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You're So Naive! PT 2

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  • Robert Sterling
    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com http://robalini.blogspot.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2009
      Please send as far and wide as possible.

      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist

      Dear Friend,

      Well I reckon that many (if not most) of you are probably thinking
      that I'm way out of line about the election of Obama. You could walk
      with me (eventually) in what I had said about the evils of Bush
      regime; but Obama? Surely I've gone over the top this time — lost the
      plot — lost my marbles even? Don't think I don't ask myself those
      questions every day? I wrestle with all this night and day. I check
      and double-check everything that I write for I have no desire to
      quench genuine hope or report anything which is untruthful. But
      sometimes one has to stick one's neck out despite the unpopularity it
      may bring.

      This isn't the first time that I've had to go out on a limb on these
      issues. Some of you may be old enough to remember that when Tony
      Blair was elected as Prime Minister of the UK on 2nd May 1997, I
      wrote a piece to my e-mail list the following day, entitled "Dawn of
      Darkness". Here are some extracts of what I wrote on that fateful day
      nearly twelve years ago:

      Amidst all the talk of "A New Day Has Dawned", I awoke today
      feeling it was instead a dawn of darkness. A blinkered and presumably
      bewildered electorate voted for the new breed of "democratic"
      socialism which has now become a leading trend in the political life
      of the developed countries. They call it "The New Labour Party".

      Tony Blair, Jack Straw and their cabinet colleagues are deceivers
      who have twisted and turned until they have cultivated a face which
      will fool the British people into thinking that they are
      conservatives with a human face. Within the next few years we are
      going to witness the complete dismantling of the political, moral and
      spiritual fabric of this land - not to mention its sovereignty. The
      New Labour Party is not like the Soviet-style socialism of Harold
      Wilson's era in 1964. Instead it has acquired an almost New Age
      messianic quality with Tony Blair as the saviour who will mend all

      Actually, in many ways, it matters not a jot which political
      party comes to power in any of the countries of the Western world.
      The real power lies with other, secret, groupings which most people
      know nothing at all about. Neither Tony Blair nor John Major could
      ever be anything other than puppets who must dance to a tune played
      by those who have nothing whatsoever to do with the democratic
      political process in the U.K.

      Have you not received the impression that we have been watching a
      poorly scripted movie acted out before our eyes? Why should the
      Conservative Party suddenly have behaved so suicidally in the last
      couple of years while New Labour started to be lauded in the media in
      the most effusive manner? The whole thing has been a set-up. The
      people of this land have also played their part by walking into the
      trap in this election. Even the Presidential-style welcome for Blair
      at Downing Street today was a carefully stage managed event (in which
      the press fulsomely colluded), with party workers and their children
      being bussed in by party hacks to wave Union Jacks.
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      That was nearly twelve years ago! Does that ring any bells for today?
      How quickly we forget these "New Days which keep Dawning" but which
      go straight to dusk without any daylight! Déjà vu. Déjà vu. We need
      to develop a heightened sense of déjà vu. And now we seem to be here
      once again. We seem to stagger from one manufactured "New Day
      Dawning" to another every few years, according to the political time-
      clock. It is this ability to be so easily manipulated by external
      events which turn out to have no substance which prompts me to write
      as I do. It is not that I want to pour cold water on everything that
      happens. Far from it! My only desire is to expose psychological
      manipulation and corruption; but it isn't always immediately obvious
      to `mostpeople' when that is happening. Thus, when I see it I cannot
      remain silent.

      People are most easily manipulated and most open to suggestion a)
      when they have previously been driven to desperation (which is why
      cults and brainwashers like to break their subjects down) and b) when
      they are infused with a feel-good factor (which is why everyone in
      adverts smiles inanely all the time). If people have been driven to
      the edge of desperation and are in need of a feel-good factor in
      their lives then they can be coerced into believing, saying or doing
      anything. This is how really effective Public Relations (PR) works,
      whether in product advertising or political spin. And nowhere does PR
      come more into its own than when an election looms.

      Thus, there are two `cycles' used by the secret powers behind the
      scenes. I'm not talking here about the President and his immediate
      associates but about the real, unelected Powers That Be in the
      intelligence/military/corporate scene who not only manipulate the
      election of the President and his immediate associates but who
      also `run' them after they have been elected. In the first cycle they
      have a rightist style of government which willingly enacts on their
      behalf a great deal of restrictive, oppressive, anti-freedom
      legislation (such as the Patriot Acts of the Bush regime) and
      prosecutes wars and coup d'états all over the world. At first, they
      manage to manipulate the people through clever PR to support them in
      all these things. But after some years, there is a general
      dissatisfaction of the people with that government and, because the
      PTB have to work within the limitations and pretence of "democracy"
      for the time being, there has to be a change in the visible aspect of
      government to keep the people from becoming too seditious and
      troublesome while at the same time giving them the cosy impression
      that they have power to change things. Then there is the second
      cycle, which ensures that the right guy is elected as President at
      the head of a more leftist style of government. The PTB may then
      possibly (though not necessarily) — for a few years — have to put up
      with somewhat less opportunity for restrictive, oppressive and anti-
      freedom legislation, although wars and coups d'etats can still
      continue to be prosecuted unabated after convincing the people
      through spin that they are in the public interest. (The Vietnam war,
      for example, flourished well under a President of the Democratic
      Party). Bear in mind that the PTB can generate any situation they
      wish if they want to bring down the government or create a big change
      in it at any time (viz. the assassination of JFK or Nixon's

      So these two cycles interchange with each other and, over the course
      of time, regardless of which type of government has been in power,
      the goals of the PTB will still be achieved. This is not unrelated to
      the "Bad-Cop, Good-Cop" technique of interrogation. First the really
      nasty cop lays into you very roughly — maybe even beats you up. Then
      a nice cop comes into the room, tells the other cop to lay off,
      apologises to you for such awful behaviour on the part of his
      colleague, then gets alongside you and — guess what? — you sing like
      a canary! They've got you eating out of the palm of their hand;
      believing, saying and doing anything they want.

      Well that's how the PTB operate when it comes to controlling the way
      you think and behave during their political machinations. They put
      some guy in office through whom they are able to enact all their evil
      without any restraint; then, when you've had all you can take they
      put some other, seemingly nicer, guy in office to relieve your
      desperation, provide you with some false hope and a give you a dose
      of the feel-good factor. At that time, you are wide-open to believe
      anything he or she says and do anything to support him. The fact is
      that you will even support him in starting a genocidal war. Just
      think of all the lefties who supported Tony Blair joining forces with
      George W. Bush to invade Iraq on a killing spree of a million and
      more. (Actually, they didn't even really object that much when Bush
      and Co. started the genocidal war on Iraq — but that was mainly
      because of the successful nature of the post-9/11 spin and the lies
      about WMDs in 2002/2003, which, incidentally, I exposed as lies at
      the time but was excoriated even by the left in the US who had
      predictably morphed into patriotic mode!). That's why the PTB doesn't
      mind putting a more leftist government in office. There is very
      rarely any hassle from the peace movement when a leftist government
      starts a war. Sad but true. (Consider this very carefully during the
      coming US administration). As my song, "You're so Naïve", states
      concerning the election of Barack Obama:

      "Such a clever move it is; it makes you all relax
      Takes the wind out of the sails of protest movements' acts"

      I'm reading an extraordinary book at the moment which sums up this
      overarching PR process in its title: "Toxic Sludge is Good for You:
      Lies, Damn Lies and the Public Relations Industry" (Common Courage
      Press, 2002). It's about how PR works. The aim of really effective PR
      is to make you believe that even Toxic Sludge is good for you. If you
      can feel good about Toxic Sludge then the PR has succeeded. You won't
      even realise that the Toxic Sludge is toxic. It won't even occur to
      you. In fact, you'll think that Toxic Sludge is the very elixir of
      life! You'll even do the purveyors of the Toxic Sludge's job for them
      by sharply rebuking anyone who dares to call the sludge "toxic"! This
      is the zenith of successful PR.

      Now substitute the word "Obama" for the words "Toxic Sludge". "Obama
      is good for you!" "Obama is good for you!" "Obama is good for you!"
      Thus, when the PTB, through cleverly-presented spin, present you with
      this guy for President — even though you really know nothing about
      him whatsoever — who seems to press all the right buttons and ring
      all the right bells, you will not only weep buckets when you hear him
      speaking but you will fulfil their wishes and elect him to office,
      regardless of what people like me may say. You will even castigate me
      as being filled with negativity and gracelessness. Then, instead of
      experiencing déjà vu, as we should, we will lose ourselves in the
      hype. But, if I may say so, that is a kind of emotional Hara-Kiri.
      Hmm… I wrote a song about that many years ago, entitled "The Fool
      Falls on His Sword":

      I have been there before...
      Feeling I'm on a mountaintop and riding high
      Though all my instincts tell me that it's all a lie
      This is the one I dreamed about my whole life through
      Thought I could breathe at last although it's all untrue
      Clinging to straws and roses makes it seem so fine
      Yet I committed Hara-Kiri every time.

      I thought I'd seen the light...
      Flashing and swirling round me like a storm at sea
      Warning me not to go there cos of where I'd be
      Showing me how I'd fall into the poisoned tide
      Tearing myself to pieces with that knife inside
      But I was like an insect round a candleshine
      And I committed Hara-Kiri every time.

      I wrote that in relation to a romantic love-relationship but it is
      surely just as applicable to the situation we have today with Barack
      Obama. Looking at people's faces in the crowds at Obama rallies I see
      people who are in love. No exaggeration. Blind love. So desperate are
      people that they will hurl their affections at someone who presses
      the right buttons by saying the right things about freedom, democracy
      and the future. (This guy has been chosen very carefully and cleverly
      for this task). But just as we often don't learn from mistakes we
      made in relationships year after year, so we don't seem to learn from
      our mistaken political affections year after year.

      If you doubt what I say, here's a little exercise: Try and cast your
      minds back to the time when Bill Clinton was inaugurated in 1993.
      Again, people had been made desperate and were longing for change
      during the George Bush Senior years and when Clinton came on the
      scene — good-looking, charismatic, suave and saxophone-playing, the
      whole world went for it. Think about it. Remember the euphoria you
      felt. The New Day Dawning. It was worldwide. This is how the PTB
      operate. They drive you to desperation with years of evil (which most
      people only identify as evil by the time the office of the ruler is
      coming to a close!). Then they feed you some hope which you clutch
      onto as if it was all there is (which it probably is!).

      Here is a YouTube video of Clinton's inauguration speech. As you
      listen to it, does it remind you of anything? All that talk of change
      and renewal and making America great once more. It could be Obama's
      speech yesterday. Whoever writes these speeches needs an Oscar for
      Best Screenplay! The Presidents don't half do a great job presenting
      it either. These people are the finest actors! Very polished. They
      must have been performing weeks of rehearsal in front of a mirror and
      their wives. They are words which people want to hear so much and
      they can be said with a great deal of conviction and feeling. But it
      is all hot air. So just remind yourself of how ecstatic everyone was
      in that inaugural moment of Bill Clinton's. Please watch this now:

      Bill Clinton inauguration:


      Did you cringe? Especially when you remembered how his presidency
      panned out! The balls held in the evening after that were ecstatic.
      Aretha Franklin sang "I Dreamed a Dream" [
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dl5ZM02s7yA ] . An over-the-moon
      Warren Beatty introduced Barbara Streisand [
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgxLyrQ8G08 ]. A whole galaxy of stars
      said that a new day had dawned, the earth had moved and the world had
      changed. They all performed well and hagiography had its night. But,
      at the end of the day, it all issued in another presidency of broken
      promises and impeachment, during which the usual spate of
      international US evil took place.

      The same euphoria — maybe even more so than with Obama — greeted the
      election and inauguration of Tony Blair in May 1997. In fact, the
      razzmatazz had been deliberately designed on the basis of Clinton's
      inaugurations in 1993 and 1997 by the savvy PR moguls in Blair's New
      Labour party. The Brits don't normally go in for coronation-style
      inaugurations. But when Tony Blair came to power after years of
      increasingly unpopular Conservative rule all the elements were there:
      people desperate for change and longing for a feel-good factor in
      their lives. Again, watch this YouTube video of Tony and Cherie Blair
      entering Downing Street. Unbelievable! Scenes like this have normally
      only been reserved for Royal coronations. Please watch this:

      Tony Blair enters Downing Street, May 1997:


      Déjà vu. Déjà vu. Oh Tony. Oh Bill. What did you do which changed the
      world? You both presided over illegal genocidal wars. Oh you get your
      little reward in being able to spend the rest of your lives giving
      after-lunch speeches for $100,000 a throw. But all that inaugural
      razzmatazz. All those euphoric enraptured people taken for ride. It's

      And so it is again on the present ride in Washington. Lot's of PR
      work. Lots of Messianic posters depicting Obama as some kind of new
      guru. Lots of gravitas in the speeches. Lots of euphoria in the balls
      (which cost a few hundred million dollars to stage!). Another
      fairground ride for us to be on. This isn't about cynicism; it's
      about realism. It's time for us to get real and stop behaving like
      little children whose world is governed by fairy-tale fantasies about
      Santa Klaus and handsome princes and I'm going to be an engine-
      driver, an astronaut or Luke Skywalker when I grow up. We have
      allowed ourselves to become infantilised and dumbed-down to such an
      extent (could it be all those unreality shows on TV! :o) that we
      cannot even see what is plainly going on all around us anymore —
      never mind what's behind the scenes. We have become fodder for the
      fraudulent forays of devious politicians who could never make their
      moves without our sponsorship, which they engineer. Engineered
      consent. That's the name of the game. That's what democracy is all

      However, just as you wouldn't give your heart away in a love
      relationship to a total stranger who used cheap pick-up techniques on
      the sidewalk, please don't allow yourself to be so easily taken in by
      any politician, no matter how great they may seem; but especially by
      those who use hypnotic techniques with empty platitudes to woo you.

      These are times of massive deception. As a friend wrote to me
      today: "Evil has never looked so good". Either we get it or we don't.

      If you want to communicate, I'd love to hear from you.

      Watch this space. It's a running story.

      Cordially yours,

      Alan Morrison
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