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Lone Nutter News: Summer Solstice Edition 2007

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    Lone Nutter News Summer Solstice Edition 2007 by Jaye Beldo In this issue Radio URLs Rumi Vanity Metaphysical Pragmatism Summer Reading List Astral Dream
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      Lone Nutter News
      Summer Solstice Edition� 2007


      Jaye Beldo

      In this issue

      Radio URLs

      Rumi Vanity

      Metaphysical Pragmatism

      Summer Reading List

      Astral Dream Manipulation Part III


      Dear Reader,

      A while back, when� I was on Keith Hanson's Grassy Knoll radio program, he asked me how I was doing. I made the mistake of telling him that I was doing great-which I was at the time. He jokingly told me that that was the wrong answer. I thanked him for reminding me and responded by saying that we then should generate as much fear as possible during our interview.

      It is obvious to me that fear sells even better than sex which is why I'm up against such odds with an increasingly fear commodified conspiracy world - primarily because of my continued promotion of optimistic perspectives, holistic healing, wellness and balance. As a kind of compense for occupying a marginal zone, I've been touting myself as a conspiracy "comedian" kind of like a Diogenes figure: dancing, laughing, taunting because I just can't take myself seriously enough, nor allow myself to get sucked into the depression vortex that has taken so many conspiracy writers into its fold. Fortunately, I've have found a few souls who still have a sense of humor such as Adam Gorightly who was nice enough to air my �wacky" songs on his Untamed Dimensions program a few weeks ago. Take a listen if you haven't already - check out the link below in the Radio URLs article.

      Creatively channeling paranoia through music and art seems to be a healthy option and I hope to get back on the air with Adam to broadcast more of my songs such as Republicans on Acid, Born without Brains, When You Get Stoned - Think of the Government.

      BTW: This is the last issue of Lone Nutter News. I am officially retiring LNN as I have roto-rooted the Lone Nutter alter/sub-personality out of my unconscious mind and brought it into the light where it has dissolved - to make room for a more essential, harmonious and unified self. So please do not send me requests to review books, DVDs, etc. for LNN as I will not answer them.

      I'll be re-emerging with a new/improved persona sometime in the next year or so-so please stay tuned.

      In the meantime, 'Evolve, Revolve, Dissolve.'


      Jaye Beldo

      p.s. please check out the affordable e-book version of my New Age Murder Mystery A Stab in the Light.� So far no one has cracked the code I embedded into the plot and am patiently waiting for some adept cryptologist to do so ;).

      Radio URLS

      Here are some URLs which will take you to interviews I've done with such airwave luminaries as Robin Zodiac, Adam Gorightly and Keith Hansen of Grassy Knoll fame. Everything from re-birthing to astral dream manipulation to the broadcasting my 'twisted' music on Untamed Dimensions is included below:







      Rumi Vanity

      The other day I found myself behind a woman driving a car with RUMI emblazoned on the license plates. She pulled into a parking spot right ahead of mine. After parking myself, I waited until she got out her car and I then approached her.

      "Your license plate wouldn't happen to be referring to a certain Persian poet would it?"

      "Yes it does." She said.

      I couldn't help detect a kind of condescension in her voice accented by the fact that she would not make eye contact with me.

      I had only asked her because this scenario took place in a small rural town where most people would think that Rumi was a sports figure or a Hollywood celebrity. But apparently she was focused on some mystical plane that contained a hidden Imam unavailable to uninitiated people like myself. Or maybe it was because I wasn't driving a car that was on the level of her $40,000 Lexus SUV.

      Later that day I fell into a Sufi reverie and saw Rumi riding on a donkey with the woman's name branded on it buttocks in capital letters. Covered in manure of course.

      Metaphysical Pragmatism

      Recently, I clicked on this Google Ad on my Myspace page that said : "Learn the Scalar Language that your Higher Self Speaks". I couldn't resist investigating and when I got to the site, I learned that I could have my two stranded DNA hyper evolved by a pair of spiritual facilitators channeling Babaji into a 12 stranded variety that would give me the potential to become 'unlimited' and travel to any place in the universe 'instantaneously'. Later, when I was on Adam Gorightly's Untamed Dimensions radio show, I told him how visiting this site created a kind of hole in my solar plexus area, causing me to crave to become fluent in Scalar-ese. When I told Adam about the fringe (or strand) benefits of 12 stranded activation and how this would cost me 300.00 an hour to achieve, he replied, "Sounds like a good deal to me." I forgot to tell him that if I forked out the dinero for the activation, the Scalar gurus would then want me to have my 24 and 48 strand DNA activated. And then once I achieved this level of genetic integrity, then it would be 96 strand DNA to aspire to. Where would it stop? Or would I have to invest my life savings into achieving infinitely stranded DNA? It would probably cost as much as becoming 'clear' in Scientology.

      Now, I must admit that I already have my 12 stranded DNA activated and take great pleasure in sneering at mere 2 stranded DNA-kind of like someone on a Yacht looking down on someone in a rowboat struggling to stay afloat in its wake. But now that I know there are those looking down on my 12 stranded DNA (they live in Malibu), I have no choice in the matter. Do I?

      Fortunately, I think I do. As a metaphysical pragmatist, I'm convinced that we can activate our own DNA simply by meditating on it, connecting with our higher selves (who can teach us the Scalar language without it being mediated by shift facilitators) and trusting that something will happen. We can even weave our DNA strands into whatever configurations we like by raising our own kundalini and infusing our DNA molecules with it. (I plan on macrame'ing my DNA once I reach the 96 strand level.)

      Summer Reading List

      I've encountered some very excellent titles in recent months thanks to Kim Guarnaccia, editor of Mysteries Magazine, a magazine I'm now writing for, as well as titles I've re-discovered deep in the dust covered, implicate realm of my personal library. So if you have some summer time to while away, I most recommend the following. Reviews of some of these titles will appear in future issues of Mysteries Magazine.

      1. Punk Science by Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton

      A great title for any quantum novitiate eager to master the indeterminate peculiarities of physics, string theory, membraneous universes, etc. It starts out pretty basic but once the author warms up she really provides us with a fresh perspective on it all. Maybe the Sex Pistols will re-unite in a parallel universe and use particle beam accelerators as their instruments.

      2. Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife? By Pamela Rae Heath and Jon Klimo

      Get the low down on suicide from those who have committed it in this book. Suicided souls get trapped on the lower astral plane and wander for thousands of years. Check out my full review of this worthwhile title in an upcoming issue of Mysteries Magazine before you try to kill yourself.

      3. Other Powers: The Age of Suffrage, Spiritualism, and the Scandalous Victoria Woodhull by Barbara Goldsmith

      A great book describing the rise of Spiritualism in the 19th c. which was coincident with the beginnings of the women's rights movement. The harsh oppression of women during this time caused many of both sexes to seek answers, inspiration and strength from the spiritual world. Reading this book will spark much thought in regards to current forms of oppression and how we can tap into the spiritual world for a connection with truth to bring into the physical world.

      4. True Christianity and Apocalypse Revealed by Emanuel Swedenborg

      I found these titles in a used book store and the open minded woman who worked there practically gave them to me because ‘no one else would buy them. I delved into these works and was pretty much blown away by Swedenborg's lucid and penetrating insights into esoteric Christianity. He's the real deal IMO and was tapping into something genuine indeed. Especially intriguing are his observations of how evil forces take over human beings and manipulate the subtle and physical bodies.

      5. Secrets and Lies: Exposing the world of Cover-Ups and Deception by David Southwell

      David was quite kind to send me this title from across the pond and I found it to be very engaging. And there were a few surprises for even a �jaded� conspiracy researcher as myself such as the Scientology "secret", the U.S. Constitution being �invalid� since 1933, and U.S. Air Force pilots given amphetamines to enhance flying missions. As a descriptive cumulus of conspiracy, it is a far better than anything Disinfo.com has put out so far in both design and content. Very highly recommended.

      6. Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing by Gurudas

      I'm still sold on Gurudas as being an authentic metaphysician and have diligently read most of his books and have benefitted greatly from them. The author of �Treason" one of the most chilling books on the New World Order I have ever read-in regards to the amount of research put into it, shares with us the vibrational qualities of such flowers as Lilac, Clover, Wild Rose and how we can use these essences to enhance our own well being. Alex Jones should be taking Queen Anne's Lace elixir on a regular basis as this would enable him to see the negative, Titanic forces working through him, causing him to self aggrandize in a Bull Horn kind of way and prevent him from seeing that he has been manipulated into becoming a NWO shill. John Kaminski would do well with Wild Rose essence as it would open his heart chakra enough so he wouldn't condemn any and all Jewish people as he has done in the recent past.

      7. Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing by Gurudas

      Ditto with this excellent title also by Gurudas - who so mysteriously disappeared after his book �Treason" came out. Gem Elixirs can defeat mind control. Something I am currently writing about and will share later.

      8. Pushing Ultimates by Lew Paz

      A philosophical travelogue that is very readable and accessible. Please see my review of this title in the upcoming summer issue of Rain Taxi Review of Books. A highly recommended book that will inspire you to rise above the morass of apathy, ignorance and indifference and resonate with something archetypally resplendent.

      9. The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D

      Written by a scientist who was disturbed by the reductionism, materialism rampant in his own field, he dares to irk the orthodoxy by suggesting that our beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and assumptions influence our physical, mental and emotional bodies and that we do have a say in regards to self regulation, healing and autonomy much to the chagrin of the matter over mind bastion of mainstream science.

      10. The Mysticism of Sound and Music by Hazrat Inayat Khan

      A remarkable work on the esoteric dimensions of sound written by a Sufic adept himself whose insights are very pure and deep. Sound also can defeat mind control and I recommend delving into this heady (and heart centered) work. Masters like Hazrat are much too rare these days which makes his work even more valuable.

      The following appeared in UFO Digest. Go to: http://www.ufodigest.com/news/0507/mindcontrol7.html

      to access Parts I and II

      Astral Dream Manipulation and Mind Control Technology


      Jaye Beldo

      Dear Reader:

      Parts I and II of this series have evoked many encouraging responses from readers, thereby compelling me to offer further suggestions in regards to thwarting attempts by "the dream police" to create disequilibrium in our psyches and our lives. It is time now to focus more on creative ways to maintain peace of mind, even while being targeted by various mind control vectors.

      One effective way to do this is by working with the manipulated dreams, whether they have arisen from the unconscious mind or have been holographically inserted. The 're-entering the dream' technique is something I learned from Strephon Kaplan William's excellent book, entitled "Dreamworking." Most importantly, you can do this exercise while you are fully awake and in control. The following is an example of dream re-entry work that I have done recently and which I'd like to share in hopes that others will try this with their own dreams. Let's start with the original dream, which I strongly believe was holographically manipulated and/or remotely influenced:

      I am in some unknown city. The feeling tone is quite hostile, like I'm in a very dangerous neighborhood. A vehicle that looks like a UN jeep comes screeching in and out pour 4 police officers who then surround me. They look cheap and tawdry, like central casting rejects, and they do their best to threaten me. They ask for my passport but I don't have it. I attempt to explain my circumstances, i.e. that I have to go home and get it - but they won't listen. They start to take me to the jeep but I then wake up.

      The above dream has all the markings of one that was inserted into my unconscious mind, primarily the tawdry 'central casting' feel to it - like a B-Movie that is hardly believable but manages to burn itself into the brain like a laser beam. After writing the dream down in my journal and making sketches of the characters and place settings involved (this is very important to do as you strengthen your abilities to recall dreams), I then consciously re-entered the dream and recorded in my journal what transpired as it happened. You can also tape record these sessions as well as write them down.

      Re-Entering the Dream:

      I walk through the dangerous neighborhood in the unknown city. I look for street signs but see none. The UN vehicle cuts me off and the police officers come out of it and try to surround me. But before they can speak, I walk right up to them and ask to see their passports. The alpha officer of the group starts shifting around nervously and won't make eye contact with me. I persist in my demand. The more I confront them, they more they lose their form. I see them dissolve in front of me. I check in with my physical body and seem to be relaxing more.

      When the police officers dissolve into a pool on the ground (it looks very much like the special effects in the Terminator movies when "cyborgs" are shot - they melt like aluminum), I then get into their UN jeep and drive it back to headquarters. Then the dream environment that I have re-entered starts to blur, as if something is trying to sabotage my attempts at exercising free will and investigating.

      Instead of backing off, however, I accelerate and flip the 4-wheel drive switch to "on." As I do this and proceed forward, I can actually see through the windshield a core group of humans behind the dream manipulation using the dream police and hostile city environs as a smokescreen of sorts. It is as if the windshield is a magnifying lens or scrying device.

      The group seems to be the product of a remote viewing/remote influencing training program and the individuals all appear to be in their early twenties and have been selected because of their pronounced PSI abilities. At this point, I get out of the vehicle and it seems that I'm on some military base that does not look like a dream at all. It is as if I'm on a tarmac, indicating an Air Force base. I walk across the tarmac and right into the headquarters of this facility.

      Then, it is as if I have X-Ray vision. My physical body tightens up and I feel dizzy but I make sure to breath and continue to inspect these dream manipulators. Immediately I see that they are products of an NSA mind-control apparatus and have had their brain stems deliberately scarred in infancy in order to enhance their remote viewing/influencing abilities, as well as, the capacity for image manipulation. The scarring also eliminates any possibilities of these people developing a conscience whatsoever and breaking free of their own handlers. They seem to be empty shells.

      I take a deep breath and ask them for their passports after telling them that they have been trespassing in my psyche. A Chinese woman gets up from what looks like some kind of RV chair and stands in front of me. She seems to be the "alpha" of this group. At first I feel paralyzed and start to panic, but make sure to hold my ground. Again, like with the police that confronted me in the dream, I persist. I ask for the passports again. It is like coming up against a brick wall however. Then something amazing happens, I see a tear forming in the corner of one of her eyes. I realize that no amount of confrontation will produce passports, papers, identities because their own programming runs too deep. I shift my focus from confrontation and "will power" (a Third Chakra power) to my Heart Chakra and realize that those who are perpetrating dream manipulation and other forms of mind control are prisoners themselves. They are not free. I feel this overwhelming anger but keep focused on my heart. I hear a voice:

      "Do not respond to them on the level they are responding to you, namely, with aggression. Shift into a higher vibration."

      Then, I hear a musical tone so pure and high, then another (like crystalline chimes). It is the Solfeggio scale. I look around and see the remote viewers trying to cover up their ears. They cannot handle the frequencies. I decide to end the dream re-entry at this point as it is becoming quite intense.

      After fully exiting the dream that has bee re-entered, I always make sure to check in with my immediate surroundings so that I'm not in a dissociated state. I have discovered that the best way to do this is to check in with the physical body. Clasping the hands, taking a good look at the environment you are in also helps. If there is tension, shallow breathing and, especially, tightness in the forehead area, it is a good indication that connection with the present environment is not adequate enough. Make sure to ground yourself in any way possible. Walk barefoot on the grass, do some gardening, play with your pet or go for a bike ride or some other form of exercise. Not taking these precautions will make you fair game for mind-controllers who will then take advantage of your dissociated state.

      Working with dreams in such a manner can be very rewarding - not only as a means to gain insights into the origins of mind control but to strengthen one's abilities to exercise free will in general - until it becomes second nature-even during sleep (lucid dreaming).

      It is most rewarding to be able to turn the tables on the dream manipulators while dreaming. A few nights after doing the dream work described above, I actually demanded to see the passports of the dream police officers while I was dreaming. Such direct action inevitably frustrates the dream manipulators who will then temporarily back off and strategize to find more effective ways to impede you by impinging upon the psyche. Just remember that vigilance is the key, along with a willingness to work with the dream characters in a heart centered way.

      Jaye Beldo is the author of the New Age Murder Mystery, "A Stab in the Light." Go to: stabinthelight.comto access links to his Internet articles, music and archived radio interviews.

      Recommended Reading:
      "Dream Working" by Strephon Kaplan Williams
      "Healing Codes of the Biological Apocalypse" by Dr. Horowitz
      "Dream Work" by Jeremy Taylor
      Jaye Beldo can be reached at: stabinthelight@....
      (Copyright 2007, Jaye Beldo - All Rights Reserved)

      Jaye Beldo writes for Mysteries Magazine, Renaissance Magazine, Paranoia and UFO Digest.� He has discussed his work on the Robin Zodiac show, Untamed Dimensions, The Alien Agenda, Grassy Knoll and other programs as well.� He can be reached at: www.stabinthelight.com

      (C)-2007-Jaye Beldo
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