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Konformist: Unusual News Stories 11-10-99

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    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com Konformist: Unusual News Stories 10 November
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      Please send as far and wide as possible.


      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist

      Konformist: Unusual News Stories
      10 November 1999


      Is Clinton arranging an Alien Attack?

      Judge in California rules no medical necessity defense in marijuana trial

      'Seinfeld' Computer Virus Emerges

      Doomsday cult alert as millennium nears


      Is Clinton arranging an Alien Attack?

      House approves budget cuts and social spending, Clinton veto next

      October 28, 1999
      Web posted at: 7:18 p.m. EDT (2318 GMT)

      WASHINGTON (AP) -- Republicans
      pushed the last and biggest spending bill
      of the year through the House on
      Thursday, the latest step in a political
      dance that will lead to a veto by
      President Clinton and then budget talks.

      "If we were being attacked by Space
      Aliens we wouldn't be playing these
      kinds of games," Clinton told educators
      visiting Washington.

      Excerpted from :



      deuce42@... ICQ#395993

      taken from: http://members.tripod.com/~sativalady/NEWS/NOV99.html

      Judge in California rules no medical necessity defense in marijuana trial

      LOS ANGELES - A federal judge has ruled that two medical marijuana activists
      cannot use necessity as a defense in their upcoming drug trial. They also
      cannot refer to their medical conditions, the medical uses of marijuana or
      California's Proposition 215, which allowed the personal use of marijuana
      for medical purposes, U.S. District Judge George King said Friday. Todd
      McCormick, who suffers from bone cancer, and Peter McWilliams, who has AIDS
      and cancer in remission, are accused of possessing marijuana with intent to
      distribute, distribution of marijuana, and conspiracy to grow marijuana.
      They were arrested after federal officials found more than 6,000 plants
      growing in a Bel-Air mansion and three other leased locations in Los Angeles
      County. McWilliams, a self-help publisher, is accused of financing the
      operation, while McCormick and others are accused of growing the marijuana
      and trying to sell it to the Los Angeles Cannabis Buyer's Club, which has
      dispensed the drug since Californians voted in 1996 to legalize it for
      medical use. They are scheduled to stand trial Nov. 16. McWilliams said
      Friday he is devastated by the judge's decision. "It's frustrating to be in
      a state where voters voted that I can have this medication," he said. "I am
      needlessly dying at the prime of my career."

      Well I think we should say something on this one!!

      Have your say in this simple Los Angeles Times comment form SPEAK UP


      Virus Warning

      The Associated Press is reporting a new virus can infect
      via email without your having to open an attached file,
      just highlighting the email in the in-box of Microsoft's
      Outlook Express will do it, and it will start attacking
      data on your hard drive. Bad news! Here's the low down:


      'Seinfeld' Computer Virus Emerges

      By Ron Harris
      Associated Press Writer
      Tuesday, Nov. 9, 1999; 10:09 p.m. EST

      SAN FRANCISCO -- A dangerous new type of e-mail
      virus emerged on Tuesday, able to destroy information
      on computers even when users are careful not to fully
      open the messages.

      The virus, nicknamed "Bubbleboy" after an episode of
      the TV show "Seinfeld," was e-mailed late Monday to
      researchers at Network Associates, a computer security
      company in Santa Clara. The company put a free
      software patch capable of blocking the attack on their
      Web site Tuesday.

      "This ushers in the next evolution in viruses. It breaks
      one of the long-standing rules that you have to open an
      e-mail attachment to become infected," said Network
      Associates spokesman Sal Viveros. "That's all changed

      The company isn't certain who sent the virus, but
      researchers believed its threat is so serious that they
      notified the FBI on Tuesday, said Vincent Gullotto,
      director of the company's virus detection team.

      "It could basically disable your PC easily," Gullotto
      said. "This could be a watershed."

      The virus sent Monday night was more playful than
      destructive as it wormed its way through a computer's
      hard drive, renaming the computer's registered owner as
      "Bubbleboy" and making other references to "Seinfeld."
      It also takes every address in a computer's e-mail
      program and passes the virus along.

      The same technology, when paired with previously
      known malicious commands, could be used to steal
      personal information or erase a computer's hard drive
      entirely -- attacks that, given the history of hacker
      culture, Gullotto believes could appear within two to
      three months.

      "This could be the catalyst," Gullotto said. "While the
      Melissa virus was 'hell coming to dinner,' we have
      reassessed that and know that something bigger, meaner
      and nastier is on it's way."

      The Melissa computer virus clogged e-mail systems
      around the world when it hit in March, but many
      computer users were able to avoid trouble by deleting
      the e-mails without reading them. Like other e-mail
      viruses, Melissa wreaked havoc only after users
      double-clicked an attachment to the seemingly benign

      "Bubbleboy" only requires that the e-mail be previewed
      on the Inbox screen of Microsoft's Outlook Express, a
      popular e-mail program. As soon as the e-mail is
      highlighted, without so much as a click of a mouse, it
      infects the computer.

      The virus affects computers with Windows 98 and some
      versions of Windows 95 that also use Microsoft's
      Internet Explorer 5.0 and Outlook Express Web browser
      and e-mail programs. It apparently does not affect
      Netscape's e-mail programs, Gullotto said.

      Even without Network Associates' software patch, there
      is an easy fix. Enabling Microsoft's highest-security
      filter will block such e-mails and keep the virus from

      Bill Pollak, a spokesman for the Computer Emergency
      Response Team at Carnegie Mellon University, said his
      researchers would be looking out for the new type of

      Researchers believe the virus, which appears as a black
      screen with the words "The Bubbleboy incident,
      pictures and sounds" in white letters, was sent by the
      same person who created another virus in July -
      "Freelink" - which forwarded e-mail with links to
      pornographic Web sites to stolen e-mail addresses.


      A software patch created to protect against the virus is
      available for free at www.mcafee.com.

      (c) Copyright 1999 The Associated Press

      GODDARD'S JOURNAL: http://www.erols.com/igoddard/journal.htm


      Doomsday Cult Alerts.... What is the Government Really Saying?

      (Ru Mills is still on the road, gathering information. More pieces of this
      puzzle will be published on her return)

      Why is the Media Beginning to Warn About Christian Doomsday Cults?

      Why is the media beginning to put out warnings about the Doomsday cults?
      Could it be that people in high places have alerted them that something major
      could happen? And if officials in government have sent out this alert, how
      and why can they be so sure that doomsday violence is just about to happen?

      Could it be that the Millennial Doomsday Cults have been created by the New
      World Order to usher in the New World Order and the New World Religion?

      RMNews readers who have heard the three hour lecture called, "Web of
      Lies...The Assassination of JFK, Jr." already know that certain people in our
      government are planning on blaming the Mossad for the murder of JFK, Jr.
      These same people will also blame Israel for the downing of flight 990. The
      pretext for Israel wanting to shoot down Flight 990 will be the mysterious
      Egyptian military officers who entered the airplane wihout identification.
      When the Egyptian papers finally admit who was killed when Flight 990 was
      shot down, everyone in the Islamic world will point to Israel as the
      perpetrator of this mass murder.

      This is all part of a plan that was set in motion over 50 years ago when the
      New World Order created Israel.

      Since the Gregorian calendar is not correct in relation to the actual date of
      the Millennia, no one is certain when the time of Armageddon, the final great
      battle before the Messiah or Jesus returns. During the Reagan administration
      there were many armageddonists who were pushing him to create an incident in
      the Middle East that would bring about Armageddon.

      The major push to bring this about came in 1986. Nancy Reagan and the Pope
      were provided information which documented what Reagan's advisors were
      pushing him to do. Within hours of the Pope and Nancy being briefed by people
      who had been briefed by Rayelan Allan and Barbara Honnegger, the incident was
      disfused, and it never arose again.

      We are now in the middle of another attempt to bring about Armageddon. All
      the pieces of the puzzle are in place.

      + The programmed Christian "sleepers" are already in Israel

      + They are armed with the right amount of explosive to blow up the Dome of
      the Rock---Islam's most Holy site.

      + Evidence has already been created which will link Israel to the deaths of
      JFK, JR and the downing of Flight 990.

      If Armageddon events unfold as certain people in our government wish them to,
      this is what will occur:

      + Traces of an explosive only used by the Mossad will be found on the
      wreckage of JFK, Jr's airplane.

      + Secret FBI documents, some of which have already been released, will be
      released to the media. These documents will appear to prove that Israel was
      behind the assassination of JFK, Jr.

      + Speculation will state that Israel was afraid that he would run for
      President on the Reform Party ticket. A best selling book that states the
      Kennedy family has always worked against Israel will be cited as evidence
      that Israel was afraid that a new President Kennedy would turn against Israel.

      + The media will whip up emotions around the world and the world will turn
      against Israel at just the same time the programmed Chistian sleepers will
      bomb the Dome of the Rock.

      + The Islamic world will blame Israel for this act. They will have precedent
      for their beiefs. About ten years ago, Islamic leaders uncovered Israeli
      tunnels under the Dome of the Rock. They accused Israel of trying to destroy
      the most holy place of Islam.

      At the time I was given the above iformation, I was told that I couldn't put
      out the whole story of the assassination of JFK, Jr. over the Internet.
      However, I did send warnings to friends in Israel who briefed the Mossad on
      what was being planned.

      I am now giving a warning to all people who living in Israel.

      The New World Order set up Israel to be destroyed.

      The very people who are planning the destruction of Israel are the very
      people who have done the most to see that Israel has survived for 50 years.
      These so called "Israeli Friends" are the same people who financed Adolph

      Israelis, Islamics and Aryans ALL must wake up NOW and realize that evil men
      who are not aligned with either of you, are manipulating age old hatred in
      order to use
      all of you to destroy each other so they can usher in martial law and set in
      motion the beginning of the New World Order and the New World Religion.

      If these people are successful in their plans, we will see a world which will
      closely resemble a marriage between the Catholic church of the dark ages, and
      Mao's Communist China.

      The government will no longer need a military to control the masses. The
      control will come from the dogma of the New World Religion. This was
      documented in the book, "Diana, Queen of Heaven"

      The United States government has created Operation Megiddo. This supposedly
      is in preparation for the violence that millennealists and anarchists will
      create on New Year's Eve. In actuality, it is a plan for martial law which
      will usher in the New World Order and the New World Religion.

      The one thing that most milleneal scholars agree on, is thqt New Year's Eve
      is not the end of this millenia, nor is it the end of the 2000 year marker
      that will mark the return of Jesus.

      Man, not God, has created this Millennium Crisis. Since man has created this,
      other men and women, with the help of God, can prevent it. The most important
      way of preventing the destruction of all people living in Israel is exposing
      the people who are behind the plan to bring about the destruction.

      This has already been done. Their identities are already known to Israeli AND
      Palestinian authorities. Both people have been shown that they will all die
      if the orchestrators of Armageddon are successful.

      It must also be pointed out now, that Christian Millennealists are NOT behind
      this. They are only the programmed tools of the New World Order.

      In case the Armatgeddon scenario failed, the back up plan would be to turn
      Moslems and Christians against each other and have a replay of the
      Crusades.... which would be called World War Three.

      All of this would implement an overt martial law. President Clinton has
      already had one of his friends introduce a bill to pass an amendment which
      will allow him to run for President one more time, if not in 2000, then in

      Part of the reason he is urging Al Gore to ask HIllary to be his Vice
      President, is to keep HIllary and himself in the Oval Office forever..... 32
      years in all.

      This article was just published. RMNews readers who have listened to "Web of
      Lies.... the Assassination of JFK, Jr" will see that the seeds are being laid
      for the destruction of Israel.

      The most important thing to remember, is that all plans that are put in
      motion by mice and men, are subservient to the real plans of God. While you
      are reading the following story, read between the lines and see the real


      Friday, November 5 1:21 PM SGT

      Doomsday cult alert as millennium nears
      PARIS, Nov 5 (AFP) -
      While the rest of the world parties on New Year's Eve to mark the end of the
      millennium, police around the world will be on maximum alert to prevent
      extremist religious groups carrying out attacks or committing suicide in
      preparation for the end of time.

      US, Israeli and European security chiefs have been consulting on ways of
      averting possible violence by groups motivated by religious beliefs relating
      to the apocalypse, the Christian doctrine that the second coming of Christ
      will be preceded by a period of strife and chaos.

      The US Federal Bureau of Investigation last month issued a report, entitled
      Project Megiddo, warning that members of several religious cults had already
      travelled to Israel "apparently in preparation for what they believe to be
      the end times."

      The report is named after the hill in Israel referred to in the Bible as
      Armageddon, the scene of the final battle between the forces of good and evil.

      On October 25 Israeli authorities expelled 21 members of two Christian
      groups, the House of Prayer and Solomon's Temple, most of them American, on
      security grounds.

      Media reports said they were suspected of planning to destroy the Al-Aqsa
      Mosque on Temple Mount in Jerusalem's Old City, or to commit mass suicide.

      It was the third such incident this year. Two weeks earlier Israel expelled a
      group of mainly Irish tourists suspected of being members of an extremist
      sect feared to be planning a mass suicide, and in January it deported 14
      members of a cult called Concerned Christians believed to be planning acts of
      violence in the days leading up to the New Year.

      For millions of ordinary Christians around the world, next year is simply the
      2000th anniversary of the birth of Christ. Some of them argue, on the basis
      of biblical analysis, that the calendar millennium will coincide with the
      Christian millennium -- the thousand-year reign of Christ -- and that the
      second coming is imminent.

      The Vatican, which has declared 2000 a Jubilee year, has scrupulously avoided
      linking the anniversary with millenarian aspirations, though security will be
      a constant concern during the year-long programme of events expected to draw
      millions of pilgrims to Rome.

      Israel however has expressed concern at the prospect of violence on Temple
      Mount involving religious fanatics.

      The threat is three-pronged, involving not only the Christian extremist
      fringe intent on using the anniversary to trigger the time of chaos, and thus
      the second coming, but also ultra-radical Jews who yearn to see the ancient
      Temple of Jerusalem restored and Muslims intent on protecting the Dome of the
      Rock, the third holiest place in Islam.

      The Concerned Christians cult is among the most feared. Founded in 1980 by
      Denver businessman Monte Kim Miller, it has sent several of its members to
      Jerusalem, though it remains unclear whether they are intending to contribute
      actively to the chaos or simply hoping for martyrdom.

      In 1996 Miller announced that he was God's spokesman, and last year said he
      would die on the streets of Jerusalem in December 1999, to be reincarnated
      three days later. He has since vanished, taking several of his followers with

      Many of the doomsday cults cited by the FBI report have an anti-government,
      white supremacist ideology.

      Among these are Christian Identity, a heavily-armed Oklahoma-based religious
      community which believes that "the white Aryan race is God's chosen race",
      and the Odinists, considered dangerous by the FBI because many of them
      believe in becoming "martyrs for the cause."

      Like the Heaven's Gate cult, which committed mass suicide in 1997 in the
      belief that the arrival of the Hale-Bopp comet was a signal that the world
      was about to end, many of the apocalyptic groups are inspired by
      science-fiction and a belief in alien visitations.

      Last summer around 60 members of the Stella Maris Gnostic church went missing
      in the Sierra Nevada mountains in northern Colombia where they were due for
      an alleged rendezvous with a spaceship.

      They were hoping to be carried off by extraterrestial beings in time to
      escape the end of the world, due at the turn of the millennium. The sect
      believed the extraterrestials would rescue 140,000 people in a kind of new
      Noah's Ark.

      In Israel, meanwhile, security forces are on the lookout for what Jerusalem
      mental health commissioner Yair Barel has called "Jerusalem syndrome", a
      condition said to affect believers who identify with the Messiah or some
      other player in an apocalyptic scenario.

      Barel warned that some of the four million Christians expected to visit the
      country in 2000 could suffer from religious delusions and become dangerous.

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