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Sharon's Stroke...Think

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  • Robert Sterling
    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com Sharon s Stroke...Think By Barry Chamish
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      Please send as far and wide as possible.

      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist

      Sharon's Stroke...Think
      By Barry Chamish


      So we will not be caught off guard as was the case in Yitzhak
      Rabin's murder, here is the background to Ariel Sharon's second
      stroke. Be prepared to think this time around:

      The First Stroke

      Dec. 19 Prime Minister Sharon shares drinks with Shimon Peres in the
      Knesset. Within half an hour, Sharon is driven to hospital
      unconscious. It took him a day before he could even spell his own
      name. He was brought into the hospital by his bodyguard, Yoram
      Rubin. As a good chunk of Israel knows today, it was the Peres-Rubin
      team that murdered Yitzhak Rabin. When Rubin was shown on television
      news accompanying Sharon's stretcher, suspicions spread throughout
      the country.

      For two days, Sharon remained in hospital where he underwent
      intensive tests. We may ask, how did they miss the blood clot that
      struck Sharon barely two weeks later?

      The timing of Sharon's latest stroke is uncanny. It occurred one day
      after he was implicated in an enormous scandal. For those unaware of
      the background to the scandal, peruse the following:



      Recently, police have revealed the possibility that Kern served as a
      front man for Martin Schlaff, a known friend of Sharon,s and an
      Austrian-Jewish businessman heavily invested in Israel, and that he
      was the man who stood behind the "loan in order to receive favors
      from the prime minister in the form of reopening the casino he owns
      in Jericho.

      From www.inn.com Jan. 4/05

      POLICE : EVIDENCE Police Say ThereĀ“s Evidence Linking Sharon to $3
      Million Bribe

      CHANNEL TEN REPORTING The police say they know of evidence linking
      PM Ariel Sharon to the receipt of a $3 million bribe. So reported
      Channel Ten tonight, causing a storm of reaction and calls for
      Sharon to resign.


      The investigation of the money trail to Sharon has been underway for
      over three years, and in fact was first publicized before the last
      national election, in 2003. The case is known as the Cyril Kern
      affair, named for the South African friend of Sharon who served as a
      conduit for the money. The source of the cash, however, has long
      been suspected to be Austrian millionaire and Jericho casino owner
      Martin Schlaf. The police say the money was used partially to help
      Sharon pay back campaign contributions that he had received
      illegally in 1999, and partly for the Sharon family's private use.


      Because of the suspicions hanging over him, Schlaf has refrained
      from visiting Israel of late. His brother James, however, came for a
      visit two weeks ago - and the police jumped at the opportunity. They
      raided his parents' home in Israel, and confiscated documents and
      two laptop computers. However, the police were not permitted to
      extricate the information on the computers without James'
      permission - which he refused to give.


      Schlaf's behavior aroused the suspicion of the police, which turned
      urgently to the courts and said that the computer files will show
      that the $3 million was in fact passed as a bribe to Ariel Sharon or
      his sons. The police therefore say that it is imperative for them to
      be allowed to enter the computers in order to extricate vital
      evidence in the Kern-Sharon affair.

      James Schlaf, aware of the developments, has since given his
      permission for the police to peruse his computer files.

      Schlaf's lawyer Atty. Navot Tel-Tzur said there was actually nothing
      new in the case "except for the fact that there is a laptop computer
      involved." He expressed anger at the leak.

      END OF SHARON'S POLITICAL CAREER MK Roman Bronfman (Meretz): "If the
      police have evidence of Sharon's corruption, he must end his
      political career."


      Dec. 21 - James Schlaff flies to Israel. He is immediately
      investigated by the police.

      Jan. 3 - The police investigation is leaked to Channel 10 television
      reporter Baruch Kra.

      Jan. 4 - Sharon is in the midst of a career-ending scandal until the
      late evening when he is struck down by a life-threatening blood clot
      in his brain.

      Tonight, in Vienna, some of the heroes of this affair, and of the
      next one, will meet at the huge bat-mitzvah celebration of Martin
      Schlaff,s granddaughter. Dov Weisglass, Schlaff,s old friend and
      lawyer will be there. Haim Ramon, another close friend, will also
      attend. There will be many others. Some of them from amongst the
      political, social, and economic elite of Israel. Avigdor Lieberman,
      for example. No one is embarrassed by it. Some are even proud of it.
      In another time, another place, one could consider it collusion,
      coordinating testimonies. After all, Schlaff,s name has recently
      been tied in to that other affair: "the Cyril Kern affair. Schlaff,
      in case you,ve forgotten, is one of the owners of the casino in

      A live Sharon will have to face prosecution for the Kern-Schlaff
      bribes, even in Israel's thoroughly corrupt legal system. A dead
      Sharon will not have to face prosecution. And that would be just
      fine for the creme de la creme of the country's political

      The first impression is that Sharon survived the first attempt on
      his life. In reaction, James Schlaff immediately flew to Israel with
      evidence to bring the prime minister down in scandal. Somehow, the
      police were tipped off and immediately confiscated the evidence.
      Once the investigation was done, the results were leaked to the
      media. On the day of the second stroke, the scandal spread fast,
      threatening to engulf many of the country's political elite in deep
      corruption. By 11 PM, Sharon was bleeding heavily from the throat
      and his prognosis was a living or real death.


      As my readers know, I spread my reports out by at least a week so
      you won't get sick of me. This was a special bulletin. More mail is
      coming. I am holding onto vital information which will have to wait
      for another, real report, this week.. And those wonderful people who
      JERUSALEM will be receiving an update. At least here, the news is
      very good. The DVD was filmed beautifully and preparation has begun
      on final production.


      Wayne owens, U.S. Congressman, murdered by "serial killer" Shimon
      December 21, 2002

      Here is why Rep. Wayne Owens was murdered in Tel Aviv. He is another
      victim of Shimon Peres' decades old murderama. Let us begin with
      some background from the Washington Post before we sort out the

      Friday, December 20, 2002; Page B07

      "Wayne Owens, 65, a Utah Democrat who had represented Salt Lake City
      in the House of Representatives for eight years and who was a
      founder of Washington's Center for Middle East Peace and Economic
      Cooperation, was found dead Dec. 18 on a beach in Tel Aviv. A State
      Department spokesman said that the cause of death was unknown but
      that there were no signs of foul play.

      His death came at the end of a congressional delegation visit with
      leaders of Syria, Egypt, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Israel and
      representatives of the Palestinian Authority. On the House's Foreign
      Affairs and Permanent Select Intelligence committees, Rep. Owens was
      an advocate of improved Middle East relations. Since leaving
      Congress in 1993, he had served as president of the Middle East
      Peace Center.

      He co-founded the center with Slim Fast Foods Chairman S. Daniel
      Abraham in 1989 and worked with Middle East leaders to promote peace
      through economic development. He was present at the September 1993
      White House peace summit at which then-Israeli President Yitzhak
      Rabin and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat shook hands. His interest
      in international relations sprung chiefly from his work on the
      Foreign Affairs Committee. In 1989, he held a controversial meeting
      in Tunisia with Arafat, during which he raised congressional concern
      about Palestinian-sponsored terrorism. Still, the visit raised the
      ire of some Israeli activists."

      Now let's introduce the characters:

      Yossi Ginosar - Deputy head of the General Security Services until
      1987 when he was forced to retire after two serious perjury
      scandals. Nonetheless, he was appointed special emissary to the PLO
      by Prime Ministers Rabin, Peres, and Barak. In early December 2002,
      the newspaper Maariv exposed Ginosar's embezzlement scam with Arafat
      and Arafat's paymaster Muhamed Rashid. The scandal was destined to
      lead to the kickbacks and payoffs that reached the pockets of Peres,
      Barak and Pres. Bill Clinton, but it has been effectively covered up
      by the Israeli media. Member of the board of the Shimon Peres Center
      For Peace.

      Hani Masri - Partner of Owens and Daniel Abraham. With the help of
      Clinton and Owens, he swindled the American people of $60 million,
      supposedly aimed at increasing economic activities in the PA, but
      which has subsequently disappeared. "From OPIC.GOV West Bank / Gaza
      & Jordan Fund Capital Investment Management Corporation Canceled
      West Bank/Gaza and Jordan at least 60% in West Bank/Gaza 60 Equity
      investments in basic service and manufacturing companies. Contact
      Information for West Bank / Gaza & Jordan Fund Organization Title
      Name Address Telephone Fax International Capital Advisors Scott
      Stupay 6862 Elm Street, Suite 720 McLean, VA 22101 703-847-0870 703-
      847-3068" Here is a transcript of the founding of the fund:
      israel.org.il/publish/peace/archives/1997/me1117e.html Needless to
      say, Masri sits on the board of the Peres Center For Peace.

      Daniel Abraham - Leading donor to the Peres Peace Center. Most
      prolific moneyman behind the Oslo "peace" process. Member of the
      board of the Peres Center For Peace.

      Stephen P. Cohen - American professor, leading American Jewish
      advocate of Oslo process. A steady contributor to the editorial
      pages of such august journals as the New York Times. Was exposed by
      Maariv two weeks before Owens' murder as a partner in the
      Ginosar/Arafat embezzlement scandals. Ginosar's partner Ozrad Lev,
      who spilled the beans to Maariv, claimed Cohen had large stakes in
      phoney companies founded to launder the $350 million Arafat stole
      from his people, which Ginosar and Lev deposited for him in a Swiss
      bank. He is now under investigation by Israel Police for his part in
      the Ginosar scandal. Go to Owens own website and look at
      his "Business Development Organization" file. What do you know,
      Owens' business organization was set up by Stephen P. Cohen and
      Daniel Abraham! Member of the board of the Peres Center For Peace.

      Here is what Peres has to say about Cohen and Abraham on Owns' site:

      "In all likelihood, much of what Dan Abraham and Wayne Owens have
      done, working through the Center, to help Israel normalize relations
      with her neighbors will never be fully appreciated. I began
      counseling with them regularly ten years ago and we have become
      close friends as a result. Then, as now, they constantly asked
      questions, tested ideas, and carefully passed along messages between
      the region's leaders. Now the Center must expand in order to
      undertake new projects that could lead to significant diplomatic and
      economic benefits to the Middle East. The potential here is
      enormous." - Shimon Peres

      Now for more damning information from the website. The comments in
      brackets are not mine, but those of my brilliant correspondent David

      "The Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation was
      established in 1989 by Slim Fast Foods Chairman S. Daniel Abraham
      and Utah Congressman Wayne Owens. A World War II combat veteran, Mr.
      Abraham had experienced the horrors of war and committed himself to
      the prevention of future conflicts. When he met Congressman Owens,
      who served on the House Foreign Affairs and Select Intelligence
      Committees, the two men recognized that they shared a determination
      to achieve a peaceful resolution to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

      "In 1990, they recruited Dr. Stephen Cohen to join the Center and
      bring his experience in unofficial diplomacy and conflict resolution
      to the organization. Ms. Sara Ehrman, long time peace activist and
      former Senior Political Advisor at the Democratic National
      Committee, became Senior Advisor at the Center in early 1997.

      "Since its founding, the Center's officers have traveled extensively
      and regularly throughout the Middle East. We have also sponsored
      numerous fact finding missions to the region for Members of
      Congress, government officials, and private citizens to meet with
      Middle East leaders. Visiting Israel and more than 20 Arab
      countries, the Center has enabled American decision makers to
      witness first hand the challenges facing leaders who seek peace in
      the region.

      "During these visits, the Center was able to open unprecedented
      [read, "illegal"] channels of communication as it formed close
      relationships [read "payoffs"] with the leadership of all parties
      involved in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Through the discussions with
      Middle Eastern leaders, it became apparent that there is a role for
      the private sector to play in promoting and protecting the Middle
      East peace process. [Raking in millions of dollars in business

      "Each year, the Center sponsors a Consultation on the New Middle
      East. The Consultations bring groups of business leaders and policy
      makers together for private, off the record meetings [so no one will
      know about the illegal business dealings and payoffs] which seek to
      create an environment that encourages the prospects for peace in the
      Middle East. The Center also conducts an annual Retrospective on the
      Peace Process-a public forum where leading policy makers from the
      Middle East and United States exchange fresh ideas on the peace

      "Over the past eight years, the Center for Middle East Peace and
      Economic Cooperation has sponsored numerous activities aimed at
      bringing policy makers and influential leaders in the private sector
      together to foster the atmosphere necessary for the promotion and
      protection of Middle East peace [by bribing them and then holding
      them hostage to blackmail in the future].

      "As a result of these efforts, the Center has become an address for
      leaders seeking a dialogue among government officials and the
      private sector."

      Now here is how Owens most likely died:

      Barely a fortnight before, Rep. Owens learned the Ginosar scandal
      broke in Israel. He was either terrified or furious. It's a tossup.
      If he was terrified, it was because it wouldn't be long before his
      direct ties to Stephen Cohen would implicate him deeply in the
      scandals. If he was furious, it was because he finally learned how
      badly he had been scammed by Peres, Abraham, Masri and Cohen. Either
      way, he threatened to blow the whistle on the Peres Peace Center. He
      was poisoned at dinner and dead on a beach by 9 PM. Rep. Owens is
      now another notch on Peres' gunbelt.



      Loan casts another shadow over Sharon
      by yaakov katz
      Jerusalem Post Service

      Jerusalem | With the closing of the Greek Island bribery scandal and
      Israeli Attorney General Menachem Mazuz's decision not to indict
      Ariel Sharon, the prime minister still has one more hurdle to clear.

      Sharon is currently being investigated by police for allegedly
      receiving another bribe from businessmen with interests in Israel,
      in what is called the Cyril Kern loan affair.

      Following his victory in the 1999 Likud Party leadership primaries,
      Sharon went into debt to repay more than a million dollars in
      illegal campaign contributions.

      The prime minister's son, Gilad, received a $1.5 million loan,
      originating in Austria, from South African businessman Cyril Kern in
      order to repay a loan the family had taken out in order to repay the

      Recently, police have revealed the possibility that Kern served as a
      front man for Martin Schlaff, a known friend of Sharon's and an
      Austrian-Jewish businessman heavily invested in Israel, and that he
      was the man who stood behind the "loan" in order to receive favors
      from the prime minister in the form of reopening the casino he owns
      in Jericho.

      Police investigators charge that Schlaff was closely connected to
      straw companies established by Gilad and that there are serious
      suspicions that the Sharons received perks from the Austrian

      "According to what we have seen, Martin Schlaff is linked directly
      or indirectly to the control or ownership of Gilad Sharon's
      companies," one Fraud Squad officer said.

      A hearing on whether Gilad has fulfilled a court order to provide
      police with documents related to the affair is currently under way
      in the Tel Aviv Magistrates Court. A decision whether he is in
      contempt of court is expected to be handed down soon.

      Officials in the prosecution have already made it clear that the
      decision not to indict Sharon in the Greek Island affair does not
      indicate that the loan affair case will similarly be closed. "They
      are two independent cases and are in no way connected," one official
      said, adding that the prosecution expects the police to finish their
      investigation in the next few months.

      On Monday, June 14, Israeli Cabinet member Dov Weisglass returned
      from Austria after attending Schlaff's granddaughter's bat mitzvah
      celebration. While in Austria, Weisglass met with Palestinian
      moneyman Mohammed Rashid, also one of the founders of the Jericho
      casino. No one denies the relationship between Weisglass and

      Sharon's closest advisor was also the Austrian businessman's lawyer
      in Israel.

      But the timing of Weisglass' visit to Austria and the allegations
      raised by police regarding Schlaff's role in the Kern affair do cast
      a suspicious light on the trip, as does the fact that the closest
      man to the prime minister rubs shoulders with a man suspected of
      bribing his boss.

      Copyright J, the Jewish news weekly of Northern California
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