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Weird Science 01-14-09

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  • Robert Sterling
    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com http://robalini.blogspot.com
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      Please send as far and wide as possible.

      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist


      Health Revolution Tour Launching in 2009 in Key U.S. Cities, Vendors
      and Sponsors Invited to Participate
      Wednesday, January 07, 2009
      Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor
      Key concepts: Health, Health Revolution Tour and NaturalNews

      (NaturalNews) NaturalNews is helping launch a health revolution tour
      beginning in March of 2009 that will bring live "health revolution"
      events to key cities across the United States. NaturalNews is
      partnering with organizers to create the event, which is planned to
      appear in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver,
      Chicago, Seattle and potentially other key cities.

      Each event is a one-day natural health celebration / rally that
      features inspiring keynote speakers, vendor tables, healthy product
      samples, and a phenomenal schedule of educational and motivational

      The purpose of the Health Revolution Tour is to share knowledge about
      natural health and green living while rallying America to support
      revolutionary changes at the national level, emphasizing: A national
      health care plan covering all Americans, expanding health care
      options to include natural modalities, ending FDA censorship of
      natural health products, reigning in Big Pharma's influence over the
      media and the FDA, and establishing a new era of patients' rights.
      A "Health Revolution Petition" will be available to sign at each
      event (signing it is not mandatory, however).

      NaturalNews will be promoting the tour and videocasting each city's
      event to millions of natural health viewers online. Mike Adams, the
      editor of NaturalNews, will be speaking on the tour, along with other
      top keynote speakers, naturopathic physicians, well-known authors and
      celebrities (see below).

      The events are scheduled to begin in mid-March and will run through
      mid-May, 2009. The tour is being marketed both locally and
      nationally, and each city's event is expected to draw well over 1,000
      participants. NaturalNews will post more details about the events in
      the coming weeks, including an online registration process, an F.A.Q.
      document, a list of vendors, sponsors and speakers and much more.

      Event sponsors and vendors get involved now

      Starting today, we are opening the doors for vendors and sponsors to
      get involved.

      Vendors have a physical presence at the event, with a table in the
      main ballroom and an opportunity to give out samples, meet
      participants and sell products to attendees.

      Sponsors appear in the program guide, on the main screen on stage,
      and in a directory of sponsors to be listed on NaturalNews.com.
      Numerous additional benefits are also available to both local and
      national sponsors. Contact Seth, below, to learn more.

      Vendor and sponsor opportunities will fill up quickly following this
      announcement, so if you are interested in being either a vendor or
      sponsor of the Health Revolution Tour, contact Seth Leaf before
      January 30, 2009 as follows:

      Seth Leaf, tour director:
      Phone: 207-232-4384 (be patient, lines could be busy following this
      Email: HealthRevolutionTour@...

      Seth will take your contact information and put you on our high-
      priority list to receive the Vendors & Sponsors Kit which contains
      all the details you need to know, including event cities and dates,
      pricing, event rules, publicity opportunities and much more.

      We welcome vendors and sponsors who offer natural health products
      (supplements, books, newsletters, foods, etc.), eco-friendly products
      (water conservation, renewable energy, green living, etc.) and even
      abundance-oriented strategies for financial preparedness for 2009 and
      beyond (precious metals, financial preparedness, etc.).

      Contact Seth Leaf now to learn more about being a vendor or sponsor.

      Keynote speakers invited to participate!

      We already have confirmations from several top keynote speakers, and
      we're in the process of inviting more. At the same time, we're
      thrilled to receive queries from top authors, speakers or celebrities
      who wish to be involved.

      If you're an A-level speaker, author or celebrity, and you'd like to
      learn more about the Health Revolution Tour in 2009, contact us
      through Seth Leaf (phone and email listed above). Be sure to include
      the word "speaker" in the subject line of your email.

      If you're a well-known author, eco-conscious celebrity or
      naturopathic-oriented health professional, the Health Revolution Tour
      is an ideal opportunity to take the stage and speak freely, without
      censorship of any kind, on the topics that inspire you the most! As a
      keynote speaker, you will also receive invaluable publicity for your
      own work (for your non-profit, your book, your clinic, your website,
      your film, etc.) while connecting with the most passionate and well-
      informed health-conscious and eco-conscious people on the planet.

      Contact us to learn more about speaking on the Health Revolution Tour.

      The Health Revolution Tour is politically neutral, religion neutral,
      lifestyle neutral and 100% uncensored! Think of it as "The People's
      health freedom rally," where freedom, abundance and Mother Nature are
      the featured concepts.

      The tour emphasizes health care for all, natural health principles
      over drugs and surgery, and a deep commitment to sustainable life on
      our planet. Speakers and vendors offering eco-friendly solutions are
      just as welcomed as those involved in natural health products.
      There's even a hint of positive-minded financial preparedness in the
      event, to help participants learn how to thrive during the difficult
      economic times expected throughout 2009.

      The event is an upbeat, high-energy, once-in-a-lifetime experience
      that brings focus to the most important decisions now facing human
      civilization: The care of our own health and the care of the health
      of planet Earth. This is a grassroots-driven, people-centric event
      where drug companies are banned from sponsorship and the wearing of
      business suits is discouraged.

      The planned cities are:

      New York
      Los Angeles
      San Francisco

      Additional cities are being considered, including Phoenix, Austin,
      and Atlanta, among others.

      Information for attendees

      Please do not call Seth Leaf if you are NOT a potential vendor or
      sponsor. Additional information for attendees will be made available
      here on NaturalNews.com as soon as we have the details ready for you.
      Here's what we do know now:

      • Each event will take place on a Saturday, beginning at 8:00 am.

      • Each event will take place in the ballroom of a hotel or similar
      venue (they will all be indoors).

      • The events are being audio and video recorded; CDs and DVDs will be
      available for sale following each event.

      • The event is driven by purpose, not commercialism. While products
      will be offered for sale at the event by vendors, that's so that we
      can support the sustainability and growth of these important players
      whose solutions help make the world a healthier, greener place.

      • The format of the event is a series of high-energy speakers,
      separated by "browsing time" where participants can check out the
      vendors, share ideas with each other, enjoy smoothies and healthy
      food, or mingle with the keynote speakers and event organizers.

      • There will be a very reasonable ticket price to attend, and we will
      have an online registration process in place when the official
      announcement of the tour is made.

      • A higher ticket price will get you preferred seating and / or
      dinner with keynote speakers.

      • Once we make the official announcement of the event, we will have a
      process for participants to register. We'll also have an FAQ document
      and a support email so you can get your questions answered.

      Stay tuned to NaturalNews.com to learn more about the 2009 Health
      Revolution Tour. It's the most exciting event we've ever helped
      organize, and I can't wait to meet NaturalNews readers live, in
      person, at the cities in which this event is being planned!Buzz up!3

      About the author: Mike Adams is a consumer health advocate with a
      mission to teach personal and planetary health to the public He has
      authored and published thousands of articles, interviews, consumers
      guides, and books on topics like health and the environment,
      impacting the lives of millions of readers around the world who are
      experiencing phenomenal health benefits from reading his articles.
      Adams is a trusted, independent journalist who receives no money or
      promotional fees whatsoever to write about other companies' products.
      In 2007, Adams launched EcoLEDs, a maker of energy efficient LED
      lights that greatly reduce CO2 emissions. He's also a noted pioneer
      in the email marketing software industry, having been the first to
      launch an HTML email newsletter technology that has grown to become a
      standard in the industry. Adams volunteers his time to serve as the
      executive director of the Consumer Wellness Center, a 501(c)3 non-
      profit organization, and enjoys outdoor activities, nature
      photography, Pilates and adult gymnastics. Known on the 'net as 'the
      Health Ranger,' Adams shares his ethics, mission statements and
      personal health statistics at www.HealthRanger.org



      Grand Canyon, Loch Ness compete as nature wonders

      GENEVA (AP) — The Grand Canyon, Mount Everest and Loch Ness will vie
      with more than 200 other spectacular places in the next phase of the
      global competition for the New 7 Wonders of Nature, organizers said
      Wednesday. The 261 nominees from 222 countries include some of the
      most famous mountain peaks, lakes, and other attractions, such as the
      Great Barrier Reef and Niagara Falls.

      Over a billion people are expected to join in Internet voting that
      will nominate 77 semifinalists for the top natural wonders, which
      will share in the glory already enjoyed by the seven man-made wonders
      chosen 18 months ago.

      "We are calling on people all over the world to actively show their
      appreciation for our ... natural world by joining together to
      celebrate the most extraordinary sites on our planet," said Tia
      Viering, spokeswoman of the New 7 Wonders campaign.

      The Swiss-based nonprofit foundation collected 441 nominations over
      the Internet since it opened the selection process in 2007.

      The foundation then chose the top vote-getter from each country,
      making a list of 222 sites. The overall list rose to 261 with the
      inclusion of sites shared by two or more countries — such as Niagara
      Falls and Lake Superior between Canada and the United States, and the
      Matterhorn, between Switzerland and Italy.

      Votes can be cast until July 7. Registration on the Web site aims to
      prevent people from voting twice.

      The quarterfinalists include some lesser known sites, such as Yasur
      Volcano on the south Pacific island of Vanuatu or Nigeria's Zuma
      Rock, a giant monolith in the middle of the African country.

      A panel of experts in nature, chaired by Federico Mayor, former chief
      of UNESCO, the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural
      Organization, will reduce the list to 21 finalists in July.

      The seven winners will then be chosen in another round of public
      voting lasting until 2011, this time by Internet, telephone and text

      Around 100 million people voted in the selection of the seven man-
      made wonders. The winners were the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt; the
      Colosseum, Italy; the Great Wall of China; the Taj Mahal, India;
      Petra, Jordan; Christ the Redeemer Statue, Brazil; Machu Picchu,
      Peru; and the Pyramid at Chichen Itza, Mexico.

      "The enthusiasm for the campaign, which brought culture out of dusty
      corners and back to life on front pages, TV screens and computers
      everywhere, crossed all social and economic lines," said
      Viering. "Everyone from schoolchildren to entrepreneurs eagerly

      Choosing world wonders has been a continuing fascination over the
      centuries. UNESCO keeps updating its list of World Heritage Sites,
      which now totals 878 places.

      The New 7 Wonders campaign led by Swiss adventurer Bernard Weber aims
      to promote cultural diversity by supporting, preserving and restoring
      monuments and natural sites. It relies on private donations and
      revenue from selling broadcasting rights.

      Full list of nominees on: http://www.new7wonders.com



      Wii Sports is best-selling game ever
      Jock blockbuster topples Mario.
      By Ben Silverman

      Well, that didn't take long.

      According to game-tracking website VGChartz, sales of Nintendo's pop-
      culture phenom Wii Sports have surpassed those of legendary
      platformer Super Mario Bros., making the breakout Wii title the best-
      selling video game of all time. And it only took two years and two
      months to do it.

      The data is based on cumulative worldwide sales figures ending the
      week of December 27, 2008, which indicate that lifetime sales of Wii
      Sports have exceeded Mario's staggering 40.24 million units.

      Shocked? Don't be. Unlike most video games that can be bought at
      retail, Wii Sports comes bundled with the Wii hardware in every
      territory other than Japan and Korea. In other words, if you bought a
      Wii, you bought Wii Sports whether you liked it or not (chances are,
      you liked it). With over 45 million Wiis sold worldwide to date, it's
      only logical that Wii Sports would start smashing records sooner or

      And before you brand Wii Sports a false champion due to being bundled
      with hardware, consider that Super Mario Bros. was also sold as a
      bundle with the original Nintendo Entertainment System during its mid-
      80's heyday. Plus, Wii Sports has been a major hit even in non-
      bundled form, topping Wii sales charts in Japan at over 3.2 million
      copies sold in 2008 alone.

      A new version of the game, Wii Sports: Resort, is due out later this



      All-digital TV? Please stand by
      Paul Stephen \ For The Los Angeles Times
      Millions lack the necessary gear and risk blank screens when the
      switch occurs. Obama seeks a postponement.
      By Jim Puzzanghera and Christi Parsons
      January 9, 2009

      Reporting from Washington -- The transition to digital television
      next month has been hailed as the biggest advance in over-the-air TV
      since the advent of color, but it's shaping up as a black eye for the
      government and risks leaving millions of viewers without a picture.

      On Thursday, President-elect Barack Obama asked Congress to postpone
      the federally mandated switch to all-digital broadcast television,
      called DTV, scheduled to take place Feb. 17.

      The unspecified delay would give the government time to fix a
      consumer-help program that ran out of money this week. But it also
      would set back the long-promised benefits of digital TV, which offers
      sharper pictures and more free channels while opening valuable
      airwaves for public safety and wireless Internet access.

      The government took in $19.6 billion last year by auctioning existing
      analog TV airwaves to telecommunications companies for new wireless
      services, but Congress allocated less than $2 billion to educate
      consumers about the transition and issue coupons to buy needed
      converter boxes.

      Now an estimated 7.7 million households nationwide may find their
      screens going dark next month.

      Although a delay is far from certain, given potential opposition from
      broadcasters, public safety agencies and telecom companies eager to
      start using those new airwaves, there was plenty of frustration
      Thursday with the way the digital TV transition has been managed.

      "The list of who's to blame is long," said Joel Kelsey, a long-time
      critic of the transition as policy analyst with Consumers Union,
      which also called for a delay this week. "It was a giant
      miscalculation by our federal government."

      Some lawmakers urged a delay to give the incoming administration more
      time to correct problems, but others thought the clamor for a
      postponement was "just panic." Some congressional leaders simply
      weren't ready to weigh in. A spokesman for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
      (D-San Francisco) said the relevant committees were working with
      Obama's transition team to solve the problems.

      Congress decided in 2005 to require all TV stations to broadcast only
      in digital to free up airwaves for public safety use in the aftermath
      of the Sept. 11 attacks and for auctioning to telecom companies to
      shrink the federal deficit.

      People with cable, satellite or phone company TV services will
      continue to receive broadcast stations. But those who rely on
      antennas must have either a newer TV with a digital receiver or get a
      converter box. No-frills versions of those boxes cost $40 to $70. To
      offset the expense, the federal government allocated $1.5 billion to
      provide households with up to two $40 coupons.

      But Monday, the National Telecommunications and Information
      Administration said the program had used all allocated funds. The
      agency has a waiting list of about 1.1 million requests, which can be
      filled as unused coupons reach their 90-day expiration. So far, about
      13 million of the 41 million coupons mailed have expired.

      Still, the nearly 8 million households that rely on antennas and are
      unprepared for the conversion face the prospect of paying full price
      for converter boxes during a recession -- or watching their TVs go
      blank after the switch. About 535,000 of those homes are in the L.A.
      market, the Nielsen Co. says.

      In a letter Thursday to key members of Congress, John Podesta, co-
      chairman of Obama's presidential transition team, said the Feb. 17
      conversion should be delayed, though he did not specify for how long.
      But with the incoming administration facing economic and foreign
      policy crises, it does not want to add a major problem with TV
      viewing in its first weeks in office.

      Podesta cited troubles with the converter box coupon program as well
      as inadequate efforts to educate the public about the switch, and the
      need to help elderly, poor and rural Americans prepare for it.

      "With coupons unavailable, support and education insufficient and the
      most vulnerable Americans exposed, I urge you to consider a change to
      the legislatively mandated analog cutoff date," Podesta wrote.

      Podesta said the waiting list for coupons could climb to more than 5
      million by early February. Obama is planning to include an additional
      unspecified amount of money for the digital TV switch in the economic
      stimulus package that is still being drafted.

      "The Obama administration deserves time to bring order to what has
      been an appallingly mismanaged process by the Bush administration,"
      said Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John D. Rockefeller IV (D-W.

      Some Republicans said Obama was needlessly concerned when all
      Congress needed to do was make small fixes to the program.

      "We don't need to bail out the DTV transition program because it
      isn't failing, and reintroducing uncertainty to the switch will make
      things worse instead of better," said Rep. Joe L. Barton (R-
      Texas). "Ditching the deadline and slathering on more millions of
      taxpayer dollars, however, is just panic."

      The National Telecommunications and Information Administration has
      requested a temporary allocation of $250 million to resolve the
      coupon program backlog, said acting Administrator Meredith Atwell
      Baker. She said the Bush administration opposed a delay.

      "Congress established everything about this program. We are just the
      implementers," Baker said.

      The National Assn. of Broadcasters was cautious in its response
      Thursday, saying it was willing to work with Obama and the
      Congress "to ensure a successful DTV transition." And News Corp.,
      which owns 27 broadcast stations, said it supported any efforts to
      make the transition a success.

      Broadcasters have invested billions of dollars in preparing for the
      switch and are anxious to turn off their analog signals, which use
      large amounts of electricity. But stations also do not want to lose
      viewers because their TVs can't receive the digital signals.

      Rep. Jane Harman (D-Venice) has worried that a poorly run transition
      could delay the allocation of new airwaves to public safety
      organizations so they could solve communications problems that
      plagued response to the 9/11 attacks and Hurricane Katrina. But she
      said Thursday she might have to support a delay.

      "If the money wasn't provided and information isn't out there and
      large groups of people are going to be stranded [without broadcast
      TV], we have to take action," she said. "But it was avoidable."




      UFOs spotted 'by hundreds' at wind turbine site
      UFOs have allegedly been seen by hundreds of witnesses close to the
      wind turbine that many suspect was hit by an alien spaceship.
      By Chris Irvine
      10 Jan 2009

      A British Aerospace spokesman said development of Taranis, the
      unmanned demonstrator aircraft, was progressing at pace, but it had
      just started final assembly of the first prototype and was some way
      off making its maiden flight

      Residents claimed to have seen bright flashing spheres in the skies
      near Louth, Lincolnshire, where the 290ft turbine was mangled in a
      mystery collision.

      Ministry of Defence insiders have reportedly said the UFOs could be
      unmanned stealth bombers on test flights.

      The black delta-wing craft, called Taranis, is understood to have
      been making test runs on the coastal bombing ranges at Donna Nook and
      North Coates, which are right next to the site of the wrecked wind

      Taranis is about the same size as the Hawk jet trainers used by the
      Red Arrows at nearby RAF Scrampton - it is being developed by BAe
      Systems to deliver bombs in battlefields.

      Some witnesses have said an octopus-shaped UFO was seen flying
      through the air hours before the turbine was destroyed.

      One woman said she saw an object fly towards the wind farm, while
      others described the lights as being linked by "tentacles", leading
      locals to dub it the octopus UFO.

      Dorothy Willows, who lives a mile and a half from the crash site,
      said: "The lights were moving across the sky towards the wind farm.
      Then I saw a low flying object. It was skimming across the sky
      towards the turbines"

      Eric Goring, 61, told The Sun that he has had so many sightings that
      he began thinking aliens were trying to abduct him.

      Speaking of one encounter in September, he said: "I saw one come from
      the fields. I almost walked under it as it was just hovering 200ft
      above me. I didn't want to go too near it as I was worried they might
      beam me up."

      A Ministry of Defence insider said: "We have to log all reports of
      UFOs. But in virtually all the cases there is a simple explanation -
      and test flights are a common one."

      More mundane theories for the cause of the damage – from a block of
      frozen urine dropped by a passing plane, to simple mechanical
      failure - have been suggested, but none has yet proved conclusive.

      Other explanations for the incident include vandalism from teenagers,
      a Russian spy plane, or fireworks from a local's birthday party.
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