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Reich, Little Rock and UFOs

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  • Robert Sterling
    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com Reich, Little Rock and UFOs by Kenn Thomas
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      Please send as far and wide as possible.

      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist

      Reich, Little Rock and UFOs
      by Kenn Thomas

      The Little Rock Nine, a group that integrated Central High School in
      Little Rock, Arkansas in September 1957, observed its anniversary
      Tuesday even as the protests in Jena, Louisiana underscored
      continued racial strife in the US. But the plight of the Nine was
      not the only social oppression that America suffered in 1957--the
      UFO cover up was in full flower and UFO believers were handily
      marginalized and even prosecuted. The scientist Wilhelm Reich was
      thrown in jail in part for exploring human energy potential and
      therapeutic techniques not approved by the Food and Drug
      Administration, but also in part because he was using the consequent
      cloudbuster technology to battle UFOs in the Tucson desert.

      Reich had been condemned as a medical quack, his books had been
      burned and his "life energy" boxes, precursors to a type cannon
      called a cloudbuster that harnessed atmospheric energy, were
      destroyed. Reich had harmed no one and, indeed, had helped many with
      his understanding and manipulation of what he called the orgone. He
      witnessed several UFOs on his estate in Maine and used the orgone
      cloudbuster guns to cause them to go away. He did the same on a
      famous trip to the desert southwest that he documented in his last
      book, Contact With Space. By his own estimation, he fought the first
      battle against space intruders, and won. The FDA, of course, never
      truly followed Reich's scientific protocols on either orgone boxes
      or cloudbuster guns, and convicted Reich only on technical violation
      of its injunction to stop distributing orgone boxes.

      Authorities threw Reich in a prison cell in Lewisberg, PA from which
      he did not emerge alive. In memos to the prison chaplain before his
      death, however, Reich continued to write passionately about the
      social situation in the US. His note from September 1957 even
      includes reference to the disturbance at Little Rock Central High
      School. He emphasized the very psychological and emotional
      undercurrents he felt were being ignored in the broader social arena
      of conspiratorial 1950s America, what prevented many from seeing the
      space ships he saw in abundance:

      "I am merely fulfilling my public duties as a U. S. citizen and
      worker in planetary affairs if I continue to point out where the
      true danger to our social and personal existence is placed: its is
      Emotional Poisoning: disruption through sowing distrust throughout
      our society, doping and drugging of our population, espec. our
      YOUTH; draining us financially through areas [...]race, a camouflage
      of the true menace, the Emotional Poisoning a la Little Rock racial
      upheavals; keeping our high placed officials at bay through fear of
      sexual scandals [Clinton!--kt], railroading efficient men and women
      into prisons or lunatic asylums through [?] up there environments;
      subverting justice by whispered little lies & frightening or using
      judges. Doing all this destruction unnoticed as it were by all those
      responsible. It was clear from the very beginning that [?] and now
      lyrics were subverted by such use of stupidities & evasions on our
      part [rock'n'roll!--kt], especially by the staid reluctance to talk
      bluntly and take the bull by the horns. The bull is really no more
      tan a few slimy tape worms eating away at our emotional guts. It is
      high time to start giving social power to the established functions
      of Love, Work & Learning as bastions against the tapeworms."

      The prison memo form includes this banal and perhaps prescient
      statement: "Your failure to specifically state your problem may
      result in no action being taken." Reich's imprisonment was in part
      the end result of mis-reporting on him that appeared in the New
      Republic under the editorial leadership of a now-confessed communist
      spy named Michael Straight in a book entitled, After Long Silence.
      New Republic made its own pronouncement about Little Rock in its
      July 7, 1958 edition, complaining about the Supreme Court's failure
      to stop legal challenges that were slowing down the integration
      process. The Supreme Court, opined New Republic, "must stand the
      ground they themselves have assumed, or the grand experiment they
      inaugurated will end in bitter farce, with consequences for the
      state of the union that stagger the mind."

      Clearly the magazine had a better view of the possible consequences
      of Supreme Court actions than it did on its own. The consequences of
      Reich's work with UFOs and otherwise, on the other hand, and the
      implications of the study of character structure on the
      understanding of race issues has continued over the years. Writing
      in a chapter called "Racism and Slavery" in The American Slave: A
      Composite Autobiography (Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Publishing
      Company, 1972), my old friend historian George Rawick notes the
      impact of "that great underground classic of modern thought, Wilhelm
      Reich, Character Analysis, 3d ed. rev., first published in German in
      1933, and its less well-known but significant companion, The Mass
      Psychology of Fascism, first published in German in 1933. While I
      cannot subscribe to all of Reich's system, this chapter could not
      have been written without his monumental attempt to relate Marx and
      Freud which loosened the ideological armoring of Western rationalism
      for me and many others." Although Reich never stated it explicitly,
      clearly he saw that same armoring as the block that keeps so many
      from accepting the realities of the UFO issue.

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