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KN4M 02-11-09

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  • Robert Sterling
    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com http://robalini.blogspot.com
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      Please send as far and wide as possible.

      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist

      RUSS KICK is BACK!
      Ralph Bernardo

      Help spread some Disinformation!

      Russ Kick is back with an expanded and updated edition of the classic
      Disinformation anthology, now titled YOU ARE STILL BEING LIED TO: The
      REMIXED Disinformation Guide to Media Distortion, Historical
      Whitewashes and Cultural Myths.

      Over the next couple of weeks we will be posting excerpts from the
      new anthology on the Disinfo MySpace Blog. Here's a preview of what's
      to come (also available to read/download on Scribd):

      Here's a brief summary of the new anthology:

      Russ Kick assembles an unprecedented group of researchers —
      investigative reporters, political dissidents, academics, media
      watchdogs, scientist-philosophers, social critics, and rogue
      scholars — to paint a picture of a world where crucial stories are
      ignored or actively suppressed and the official version of events has
      more holes in it than Swiss cheese.

      Featuring essays from Noam Chomsky, Ron Paul, Sydney Schanberg, Gary
      Webb, R. Crumb, Howard Zinn, Graham Hancock, Michael Parenti, Riane
      Eisler, Jim Marrs, Howard Bloom and many others!

      This is a newly updated and expanded edition of the classic
      Disinformation anthology, You Are Being Lied To, available on Amazon
      and as many stores we can get this book into!

      Thanks for helping us spread the word. We hope those of you who have
      been reading Disinformation since the first anthology enjoy the
      updated and expanded version and tell others about it. We really
      appreciate the feedback as to what you think we should be talking
      about in future anthologies.


      O'Neill and James Sibert figured prominently in David Lifton's book,
      Best Evidence, with their report of surgery on the JFK's head wound,
      suggesting that the "best evidence", president's body, had been
      tampered with before autopsy.

      Kenn Thomas

      Francis X. O'Neill; FBI agent witnessed JFK's autopsy
      By J.M. Lawrence
      Globe Correspondent / February 6, 2009

      Retired FBI agent Francis X. O'Neill Jr., who was one of the last
      surviving investigators who observed President John F. Kennedy's
      autopsy in 1963, has died.

      Mr. O'Neill, who lived in Brewster, died of a stroke Tuesday in Cape
      Cod Hospital, according to his family. He was 85.

      For decades, Mr. O'Neill battled conspiracy theorists about the JFK
      assassination. He later became a Connecticut state legislator and
      recently finished his autobiography, entitled "A Fox Among Wolves."

      "The evidence is overwhelming and undeniable that Oswald alone shot
      and killed President Kennedy," Mr. O'Neill wrote, according to
      galleys of his book, which is scheduled for publication this year.

      Mr. O'Neill and senior agent James W. Sibert were sent by FBI
      Director J. Edgar Hoover to meet the president's body at Andrews Air
      Force Base in Maryland and to begin the bureau's investigation.

      "Frank was a hard-working fellow; he would tackle anything," said
      Sibert, who is 90 and lives in Fort Myers, Fla.

      After the assassination in Dallas and the arrival of the body in
      Maryland, the agents joined the motorcade to Bethesda Naval Hospital,
      where they kept track of who entered the autopsy room.

      Mr. O'Neill confiscated and exposed the film of a Navy service member
      who began taking pictures at the autopsy but did not have security
      clearance, according to author Gerald Posner, who interviewed Mr.
      O'Neill for his book "Case Closed."

      Conspiracy theorists often point to the lost film to bolster their
      theories, Posner noted.

      Mr. O'Neill appeared before several investigative panels over the
      years. He adamantly rejected theories claiming the president's body
      had been switched.

      In an interview with Posner, he lamented a minor mistake in his FBI
      report, in which he wrongly used the word "surgery" and fueled
      speculation that somehow Kennedy's body had been altered between
      Dallas and Maryland. "We weren't doctors," he told Posner.

      He retired from the FBI in 1978, after serving as assistant special
      agent in charge of the Connecticut office for four years.

      He worked as chief of investigations for the Recording Industry
      Association of America's antipiracy division before going into state
      politics in 1980.

      He lost his first bid for the Connecticut House of Representatives
      and was elected in 1982 in the 98th District. He held office until
      1990 and was a staunch opponent of the state's income tax, which
      narrowly passed the House after he left office.

      Born in Elmhurst in Queens, N.Y., he was the oldest of six. He fought
      in World War II as a paratrooper with the 503d Regimental Combat Team
      in the South Pacific and made jumps on Corregidor, an island in the

      After the war, he returned to New York and received a bachelor's
      degree in economics from Fordham University. He enlisted in the Air
      Force during the Korean War and later joined the New York City Police
      Department. He became an FBI agent in 1955.

      He and his wife Elizabeth were married for 57 years.

      "Dad was the strongest advocate you would ever want on your side,"
      said one of his sons, Frank III of Madison, Conn.

      He said his father visited the Philippines to see the graves of his
      Word War II buddies.

      In addition to his son and wife, Mr. O'Neill leaves six other sons,
      Brian of Medford, Andrew of Killingworth, Conn., Colin of Nanuet,
      N.Y., Owen of Guilford, Conn., Damian of Okinawa, Japan, and Regis of
      Middletown, Conn.; a daughter, Sheila Baker of Southington, Conn.;
      two brothers, Joseph of Vero Beach, Fla., and Vincent of Glen Rock,
      N.J.; a sister, Rita Black of Indian Land, S.C.; and 18 grand-

      A funeral Mass will be said Monday in St. George Church in Guilford,
      Conn. Burial will be in Massachusetts National Veterans Cemetery in



      Why no neocon assassinations? Because the `war on terror' is a hoax
      By Paul Craig Roberts
      Online Journal Contributing Writer
      Feb 5, 2009

      According to US government propaganda, terrorist cells are spread
      throughout America, making it necessary for the government to spy on
      all Americans and violate most other constitutional protections.
      Among President Bush's last words as he left office was the warning
      that America would soon be struck again by Muslim terrorists.

      If America were infected with terrorists, we would not need the
      government to tell us. We would know it from events. As there are no
      events, the US government substitutes warnings in order to keep alive
      the fear that causes the public to accept pointless wars, the
      infringement of civil liberty, national ID cards, and inconveniences
      and harassments when they fly.

      The most obvious indication that there are no terrorist cells is that
      not a single neocon has been assassinated.

      I do not approve of assassinations, and am ashamed of my country's
      government for engaging in political assassination. The US and Israel
      have set a very bad example for al Qaeda to follow.

      The US deals with al Qaeda and Taliban by assassinating their
      leaders, and Israel deals with Hamas by assassinating its leaders. It
      is reasonable to assume that al Qaeda would deal with the instigators
      and leaders of America's wars in the Middle East in the same way.

      Today every al Qaeda member is aware of the complicity of
      neoconservatives in the death and devastation inflicted on Muslims in
      Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Gaza. Moreover, neocons are highly
      visible and are soft targets compared to Hamas and Hezbollah
      leaders.. Neocons have been identified in the media for years, and as
      everyone knows, multiple listings of their names are available online.

      Neocons do not have Secret Service protection. Dreadful to
      contemplate, but it would be child's play for al Qaeda to assassinate
      any and every neocon. Yet, neocons move around freely, a good
      indication that the US does not have a terrorist problem.

      If, as neocons constantly allege, terrorists can smuggle nuclear
      weapons or dirty bombs into the US with which to wreak havoc upon our
      cities, terrorists can acquire weapons with which to assassinate any
      neocon or former government official.

      Yet, the neocons, who are the Americans most hated by Muslims, remain

      The "war on terror" is a hoax that fronts for American control of oil
      pipelines, the profits of the military-security complex, the assault
      on civil liberty by fomenters of a police state, and Israel's
      territorial expansion.

      There were no al Qaeda in Iraq until the Americans brought them there
      by invading and overthrowing Saddam Hussein, who kept al Qaeda out of
      Iraq. The Taliban is not a terrorist organization, but a movement
      attempting to unify Afghanistan under Muslim law.. The only Americans
      threatened by the Taliban are the Americans Bush sent to Afghanistan
      to kill Taliban and to impose a puppet state on the Afghan people.

      Hamas is the democratically elected government of Palestine, or what
      little remains of Palestine after Israel's illegal annexations. Hamas
      is a terrorist organization in the same sense that the Israeli
      government and the US government are terrorist organizations. In an
      effort to bring Hamas under Israeli hegemony, Israel employs terror
      bombing and assassinations against Palestinians. Hamas replies to the
      Israeli terror with homemade and ineffectual rockets.

      Hezbollah represents the Shi'ites of southern Lebanon, another area
      in the Middle East that Israel seeks for its territorial expansion.

      The US brands Hamas and Hezbollah "terrorist organizations" for no
      other reason than the US is on Israel's side of the conflict. There
      is no objective basis for the US Department of State's "finding" that
      Hamas and Hezbollah are terrorist organizations. It is merely a
      propagandistic declaration.

      Americans and Israelis do not call their bombings of civilians
      terror. What Americans and Israelis call terror is the response of
      oppressed people who are stateless because their countries are ruled
      by puppets loyal to the oppressors. These people, dispossessed of
      their own countries, have no State Departments, Defense Departments,
      seats in the United Nations, or voices in the mainstream media. They
      can submit to foreign hegemony or resist by the limited means
      available to them.

      The fact that Israel and the United States carry on endless
      propaganda to prevent this fundamental truth from being realized
      indicates that it is Israel and the US that are in the wrong and the
      Palestinians, Lebanese, Iraqis, and Afghans who are being wronged.

      The retired American generals who serve as war propagandists for
      Fox "News" are forever claiming that Iran arms the Iraqi and Afghan
      insurgents and Hamas. But where are the arms? To deal with American
      tanks, insurgents have to construct homemade explosive devices out of
      artillery shells. After six years of conflict, the insurgents still
      have no weapon against the American helicopter gunships. Contrast
      this "arming" with the weaponry the US supplied to the Afghans nearly
      three decades ago when they were fighting to drive out the Soviets.

      The films of Israel's murderous assault on Gaza show large numbers of
      Gazans fleeing from Israeli bombs or digging out the dead and maimed,
      and none of these people are armed. A person would think that by now
      every Palestinian would be armed, every man, woman, and child. Yet,
      all the films of the Israeli attack show an unarmed population. Hamas
      has to construct homemade rockets that are little more than a sign of
      defiance. If Hamas were armed by Iran, Israel's assault on Gaza would
      have cost Israel its helicopter gunships, its tanks, and hundreds of
      lives of its soldiers.

      Hamas is a small organization armed with small caliber rifles
      incapable of penetrating body armor. Hamas is unable to stop small
      bands of Israeli settlers from descending on West Bank Palestinian
      villages, driving out the Palestinians, and expropriating their land.

      The great mystery is: why after 60 years of oppression are the
      Palestinians still an unarmed people? Clearly, the Muslim countries
      are complicit with Israel and the US in keeping the Palestinians

      The unsupported assertion that Iran supplies sophisticated arms to
      the Palestinians is like the unsupported assertion that Saddam
      Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. These assertions are
      propagandistic justifications for killing Arab civilians and
      destroying civilian infrastructure in order to secure US and Israeli
      hegemony in the Middle East.

      Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during
      President Reagan's first term. He was Associate Editor of the Wall
      Street Journal. He has held numerous academic appointments, including
      the William E. Simon Chair, Center for Strategic and International
      Studies, Georgetown University, and Senior Research Fellow, Hoover
      Institution, Stanford University. He was awarded the Legion of Honor
      by French President Francois Mitterrand. He is the author of Supply-
      Side Revolution : An Insider's Account of Policymaking in Washington;
      Alienation and the Soviet Economy and Meltdown: Inside the Soviet
      Economy, and is the co-author with Lawrence M. Stratton of The
      Tyranny of Good Intentions : How Prosecutors and Bureaucrats Are
      Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice.



      Governor Batman? Kilmer May Seek Office
      Dave Itzkoff
      February 6, 2009

      Having variously portrayed God, Moses and Philip II of Macedon in his
      unpredictable career, Val Kilmer, below, may be contemplating a role
      that would carry more real-world authority. In an interview with The
      Associated Press, Mr. Kilmer said he may consider running for
      governor of New Mexico in 2010, when term-limit laws would prevent
      Gov. Bill Richardson from seeking a third stay in office (although
      opponents of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York thought the same
      thing). "I'm just looking for ways to be contributive," Mr. Kilmer
      said, according to The A.P. "And if that ends up being where I can
      make a substantial contribution, then I'll run." Though born and
      raised in Los Angeles, Mr. Kilmer, a star of films including "The
      Doors" and "Batman Forever," has lived for two decades in New Mexico,
      where he has a 6,000-acre ranch outside Santa Fe. He said he had not
      conclusively decided to seek office but told The A.P., "If I run, I'm
      going to be the next governor."

      A version of this article appeared in print on February 7, 2009, on
      page C2 of the New York edition.



      FDA: Peanut plant knew product was tainted with salmonella
      Story Highlights
      Government confirms PCA shipped salmonella-tainted product without
      further testing
      PCA had said it shipped products only after subsequent tests returned
      FDA: Data provided by company "not consistent with the subsequent

      (CNN) -- The Georgia company whose peanut products have been blamed
      for a nationwide salmonella outbreak shipped some products even
      though they had tested positive for the bacteria and no other tests
      indicated they were safe, the Food and Drug Administration said

      Previously, Peanut Corporation of America had said it shipped
      products only after subsequent tests on them came back negative.
      Items made with its peanut products have been linked to more than 500
      cases of illness, including eight deaths.

      The agency said the company's management told FDA inspectors last
      month during an inspection of the plant that they shipped products
      that first had tested positive for salmonella, but only if they later
      had tested negative.

      But, it said, "FDA determined that certain information provided by
      PCA management during the inspection was not consistent with the
      subsequent analysis of the company's records."

      As a result, the agency amended its report Thursday.

      "In some situations the firm received a positive salmonella test
      result, followed by a later negative result, and then shipped the
      products," said the FDA report, which was included in an e-mail to
      CNN. "In some other situations, the firm shipped the products [which
      had already tested positive] before it had received the [second]
      positive test results." Watch Senate hearing on food safety amid
      peanut recall »

      In some cases, it said, "no additional testing appears to have been

      No one from the company returned a call seeking comment.

      Federal authorities have initiated a criminal investigation into the



      U.S. Jobless Rate Soared in January and Payrolls Kept Plunging
      By Shobhana Chandra

      Feb. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Millions more U.S. workers are likely to lose
      their jobs after the economy's freefall sent unemployment in January
      to the highest level since 1992 and payrolls tumbled, reinforcing the
      need for an economic stimulus plan.

      The jobless rate rose to 7.6 percent from 7.2 percent in December,
      the Labor Department reported yesterday in Washington. Payrolls fell
      by 598,000, the biggest monthly drop since December 1974. Losses
      spanned almost all industries, from construction and manufacturing to
      retailing, trucking, media and finance.

      "The scary thing is there is really no end in sight to the soaring
      jobless rate," said Chris Rupkey, chief financial economist at Bank
      of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd. in New York. "It's difficult to see
      what's going to turn the situation around. This is the sort of
      catalyst that could get Congress to move" to agreeing on a compromise

      President Barack Obama, who predicted a "dismal" report, is pushing
      for a stimulus plan to revive the economy and create jobs, and is
      expected to announce a new effort to shore up credit markets. The
      rate of the job market's decline means it's unlikely government
      efforts will halt a collapse in consumer spending until the second
      half of the year, economists said.

      "We'll see households pull way back," said Nariman Behravesh, chief
      economist at IHS Global Insight in Lexington, Massachusetts. "We'll
      probably see job losses of another 2 million to 3 million before this
      is over." Payrolls have already plunged by 3.57 million so far.

      Market Reaction

      U.S. Treasuries slipped yesterday while stocks rose, indicating some
      investors had feared an even worse January employment report. The
      Standard & Poor's 500 Stock Index gained 2.7 percent to close at
      868.6 in New York. Benchmark 10-year note yields rose to 2.99 percent
      at 5:12 p.m. yesterday in New York from 2.91 percent on the prior
      day's close.

      The loss of jobs, at employers ranging from manufacturers like
      Caterpillar Inc. to retailers such as Macy's Inc., is shattering
      consumer confidence and crippling spending. Household purchases fell
      more than 3 percent at an annual rate in the past two quarters, the
      first time that's happened since at least 1947.

      With revised declines of 577,000 for December and 597,000 for
      November, revisions subtracted 66,000 workers from previously
      reported figures for the last two months of 2008. The 3.57 million
      jobs lost since the recession started in December 2007 marks the
      biggest employment slump of any economic contraction in the postwar

      Last month's losses also cap the first time since records began in
      1939 that job cuts exceeded half a million in three consecutive

      More Than Anticipated

      Payrolls were forecast to drop 540,000, according to the median
      estimate of 75 economists surveyed by Bloomberg News. The jobless
      rate was projected to jump to 7.5 percent.

      The House of Representatives last week passed an $819 billion
      stimulus package that includes tax cuts, spending on schools, roads
      and other infrastructure, and aid to states.

      Christina Romer, chairman of Obama's Council of Economic Advisers,
      said yesterday "the unemployment rate could reach double digits"
      without a stimulus, in a statement after the jobs report.

      Obama yesterday said the nation faces "an urgent and growing crisis."

      Yesterday's report showed factory payrolls fell by 207,000, the
      biggest drop since October 1982, after declining 162,000 in December.
      Economists had forecast a January drop of 145,000. The decrease
      included a loss of 31,300 jobs in auto manufacturing and parts

      Manufacturing Losses

      Caterpillar, the world's largest maker of construction equipment, on
      Jan. 30 said it will cut 2,110 workers in addition to the 20,000
      reductions it reported earlier in the month.

      The decline in U.S. Steel Corp.'s headcount in recent months "is the
      biggest change as a result of business conditions" since a series of
      plant closings from 1981 to 1992, spokesman John Armstrong said. In
      that period, the company's workforce fell to 21,000 from 171,000, he

      Payrolls at builders fell 111,000 after decreasing 86,000.

      Service industries, which include banks, insurance companies,
      restaurants and retailers, subtracted 279,000 workers after cutting
      327,000. Retail payrolls decreased by 45,100 after a decline of
      82,700. Financial firms reduced payrolls by 42,000, after a 27,000
      decrease the prior month.

      Government payrolls increased by 6,000 after shrinking by 10,000 the
      prior month.

      Retailers Cut

      Saks Inc., Target Corp., Starbucks Corp. and Home Depot Inc. last
      month reported plans to reduce workers. Others following suit in
      February include Macy's. The second-largest U.S. department-store
      company said it will cut 7,000 jobs, eliminate executives' merit
      increases for 2008, and trim its contribution to staff 401(k)
      retirement-savings plans.

      "This is a time when nothing should be considered a sacred cow,"
      Macy's Chief Executive Officer Terry Lundgren said on a conference
      call with investors and analysts.

      News of job losses continued this week. PNC Financial Services Group
      Inc. will reduce almost 10 percent of its workforce by 2011, and
      Estee Lauder Cos., the maker of Clinique and Bobbi Brown cosmetics,
      will slash 2,000 jobs over the next two years.

      Government jobs are now also in jeopardy. The U.S. Postal Service
      said it plans to trim headcount through attrition and early
      retirement, and has asked lawmakers to allow it to reduce its six-
      days-a-week delivery schedule to pare expenses.

      The average work week remained at 33.3 hours in January. Average
      weekly hours worked by production workers fell to 39.8 hours from
      39.9 hours, while overtime decreased to 2.9 hours from 3 hours.
      Average weekly earnings rose by $1.67 to $614.72.

      Workers' average hourly wages rose 5 cents, or 0.3 percent, to $18.46
      from the prior month. Hourly earnings were 3.9 percent higher than in
      January 2008. Economists surveyed by Bloomberg had forecast a 0.2
      percent increase from December and a 3.6 percent gain for the 12-
      month period.

      To contact the reporter on this story: Shobhana Chandra in Washington
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