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Konformist: Y2K Milestones

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  • Robalini@aol.com
    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com There have been a series of Y2K Mile Stones
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 1999
      Please send as far and wide as possible.


      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist

      There have been a series of "Y2K Mile Stones" representing
      points in time after Jan 1, 1999 and before Jan 1, 2000 that
      would test the Y2K-computer-catastrophe thesis. The following
      from borderlands.com is commentary (in brackets) on those Y2K
      Mile Stones as outlined and explained at the URL cited above:

      Borderland Sciences will be updating this as the critical
      dates pass. Results so far: Nothing much happened.

      This was sent to me by Bob Roman BRoman@...

      Michael Hyatt's Famous Predictions from October 1998
      and His use of the word "WILL"

      Y2K: It's Closer Than You Think

      By Michael S. Hyatt
      October 12, 1998

      Nine Millennial Milestones That WILL Signal the Chaos to Come

      Many people think that the disruptions stemming from unresolved
      Y2K problems WILL begin suddenly at midnight on January 1, 2000.
      Not so. The technological problems WILL begin in early 1999 and
      continue through at least February 2000. This WILL result in a
      gradual unraveling as things begin "coming apart at the seams."

      There are at least nine millennial milestones that you need to
      watch for:

      Milestone #1: January 1, 1999. On this date, testing is scheduled
      to begin for systems all over the world. As you have no doubt
      heard, many infrastructure providers and businesses have promised
      that their systems WILL be ready for testing on this date.
      According to the Gartner Group, 80 percent of the companies that
      have announced they WILL begin testing on this date WILL miss it.
      The travel industry WILL also get its first live test as it begins
      accepting reservations for dates into the next century. In addition,
      some business planning systems WILL fail as they begin processing
      dates beyond Y2K. To add insult to injury, the European Common
      Currency system goes online. This WILL create its own level of
      chaos and continued drain on Information Technology resources
      that could be used on the Year 2000 computer problem. As these
      problems and others begin to surface, you can expect the media
      to begin covering Y2K and a significantly more intense level.

      [Result: Nothing Happened!]

      Milestone #2: April 1, 1999. On this date, Canada, Japan, and
      the State of New York begin their fiscal year. This WILL, of
      course, include dates beyond Y2K. As a result, planning systems,
      especially budgets that have not been repaired WILL fail as they
      attempt to process Y2K dates. Since New York City is the media
      capitol of the world, problems there WILL grab headlines worldwide.
      Problems in Japan WILL remind everyone again of how interconnected
      our world is. The Japanese WILL also be forced to admit that there
      systems might not make it. I expect the stock market to react and
      begin (or continue) its downward spiral. Public confidence WILL
      continue to wane and the number of Y2K optimists WILL continue
      to dwindle.

      [Result: Nothing Happened! Other than there may be more Y2K
      optimists.] (Borderlands Note: See
      as it appears some things did happen)

      Milestone #3: July 1, 1999. On this date, forty-four U.S. states
      begin their fiscal years. The problems that began in New York WILL
      now spread exponentially across the country and around the world.
      The public WILL feel the global and pervasive nature of the Y2K
      Problem for the first time. This WILL be further exacerbated by
      the fact that many states have not had the resources to adequately
      address their Millennium Bug problems. Consequently, the failures
      WILL be real and widespread. We WILL begin seeing the public begin
      to panic - particularly where there has not been strong local

      [Result: Nothing is happening. Not much public panic.
      More people believing it is Hoax!]

      Milestone #4: August 22, 1999. On this date, the Global
      Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology WILL fail in receivers
      that are not upgraded or replaced. The GPS system consists of
      twenty-four satellites that transmit signals to earth, which
      are in turn picked up by electronic receivers to determine a
      vehicle's exact location and velocity. They are installed in
      both military and civilian vehicles and devices, including
      fighters, bombers, commercial and private airplanes, helicopters,
      trains, ships, submarines, tanks, jeeps, missiles and other "smart"
      weapons, police cars and ambulances, and some newer-model cars.
      Unfortunately, this system has a date-related error in its
      receiver technology. There are some 10 million of these receivers
      installed throughout the world. Those that are not upgraded WILL
      produce inaccurate data that could prove to be dangerous and even
      life threatening. While not specifically a Y2K related problem,
      this computer glitch WILL add to the chaos and confusion.

      [Result: Nothing much happened again] (Borderlands Note: See "GPS
      rollover avoids Y2K-like mess") http://www.msnbc.com/news/299602.asp

      Milestone #5: September 9, 1999. On this date, many computers
      WILL encounter the infamous "99" problem. For decades programmers
      designated the end of a file or the termination of a program by
      entering a series of four nines in a row (i.e., "9999") in a date
      field. Much like the Year 2000 Problem, programmers thought that
      the programs they were writing would surely be replaced before
      they actually encountered this problem. Unfortunately, they
      underestimated the longevity their programs would enjoy. This
      code, like the Millennium Bug, is embedded in millions of computer
      programs throughout the world. Unless it is tracked down and
      removed, these programs WILL abruptly terminate - often with
      unexpected results.

      [Result: Nothing Happened!]

      Milestone #6: October 1, 1999. On this date, the federal
      government WILL begin its fiscal year. According to the most
      recent estimates by the House Subcommittee on Government
      Information Management and Technology, thirteen out of twenty-
      four key federal government agencies WILL not make the deadline.
      Computer systems operated by the Defense, Transportation,
      Treasury, and Medicare Departments, among others, WILL begin
      malfunctioning. All the smoke and mirrors WILL be gone. The
      government - and the administration - WILL be forced to admit
      the truth. There WILL be no place to hide. The naked truth
      WILL be evident to all.

      [Result: Nothing Happened]

      Milestone #7: January 1, 2000. On this date, all non-compliant
      computer systems WILL fail or generate corrupt data, propagating
      it across systems and bringing down many computers that are
      compliant. The world WILL watch with anticipation as the systems
      fail, one time zone at a time. How big WILL it be? No one really
      knows. It depends on how many systems are repaired between now
      and January 1, 2000. Perhaps more importantly, it also depends
      on what kind of contingency plans we have in place in order to
      mitigate the damage.

      [What do you think the result will be:]

      Milestone #8: January 4, 2000. On this date, the first business
      day of the new year begins. Many businesses, utility companies,
      and government agencies WILL not open - many WILL not be able
      to open. Many that do open WILL be swamped with customer
      complaints. Chaos and pandemonium WILL reign.

      [What do you think the result will be:]

      Milestone #9: February 29, 2000. On this date, leap day occurs.
      Most people assume that every fourth year is a leap year. However,
      every fourth turn-of-the-century is a leap year, too. The year
      1900 was not a leap year; the year 2000 is. Therefore, if the
      computer doesn't account for the fact that 2000 WILL, in fact,
      have a February 29, then all kinds of calculations WILL be off,
      including billing cycles. Unfortunately, many programmers were
      unaware of this rule, and their programs WILL stumble over this
      date, increasing the chaos.

      The bottom line is that you have much less time to prepare than
      you think. As these dates come and go, the chaos WILL increase,
      increasing public awareness and, possibly, even public panic.
      Supplies WILL become more scarce and prices WILL escalate. You
      cannot afford to wait. You must begin making contingency plans
      now, before things start unraveling.

      [What do you think the result will be:]

      Article found at:

      [ http://wbn.com/y2ktimebomb/Computech/Issues/hyatt9840.htm ]

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