most important thinkers including
      Cyberculture pioneer RU Sirius, comic book artist Grant Morrison, elder
      statesman of conspiriology Robert Anton Wilson, future culture "queen" of
      all media Genesis P-Orridge, visionary artist Paul Laffoley, outsider artist
      Joe Coleman, new media pundit Douglas Rushkoff, and Feral House publisher
      Adam Parfrey and several other major names to be announced in ensuing

      The event will also feature a Conspiracy Theory Roundtable featuring
      publisher and researcher Kenn Thomas, Robert Sterling, editor of The
      Konformist, editor Greg Bishop, and conspiracy theorist and academic Jodi
      Dean. Paleo-psychology and mass behavior expert Howard Bloom will present a
      special video lecture. There will also be an exclusive preview of the new
      Disinfo Nation TV series produced for Channel 4 in the UK, featuring a
      behind the scenes look at the Montauk Project, a biographical short about
      Timothy Leary, the brain damaged snuff film carnage of "Uncle Goddamn,"
      Salvador Dali advertising Alka Seltzer and more!

      Disinfo.Con 2000 will take place on Saturday February 19, 2000 at the
      Hammerstein Ballroom, 311 West 34th Street off of 8th Avenue in New York
      City. Doors open 10 am; the event starts at 11 am and finishes at 11 pm. The
      Ballroom is walking distance from Penn Station and The Port Authority Bus
      Station. There are also a limited number of rooms at a special conference
      rate reserved at the New Yorker Hotel, next door to the Ballroom. Passes for
      the full 12-hour event cost $99.95 and for the evening session only $49.95.
      Attendees can register online at <http://con2000.disinfo.com/>

      # # #

      The Disinformation Company Ltd.

      The Disinformation Company Ltd. owns and operates the Disinformation Web
      site ( www.disinfo.com <http://www.disinfo.com> ), the leader in alternative
      information on the Web since its launch in September 1996. TDC recently
      completed production on a six program television series to air on Channel 4
      in the United Kingdom beginning in January 2000. TDC also recently released
      the compilation CD The Best Of Moog as part of a joint venture with Loud
      Records, a Sony Music company. TDC is a wholly owned subsidiary of New
      York's Razorfish Studios, Inc and a cornerstone of RSUB, the Razorfish
      Subnetwork, an aggregation of cutting edge digital content.

      free e-mail your boss can't read: http://www.disinfo.net
      Merchandise to bolster subversion: http://headshop.disinfo.com
      The Disinformation Company, Ltd.

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      please visit http://www.eGroups.com/list/konformist/ and sign up. Or, e-mail
      konformist-subscribe@egroups.com with the subject: "I NEED 2 KONFORM!!!"
      (Okay, you can use something else, but it's a kool catch phrase.)

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