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Konformist: KN4M 08 September 1999

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      Please send as far and wide as possible.


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      KN4M 08 September 1999


      Mind Control Survivor Gets Support from Film Industry Business Owner

      New Expert: FBI Fired at Davidians
      Ian Goddard (Ian@...)


      Russell Hoffman (rhoffman@...)


      Press Release
      For: Immediate Release
      Date: October 4, 1999
      Contact: Patricia Hamilton - (323) 469-6616

      Mind Control Survivor Gets Support from Film Industry Business Owner

      A large crowd is expected to fill the Fountain Ballroom for author Brice
      Taylor's lecture on Government Mind-Control, at the DoubleTree Hotel, in
      Pasadena, Sunday, October 17, at 4 p.m.; sponsored by CAST Locations owner
      Anne Basile.

      When asked why Basile has risked her 20 year reputation in the film
      industry as owner of "the oldest and best location library in L.A.," to
      become a "conspiracy theorist," she replied calmly, "It's not a 'theory;'
      besides, truth has never damaged my reputation. I'm doing this because I'm
      outraged by the lack of media attention to things as important as
      mind-control, sex crimes against children, the truth about missing children,
      government sponsored media blackouts, genetic engineering, Satanic ritual
      abuse, and secret societies; all of which Brice Taylor explains in her

      "For example," Basile continues, "how many people have heard about the
      case of Paul Bonacci, a mind-control victim, in Omaha, Nebraska who just won
      a one million dollar law suit in Federal Court against Lawrence E. King,
      docket #4;9lCV3037, which involves other high level business leaders, and
      institutions, as well as the Omaha Police Department? Former Nebraska Senator
      John DeCamp wrote a book about it called The Franklin Cover-Up. He was also
      Bonacci's lawyer on this case. Or, why hasn't the news media written about
      the tireless work of retired FBI Special Agent Ted Gunderson and his
      contribution to this victory?"

      Gunderson, a 27 year FBI veteran, who worked in the L.A. district with
      700 agents under his command will be introducing Taylor at the October 17th
      event. "Brice Taylor is credible, knowledgeable, and truthful," says
      Gunderson. "I admire and respect her courage in an effort to wake up
      America, and I'm with her 110% of the way!"

      "Brice Taylor explained to me," said Basile, "that she is the highest
      level MK-ULTRA survivor ever to go public. Finally, she'll tell her
      heart-wrenching story in the L.A. area - back to the scene of the crime.
      She's going to talk about the horrendous crimes against young people and
      other unsuspecting American citizens, including her own daughter, Kelly S.
      Ford, who is still under mind-control, and is being treated at Olive
      View-UCLA Medical Center in Sylmar, California, under the care of
      psychiatrist Dr. Paul Bong."

      For more information or to purchase tickets to Brice Taylor's Lecture
      please phone: (323) 466-5005 or (800) 932-9986; email: Castloc@...;
      visit the website: http://members.aol.com/castloc/control.html.

      Attention Press: Due to the sensitive nature of this event, tape recorders
      and cameras will not be allowed into the lecture hall. Special arrangements
      for the media must be made in advance. Please contact the office or see the


      New Expert: FBI Fired at Davidians

      THE WASHINGTON POST (an excerpt)

      Expert Concludes FBI Fired Shots During
      Waco Siege

      By David A. Vise and Richard Leiby
      Washington Post Staff Writers
      Wednesday, October 6, 1999; Page A02

      An expert retained by the House Government
      Reform Committee said yesterday that he
      believes an FBI agent fired shots during
      the bureau's 1993 siege of the Branch Davidian
      compound near Waco, Tex., a view that is at
      odds with the FBI's consistent position that
      none of its agents fired at any time.

      Carlos Ghigliotti, an expert in thermal
      imaging and videotape analysis who has done
      work for the FBI, said he has spent hundreds
      of hours reviewing various tapes of the siege,
      including a newly released FBI audio recording
      that was part of a videotape turned over to
      Congress recently in response to a subpoena.

      Based on his review, Ghigliotti said he is
      convinced that during the final assault on
      April 19, 1993, an FBI agent shot in the
      direction of the Branch Davidian compound.

      "I conclude that the FBI fired shots on that
      day," Ghigliotti said in an interview yesterday.
      "I conclude this based on the ground-view
      videotapes taken from several different angles
      simultaneously and based on the overhead thermal
      tape. The gunfire from the ground is there,
      without a doubt."

      After being briefed yesterday by Ghigliotti,
      Rep. Dan Burton (R-Ind.), chairman of the
      committee that retained Ghigliotti as a witness,
      said: "What we have heard from this expert is
      troubling, but we think it is premature to make
      any final determination. We don't want to go
      off half-cocked. As soon as we get all the
      necessary information, we will hold hearings
      and present the information to the American people."


      WACO BOMB: http://ian.goddard.net/wacorom2.htm


      Nick Sandberg <nick.sandberg@...>


      >The purpose of this short article is to explore some of the less
      >conventional theories now beginning to circulate regarding the true
      >meaning and purpose of Western Science.
      >Few people reading this will believe for a second that the principal
      >hypothesis holds any water whatsoever. And indeed many will likely
      >regard the entire piece as about the most ludicrous conspiracy theory
      >they've ever encountered. I don't blame them for an instant.
      >In tracing the origins of the school of thought we in the West have come
      >to know as Science, it's necessary to go back to the time of the English
      >monarch, Charles II. It was he that formed the Royal Society, a group of
      >learned men whose ideas became the basis for many of our typical beliefs
      >This school of materialist thought is commonly known as Cartesian
      >Dualism or the Newtonian Paradigm, names referring to two of it's
      >principal creators - Rene Descartes and Isaac Newton.
      >It hypothesises a solid, material universe comprehensible by examination
      >of its component parts. And a separated mind and body.
      >But did Descartes, Newton and the founder members of the Royal Society
      >actually believe in what they taught?
      >It's my opinion that there is considerable reason to believe that not
      >only were they fully aware of the incredibly limited breadth of vision
      >of their creation, but that they deliberately conspired to deceive
      >humanity for reasons I'll shortly go into.
      >Robert Boyle, John Wilkins, John Wallis, John Evelyn, Robert Hooke,
      >Christopher Wren, Isaac Newton and William Petty. These are the names of
      >some of the most important characters involved in the formation of the
      >school of thought that, to this day, totally permeates our lives. The
      >materialist logic that dictates our conscious and even subconscious
      >thought processes.
      >What was it that made them suitable for the task? What thing did the
      >founder members of the Royal Society have in common?
      >Well, they were all members of an occult order known as the
      >Rosicrucianism has its origins in antiquity, but is often thought of as
      >the occult or mystical source of freemasonry. In the modern era, it is
      >believed to have resurfaced following the discovery of the ancient tomb
      >of Christian Rosencreutz. It's founder in the modern era is thought by
      >many to have been Francis Bacon.
      >Rosicrucianism derives its mystical knowledge from two principal sources
      >- The Cabbala and The Tarot. The Cabbala is a collection of occult
      >principles known to the ancient Hebrews. The Tarot, a collection of 78
      >cards originating from the city of Fez, in Northern Morocco, around the
      >beginning of the thirteenth century.
      >Here are a few of the typical beliefs of seventeenth century
      >(i) The universe is fundamentally non material and composed of the same
      >thing. Solidity is illusory. Everything develops from this "one-thing"
      >by adaptation.
      >(ii) The human being is fundamentally a multi-dimensional, immortal
      >entity created by and existing in God. We have multiple bodies, some
      >mortal, some immortal. Experiences on the physical plane feed
      >information back up the system and cause development at the immortal
      >(iii) To unlock the true secrets of the physical world, (to perform
      >magic), one must make use of the relationship between subconsciousness
      >and self-consciousness. The manipulation of visual imagery between these
      >two vortices is the key.
      >You don't need to be a Science major to see that little of this sits
      >comfortably with the materialist belief systems handed down to us by
      >these people.
      >So, here we have a group of learned men, all heavily into this
      >Judaeo-Christian mystical belief system, all gathering to create a
      >school of thought utterly at odds with it. Creating a system reliant on
      >the experimental observation of phenomena, when they knew all the time
      >that the secrets of the universe could far easier be accessed by
      >subjective analysis.
      >Why should they do this? Were they all suddenly embarrassed by the
      >foolishness of these occult beliefs? Unlikely. These were all very
      >powerful and influential people. They didn't need to care what others
      >thought of them. The majority of the population were illiterate anyway.
      >So why did they do it?
      >I suggest that they did it for the specific purpose of concealing occult
      >knowledge from the masses. Further study of Rosicrucianism, specifically
      >the occult concepts hidden in the symbolism of the Tarot Trumps, shows
      >that the human mind can be easily be restricted in its spiritual
      >development by the use of "blocking" or "jamming" conceptual structures.
      >Materialist science is just such a structure. By teaching children that
      >what they see around them is a solid, material universe constructed of
      >solid atoms, (utter nonsense, of course), emotional and spiritual
      >development is retarded.
      >For the patterns that develop in both the conscious and subconscious
      >mind from exposure to these concepts cause thought processing to develop
      >in such a way that spiritual development cannot easily proceed.
      >It is easy to underestimate the power of materialist science. Yet think
      >about it and you will see that our whole materialist culture, the basis
      >of consumerism, sits on top of our typical taught beliefs in the
      >solidity of matter, derived from the concepts we're exposed to from
      >early infancy.
      >I suggest that the founder members of the Royal Society were all fully
      >aware that this would happen. That they created Western Science, with
      >its emphasis on experimental reproducibility, partly as a blind to lead
      >others away from the true source of knowledge. And partly to actually
      >block spiritual development by imposing blocking patterns on the mind at
      >the conscious and subconscious level.
      >And that this was done to preserve true knowledge of the universe and
      >how to manipulate human activity in the hands of the chosen few, to use
      >for their own enrichment.


      Thursday, October 07, 1999

      To Whom It May Concern:

      We, The People of the United States, less than three months before Y2K,
      have something important on our minds and want America's professional
      sports teams to listen:


      We realize there are some players who speak favorably of it. But the vast
      majority do not and the fans don't like it either! We're fed up! FED UP
      with losing great players like Vinny Testaverde, whose loss for the season
      because of "artificial turf" practically guarantees the New York Jets are
      already out of playoff contention, three weeks into the season. How can
      the loss of one person damage a team so badly, some might ask? Well, first
      of all, he WAS their starting quarterback! Second of all, his unique style
      of play was carefully matched by the team owners with the talents of other
      players they acquired when putting together the team. But he's gone for
      the rest of the millennium, and probably so are the Jets. That's about a
      $20,000,000 loss just for his salary alone, depending on what condition he
      comes back in. And what is the cost of not being able to make it to the
      playoffs when a moment ago you were practically a shoe-in? That's gotta be
      worth close to a billion dollars, easy.

      They are making plans to tear up the artificial turf right now in Giants
      Stadium, Vinny's home field (shared with the New York Giants and many other
      professional sports teams) (see quote, below). Too late for Vinny, but
      it's better than never.

      As for the indoor stadiums, we say that figuring out how to grow grass
      indoors is a lot cheaper than loosing $20,000,000 quarterbacks (and not to
      mention high school kids too) because we have them playing rough-and-tumble
      games on what is in effect, little more than CEMENT with a RUG on it!

      We, the fans of America, demand that they tear up the artificial turf
      surfaces and things like it EVERYWHERE and plant natural grass in dirt. In
      schools, junior leagues, minor leagues, and in all the major sports parks
      as well! We're sick of the stuff. We love grass, the players love grass,
      and most of all, the physiology of the human body when compressed against a
      surface while being crushed by a 240-pound linebacker LOVES GRASS when
      compared to artificial turf, even though we admit the human body would
      probably like to have better blockers instead, given a choice.


      Russell D. Hoffman
      Sports Fan
      Carlsbad, California

      Please add your name and send this to NBC news specifically. Why NBC and
      not ABC or CBS or ESPN or any of the others? Because I have handy, THREE
      NBC email addresses which I believe are valid and which you can use, that's
      why! If you want to send a letter to other stations, go ahead, but at
      least please contact NBC! They present many of these games. They tally
      the scores, they send out film crews and announcers -- let them count our
      votes too and they'll know how many millions of people HATE ARTIFICIAL

      "NBC Dateline" <dateline@...>
      "NBC Nightly News" <nightly@...>
      "NBC Today" <today@...>

      Send this letter to friends and to NBC!!

      Send it to other media organizations too! (ABC, FOX, etc.)


      GRASS: -----


      September 29, 1999 -- The New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, the
      New York Giants and the New York Jets today released the following
      statement concerning the playing surface at Giants Stadium:

      Following a lengthy review of the 1999 experimental grass tray system
      during the National Football League preseason, the Authority and the two
      franchises are greatly encouraged by the improvement in the system from the
      prior year. Significantly, for the first time, our field consultant, Clark
      Companies, stated that they expect the current tray design augmented by a
      heating and cooling system, could provide a quality surface for National
      Football League play from the preseason through January postseason games.
      While there are operational and financial issues to be resolved, the three
      parties have agreed to move forward anticipating that Giants Stadium will
      go to a grass surface for the 2000 season.


      Are you ready for Y2K? Don't be ashamed! No one else is! Visit Russell's
      Y2K-preparedness page to find out what dangers America is facing and find
      out what YOU need to do to protect yourself:

      ** Russell D. Hoffman, Owner and Chief Programmer
      ** P.O. Box 1936
      ** Carlsbad CA 92018-1936
      ** (800) 551-2726
      ** (760) 720-7261
      ** Fax: (760) 720-7394
      ** Visit the world's most eclectic web site:
      ** http://www.animatedsoftware.com
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