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KN4M 04-30-09

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  • Robert Sterling
    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com http://robalini.blogspot.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2009
      Please send as far and wide as possible.

      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist

      Satuday, May 16th, 2009
      A 2 Day Event in Kempton Illinois

      Guest Speakers

      David Hatcher Childress: Mysteries of Lemuria & the Pacific, Christopher Dunn: Evidence of Ancient Machining, Kenn Thomas: The NASA-Nazi-JFK Link, Joseph P. Farrell: Nazi International & the Bell, Jerry E. Smith: HAARP and Weather Warfare, Plus special guest Mars Expert John Brandenburg

      The Venue

      The conference will be hosted by Adventures Unlimited and the World Explorers Club in beautiful, downtown Kempton, Illinois. The One Adventure Place building houses the Adventures Unlimited Bookstore as well as the catalog sales division. Across the street is Sgt. Pepper's Bar & Grill. Kempton is located in northern Illinois about 75 miles from Chicago's major airports. It is 30 miles west of Kankakee, south of Chicago.

      Conference Costs
      $60 for complete conference before April 30.
      $65 thereafter. The conference includes lunch.
      $25 per any session (excluding lunch).
      Drinks and tipping are extra. The bar is a cash bar.

      Accommodations are not included in the conference fee. Accommodations can be found at several bed and breakfast establishments in Kempton and Stelle (an "intentional community" five miles from Kempton). Motels are located in Dwight, Kankakee and other nearby towns (about 15 to 25 minutes away). Call 1-815-253-9000 to book a room at the B&B's (they fill up early).

      Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover cardholders can register by phone, fax or the Internet.
      To register by phone:
      Call Toll Free at 1-800-718-4514
      (Foreign call 1-815-253-6390).
      To register by fax:
      Fax your registration details to 1-815-253-6300.
      To register Online:
      Email your registration to: auphq@...
      To register by mail or courier:
      Make check payable to Adventures Unlimited
      Mail to:
      Adventures Unlimited Conference
      One Adventure Place, Box 74
      Kempton, Illinois 60946, USA

      Schedule of Events

      Day 1 FRIDAY May 15
      Welcome to Kempton, Adventures Unlimited and The World Explorers Club!

      5:00 pm-10:00 pm: Conference Cocktail Party at the Adventures Unlimited Bookstore, 301 Main Street (One Adventure Place). Free drinks & hors d'oeuvres.

      Day 2 SATURDAY May 16
      9:45 am: Gather at the American Legion Hall (one block from the bookstore) for announcements and presentations.

      10:00-11:00: HAARP and Weather Warfare
      Presented by Jerry E. Smith

      11:05-12:15: Nazi International & the Bell
      Presented by Joseph P. Farrell

      12:15-1:15: Conference Luncheon (Drinks not included)

      1:15-2:30: Mysteries of Lemuria & the Pacific
      Presented by David Hatcher Childress

      2:30-3:30: The NASA-Nazi-JFK Link
      Presented by Kenn Thomas

      3:45-5:00 Evidence of Ancient Machining
      Presented by Christopher Dunn

      Conference Ends

      Dinner can be had at Sgt. Pepper's (Not Included)

      5:00-8:00: Bookstore will be open.

      Day 3 SUNDAY May 17
      10:00-4:00: Open House at the Adventures Unlimited Bookstore.
      All visitors Welcome. Authors will be signing books, etc.

      More Information
      For more information on the conference or on accommodations, call WEX at 815-253-9000, or Adventures Unlimited at 815-253-6390 Mon.-Sat., 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time.


      Red Ice Creations with Kenn Thomas




      Shepard Smith Tells Fox Host: We Are America! We Do Not Fucking Torture!
      Reported by Ellen - April 22, 2009

      I hope you will all join me in giving Fox News host Shepard Smith a virtual standing ovation for his emphatic, no-holds-barred stance against torture. We've been sent two YouTube videos of Smith. One on his own show, Studio B, where he much less excitedly told his guests, "We are America. We don't torture. And the moment that is not the case, I want off the train." On The Strategy Room, an online show, Smith pounded on the table and said vehemently, "We are America! I don't give a rat's ass if it helps! We do not fucking torture!" With video.

      On Studio B, Smith's guest Judith Miller, the disgraced former New York Times reporter, said, "Enhanced interrogation techniques, it's Orwellian. It's Orwellian for torture." She pointed out that Israel, "which knows a little something about dealing with terrorists in ticking bomb situations," outlawed waterboarding a long time ago.

      After some back and forth with Miller and the other guest, the "enhanced interrogations" supporter Cliff May, Smith said, "We are America. We don't torture. And the moment that is not the case, I want off the train. This government is of, by and for the people. That means it's mine."

      On The Strategy Room (I'm guessing this was a later appearance but it's an all day show and there's no time stamp), Smith lost it when his colleague, Fox News' Trace Gallagher said, "This stuff helped."

      Smith pounded on the table, "We are America! I don't give a rat's ass if it helps! We are America! We do not fucking torture! We don't do it."

      If you'd like to send some props to Smith, you can email his show at studiob@....



      Reputed Hitler watercolors sell at English auction
      By MARTIN BENEDYK, Associated Press Writer Martin Benedyk, Associated Press Writer
      Thu Apr 23, 2009

      LUDLOW, England – What a British auction house claims are a set of paintings and sketches by a young Adolf Hitler sold at auction Thursday for 97,672 pounds ($143,358).

      Among the 15 pictures is a portrait of solitary figure dressed in brown peering into wine-colored waters. The date is 1910, the signature reads "A. Hitler" and scribbled just over the mysterious figure are the letters: "A.H."

      So is this a portrait of the Fuehrer as a young man?

      "I don't think they're fakes," said Richard Westwood-Brookes, historical documents expert at auction house Mullocks that carried out the sale. He said he did not believe anyone would have the nerve to fake the pictures, given the global publicity they have received.

      The portrait itself sold for about 10,000 pounds ($14,600). The buyer John Ratledge, 46, said he planned to hang it at home or in his office.

      Westwood-Brookes said the paintings were sold to the current vendor, who is not identified, by a soldier serving with Britain's Royal Manchester Regiment in 1945, when it was stationed in the German city of Essen.

      Best known as the genocidal dictator who butchered millions in his quest to unite Europe under German rule, Hitler also had a largely unsuccessful career as an artist in his early years. He is believed to have painted hundreds of pieces, although most art critics have been unmoved.

      Westwood-Brookes acknowledged that the pieces were "hardly Picasso," but — concerns over authenticity aside — Hitler's works had a track record of attracting high bids. In 2006 watercolors and sketches attributed to the Nazi leader raised more than 100,000 pounds at an auction in the small town of Lostwithiel in southwestern England. Another batch of purported Hitler paintings is due to come up for auction in the German city of Nuremberg later this month.

      Even if it were proven genuine beyond a doubt, the Hitler watercolor would not be the first self-portrait of the Nazi dictator discovered.

      In 1987 the late historian Werner Maser said he had unearthed an oil portrait of Hitler executed in 1925. Maser, who wrote several Hitler biographies, told the AP at the time that the painting showed Hitler in traditional Bavarian dress with short trousers and long white socks.
      Associated Press Writer Raphael G. Satter in London contributed to this report.


      Thanks to Rense.com for the following...


      What if We're Barely Scratching the Surface of the Jesus Story?

      There just aren't enough answers. There are too many holes in the story. There are too many stories that don't speak of a God of love. Jesus doesn't make sense.

      Is this you? Do you have more questions than answers? Are you struggling to believe?

      Or are you a believer who can't make the ends meet?

      Ears to Hear is the book that is finally telling the whole story. From perfect Adam, to fallen Adam, to perfect Jesus, and the end of time. Pastor's son, Matt Cooper, takes you on the journey of a lifetime in this masterpiece new book, which explains everything - even the impossible and irrational things like the Lake of Fire, Hell, and Demons. This book was born in years of struggle between Christianity and deep depression because of this immovable faith, and written after the author found a way out of this "rock and a hard place".

      This book encompasses all the hidden nuggets of truth, even the not-so-hidden ones found in some well-known verses of the Bible, and explains with great passion the undying love of God for humanity. What began as a quest for the truth behind it all, ended with finding out that nothing was as it seemed.

      This philosophical epic is no book to fall asleep to! Its easy-breezy style brings reason and logic to the Christian tradition in easy-to-understand language which makes the concepts accessible to people from every walk of life.

      Ears to Hear is the book that is opening eyes and CHANGING LIVES!

      All the Answers You Need:

      How can hell be created by a God who claims to be love?

      Was there more than one "Fall" of Adam?

      What gender is your spirit? How old is your spirit?

      Was Eve meant to be?

      Is "the devil" really so obsessed with my life?

      What does the Bible say about what demons actually are?

      Is "sin" what we think it is?

      What is the purpose of human life?

      What is baptism really all about?

      How is the "lake of fire" an expression of God's love?

      What is the truth about "the beast" and the "anti-Christ"?

      Is lawlessness actually part of God's plan for the world?

      Why is there so much talk about money in churches?

      Is the church relying on a new form of "illiteracy" to accomplish its purposes?

      What does it mean when it says "many are called but few are chosen"?

      Are we really saved when we say the "sinner's prayer"?

      Is salvation actually conditional?

      Is prayer necessary?

      And hundreds of other things they never told you....

      What Readers are Saying

      "I read the entire book last night, and couldn't stop crying."
      Janice M.

      "Simple and profound. I haven't read anything like this before!"
      Stephen G.

      "Finally, it all makes sense!"
      John V.

      For a Limited Time...


      Ears to Hear is being offered for a limited time as an Ebook! As soon as it hits bookstores, we will no longer be able to offer it on the internet and at such a discount!



      Food Freedom is under Assault, H.R. 759 Worse than H.R. 875
      Friday, April 24, 2009
      Ethan Huff, citizen journalist
      Key concepts: Food, Food safety and Freedom

      (NaturalNews) Salmonella outbreaks, food contamination, and other regulatory deficiencies over the nation's food supply during the past several years have led to a barrage of proposed legislation aimed at improving food safety. H.R. 875, H.R. 759, and H.R. 1332, are three major bills that have been proposed in recent months to address food safety issues, all of which have been tailored to benefit large, industrial food processors at the expense of small, family farms. Watchdog groups, including the Cornucopia Institute, are warning that H.R. 759, expected to be voted upon before Memorial Day, is the bill most likely to make it out of committee to Congress for a vote. Various portions of H.R. 875 and H.R. 1332 are expected to be implemented within the final version of H.R. 759.

      Authored and introduced by Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) on January 28, 2009, H.R. 759, The FDA Globalization Act, would do the very thing its name implies; it would grant full authority to the FDA to set minimum, "science-based" standards for what it deems the safe production and harvesting of produce in the "global market".

      According to the Cornucopia Institute, all "food processing facilities", or farms, would be required to register with the FDA and pay annual registration fees for program compliance, as well as other requirements including hazard evaluation, preventive hazard control, and copious record-keeping stipulations, regardless of the farm's size, organic certification, or already-existing safety guidelines.

      Similar to H.R. 875, H.R 759 makes no differentiation between "food processing facilities", lumping everything from a small, certified-organic family produce farm to a large, conventional factory farm in its "one-size-fits-all" classification system. In other words, the same regulations placed on large agribusiness would be placed on farmers providing fresh vegetables at the local farmers market. There is also no differentiation in the bill between organic farms, which are already highly regulated and have extremely high standards, and their pesticide-ridden conventional counterparts.

      Rather than logically evaluating the root causes of food contamination, which are almost always caused by filthy food processors not maintaining proper standards, these "food safety" bills seem to economically disparage family farms in favor of factory farms and transfer ever-more control over food to the FDA, an odious federal bureaucracy that is unable to enforce the food safety guidelines that are already established.

      With the exception of H.R. 875, the food safety bills that have been proposed fail to identify and examine the real causes of food contamination and, instead, tack excessive burdens onto farmers, thus putting many small farms out of business. Even H.R. 875, while mentioning the importance of "identifying and evaluating the sources of potentially hazardous contamination," represents an enormous shift in power from the individual to the state, representing ominous implications for food freedom.

      Since foods such as spinach, peppers, almonds, peanuts, and others for which there have been recent contamination outbreaks are not inherently dangerous, it is vital for any food safety legislation to seek to identify the root causes of contamination and deal with them accordingly. Whether it is the filthy animal feedlot up the road that has contaminated with salmonella the water used by the nearby spinach farm, or the improper cleaning of peanut-processing equipment by the industrial peanut processor, the contamination source is virtually never the farm itself, but some other link in the food processing chain. Yet H.R. 759 targets farms with more regulation, particularly disadvantaging small farms. Thus it is important to make Congress aware of the facts and to urge a redirection of food safety efforts towards the real culprits rather than the farmers.

      Since H.R. 759 has been referred to, and remains in, the House Energy and Commerce committee, it is important to act now and en masse to oppose it and any food safety legislation that would harm organic and family farms, increase FDA power over the nation's food supply, and bolster Big Agribusiness by squelching competition with one-size-fits-all regulations aimed at putting out of business small farms.

      Additionally, any true food safety legislation should require independent analysis into the root causes of food contamination rather than penalize the "food processors" (farms) with overbearing regulatory burdens while allowing the real perpetrators to continue their unacceptable practices.

      Henry Waxman (D-CA), Chairman of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, can be contacted at (202) 225-2927. Congress can also be contacted by calling the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

      The Cornucopia Institute also provides a sample letter that can be downloaded, modified, and sent to one's elected officials.

      Now is the time to speak out against illegitimate "food safety" bills in order to protect access to clean, healthy, local food, not to mention the freedom to grow it, sell it, and buy it.



      Top Democrats Complicit In Torture Cover-Up
      The Obama administration is resisting an independent inquiry into the Bush torture program because top Democrats like Pelosi were complicit in approving illegal methods
      Paul Joseph Watson
      Prison Planet.com
      Friday, April 24, 2009

      We now know why top Democrats are protecting Bush administration officials from facing an inquiry into the illegal torture program - because several of them were actually complicit in giving their approval for such methods to be used.

      The White House stressed again yesterday that it would not be pursuing an investigation of key Bush administration officials, despite the manifestly provable fact that the order to torture came from the very top, which was re-affirmed with the recent release of the Senate Armed Services Committee report.

      White House spokesman Robert Gibbs stated yesterday, "I think the last few days might well be evidence of why something like this would likely just become a political back and forth."

      "By (definition), an independent commission would probably not be something that I would weigh in on if Congress were to create one of those," he told reporters, according to AFP.

      Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid also said he opposed an independent torture probe, stating, "I think it would be very unwise, from my perspective, to start having commissions, boards, tribunals, until we find out what the facts are."

      In addition, upon the recent release of the torture memos, Obama's right-hand man, chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, told ABC News that top Bush administration officials "should not be prosecuted either and that's not the place that we go." Obama's statement that accompanied the release of the torture memos stated, "In releasing these memos, it is our intention to assure those who carried out their duties relying in good faith upon legal advice from the Department of Justice that they will not be subject to prosecution."

      Why are top Democrats so vehemently opposed to an independent inquiry into the blatantly illegal Bush torture program? This goes further than the crony self-interests of the two party monopoly - it turns out that top Democrats had foreknowledge of the torture and actually provided their unmitigated approval for the methods when presented with them by the CIA.

      Despite Nancy Pelosi's denial that Congress was informed that the CIA was illegally waterboarding detainees, the Senate committee report discovered that in 2002 Pelosi and three other members of Congress (one other Democrat and two Republicans) were given a virtual tour by the CIA of overseas detention sites and the torture tactics employed to try and make detainees talk. This was reported by the Washington Post in December 2007.

      Democrats Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.) and Sens. Bob Graham (D-Fla.) and John D. Rockefeller IV (D-W.Va.), all held oversight roles during this period. The Post reports that the lawmakers raised "no objections" to the interrogation methods demonstrated by the CIA and that in fact, "at least two lawmakers in the room asked the CIA to push harder."

      So in summary, at least four top Democrats were aware as far back as 2002 that the CIA was using torture tactics which were illegal under the Geneva Conventions on detainees. They gave their approval for such measures and, along with Republicans, advised that even harsher torture methods be employed.

      Any independent investigation into the torture scandal will most probably uncover the fact that top Democrats like Pelosi, Harman, Graham and Rockefeller were complicit in approving the torture methods used by the CIA, which would also likely make them culpable to charges on the basis of knowingly covering up the fact that illegal actions which violate both the Geneva Conventions and the U.S. Constitution were taking place.

      This is why Obama, Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic elite are so resistant to prosecuting Bush officials for devising the torture program - and have made every effort to protect them - because they were in on the fun and any truly independent inquiry would expose the fact that this whole debacle was a bipartisan cover-up from the very beginning.



      Apr 27, 2009
      From 'Wrestler' to 'Warrior': Bethesda lands Mickey Rourke for 'Rogue Warrior'

      Oscar-nominated actor Mickey Rourke will lend his vocal talents to Bethesda Softworks as the lead character in upcoming first-person shooter Rogue Warrior, says the publisher in a statement.

      The game -- based on a series of books by former Navy SEAL Richard "Demo Dick" Marcinko -- is slated for release this fall.

      Rourke will voice the role of Marcinko, the leader of an elite Navy SEAL unit who must disrupt a suspected ballistic missile program in North Korea.

      On the game's official Web page, Bethesda says Rogue Warrior will differentiate itself in the crowded FPS arena by introducing a freeform battlefield, where players can freely complete missions any way they choose, " rather than heavily scripted events and tightly contained spaces traditionally used in this genre." Bethesda also says the game will include a Brutal Kill system with 25 fatal attacks.

      The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.
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