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Konformist: Barry Chamish Reports 10-08-99

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      Barry Chamish Reports

      Monday, October 04, 1999
      by Barry Chamish

      The best news about Avishai Raviv's October 3 hearing was the crowd that
      came out to witness it. They filled the chamber and forced security
      personnel to leave an impressive cluster of people in the corridor.
      And that crowd clearly surprised those employed to try and judge Raviv. The
      prosecutor, Moshe Shilo, constantly complained that he was restrained from
      explaining his case by the unexpected outsiders and he even suggested the
      court be cleared. Those who sat in the chamber were insuring that justice be
      Before the hearing began, the majority of the pundits expected a done
      deal. Raviv would confess to the two charges against him: not preventing the
      murder of Yitzhak Rabin and creating an inciteful organization, Eyal (Jewish
      Warriors). He would admit that he didn't know of Amir's murderous intentions
      towards Rabin, thus did not inform his superiors in the Shabak (General
      Security Services). As a reward for his honesty and regret, he would do some
      cushy public service work and the Shabak would be saved.
      There were a few optimists who were certain a trial would take place
      immediately. This hearing had been postponed twice since July, plenty of
      time for both sides to have their cases fully prepared. These hopeful few
      spoke of being in court until at least next week.
      Raviv entered the courtroom without a kippah on his closely cut hair, so
      all pretense of him being actually religious were dropped. After the camera
      crews, all two of them, backed off and left some space, I stared closely at
      Raviv's face. Then he stared back at me. I supposed that he was well aware
      of my book on the Rabin assassination, since it concentrated so much on his
      crimes and must have played a role in his sitting in the court at that
      moment. He outstared me, I had to avert my eyes. Despite the fact that his
      provocations on behalf of "peace" led to a depth of suffering seldom, if
      ever, felt in a country that has felt more than its deserved share of pain,
      he was one scared, confused young man. His eyes and expressionless face told
      of countless hours of threats to his being if he sang at this trial, years
      of cynical manipulation and subtle to overt mind control. He had to be
      wondering how he got into this mess, if he had enough cerebral independence
      left to wonder.
      Included in the crowd were other people who had helped bring Raviv to
      trial. They included Adir Zik, the Hatsofe and Arutz Sheva journalist who
      had relentlessly pursued him for four years, reporting his every move
      publicly. He even set up a Raviv hotline, allowing callers to report where
      they had last seen the thug. Seated next to me was media watchdog Yisrael
      Medad, who had taken an important aspect of the Raviv affair, a staged,
      televised Eyal swearing-in-til-death initiation ceremony, to the Supreme
      Court. In the row behind us was Arieh Zaritsky, head of the Professors For A
      Safe Israel, who had awoken the academic community to the real Rabin murder
      facts and thus given a "conspiracy theory" legitimacy among academia.
      Now, since members of this court audience had no doubt that Raviv was a
      monster, we were quietly rooting for the prosecutor Moshe Shiloh. Some
      thirty years older than the defence lawyer, Eyal Shomroni-Cohen, he
      benefitted from the respect that comes with age, a friendly visage and
      occasionally, a humorous wit.
      As for Shomroni-Cohen, well, we knew he was a Shabak mouthpiece who
      appeared at the home of Yigal Amir's parents on the very night of the
      assassination, took $2000 from them to defend his son, absconded with it and
      ended up being Avishai Raviv's lawyer. On top of that he was young,
      humorless and rather smarmy looking. And of course, we had no doubt his
      client was guilty, and that didn't help his image problems.
      So we looked for sinister motives when he complained that the
      prosecution was blocking him from meeting with former GSS chiefs Yaacov
      Perry and Carmi Gillon, and that he was denied access to 1300 pages of
      printed material, including unreleased portions of the Shamgar Commission
      findings. He insisted that Perry and Gillon were central to his case since
      in the past, and in order to escape trials of their own, both had claimed
      that Raviv was totally unaware of Amir's plans for Rabin. And he doubly
      insisted that he had a legal right to peruse the prosecution docket to plan
      his own argument.
      Before Shiloh stood up to reply, I did think to myself, why wouldn't he
      want Perry and Gillon on the stand? Isn't this what the trial is supposed to
      be about? Doesn't he relish the opportunity to tear the Shabak honchos to
      bits to get to the bottom of what Raviv's real crimes entailed? Then I had a
      thought, if he did that, eventually he might get to the real truth; that
      Rabin's assassination was initially supposed to be staged, that Amir shot
      blank bullets and that someone took advantage of this "exercise" to murder
      Rabin in actuality.
      The thought passed almost unnoticed as Shiloh listed the usual national
      security excuses for not releasing witnesses and testimonies to the defence.
      Then Shiloh made an offer; he would allow the defence full access if it
      agreed not to publicize the material and only in the presence of a security
      officer from the Shabak or Justice Ministry. As for the Shamgar Commission
      findings, he had no authority to release them to the defence.
      At this point Judge Amnon Cohen, who led the panel of three justices,
      turned down the offer of a Shabak or Justice Ministry security officer,
      stating that he would appoint an appropriate security observor from the
      court. So, we asked, what makes him so distrustful of, not so much the
      Shabak, which was expected, but of his ultimate employer, the Justice
      Shomroni-Cohen also became agitated that Shiloh did not name which rabbis
      he was going to call as witnesses. When asked why, he replied that Amir's
      intentions towards Rabin were well known throughout the religious community,
      and without giving away his line of defence, Raviv was being picked on
      because he was a Shabak agent.
      At this point Judge Cohen observed, "Shabak agent or not, it is a crime
      not to report the impending murder of the prime minister...Now I want to
      know, did your client know about Yigal Amir's plans to shoot the prime
      minister, yes or no."
      For the first and only time in the session, there was a restrained gasp
      from the audience when Shomroni-Cohen replied, "No."
      Raviv was planning to defend himself. There was no deal. He didn't
      confess. A trial would take place.
      Then we fell back to earth. Shomroni-Cohen requested the right to appeal
      to the Supreme Court to release the secret sections of the Shamgar Report
      before the trial began. Judge Cohen sighed, smirked and said, "I barely have
      control of this court, let alone the Supreme Court. But two months should be
      enough time for them to answer your petition. The trial will begin, then, in
      Though not necessarily. If the Supreme Court waited longer, the trial
      could begin as late as February. We left the courtroom in great agitation,
      almost all of us convinced that we had seen another delaying tactic by
      Raviv's lawyer and the judges. But Professor Zaritsky sorted things out to
      my satisfaction. "That's not what happened," he insisted. It was Shiloh who
      was trying to cover everything up. His strategy was to deny Raviv access to
      the most sensitive witnesses and documents and rush a judgement through. The
      only way the truth will come out is if Raviv is in a fair fight. From now on
      I'm watching out for the prosecution and cheering for Raviv to press a
      atrong defence."
      know Amir was going to murder Rabin and, in fact Amir did not murder Rabin.
      Raviv knew only of a FAKE murder attempt. If he pursues the truth to the
      end, he will be acquitted. If they let him.
      I had bowed to Zaritsky's superior analytical skills. And I had to bow
      twice. Right afterwards, a demonstrator outside the court building, Itamar
      Ben Gvir came up to me. He had to be angry. In my book I quoted sections
      from three sources: The Shamgar investigation report, the court protocols of
      Yigal Amir's trial and police records; all of which record Amir testifying
      that on the night of Rabin's murder he was informed that Avishai Raviv gave
      right wing activist Itamar Ben Gvir a gun loaded with blanks and he intended
      to shoot it at Rabin.
      "Do you know the trouble you caused me?" Ben Gvir asked. "My parents read
      the book and they were deeply distressed. I was beaten up at a rally because
      people thought I was a Shabak agent. I never knew Amir. He tried to tie me
      in to the assassination because I knew Raviv too well. It was all
      disinformation. Don't see you that I'm just another victim of Raviv and
      that's why I'm here today?"
      At that moment, I did see.

      Wednesday, October 06, 1999

      by Barry Chamish

      A "lost" Dead Sea Scroll has reportedly been uncovered and if it is
      proven authentic, it reveals
      a new understanding of how the ancient Israelites viewed their God, his
      angels and their place in the heavens.
      Called the "Angel Scroll," it is a thousand lines long, was purchased in
      Jordan in 1970 by a group of Benedictine monks and spirited away to their
      German monastery. Upon his death in 1977, one of the group, Father Gustav
      Mateus, bequeathed his photographs and hand transcriptions of the scroll to
      an unnamed Jerusalem college administrator. He handed the material over to
      Stephan Phann, a member of the team of scholars translating the scrolls held
      by the Israeli government, and his findings were released to the
      newsmagazine The Jerusalem Report.
      Phann has declared that, "If the scroll is a hoax, it's a very good one.
      It's a serious literary work."
      But others are more skeptical. The existence of Father Mateus has not been
      proven and the Jerusalem Report,
      little more than a source of disinformation for the Labor Party, is hardly a
      reliable venue. That said, experts are in general agreement that the text of
      the scroll so far released "feels" genuine.
      What little of the scroll that has been released, reveals its storyline
      is a journey to the heavens accompanied by angels. According to Phann, the
      text is full of "divine chariot-throne themes with elaborate details of
      angels ascending heaven's multiple gates." And this should be of great
      interest to the minions (most inspired by Von Danieken) who take a literal
      view the bible's words, putting the many references to wheels within wheels,
      flying scrolls, pillars of fire, etc. into a UFO context.
      Longtime Israeli ufologist, now a student of kabala, Mordechai Spasser
      believes it would be a mistake to interpret the new scroll from a UFO
      viewpoint. "What I've read appears to me to be philosophy on an astral
      plane, or simply, Jewish mysticism."
      Keeping that possibility in mind, or melding it with the popular UFO
      readings of extant Jewish holy scriptures, here are two passages from the
      Angel Scroll, with my literal interpretation following both:

      "And the Angel Pnimea said to me: "And son of man, lift up your eyes and see
      all the secrets...that are in the fourth gate which is the gate of birth.
      And I saw, and it was like the womb and the chambers of the stomach, and its
      waters gush and roar like the breakers of the sea on the wall of the cave,
      which cannot withstand its fury. And here is a seed of life in the water
      emanating from the seed of man and from the seed of the woman for male and
      female that He created. And the seed that is joined from the two seeds is
      not like a clean slate. It is written inside and outside and it has within
      knowledge and understanding before its creation and before its creation in
      the womb. And the beginning of the child is not in the birth or in
      conception nor is its end in death."

      It appears that the narrator was shown an advanced real-time version of our
      pathetic ultrasound technology. He stands before a gate, or unknown to him,
      a monitor and sees male ejaculation into the womb, including a closeup of
      sperm and egg. He witnesses conception and is then told the secrets of DNA
      and genes. Pointedly, God has created both within mankind.

      "According to the plan of that day, the Voice went forth to me and directed
      me and he drove me by the Spirit. And a vision was revealed to me from the
      Most High, and Pancimeia, Prince of Angels lifted me up in the Spirit and I
      ascended heavenward above the high places of the clouds and he showed me the
      great world and the image of the gods. And I pondered the appearance round
      about and there was no time and no place and their appearance from the
      dwelling places of light was like a rainbow in the clouds. And they had no
      bodies and no bodily structure and the dominion of darkness was over all of
      the earth round about."

      Now this is one accurate description of a trip in the Space Shuttle. First
      the traveller passes above cloud level. He observes the high places of the
      clouds, possibly those ridges unseen at ground level. Then he sees the earth
      from space and it is surrounded by darkness. He is shown images of the gods
      and their homes on a control monitor and marvels at the fine color quality
      and at the bizarre fact that there is no firmament to the images on the

      That said and interpreted, I for one, am looking forward to reading the full
      text of the Angel Scroll.


      The author's web sites are:

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