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Konformist: Fluoride Enhances Ritalin and Prozac

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      ==============RUMOR MILL NEWS AGENCY ============
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      Dateline: 06.29.99

      Fluoride Enhances Ritalin and Prozac

      This morning I was listening to a local talk radio show on KOMY 1340, Santa
      Cruz and Watsonville. The host, Dr. Tom Clunie, was interviewing a woman
      from Mt. View, California who has set up a webpage on the dangers of
      fluoride. http://www.nofluoride.com
      Dangers of Fluoridated Water

      She seemed to have an amazing amount of knowledge on the subject,
      so I decided to call in and ask about an obscure piece of information
      that has been floating around the "conspiracy world" for years.

      Her reply astounded me and opened my eyes to an aspect of fluuride about
      which I had no previous knowledge!!

      I asked her about a paper that was introduced in a Congressional
      hearing by a Russian defector. His paper purported to be a Soviet
      report on the fluoridation of the American water supply. The paper
      said that fluoride was known to cause neurological changes in the
      brains of children which will reduce their IQ. The paper supported a
      planned attack on America by fluoridating their water supply,
      reducing the intelligence level of Americans, and making a takeover of
      future generations of Americans much easier.

      The existence of this paper, and indeed the actual Congressional
      report have remained fodder for the conspiracy world, even though
      the link between fluoride and lower IQ has been proven. Dr. Richard
      Foulkes, former consultant to British Columbia's health minister and
      former fluoride advocate now says: "A child's brain is vulnerable to
      damage from fluoride even before birth and the result can be lowered
      IQ." Dr Foulkes also says, " ... Fluoride in drinking water may react
      with aluminum, to cause Alzheimer's disease."

      The guest on the radio show said she has the paper to which I
      referred. She made no further comment on the paper because she
      immediately made a leap of consciousness and started talking about
      the Manhattan Project and the use of fluoride in refining the uranium
      that was used in our first atomic bombs.

      At first I thought she was "blowing off" my question by changing the
      subject. Then she talked about the scientists' concern that the fluoride
      was causing problems with the workers, specifically neurological
      problems. The government gave the scientists a grant to study the
      effects of fluoride on the brain.

      She then stated that fluoride can enhance the effects of
      other drugs. She specifically mentioned ritalin and prozac.

      She stated that it is known that fluoride "reacts" with other chemicals,
      just as Dr. Foulkes said it reacts with aluminum to produce Alzheimer's

      If fluoride reacts with other chemicals to produce neurological
      changes in the brain, could it be possible that the epidemic level of
      violence in America's youth is directly related to the introduction of
      fluoride into drinking water and toothpaste? It would be interesting to
      chart use of fluoridated water, ritalin and the rise of youth violence.

      Yesterday, as I was traveling, a San Francisco radio station reported a
      study conducted of the children who had killed children in school
      shootings. The woman who had made the study reported that the only
      thing all the children had in common was they were on ritalin, luvox
      or had been mental patients where presumably they had been given
      similar drugs.

      After listening to the local radio talk show and hearing about the
      reaction between fluoride and other chemicals, it seems to me that any
      investigation into the epidemic wave of youth violence needs to include

      If anyone knows of a study that has already been done, please share it
      with me and I will post it. If you are not familiar with the damage
      fluoride can do to you and your children please pull up the enclosed
      link and read about it.

      + Fluoride poisoning, in the dentist's chair, has resulted in death.
      + The FDA has required toothpaste manufacturers to put a "poison
      warning" label on all tubes of toothpaste.

      Your awareness of the dangers of fluoride could save the life of your
      * * * * *

      To all the lawyers who read this column:

      In the last week, I have read two websites that cover the physical
      illnesses that are caused by two different chemicals: Aspartane and
      Fluoride. It is obvious to me that the big chemical and pharmaceutical
      companies are engaging in a wholesale poisoning of the world to
      enhance their profits. (They may also be doing this to "dumb down"
      the people of the world so they can be easily subdued when the One
      World Totalitarian government kicks in.)

      We can use the weapons of the New World Order against them.
      The New World Order wants guns out of the hands of Americans, but
      Congress is not moving quickly enough to remove guns from law
      abiding Americans. Therefore the courts are being used as a secondary
      assault on guns.

      Cities are suing gun manufacturers. If the lawsuits continue, the gun
      manufacturers will have to spend their profits on lawyer's fees and
      possible future settlements. The gun manufacturers may choose to
      cease production of guns while they still have some money in the bank.
      If Congress will not act to outlaw guns, then the antigun advocates
      will target the gun manufacturers and force them out of business
      through costly lawsuits.

      The "anti-smoking" lobby has successfully sued the major tobacco
      companies. Their lawsuits have shown a connection to cigarette
      smoking and various diseases. I believe this approach can be used in a
      class action lawsuit on behalf of people who have been damaged by
      fluoride. There is already enough scientific data linking fluoride to
      numerous physical illnesses to initiate a lawsuit against the
      manufacturers of fluoride, the toothpaste companies who include
      fluoride and the lawmakers who have written and voted for the laws
      that require our cities to fluoridate their water supplies.

      The major byproduct of such a lawsuit will be the education of the
      American people as to the harmful effects of fluoride and the careless
      disregard of human health by the pharmaceutical and chemical companies.

      Whether this is a conspiracy to "dumb down" America, so that our
      enemies can simply walk in and take over; or whether it is merely
      another instance of big business caring more about the profits than the
      health and well being of people; it is obvious to me that the chemical
      companies, (which are probably owned by the same Elitists who are
      bringing you the New World Order); are poisoning you, dumbing you
      down so you don't notice it... and making a very large profit!

      I hope you pass this information on to someone that
      may be able to use it to "Wake Up" America while we still have time
      to do something.
      * * * * *

      The same lawsuit that could be brought against the chemical
      manufacturers of fluoride can also be brought against the chemical
      companies who manufacture aspartane, the companies who sell it as
      Equal and Nutrasweet, the grocery stores who sell products
      containing aspartane and the restaurants who provide it on the tables
      for their customers.

      Can you imagine the level of awareness that could arise, if the
      Aspartane lawsuit exempted restaurants that stopped offering Equal
      and Nutrasweet to their customers, and who agreed to post a sign
      listing the harmful illnesses that diseases that have been linked to the
      use of Aspartane?

      One of the things my Sources in Faction 2 have always said is, "You
      have to fight fire with fire."

      The courts are being used to disarm America by making it too
      expensive for gun manufacturers to stay in business. A similar
      approach may force chemical companies to clean up their acts and
      stop poisoning humanity.

      Additional comment:
      I hope someone, who knows who the woman is who did the
      research on the connection between ritalin and the school killings,
      would forward this article to her so she can get in touch with the
      woman from Mt. View, California who spoke on the link between
      fluoride and ritalin.

      Unrelated information:
      I have had many people ask me to forward the updated copy of the article on
      mind control, Operation Open Eyes. Since I no longer send attachments, I have
      posted the article on the One List site where you can download it. Let me
      know if you want me to send you the link.

      For people who have had this artilce forwarded to them and are not on the
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