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Konformist: KN4M: 02 November 1999

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    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com The Konformist KN4M: 02 November 1999 Index
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      Please send as far and wide as possible.


      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist

      The Konformist
      KN4M: 02 November 1999


      Kurt Cobain Murder Update

      Children Poisoned in Peru
      Pesticide Action Network Updates Service (panupdates@...)

      Tami Kay Freedman (TamKay24@...)

      Statement by AFL-CIO President John Sweeney on WTO & Workers' Rights


      How Far We've Come

      UPDATED 10/30/99

      I'm going to make this brief.

      Who would have imagined last year that in one years'

      --the FBI would be involved with the Cobain case;

      --Hole's drummer and bassist would leave the band;

      --their first tour with Marilyn Manson, which came
      close to not happening at all, would have ended

      --Courtney Love would have been responsible for the
      death of a fan, ending her second tour prematurely and
      having a devastating, unsalvageable effect on her fan

      --WorldNetDaily, arguably the most respected news
      organization in the world, would have published a
      groundbreaking article on the Cobain case;

      --CL's 200 Cigarettes film would bomb;

      --"Celebrity Skin" would have struggled to sell 1
      million copies and been received as a complete
      artistic sham;

      --the NY POST would have published an article
      discussing emails CL had sent me, and this site;

      --two more fans, Camille and Eve Besser, would be
      attacked by CL;

      --SPIN would declare that calling CL 'SELLOUT, BITCH,
      KILLER' was "journalistically sound";

      --Matthew Richer would have appeared on an ABC show to
      discuss the Cobain case;

      --Deja.com would have added
      alt.music.nirvana.murder-theory to its groups;

      --CL would continue to regularly send threatening
      emails, despite all of the above, and denials from her

      --people worldwide would be boycotting MTV and their
      sponsors and protesting for Kurt;

      --criminal charges would be close to being filed by
      two individuals against CL;

      --and that to top it all off, CL would choose this
      moment in the history of the Cobain case to declare
      herself to be God Almighty.

      Pretty incredible, what has happened in a mere 12
      months. And keep in mind that what you see on this
      website is still only the tip of an iceberg.

      Melissa Auf Der Maur and many others have read the
      handwriting on the wall, and it does not say,
      "Courtney Love is God." It says, The Titanic is
      sinking. And changing seats--i.e., directing films,
      which Courtney now seems to be interested in--is not
      going to do her any good. It's going to take way more
      than the Bay City Rollers to save her soul.

      So let's all stay focused on the big picture and join
      together in speaking out for Kurt, who we all love and
      miss so much, on November 6th, 1999, wherever we live.
      Come to NYC if you possibly can.

      Don't be afraid to hope. We're very, very close. I
      guarantee it.

      Grace, peace and love--



      P A N U P S

      Pesticide Action Network Updates Service


      Action Alert: Children Poisoned in Peru

      October 29, 1999

      At least 24 children died in a remote Andean village after eating a

      government-donated breakfast contaminated with the organophosphate

      insecticide parathion. Another 20 children were poisoned and

      required medical treatment.

      The breakfast was served to schoolchildren between the ages of three

      and fourteen in the village of Tauccamarca, province of Cusco, on

      Friday, October 22. The milk substitute based on wheat, corn, soy

      and barley and packets of cookies were provided by the National Fund

      for Social Development and Compensation (FONCODES), as part of a

      government-sponsored nutrition program. The wife of the school's

      only teacher prepared the meal with the help of a 14-year-old


      Children began vomiting and convulsing within a half hour of eating

      the contaminated food. "The kids were screaming, vomiting and

      grabbing their bellies. Some were dead, others were writhing on the

      grass and still more were on the school patio. We had no idea what

      to do," a village woman said, according to media sources. Children

      collapsed outside the school, on the dirt roads leading to their

      homes, and in the doorways of their parents' houses.

      Healthy children attempted to lead sick children to their homes but

      many died along the way. Some villagers were able to carry their

      children to the town of Huasac, a 1 1/2 hour walk from Tauccamarca,

      where they could be evacuated to a hospital in the city of Cusco,

      several hours away. Parents of the victims said that if there were a

      road to their village, or if they had medical services there, some

      of the children might have been saved.

      The Minister of Health and other government officials visited the

      village but did not claim responsibility for the disaster. President

      Alberto Fujimori made no comment. By the time national officials

      arrived on the scene, local police had confiscated the remainder of

      the government-provided food and it was not available for testing.

      The government has offered several possible explanations for the

      event. Initially officials suggested that the milk substitute had

      been prepared in containers previously used for pesticides. Later

      the Minister of Health said that a local resident might have mixed

      some of the milk substitute with insecticide with the intention of

      poisoning a dog. Government officials denied the possibility that

      the company providing the food for FONCODES programs might be

      responsible for the contamination. Meanwhile, the schoolteacher and

      his wife were arrested and accused of criminal negligence.

      Children in other parts of the country have also suffered symptoms

      of poisoning after eating government-donated food, but all have


      In response to this tragedy, the Red de Acci�n en Alternativas al

      uso de Agroqu�micos (RAAA -- PAN Latin America) is calling for the

      immediate prohibition of highly toxic pesticides classified by the

      World Health Organization as 1a (extremely hazardous) and 1b (highly


      RAAA is calling on the government to recognize that it is impossible

      to guarantee the safety of highly toxic pesticides such as

      organophosphates. Many potential pesticide users in Peru are

      illiterate and have no way to learn about the risks associated with

      pesticides. Many villagers speak only their native language of

      Quechua, and do not know Spanish. In addition, many rural areas have

      no health care centers to treat victims of pesticide poisonings.

      Highly toxic pesticides should not be distributed in areas where the

      population has no protection against the risks associated with their


      RAAA is asking the Ministry of Health to implement a program of

      quality monitoring to ensure that government-donated food is not

      contaminated with toxic substances. The Ministries of Health and of

      Agriculture should also develop a program to track pesticide

      poisonings throughout the country. As part of this program, doctors

      and nurses should receive training in the symptoms and treatment of

      pesticide poisonings. Finally, RAAA is calling on the Peruvian

      government to enforce its existing pesticide laws and to implement

      laws promoting safer alternatives.

      RAAA requests that concerned groups and individuals support the

      campaign to eliminate these toxic pesticides by faxing letters as

      soon as possible to the following addresses:

      Ingeniero Belisario de la Casa Piedra

      Ministro de Agricultura

      Fax (511) 431 0109

      Se�or Luis Campo Baca

      Comisi�n de Medio Ambiente y Amazon�a

      Congreso de la Rep�blica

      Fax (511) 428 2543

      Please also fax or email a copy of your letter to RAAA.

      Sources: RAAA press release, October 23, 1999; RAAA communications

      to Minister of Health and others, October 24, 1999; Juan Paliza,

      "Peru Probes Child Food-Poisoning Deaths," Reuters October 24, 1999;

      "Tainted Milk Kills 28 Peruvian Kids," Associated Press October 23,

      1999; La Rep�blica October 24-27, 1999

      Contacts: Luis Gomero, Red de Acci�n en Plaguicidas y sus

      Alternativas para America Latina (RAPAL), Apartado Postal 11-0581,

      Lima, Peru, phone (51-1) 425 7955; fax (51-1) 337 5170; email

      rapalpe@...; PANNA


      Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA)

      49 Powell St., Suite 500, San Francisco, CA 94102 USA

      Phone: (415) 981-1771

      Fax: (415) 981-1991

      Email: panna@...

      Web: http://www.panna.org

      To subscribe, send a blank message to:


      To unsubscribe, send a blank message to:



      REVOLT AGAINST THE EMPIRE: Welcome to the Great

      Come join us and give the multinational corporations a



      Tuesday, November 02, 1999 12:13:30 AM

      "WACO: A New Revelation" NOW AVAILABLE
      Chris Parrett, President Patriot Products LLC -- chris@...

      AT LONG LAST I am very pleased to announce that we are now taking orders
      for Mike McNulty's new film.

      Waco: A New Revelation

      Once you see this film, you'll never think about Waco the same way again.

      Narrated by Dr. Fred Whitehurst, former FBI Special Agent, this
      feature-length documentary highlights disturbing new revelations about the
      deaths of 79 men, women and children who perished in the flames at Mt.
      Carmel on April 19, 1993. Using actual footage, onsite evidence, personal
      interviews and testimonies from FBI and Special Forces operatives; the film
      seeks answers to questions that still haunt Americans about the tragic
      events of that day.

      'WACO A New Revelation' has created a landslide of events unprecedented by
      any other documentary in history. In spring of 1998, the MGA Films
      production team was granted permission to enter into the WACO evidence
      lockers. They discovered new evidence that contradicted the FBI's official
      records. Among that evidence were pyrotechnic devices which were found in
      the rubble of Mt. Carmel. This compelling new feature length documentary
      film, narrated by former FBI Special Agent Frederic Whitehurst, reveals
      shocking new revelations about the chain of command that allowed a military
      operation at Waco, Texas on April 19, 1993 to help end the stand off
      against the Branch Davidians.

      We expect to begin shipments on November 15th.

      Wholesale prices are available for quantity purchases.

      Chris Parrett, President Patriot Products LLC
      Distributors of Mike McNulty's exciting new film
      WACO: A New Revelation

      6595 Odell Place, Suite G, Boulder, CO, 80301

      Ph: 303-530-4635 Fax: 303-530-2808
      WACO: The Patriot Products Home Page


      Website: BOYCOTT UPS

      Please help convince the Second Amendment Community to BOYCOTT UPS through

      Go to: http://www.paulrevere.org/boycottups
      Webmasters link: http://www.paulrevere.org/boycottups
      Everyone grab the graphics at: http://www.paulrevere.org/boycottups



      WASHINGTON, D.C., June 25, 1999--The Veterans of Foreign Wars today
      criticized the American Association of University Women for its decision to
      award Jane Fonda with its Speaking Out for Justice Award during its national
      convention this week in Washington, D.C.

      The VFW, which includes some 600,000 Vietnam veterans among its nearly 2
      million members, criticized the AAUW for selecting Fonda because of a 1972
      visit by the actress to North Vietnam in which she gleefully posed next to an
      anti-aircraft gun at a time when American servicemen were being killed in
      Vietnam and others were being held captive in Hanoi.

      Her conduct and willingness to be a propagandist for the communist North
      Vietnamese outraged veterans across the nation, who remain outraged to this
      day. Despite her later appearance on television and her statement that she
      was sorry for the men "who were in Vietnam who I hurt;" she never retracted
      her statement that those who were being tortured in Hanoi's prison camps were
      "hypocrites and liars."

      In 1988 in New England, a veterans protest delayed the production of one of
      her movies. Following her appearance on 20/20, the VFW at its 1989
      National Convention adopted three resolutions, which remain in effect,
      rejecting her apology as a cynical act to clean-up her public image and urged
      that she be investigated by the Justice Department for the crime of treason.

      VFW Website: http://www.vfw.org/home.shtml/


      NEW BOOK: "The Boys on the Tracks"

      * The Boys on the Tracks
      By Mara Leveritt

      Get it at Amazon.com

      The true and complete story

      By Linda Ives

      In August 1987, the body of my 17-year-old son, Kevin, who had
      been murdered, was left on a railroad track near our home to be
      dismembered by an oncoming train. His best friend, also
      murdered, was placed on the track beside him. The mutilation was
      a savage attempt to destroy evidence of the murders. Other
      futile attempts to thwart an investigation quickly
      followed--first in our county, then in our state, and finally
      during federal investigations. Even now, twelve years later, the
      FBI refuses to open its files on this case.

      The Boys on the Tracks, by Mara Leveritt will be released by St.
      Martin's Press on November 1. It is the true and complete story
      of how my son died and how law enforcement at every level did
      its best to sabotage justice.

      Mara is one of Arkansas's most highly respected journalists, a
      reporter who has devoted her career to investigating criminal
      justice issues. When she told me she wanted to write this book I
      gave her my unreserved cooperation, opened my files to her, and
      welcomed her interviews. Having followed her work for quite some
      time, I knew that her reporting would be accurate and her
      writing would be vigorous. I have read the book. I am well pleased.

      If you have followed the story of son's murder, read The Boys on
      the Tracks. It will fill in every detail you might have missed.
      If you know nothing about this case, read The Boys on the
      Tracks. It is a complete telling of the tale. And if you've
      doubted, even for a second, the rationale behind our country's
      "war on drugs," read The Boys on the Tracks. And see how the war
      has been on us.

      The "train deaths"


      Hi Patriots!!
      Hope you purchase the New "WACO: A New Revelation" Video and
      the Train Deaths Book. The more information we have to circulate
      to the uneducated public, the more we can help the cause of Truth,
      Freedom and Justice!! And you might want to BOYCOTT UPS
      through the Holiday Seasons also!

      Thanks, Tam

      Tami Kay Freedman
      Moderator, Website: Media-Gate Solutions,
      and join Action Alerts by sending an email to:


      Tony Tracy <tony@...>
      Statement by AFL-CIO President John Sweeney on WTO & Workers' Rights

      I thought this was interesting... enclosed is a statement released by
      John Sweeney, head of the AFL-CIO (the federation representing the
      bulk of organized union labour in the US) on the WTO & Workers'

      The main criticism that I have of Sweeney and the official AFL-CIO
      stand is that they have agreed with Clinton to negotiate their way
      *into* the WTO through a "working group on trade and labor", rather
      than fully challenging the validity of the process and the WTO
      itself. Sweeney is often known to talk "left" (I saw him speak in
      Everett, Washington at a 30,000 person-strong rally in support of
      striking Boeing workers four years ago, within weeks of his being
      first elected to the presidency of the AFL-CIO on a platform of
      organizing the unorganized, civil disobedience, and defeating the
      Republicans, but he soon came out as a big Clinton booster).


      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For information:
      Naomi Walker 202/637-5093

      Statement by AFL-CIO President John J. Sweeney on Workers' Rights and
      the WTO October 28, 1999

      The current system of global trade and investment rules has failed
      miserably on many counts. It has weakened the bargaining power of
      workers all over the world, has undermined legitimate national
      regulations designed to protect the environment and public health,
      and has exacerbated financial instability and growing inequality

      We need a rules-based global trading system that protects workers'
      and human rights, the environment, communities' priorities, public
      health, and consumers. The system that sets and enforces these rules
      must be open, transparent, and accountable to workers and other
      citizens, and it must reflect democratic principles. We need a
      trading system that works for working people.

      That is why the AFL-CIO, along with union leaders from all over the
      world, and our allies in environmental, religious, and community
      organizations, is planning a mass mobilization in Seattle on November
      30 during the World Trade Organization's first ministerial to be held
      in the United States.

      Tens of thousands of workers, environmentalists, religious leaders,
      and community activists will come together in Seattle to tell the
      assembled ministers, the WTO, our own government, and the American
      public that it is time to put first things first - the rules need to
      be changed to see to it that globalization works for working people
      everywhere. Until these concerns are addressed, the WTO should cease
      the headlong rush toward ever greater trade liberalization.

      Recently, the U.S. government indicated it will ask the WTO to
      establish a working group on trade and labor. We have long urged such
      a step and support the administration's proposal. We hope that other
      countries will support the U.S. proposal and are working with unions
      in other countries to urge them to do so. But the working group is
      only a small step in the right direction, and much more needs to be


      For a detailed description of the AFL-CIO's postion on the WTO see:

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