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New Year's Book Reviews

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  • Robert Sterling
    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com New Year s Book Reviews by Jaye Beldo
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      Please send as far and wide as possible.

      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist

      New Year's Book Reviews

      Jaye Beldo

      In this issue

      Spiritual Power: How it Works

      The Be(a)st of Adam Gorightly

      Fresh Wisdom: Breakthrough to Enlightenment

      Greetings Reader,

      Happy '06 to you. May this even numbered year bring some
      resemblance of peace, sanity and well being to our world. I hope
      you enjoy the
      reviews of some very fine titles in this issue.

      I've decided to put out this review newsletter on a quarterly
      basis because
      of the overall poor quality of most of the books sent my way these
      days, i.e.,
      ones that make me feel like I'm proofing an author's galleys.
      (Please contact
      me first before sending any review copies my way.) A big thank you
      to Joan D'
      Arc of Paranoia Magazine for sending me some much appreciated book
      encouragement during the nadir of the holiday season. And thanks to
      you of
      course, who continue to read this e-zine. Your input makes it all

      Have a great New Year!

      All the Best,

      Jaye Beldo

      Spiritual Power: How it Works

      Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

      There is a sincerely written, deeply resonant book in the
      form of
      Vaughan-Lee's Spiritual Power: How it Works now available. The
      founder of the
      Golden Sufi center and teacher in the Naqshbandiyya Mujaddidiyya
      Sufi order has
      written work that resounds on the highest of planes, yet is
      understandable and
      usable even by novice aspirants, no matter what their spiritual path
      may be or
      where they are on it. Vaughan-Lee makes sure to emphasize that we
      be attentive
      to any ego interference (via what are called the nafs in Sufism)
      prior to
      embarking on our spiritual quests, whether it be in the form of
      meditation,creative visualization or the currently popular
      techniques which are all the rage these days in various alternative
      spirituality circles. He emphasizes that any desire for ego based
      power in the
      form of fame, wealth, prestige and status will inevitably distort if
      subvert what we believe are high minded intentions in regards to the
      healing of
      ourselves and
      this planet. Spiritual Power is quite timely and profound,
      especially when one
      considers that many so called teachers of 'personal empowerment'
      techniques are
      unaware or unwilling to tell their students how potentially
      dangerous they can
      be if the necessary perquisites are not taken. Llewellyn goes on to

      "The inner worlds are not just places of peace and harmony. Forces
      here are
      both volatile and dangerous."

      An observation that cannot be emphasized enough in this
      considering the rather cavalier attitude that many have towards
      inner work,
      i.e. as a realm solely to be mined to gain personal advantage in a
      and not compassionate way. Such attitudes can have serious
      repercussions in
      one's inner and outer lives that cannot be gauged adequately
      enough. In fact
      it has brought many aspirants to the brink of total ruin as negative
      forces can
      become greatly amplified if not acknowledged and approached in a
      mature way.

      Throughout Spiritual Power can be found subtle inculcations
      in regards
      to the
      encouragement of group consciousness, a consciousness, if used in a
      compassionately, can assist us in becoming more and more aware of
      how our
      thoughts and actions influence the planet: as individuals and as
      Llewellyn's gift lies in his ability to spark us into having
      insights into the
      deepest aspects of ourselves without sounding pedantic or as if he
      is coming
      from some lofty initiatory plane that the rest of us have no access
      to. Such
      self effacement and within reach wisdom pervades Spiritual Power
      throughout and
      the reader will find their own inner batteries getting nicely
      charged in
      addition to a wonderful opening of the heart, really the true
      path/goal of
      Sufism. Since the author touches on some of the most relevant
      aspects in
      regards to spiritual development in a non-obstrusive and non-
      Spiritual Power gets my highest recommendation.

      For more info. on the Golden Sufi center and their publications,
      check out:


      and Llewellyn's site at:


      The Be(a)st of Adam Gorightly
      Collected Rantings (1992-2004)

      The author with the allegorical nom de plume has delivered
      once again.
      In Adam
      Gorightly's recent offering, the netherworld's underbelly is brought
      light in a unsettling yet inspiring way. Gorightly reaches into
      some rather
      arcane data banks both within himself and elsewhere, psychedelically
      faded renegades such as 'psycho' Ronnie Rains the roller derby
      superstar who
      employed all sorts of wreckless antics on the track to garner
      acclaim, Dock
      Ellis who pitched a no-hitter while tripping his major league brains
      out and
      Rollen Stewart the rainbow wigged, wannabe prophet who flashed John
      banners in front of T.V. cameras at golf matches and other sporting
      prior to going off the clinical deep end when he held a maid
      hostage, took pot
      shots at jetliners and set off stink bombs when his needs for media
      weren't being met.

      Adam seems to have a knack for essaying his peregrinations
      into the
      fjords of our collective underbelly in a way that keeps the reader
      engaged and
      delightfully illuminated throughout. The piece describing John
      Lilly's attempt
      to alleviate his debilitating migraines through the hallucinogen
      sensory deprivation tanks and contact with inter dimensional
      entities provides
      rare insights into to the strange goings on at Esalen and elsewhere
      (apparently John nearly drowned during one Ketamine/tank trip). The
      article on
      the spiritually dubious Carlos Castaneda sheds much needed light on
      the so
      called apprentice of don Juan and his metaphysically ulterior
      motives for
      writing his still popular books. Apparently Castaneda was exiled
      from his
      mentor's inner circle when these motives became more and more
      obvious. If it
      weren't for the investigative talents of Gorightly and a few others,
      news of
      this banishment by the famous nagual would have been forever buried
      by the feel
      good Gestapo controlling the New Age publishing industry.

      Throughout these collected musings, Adam always surprises
      allusions to
      rare texts and other neglected references that even the most jaded of
      conspiracy buffs would take interest in. The author has combed
      through many
      university libraries, marginalized bookstores and fringe internet
      sites to
      compile the information in this work and has produced something most
      bracing to
      navigate through. It is obvious to this reviewer that the derelict
      described in these collected rants, if they were not in prison or
      busy evolving
      in some fractal beyond, would certainly pay eternal homage to the
      for his patent success at reviving them in such a vivid and
      entertaining way in
      The Be(a)st of Adam Gorightly.

      For more info. Check out:



      Fresh Wisdom: Breakthrough to Enlightenment

      Dr. Tony Hope, Markus Hart and Vicki Wilson

      Whenever a book doesn't endorse the doom and gloom paradigm
      pervading our
      world, but offers some alternative strategies to global subjugation
      and other
      forms of tyranny, I tend to pay more attention to what the authors
      say. In
      Fresh Wisdom: Breakthrough to Enlightenment, there is an abundance
      of optional
      choices at hand which make this a rather beneficial read above and
      beyond the
      usual spate of future oriented books promising spiritual uplift,
      prosperity and immunity to the forces of the New World Order. Some
      of the
      choices the authors suggest we take to counter the powers that be
      undoubtedly curdle the bile of feminists, religionists and
      evolutionists as
      well. Their take on the origin of the cosmos is rather contentious
      as well,
      putting it mildly. They even go as far as claiming that there is an
      'initiator' who exists outside of our cosmos, topping their
      perspective off with the claim that they have 'empirical' evidence
      of this far
      removed initiator. While I found some of their declarations to be
      questionable (they do forewarn the reader in the opening pages that
      what they
      have to offer in Fresh Wisdom will surely turn heads), I managed to
      cast my
      doubts aside enough to read on. However, I did wonder at times
      that what the
      authors's are really promoting in Fresh Wisdom is a metaphysically
      form of Machiavellianism (especially in the relationship
      chapter). Yet I
      persisted, finding much of the information to be quite useful
      indeed, even
      encouraging in a hands on kind of way. The authors's strategies to
      health and well being via oral chelation (especially by ingesting
      Noni juice)
      and other alternatives to the pharma-cracy that tries to govern our
      certainly make the purchase of Fresh Wisdom worthwhile. The
      authors also
      emphasize that one should start their own business if they ever want
      to get out
      of the 9 to 5 trap and provide us with some savvy marketing
      strategies of their
      own which they have have tested themselves mainly via the internet.
      throughout Fresh Wisdom are choice links to websites which have much
      information and should be accessed by the reader, immediately
      downloaded and
      preserved like wild seeds for future generations
      (lest the sites are shut them down in as internet censorship becomes
      more and
      more of a reality each time we sign on and surf). There is also a
      extensive link list in the appendix as well which is also worth
      delving into.

      Whether or not their Fresh Wisdom strategies will help in
      the years to
      come is
      pretty much up to us it seems. It is only a matter of
      ourselves by dissolving outdated belief systems and reclaiming
      our `god' given
      autonomy. Only then will we realize that there are alternatives to
      manufactured apocalypse we are threatened with in so many insidious
      and subtle
      ways. Fresh Wisdom will certainly open us up to the possibilities
      of positive
      change if we approach it with a fresh mind and fresh heart.

      Check out:




      Jaye Beldo writes for Dream Network, Mystic Pop, Paranoia Magazine
      and other
      publications as well. He can be reached at: netnous@...

      ©2006-Jaye Beldo
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