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New Orleans Residents All Over The Country Should Be Put On Red Alert

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  • Robert Sterling
    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com New Orleans Residents All Over The Country
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15, 2006
      Please send as far and wide as possible.

      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist

      New Orleans Residents All Over The Country Should Be Put On Red
      Alert: The Neo Cons Are Trying To Illegally Bulldoze Away Your Homes
      and Steal Your Property
      Brandon Darby, the founder of Common Grund Relief In New Orleans, is
      sounding the alarm and involved in a lawsuit to stop the government
      from illegally taking property by lying to the people and using
      phony eminent domain laws.
      6 Jan 2006
      By Greg Szymanski

      Brandon Darby of Austin, Texas, had only one thing in mind when
      Hurricane Katrina hit.

      He had to rescue his best buddy, Robert King Wilkerson, as he was
      trapped and dying in the attic of his New Orleans home.

      The race to save Wilkerson's life started in Texas with a frenetic,
      high-speed life and death drive, ending with Darby up to his neck in
      scummy New Orleans water and resisting arrest from uncooperative
      federal authorities.

      And after authorities arrogantly refused to go after Wilkerson or
      let Darby go it alone, he jumped out of the Army Ranger jet boat,
      defying the law and forcing them into action.

      Let there be no doubt or the slightest question Darby saved his
      friend's life with his heroic, in your face stand-off with cops and
      FBI agents. And it was Darby who refused to take no for an answer,
      which finally led to officials getting off their "fat behinds" to
      pull Wilkerson out of his home.

      Wilkerson, an aging Black man who had already spent 29 years in
      maximum security prison for a crime he didn't commit, lasted 11 long
      hard days without much food and water before Darby's efforts finally
      got him pulled out of the high waters that flooded his home.

      "I knew I had to save King's life and I wasn't going to let federal
      authorities or the New Orleans Police force stop me," said Darby,
      who has now left his Austin, Texas, business behind to stay
      permanently in the Crescent City to help others in need.

      "I couldn't leave when I saw the misery and I saw how many people
      really needed help. We formed a group called "Common Ground Relief"
      of all political ideologies to help people save their property from
      government programs designed to take it away illegally."

      And so after saving Wilkerson, the articulate activist immediately
      went to work helping others, filling a need left by FEMA and its
      programs filled with red tape and basically designed to keep the
      poor from returning home while helping the rich get on with New
      Orleans high society life.

      "You have to say these programs are designed to racially cleanse the
      city," said Darby who appeared this week on Greg Szymanski's radio
      show, The Investigative Journal on the Republic Broadcasting Network
      at www.rbnlive.com. "I see it firsthand every day and the media is
      just ignoring what is really happening here.

      "Simply, the city, state and federal government are using their
      illegal imminent domain powers to take away personal property. There
      are 14,000 homes in the 9 th Ward ready to be bulldozed and most of
      the people have been systematically kept away from the city and
      don't even know what's going on.

      Darby said after assessing many of the thousands of homes in the 9th
      Ward and other poorer neighborhoods, it is his opinion and the
      opinion of many others that most of the homes are in good enough
      shape to be repaired, not demolished.

      "The media is not telling this side of the story as they all are
      working together, including New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and others
      all the way up to the White House, who are intent on paving the
      way with billions of dollars of redevelopment money to first level
      the homes and then replace them with casinos, hotels and other
      expensive type housing," said Darby.

      Darby added that Mayor Nagin has been "his worst nightmare" since he
      has not only catering to rich developers but also allowing federal
      agencies on the front lines to keep utilities purposely turned off
      in the poorer neighborhoods, discouraging people from going home.

      "Think about it. Whole neighborhoods in the 9th Ward and elsewhere
      completely empty even though the houses can be repaired with a
      little hard work and effort," added Darby, who has been busy in the
      last four months gutting homes with other private relief workers in
      order to get people back in their homes.

      "We have to get the word out to everyone across the country about
      exactly what is going on here. The government is lying and telling
      people to stay away in order to take their property out from under
      them. It's criminal, unconstitutional and we have filed a lawsuit
      trying to block the bulldozing which is starting as we speak."

      And the sinister nature of this complete government rip-off is not
      being played out the evening news, but is being fought behind the
      veil of secrecy, as Darby and his band freedom fighters today stood
      between cranes and a man's house in the 9th Ward set for demolition.

      "Our attorney who filed the lawsuit to block the demolitions,
      received a 24 hour temporary restraining order to stop bulldozing
      the homes," said Darby. "Guess what happens then? We get a phone
      call this morning from a man who said the city was now using cranes
      instead of bulldozers. What nonsense. So we rushed over to his 9 th
      Ward house, stood between the crane and the house and stopped the

      "At least we stopped it for the time being as I think we will have
      to do the same thing tomorrow if they return. We are down here to
      help the thousands of people who need it and who have been deceived
      by the government intent on taking their property, making way for
      the rich developers to make millions. For example, I know this for a
      fact, they are offering people in far away places like Minnesota or
      Alaska $5,000 for their house, saying it's worthless when, in fact,
      it's in good condition. Worth much more and can be repaired."

      And the real tragedy behind what happened before, during and after
      Katrina is that the tragic scene as it is playing out now catches
      the feds, state and local authorities red-handed at a systematic
      racial cleaning and land grab program of enormous proportions.

      Before Katrina, Mayor Nagin was given more than $17 million after
      Hurricane Ivan hit, to put together an evacuation plan to get the
      poor out of the city quickly if another hurricane hit.

      But instead of using the money wisely, no evacuation plan was ever
      created, according to Darby's research, as thousands of poor unable
      to get out were left to die during Katrina in the same manner that
      occurred a year earlier when Ivan struck.

      "What did he do with the money? I have problems with that as I was
      here during Ivan and nothing changed when Katrina hit," said
      Darby. "After being left to die in their homes, they were left to
      die at the Superdome and the Convention Center, left with no water
      and food like animals.

      "Then after that thousands of families were separated and sent to
      hundreds of different faraway places. Ask yourself why? Isn't it
      easier to bulldoze away houses when no one is around. That's why.

      "But we must put up a fight and that's why I am appealing to
      everybody listening not to let this happen as If we let them take
      our fellow brothers' property here in New Orleans, the government
      will do it all over the country. It's a land grab, pure and simple,
      an illegal land grab designed to steal property and change the
      complexion of this wonderful city."

      Darby said the problems surfacing in New Orleans go very deep, but
      that he has decided he's "in it for the long haul" no matter what
      happens, making a last stand against the government land grab.

      "I have leased a home in one the areas scheduled to be demolished
      and they are not forcing me to leave," said Darby, adding he's
      hoping his story gets out to the people since the mainstream media
      is on the side of the rich developers.

      "If you read these words, send this story all across America as we
      need all the help we can get. Political and ideological differences
      shouldn't stand in the way of helping all these people.

      "Think about it. If it can happen to the good folks of New Orleans,
      it can happen to you next!"

      Editor's Note: If you want to lend a helping hand to Darby and his
      cause, contact the Arctic Beacon at www.arcticbeacon.com.

      For more informative articles, go to www.arcticbeacon.com.


      Federal Judge Threatens To Throw New Orleans City Attorney In
      Jail "If One More Home is Bulldozed Down" In The 9th Ward
      Activists and lower income homeowners have been successful in
      temporarily stopping the needless destruction of many of the 14,000
      homes in the 9th Ward scheduled for demolition by the government's
      crooked use of the eminent domain laws. A federal judge scolded city
      attorneys for attempting to violate the temporary restraining order
      in effect until an upcoming January 16 hearing. Although activists
      were pleased with the ruling, they remain suspicious of the future
      7 Jan 2006
      By Greg Szymanski

      A federal judge Friday threatened to throw the New Orleans City
      Attorney in jail if "one home was bulldozed down" in violation of
      temporary restraining order obtained by activists and lower income
      homeowners, trying to save their property from what is playing out
      to be an illegal government land grab.

      While the legal wrangling continues, sinister government programs to
      racially cleanse and steal property from lower income homeowners in
      New Orleans is playing out on the streets of the poorer
      neighborhoods with bulldozers and wrecking balls inching closer and
      closer to 14,000 homes in the 9th ward.

      And the only thing stopping the illegal government land grab,
      orchestrated by the feds, the state of Louisiana and New Orleans
      Mayor Ray Nagin's office, is a group of feisty activists from Common
      Ground Relief, headed by Brandon Darby of Austin, Texas, who are
      literally putting their bodies between the wrecking ball and homes
      to stop the destruction.

      Besides the strong activist stand taken this week, Darby said the
      group has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a number of lower income
      residents and Wednesday received a temporary 24 hour restraining
      order to stop the bulldozing after the case was removed from state
      to federal court.

      And a federal court judge at the last minute stopped the bulldozing
      at least temporarily until the next hearing on January 16,
      threatening to throw the New Orleans City Attorney in jail if the
      restraining order was again violated.

      "It was nice to hear that," said Darby in a conversation Friday
      night from his car parked in the 9th Ward, as he was keeping a
      watchful for any government shenanigans. "At least for the time
      being we have stopped this illegal land grab, but we will have to
      wait and see, as anytime there is a lot of money at stake, I do not
      trust these guys.

      "Also, today I was contacted by federal agents, leaving a message
      and saying they wanted to talk with me and I have noticed being
      followed by Homeland security ever since we had the stand-off in the
      9 th Ward.

      The stand-off Darby is talking about occurred Thursday morning when
      he and other activists from Common Ground Relief, a private
      organization formed by Darby, put their bodies in between the
      wrecking ball and a man's home scheduled for demolition.

      "We rushed to help one 9th Ward resident who called and said the
      wrecking ball was at his house Thursday morning in clear violation
      of the restraining order," said Darby about this highly important
      story that should be on the six o'clock news but has been
      suspiciously kept from the American public by a complicit mainstream

      "So we rushed to help the man in the 9th Ward's home, calmly
      convincing the operator of the wrecking ball to stop the demolition
      job. We were successful but the government's argument for defying
      the court order was crazy, as officials said the order only
      prohibited use of a bulldozer not a wrecking ball."

      Darby also wanted to emphasize that a majority of the homes
      scheduled for demolition are structurally sound, saying many of the
      owners have been purposely kept out of state by FEMA and hoodwinked
      into believing their property is worthless setting the stage for the
      one of the biggest government land grabs in the history of the
      United States.

      "What has our country come to when eminent domain laws and fascist
      government intimidation is used to steal property away from
      thousands of Americans," said Darby.

      "In the background and behind the political scenes, everybody has to
      know that from Mayor Nagin right on up to the White House, they are
      all supporting the rich developers.

      "They are also planning a multi-billion dollar redevelopment plan to
      build expensive hotels, casinos and high rise housing and the
      bulldozers now being seen in the 9 th ward are the first step to
      achieving their rotten goals."

      Besides the 14,000 homes in the 9th Ward scheduled for demolition,
      88,000 are expected be next in line for bulldozing in the city's
      poorer east side, hard hit when the levies exploded, possibly on

      Although no one in the mainstream media or in city hall has the guts
      to even propose such a possibility as the levies being blown up by
      government operatives, the same thing happened after 9/11 when
      everyone was frightened to openly say anything that the terrorist
      attack may have been a government inside job.

      However, four years later many people in high places and even former
      Reagan and Bush Cabinet members are pointing a finger at government
      involvement in 9/11, saying it was the lynchpin needed to further
      the neo con war machine now killing hundreds of thousands of
      innocents in the Middle East.

      Even though proof of the levies being blown on purpose has not yet
      surfaced, proof positive of FEMA's plans to keep New Orleans
      evacuees out of state is well-documented.

      To prove this point, former New Orleans residents, Clothilde Mack,
      85, who recently returned to her Orleans Parrish home on her own
      accord, said FEMA basically tried to bribe her to stay out-of-state
      by telling her case would be dropped unless she signed a paper
      stating she'd remain away from the Crescent City for one year.

      Other residents are also reporting similar horror stories, saying
      they have been offered small amounts of money for their New Orleans
      property without having any opportunity to inspect the extent of

      "One man called me from out-of-state saying he was offered $5,000
      for his home," said Darby. "He was told it was demolished when in
      fact it was still structurally sound and worth much more. And that
      is the problem. Government programs should be encouraging people to
      come back and take care of their land instead of being paid to stay

      For more informative articles, please go to www.arcticbeacon.com.
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