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      Robert Sterling
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      December 6 2007
      Is The Standard American Diet (SAD) Bad For Your Health?
      by S.A Ramratan

      (NewsTarget) Extreme is a good way to describe the diet that most
      people in America subsist on. Many people wouldn't look at the
      standard American diet, and call it extreme; many would just call it
      normal. But if you look at the diet close-up, we can see that it is
      pretty extreme, and certainly not healthy.

      The Standard American Diet usually consists of a myriad of processed
      carbs (cereals, breads, pasta, cookies, cakes etc.), processed meat
      products, and a few fruits and veggies. What you eat is the
      foundation of your health – so what is in this diet?

      This diet is high in many things, most of which your body doesn't
      really need. It is full of hydrogenated oil, high fructose corn
      syrup, phytic acid, acrylamide, sodium nitrate, monosodium glutamate
      (MSG) and lacking in basic essentials such as vitamins, minerals.

      Hydrogenated oil causes a host of problems. It contributes to
      cancer, heart disease and obesity. A recent study showed that monkey
      fed these oils gained a significant amount of fat around the
      abdomen, even though they were not fed in such excess as to warrant
      fat gain. This is bad! Fat gain without consuming extra calories,
      and around the worst place on the body to gain it too, is one of the
      worst things for your health. We also know that trans fat boosts
      women's infertility by 70%, if you consume it for 2% of your total
      calories. For someone on a 2000 calories a day diet, that is only
      about 4 grams of fat. And 4 grams of fat is not a lot! You could get
      that much in one donut, or a small serving of fries.

      High fructose corn syrup raises blood sugar levels quickly. There
      are links to the consumption of high fructose corn syrup to type II
      diabetes and heart disease. It provides no nutritional value, and is
      the ubiquitous sweetener for foods that are known as "empty

      Phytic acid has been proven to be an "anti-nutrient." It is in all
      grains, nuts and seeds that have not been soaked and dried first. If
      you are eating boxes of food that are grain based, not only are you
      eating something that has no nutrition, you are also eating
      something that will readily take nutrients from you.

      Acrylamide C3H5NO

      If you eat anything with carbohydrates heated to a high temperature,
      you are eating acrylamide. The United States Environmental
      Protection Agency has stated that possible short-term effects of
      ingesting acrylamide are damage to the nervous system, weakness and
      incoordination in the legs. The possible long-term effects are
      damage to the nervous system, paralysis, and cancer. Acrylamide in
      fried or baked goods is produced by the reaction between asparagine
      and reducing sugars or reactive carbonyls. Browning during baking,
      frying or deep-frying or over-cooking of foods will produce
      acrylamides. Acrylamides can also be created during microwaving.

      Sodium Nitrate NaNO2

      Consumption of processed meats has been linked to cancer (colon,
      breast, prostate and pancreas). The Material Safety Data Sheet
      (MSDS) for sodium nitrate states that ingestion in the pure form
      could cause gastroenteritis and abdominal pains. Other symptoms may
      include dizziness, bloody diarrhea, convulsions, and collapse; and
      chronic exposure can cause methemoglobinemia. This happens in some
      individuals when bacteria in the stomach convert the nitrate to
      nitrite. Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, irregular
      breathing, convulsions, coma, and death can occur should this
      conversion take place. If you truly don't want to give up your
      bacon, salami or whatever there is a way to fight the harm that
      sodium nitrate can inflict on your body. You have to consume large
      doses of vitamins C and E before you eat something with sodium
      nitrate in it. These wonderful vitamins inhibit the conversion of
      sodium nitrate to the carcinogenic form, nitrosamines.

      Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is in a class of chemicals known as
      excitotoxins. Excitotoxins, like MSG, introduced to the body in high
      doses have been shown in animal studies to cause damage to areas of
      the brain unprotected by the blood-brain barrier. A variety of
      chronic diseases can arise out of this neurotoxicity. In other
      animal research, MSG has been shown to indirectly cause obesity.
      According to laboratory studies, the chemical does this by
      downregulating hypothalamic appetite suppression which increases the
      amount of food animals consume. This is another universal ingredient
      and can be found under names such as hydrolyzed yeast, torula yeast
      and autolyzed yeast.

      Unfortunately, the Standard American Diet is full of packaged foods.
      Most packaged foods have virtually no nutritional value! They are
      pretty packages housing calories. If this is all you eat, then you
      are on the fast track to being overfed, and under nourished. I know
      that we are told that we should be eating lots of grain products.
      Eat up. But a diet recommendation like that is ignoring the true
      science out there telling us that insulin spikes, phytic acid,
      acrylamide and the negative immune system responses we get from
      eating cooked food doesn't mean a thing. We don't fully understand
      what happens in the body with all these extras - the synergistic
      effects are simply not known. Eating a diet rich in refined
      carbohydrates and processed meat products is a sure fire way to walk
      the path of disease.

      There are real health advocates that teach the right way to eat.
      Avoiding all those unwanted extras most people get by eating the
      Standard American Diet takes a little drive but it is worth it.
      Reduce or eliminate refined carbs and go for whole, sprouted grains
      instead; and use them sparingly. Or replace those carbohydrates with
      amaranth, buckwheat, millet or quinoa. Chose raw fats - found in
      extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil or the fats found in raw
      avocados. The food you eat should be colourful and vibrant! Most
      people do not get the recommended number of fruits and vegetables in
      their diet; don't be one of those people. Recent studies show that
      if we eat broccoli and tomatoes together, the health benefits are
      amplified. You get more results eating these foods together than if
      you ate them in isolation – so go for a lot of colour on your plate.
      For a detailed look at what it truly takes to make a healthy diet
      check out Mike Adams' Honest food guide. Leave "SAD" behind, and
      build a foundation of health and happiness!

      About the author

      Sarah is a Chemical and Materials Engineer by education. Through
      years of focused self-study, she has come to see the benefit of
      whole food nutrition and allowing the body to heal itself. A Field
      Center Certified Facilitator, Sarah is passionate about being
      helpful to others, in any venue, in their quest for a better life.



      December 9 2007
      Tantra: An Ancient Spiritual Path For Self Healing
      by Jivana Kennedy

      (NewsTarget) Dr. Dean Ornish, a well respected pioneer in preventive
      medicine, and author of the best selling book Love and Survival: The
      Scientific Basis for the Healing Power of Intimacy says relative to
      intimacy, "I am not aware of any other factor in medicine, not diet,
      not smoking, not exercise, not stress, not genetics, not drugs, not
      surgery, that has a greater impact on our quality of life, incidence
      of illness and premature death from all causes".

      A number of years ago, an amazing little photograph and story made
      its way around the Internet. The picture showed two newborn infants
      in a plastic Isolette. The arm of one of the little ones was wrapped
      around the other. These two little babies were twins, born within
      minutes of one another. One was thriving, the other was dying. The
      doctors had tried everything they knew to do and yet the one baby
      was failing. With all medical science exhausted, they put the ailing
      twin in the isolette with its sibling and the infant made an almost
      immediate turnaround and full recovery.

      The ancient path of tantra was born out of a realization that when
      we human beings join our energy together, we have access to a power
      greater than the sum of our individual parts. Taking that concept
      one step further, we have gained access to the creative force or
      life force of the cosmos. The instinct towards the drive for close
      physical connection is illustrated so beautifully in the story of
      these just days old twins, these tiny womb-mates.

      For many people in our modern society, the word tantra may bring up
      notions of strange sexual rituals and of a culture that fell to its
      demise through overindulgence in the physical senses. But in fact,
      nothing could be further from the truth. The tantric path was a path
      that encouraged balance, love and empowerment in every aspect of
      life. And as a life affirmative path, it nourished a healthy, and
      even sacred attitude towards sexuality, since sexuality IS the
      source of all of our lives. Today, we are flooded with images of
      sexuality everywhere we look. But is deep soul connected intimacy
      really happening for many of us?

      Let's take a look at a few of the diseases that are plaguing our
      world today. Heart disease - is our physical heart connected to our
      emotional heart? Might we as a culture be suffering from spiritual
      and emotional heart disease as so many suffer from a profound sense
      of isolation, unworthiness, and depression? How about breast cancer
      and prostate cancer? In women the breasts are the positive pole, in
      men the penis and related parts are the positive pole. Without the
      cultivation of a healthy sexuality that sustains us throughout the
      stages of our life, can humans survive and thrive as we were meant
      to? How about digestion? Do the assaults to our emotions innervate
      the natural vitality of our digestive systems?

      My premise here is that what we most need is a return to the deeper
      causes of our dis-ease and not more band-aid solutions. Does the
      breakdown in our collective immune system correlate to the breakdown
      and disappearance of a loving, connected and sharing culture?

      The ancient path of tantra says that in deep connection with one
      another, we discover the intrinsic unity of all life. And from this
      discovery we naturally become passionate about life. And in this
      ignited passion our deepest healing can be found; we don't merely
      survive, we thrive.

      After all, aren't we all womb-mates within this incredible womb of

      About the author

      "Make Love Not War"
      There is a direct connection between sexuality and spirituality.
      Both connect us deeply and powerfuly to our innermost selves,
      and to the source of all creation.



      December 9 2007
      Markets for superfoods, exotic fruits to double by 2011
      by David Gutierrez

      (NewsTarget) The market in "super" foods and drinks is anticipated
      to nearly double from its 2001 levels by the year 2011, according to
      a report written by market analysis firm Datamonitor.

      According to "Super Food and Drinks: Consumer Attitudes to Nutrient
      Rich Products," demand for superfoods has surged as consumers have
      become more concerned about nutrition. More than 50 percent of the
      5413 U.S. and European consumers surveyed for the report said that
      they took more active steps to improve their diets in 2006 compared
      with previous years. The steps include eschewing foods that are high
      in fat, salt and sugar, as well as actively seeking out those
      perceived to be high in nutritive value. These include foods that
      are fresh, organic and nutrient enriched.

      In particular, demand for products containing certain "super"
      ingredients, such as acai or goji berries, has skyrocketed. From
      January 2005 to May 2007, the number of products incorporating
      pomegranate as an ingredient increased by 500 percent compared with
      the period between 1999 and 2004.

      This is part of a wider market trend, which has seen sales of soy
      products almost double in the United States while more than tripling
      in Western Europe between 2001 and 2006, and sales of green tea
      increased by more than 30 percent in the United States in the same

      Datamonitor projects that the super foods market will grow from its
      2001 levels of €5,872m ($8,013m) to €7,448m ($10,163m) by 2011.

      The report also raises concerns with the growing market and offers
      suggestions for producers. Among the concerns cited are the
      ecological costs associated with shipping exotic ingredients from
      distant places to U.S. or European markets. The report also warns
      producers against marketing their products as a "magic bullet," and
      instead encourages them to emphasize the products' role in a
      healthy, balanced diet.



      December 4 2007
      Exclusive report on Camu Camu berries reveals astonishing health
      benefits of this Amazon superfruit
      by Mike Adams

      (NewsTarget) Today we're publishing a new special report covering a
      rising star in the world of superfruits: Camu Camu berries. Grown in
      the rainforests of the Amazon, this amazing superfood contains the
      highest natural vitamin C content of any plant in the world. This
      special report by Mike Adams the Health Ranger reveals the origins
      of camu camu, its many health benefits, and a trusted source for
      acquiring this neuroprotective superfood.

      The full report is available now at:

      Inside, readers will learn:

      • Where camu camu comes from and how it's grown and harvested

      • Why camu camu offers the highest natural vitamin C density of any
      plant in the world

      • How camu camu protects and defends the nervous system from
      degenerative disease

      • How Mike Adams personally uses camu camu powder to maximize mental
      focus and cognitive performance

      • Why camu also protects the eyes from macular degeneration

      • How camu may help you prevent dementia and Alzheimer's disease

      • Camu camu's preventive effects vs. cancer and liver disease

      • How to prevent depression, infertility and migraine headaches with
      camu camu

      • Where to get high-grade camu camu berry powder

      • How to use camu camu powder to make an energizing drink or vitamin-
      boosting superfood smoothie

      Camu Camu is a top recommended superfruit by Dr. James Duke, PhD,
      author of numerous books on botanical medicine (including The Green
      Pharmacy). It has gained popularity among natural health enthusiasts
      over the last several years, but supplies have been hard to come by,
      causing prices to remain out of reach of most consumers.

      But one company -- revealed in the special report -- embarked on an
      eight-year program to plant a large supply of camu camu trees. Now
      that effort has come to harvest, and full-spectrum camu camu powder
      is available to consumers across North America and in selected other
      countries. Details are provided in the special report at:


      Camu Camu is native to the Amazon rainforest and has been used as
      natural medicine by indigenous populations there for thousands of



      December 7 2007
      Low-glycemic diet found to prevent acne
      by David Gutierrez

      (NewsTarget) A diet with a low glycemic load may reduce the
      occurrence of acne in men, according to a small study conducted by
      researchers from the RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia and
      reported in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

      Researchers divided 43 men with acne into two groups. The men in one
      group (high glycemic load) were encouraged to eat plenty of
      carbohydrates; the men in the other group were told to replace the
      high glycemic load foods in their diets with other foods that had a
      lower glycemic load and more protein.

      Glycemic load refers to the effect that a food has on a person's
      blood sugar. High glycemic load foods cause blood sugar to spike,
      while low glycemic load foods cause a more gradual, longer-lasting
      increase. High glycemic load foods are those high in low-fiber
      carbohydrates, such as refined sugars and grains. Low glycemic foods
      include complex carbohydrates high in fiber.

      After 12 weeks, the number of acne lesions among men in the low-
      glycemic load group dropped by approximately 22. Among the men in
      the high-glycemic load group, the number of acne lesions dropped by
      approximately 14.

      "The results of this study open up the prospect that nutrition-
      related lifestyle factors may affect the [development] of acne," the
      researchers wrote.

      In addition, levels of the male sex hormone androgen decreased and
      insulin sensitivity increased more in the low glycemic load group
      than in the high glycemic load group. Men eating the lower glycemic
      diet also lost weight.

      The researchers said that with the way the study was set up, it was
      impossible to know what exactly led to the decrease in acne. The
      weight loss or the improved insulin sensitivity -- or both -- are
      the most likely, but "these results should be considered preliminary
      and larger scale studies are needed to confirm the effect of dietary
      intervention on acne."
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