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Konformist: News 12-17-98

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  • Robert Sterling
    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com Date: Wednesday, December 16, 1998 08:56:28
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      Please send as far and wide as possible.


      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist

      Date: Wednesday, December 16, 1998 08:56:28 PM
      From: Das GOAT
      Subj: "God's Banker" - Body Exhumed

      Italians Exhume Banker's Body

      COMO, Italy (AP) -- While his son and a judge looked on, the body of a Vatican-connected financier was exhumed today to determine whether his 1982 death was murder or suicide.

      Prosecutors hope a new examination of the body will shed light on the death of Roberto Calvi, whose corpse was found hanging from Blackfriars Bridge in London following Italy's biggest postwar banking scandal.

      Calvi was known as ``God's banker'' for his close ties to the Vatican.

      Calvi's wooden coffin was taken from the family tomb in Drezzo, a town on the shores of Lake Como, sealed with lead and loaded onto a hearse for the trip to the morgue in nearby Milan.

      Despite the years since Calvi's death, Italian Judge Otello Lupacchini said he was certain that forensic science could determine the cause of death.

      Banco Ambrosiano, in which the Vatican bank held a significant stake, collapsed in 1982 when it could not collect $1.4 billion in loans to shell companies in Latin America.

      Calvi, the bank's chairman, was found dead days later.

      Roman businessman Flavio Carboni has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

      Prosecutors asked for the exhumation after Carboni's lawyers presented a report based on a preliminary examination of the body that indicated Calvi had hanged himself.

      ``What do I think of the exhumation? It was Carboni's right to seek it in his defense. For us, it's traumatic,'' said Carlo Calvi, who flew in from his home in Montreal.

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      For Immediate Release: Contact: StevenRendall
      December 11, 1998 (212) 633-6700 x 307

      News Advisory:
      National Media Should Cover Racist Links of Prominent Elected Officials
      Like Rep. Bob Barr and Sen. Trent Lott

      During the Judiciary Committee's impeachment hearings on Dec. 1, Rep.
      Bob Barr (R-Ga.) clashed with Prof. Alan Dershowitz after Dershowitz
      accused the lawmaker of using rhetoric laced with "bigotry" and

      Barr had stated: "There really are, I think, two Americas. And there is
      a real America out there. And I think our military witnesses understand
      that.... And now some on this panel may argue that the president is not
      in a position of public trust.... And here again, the American public,
      the real America out there understands that there ought to be a very
      high standard for our public officials."

      Dershowitz said: "Whenever I hear the word 'real Americans' that sounds
      to me like a code word for bigotry, a code word for racism, and a code
      word for anti-Semitism."

      Barr responded by saying: "That's absurd, you ought to be ashamed. That
      is the silliest thing I have ever heard."

      "A Call to White Americans"

      While a few news outlets noted the clash, it's remarkable how little
      follow-up has been done on the charges of racism made against Barr. A
      little research would have discovered that not only Rep. Barr, but
      Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott and other prominent elected officials
      have been closely linked with the Council of Conservative Citizens
      (CCC), a "Southern traditionalist" organization which is the successor
      to the notorious White Citizens' Councils-referred to during the civil
      rights era as the "uptown Klan."

      One exception among media outlets was the Jay Diamond Show, aired on New
      York City's WEVD-AM. Diamond's December 7 radio talk show featured a
      discussion including Alan Dershowitz and Mark Potok, an expert on racist
      and militia groups from the Southern Poverty Law Center, on which Potok
      confirmed Rep. Barr's and Sen. Lott's support for the Council. Potok
      pointed to the group's influence with other elected officials-including
      Governors Kirk Fordice (R-Miss.) and Guy Hunt (R-Ala.).

      Barr was the keynote speaker at the Council's national conference last
      June, and was pictured in the group's newsletter, Citizens Informer,
      addressing the Council's board and posing with several CCC leaders. The
      Washington Times and Village Voice have both reported that Sen. Lott is
      a longtime member and supporter of the organization.

      What does the Council of Conservative Citizens stand for?

      * The Council's website ( http://www.cofcc.org ) features an essay
      titled "A Call to White Americans," which urges "fellow white Americans"
      to "look at the faces around you: Find the faces like yours, and see
      them as your brothers and sisters. Find the fair-skinned babies, and see
      them as your children." The website also features a tract called "Our
      War!" with a section titled "The Values of the Traditional White South
      That Have Been Targeted for Destruction."

      * The edition of Citizen's Informer featuring Rep. Barr's
      appearance before the CCC also includes a column written by Robert
      Patterson, founder of the Mississippi's White Citizens Council,
      describing how interracial marriage degrades white civilization. An
      article by Sen. Lott also appears in the issue.

      * The CCC's web site boasts of a trip by its leaders to France for
      a meeting with Jean-Marie Le Pen, the leader of the neo-fascist National
      Front . The article expresses hope the groups will work together in the
      future. CCC's web site is now linked to Le Pen's.

      * According to the New Orleans Times Picayune, David Duke
      addressed a CCC fundraiser at Clemson University in South Carolina. The
      Greensboro News & Record reports that CCC has ties to the Ku Klux Klan
      and that its local leader supported Duke for president in 1988. The
      Austin American Statesman claims that William Carter was booted from the
      South Carolina Buchanan for President steering committee in 1996 when
      the press began inquiring into Carter's role as Duke's 1988 South
      Carolina campaign chair. Carter chairs the South Carolina chapter of the

      * According to the Village Voice, Kirk Lyons, a well-known white
      supremacist attorney and member of the White Patriot Party, was a
      featured guest at a 1994 Winston-Salem event sponsored by the CCC.

      * One prominent spokesperson for the CCC is Jared Taylor, the
      founder and director of American Renaissance, a white-separatist group
      that organizes conferences featuring "scholars" espousing the doctrine
      of black intellectual inferiority. Taylor represented the CCC on a
      recent Fox News Channel broadcast.

      * A 1997 column in the Greensboro News & Record pointed out that
      the CCC named the late governor of Georgia and unreconstructed racist
      Lester Maddox its "Patriot of the Century," and that the Council is
      critical of the Promise Keepers "because PK kisses up to Catholics and
      grovels to blacks."

      * Like Rep. Barr's language, the Coucil's rhetoric deploys terms
      like "real Americans." The Citizens Informer, for example, recently
      declared: "The Confederate Flag signifies the real American way of
      life...as it was and will be again."

      News Media Should Apply Single Standard on Associations With Bigots

      Given the above information, journalists should be exploring the
      connections between leading Republican politicians and this racist
      organization. National media have repeatedly questioned black
      politicians deemed too close, to or insufficiently critical of, groups
      like the Nation of Islam. Shouldn't national journalists be questioning
      Sen. Lott, Rep. Barr and other politicians who associate with
      old-fashioned white racist groups?
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      Biggest U.S. Mergers

      .c The Associated Press

      By The Associated Press

      Top corporate mergers involving U.S. companies. The values of pending deals
      are based on Monday's closing stock prices:

      1. Exxon Corp. agrees to $77.2 billion merger with Mobil Corp., announced
      Tuesday. Pending.

      2. Bell Atlantic Corp. to merge with GTE Corp. in deal valued at $72.6
      billion, announced July 28, 1998. Pending.

      3. SBC Communications Inc. announces plan to buy Ameritech Corp. for $69.9
      billion in stock on May 11, 1998. Pending.

      4. British Petroleum PLC agrees to buy Amoco Corp. for $58.5 billion in stock,
      announced Aug. 11, 1998. Pending.

      5. NationsBank Corp. and BankAmerica Corp. merge in a deal valued at $41.5
      billion, completed Sept. 30, 1998.

      6. WorldCom Inc. acquires MCI Communications Inc. for $37 billion, completed
      Sept. 14, 1998.

      7. Travelers Group and Citicorp merge in a deal valued at $36.9 billion,
      completed Oct. 7, 1998.

      8 (tie). Daimler-Benz merges with Chrysler Corp. in a stock swap valued at
      $32.8 billion, completed Nov. 12, 1998.

      8 (tie). AT&T Corp. agrees to buy Tele-Communications Inc. for $32.8 billion
      in stock, announced June 24, 1998. Pending.

      10. Wells Fargo & Co. and Norwest Corp. merge in a deal valued at $31.7
      billion, completed Nov. 2, 1998.

      AP-NY-12-01-98 0957EST

      Copyright 1998 The Associated Press. The information contained in the AP
      news report may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or otherwise
      distributed without prior written authority of The Associated Press.

      Ex DEA Agent Tells All in "High Times"

      From: Rocamora53@...
      Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 23:03:39 EST

      Re: "HIGH TIMES" Magazine, January Edition now on stands.

      For all those who enjoy the Expert Witness Radio show there is a really
      interesting article entitled "ESCAPE FROM THE DEA, Ex Agent Tells All" in this
      month's edition of "High Times," that we can guarantee will draw abolutely no
      comment from mainstream media.

      When you read it you'll see why.

      WBAI 99.5 FM, New York City
      Los Angeles
      (after midnight on the Roy Tuckman Show)

      Date: Sunday, December 13, 1998 05:46:11 AM
      From: rc@...
      Subj: Pinochet criminal indictment (edited) - plus newspaper comments

      INDEPENDENT (London) Dec 13, 1998[UK NEWS]

      They drove Augusto Pinochet to face justice yesterday. This is why

      Edited extracts from the Criminal Indictment against Augusto Pinochet laid
      before the Central Investigative Court No 5, at the National Court, Madrid
      by Judge Baltasar Garzon.

      On 11 September 1973 Augusto Pinochet Ugarte, born in Valparaiso (Chile)
      25 November 1915, with Chilean National Identity card number 1.128.923 and
      Commander in Chief of the army, put a plan into action to oust the
      constitutional government of Chile and end the life of President Salvador
      Allende Gossens with a military coup.

      [The following is an account of those tortured and killed in the first
      month of Pinochet's rule.]

      11 September 1973

      Pinochet, together with the rest of the accused. ordered the detention and
      subsequent disappearance of the following persons, the majority supporters
      of President Allende who were taken from the Moneda Palace to the Tacna
      Regiment where they were tortured and afterwards taken away, presumably to
      be shot. Among these people were nine advisers of the President of the
      Republic and 15 members of the President's Security Guard.

      1 Jaime Barrios Meza, 47, Managing director of the Central Bank and
      adviser to President Allende.

      2 Daniel Escobar Cruz, 37, active member of the Communist Party.

      3 Egidio Enrique Huerta Corvalan ,48, governor of the Moneda Palace.

      4 Claudio Jimeno Grendi, 33, sociologist co-leader of the socialist party,
      adviser to the President.

      5 Jorge Max Klein Pipper, 27, psychiatrist, co-leader of the Communist
      Party, adviser to the President.

      6 Eduardo Paredes Barrientos, 34, doctor, co-leader of the Socialist
      Party, adviser to the President.

      7 Egidio Enrique Paris Roa,40 psychiatrist, co-leader of the Communist
      Party, adviser to the President.

      8 Hector Picheira Nunez, 28, doctor, adviser to the President.

      9 Arsensio Poupin Dissel, 38, lawyer, member of the Socialist Party
      central committee, adviser to the president.

      10 Manuel Castro Zamorano, 23, member of the presidential bodyguard.

      11 Sergio Contreras, 40, journalist, bodyguard.

      12 Jose Freire Medina, 20.

      13 Daniel Antonio Gutierrez Ayala, 25.

      14 scar Lagos Rios, 21, leader of the Young Socialists.

      l5 scar Marambio Araya, 20.

      16 Juan Mandiglio Murua, 24.

      17 Julio Moreno Pulgar, 24, office boy and telegraphist.

      18 Jorge Orrego Gonzalez, 29.

      19 scar Luis Ramirez Barria, 23.

      20 Luis Fernando Rodriguez Riquelame, 26, bodyguard.

      21 Jaime Sotelo Ojeda 33, chief of the President's escort.

      22 Julio Fernando Tapia Martinez, 24, chauffeur and member of the
      President's personal guard.

      23 Oscar Enrique Valladares Caroca, 23.

      24 Juan Vargas Contreras, 23.

      Oscar Ivan Soto Guzman, President Allende's personal doctor, was detained
      with the above.

      Immediately after being detained, they were taken out of the Presidential
      Palace to Morande Street, where they were lined up against the front wall
      of the Presidential Palace with their hands on their heads. They were then
      thrown face down on to the ground. At around 5pm they were ordered to get
      up and a list was made of their names and details. Some were told they
      were free to go, like Mr Soto Guzman; however others, among them all those
      listed above (the last 15 members of the Socialist Party), were tied hand
      and foot and taken to a lorry belonging to the Tacna Regiment of Santiago,
      and from there to an unknown destination.

      Augusto Pinochet gave the order for the detention and torture of
      Presidente Allende's supporters through the Army Colonel Castro.

      Another group of people, active members of the Socialist Party, were
      detained by the police at 8.45am

      25 Domingo Blanco Torres, 32.

      26 Carlos Alfonso Cruz Zavalla, 30.

      27 Gonzalo Jorquera Leyton, 27.

      28 Enrique Ropert Contreras, 20, active member of the Socialist Party and
      son of Allende's secretary, Miriam Contreras.

      The last four detainees were taken to the Santiago service corps and then
      to the 6th Police Station. Their bodies were found - apart from that of
      Domingo Blanco who remained "disappeared" - at the end of September on the
      banks of the river Mapocho, under Bulnes bridge.

      29 Antonio Aguirre Vazquez, 29.

      30 Osvaldo Ramos Rivera, 22, members of the bodyguard and active members
      of the Socialist Party, were taken out of Moneda Palace by soldiers and
      led to the Central Post Office where they "disappeared".

      31 Francisco Lara Ruiz, 22.

      32 Wagner Herid Salinas Munoz, 30, both active members of the Socialist
      party and of the bodyguard, were intercepted on the outskirts of the city
      of Curico by the military who killed them on 5 October 1973.

      33 Guillermo Jesus Arenas Diaz, accountant and active socialist, was taken
      to the Chilean Stadium, then to the National Stadium and thereafter

      34 Emperatriz del Transito Villagra, 38, housewife, disappeared when she
      went to take food to her husband.

      35 Ivan Octavio Miranda Sepulveda, 28, mechanic, union leader,
      "disappeared" on 11 September 1973.

      36 Oscar Luis del Carmen Aviles Jofre, 28, council worker, detained and
      "disappeared" when he left the Moneda Palace where he had gone on the 11th
      as a member of Minister Pedro Wstovic's security team. The same day at 6pm
      he was taken to the Tacna Regiment and put in the area named "Boxes" where
      he was tortured and badly treated until 13 September along with 26 or 27
      other people tied hand and foot, when he was taken away to an unknown
      destination. Later, in 1994, his corpse was identified, and the date of
      death on his death certificate recorded as 24 October 1973.

      37 Juan Garces Portigliati, 20, bodyguard, disappeared at 8.40pm near
      Moneda Palace, after being arrested by the Police and taken along with
      others to the Santiago service corps.

      38 Domingo Antonio Norambuena Inostroza, 38, worker, arrested and
      "disappeared" on 11 September, in the province of the Bio-Bio river in the
      Monte Negro sierra.

      39 Jose Adolfo Rojas Mendez, 20, seller, arrested on 11 September in
      Chillan at about 9pm in his home, by the military, who took him to the
      Montana Infantry Regiment No 9, from where he "disappeared" at 5am on the
      following day.

      40 Hector Daniel Urruta Molina, 22, active member of the Socialist Party,
      student, bodyguard. Detained at 2pm on the same day in the Moneda Palace
      by the military and taken to the Tacna Regiment, from where he was taken
      to an unknown destination.

      The repression and selective elimination of people continued with greater
      or lesser virulence and intensity after 12 September 1973, following the
      orders of the ruling junta, comprising President Augusto Pinochet Ugarte;
      Admiral Jose T. Merino Castro, Commander in Chief of the Navy; Air Force
      Commander Gustavo Leigh Guzman; and General Cesar Mendoza Duran, Director
      of Military Police until 17 December 1974 when August Pinochet was named
      President of the Republic.

      Violent action continued at a very high level:

      41 Benito Torres Torres, 57, detained on 11 September 1973 at 9pm in
      Santiago by the police, in his home and found dead the following day.

      42 Juan Manuel Lira Morales, 23, killed.

      43 Alberto Mariano Fonteta Alonso, fisherman from Uruguay, age 26, was
      detained on 12 September1973 and never reappeared.

      44 Julio Roberto Quintiliano Cordozo, Brazilian, 29, engineer, Communist
      Party activist, was arrested on 12 September 1973 and taken to the
      military academy, where trace of him ended.

      45 Tito Guillermo Kumze Duran, 42 , employed, militant socialist, is
      detained by the police and died after suffering multiple blows.

      46 Drago Vinko Gojanovic Arias, Chilean-Yugoslavian, 23, chauffeur for the
      German Embassy and an active communist. Detained on 12 September 1973 in
      his father's house, and then taken by the military to an unknown
      destination. Later found dead with multiple gunshot wounds.

      47 Hugo Araya Gonzalez, 37, reporter and socialist, wounded and killed by
      the military when taking photographs on 12 September 1973.

      48 Luis Alberto Merchant Herchant, 43 , detained on 13 September 1973 by a
      military patrol, punched, taken away, and never seen again.

      49 Ernesto Trambruan Riegelhaupt, 49, an active communist, was detained on
      13 September 1973 and taken to the Ministry of Defence and was never seen

      50 Enrique Ernesto Morales Melzer, age 21 , chauffeur, shot dead on 13
      September 1973.

      51 Jorge Gutierrez San Martin, 41, mechanic, shot dead on 12 September

      52 Fernando Sofanor Flores Acevedo, 42 , bricklayer, killed on 13
      September 1973 in the Jose Maria Caro district , by the military.

      53 Socrates Ponce Pacheco, age 30, Ecuadorian, lawyer, was detained on 11
      September, by the police and taken to the Tacna Regiment. Taken to Chile
      Stadium where his name was called out over the loudspeakers early in the
      morning of 13 September 1973 and his body was later found outside the
      stadium with eight bullet wounds.

      54 Gregorio Monica Argote, age 22 , student and active communist was
      detained in his home on 14 September by a military patrol and afterwards
      freed at the Chile stadium, no one has seen him since.

      55 Herman Cea Figueroa, age 38, workman and active communist, was detained
      on 11 September 1973 with many others from his work and taken to the
      stadium. On 15 September he was executed by the police.

      56 Victor Lidio Jara Martinez, 40, professional singer , theatre director
      and member of the Central Committee of Young Communists, was detained
      between12 and 15 September by members of the army. His body was found on
      16 September in the environs of the City Cemetery along with five other

      57 Littre Quiroga Carvajal, lawyer, Director of National Prisons and
      active communist detained on 12 September and sent to the Chile stadium on
      13 September 1973.

      58 Charles Edmund Horman Lazar, 31, American film-maker and writer. Was
      detained at home in the Vicuna Mackenna area on 17 September 1973 by
      military forces. The same day he was incarcerated in the National Stadium
      where he was interrogated and tortured and later executed on 18 September
      1973. His body was found in the municipal cemetery.

      In October 1973, General Sergio Arellano Stark, carrying out Augusto
      Pinochet's direct orders went to the north of the country to unify
      criteria for trials that Military Courts were carrying out all over the
      country, in fulfilment of this direct order:

      A) On 16 October 1973, at 11am, General Santiago Arellano Stark, Delegate
      of the Army Chief of Staff and the Ruling Military Junta, arrived at the
      local airport to receive the Commander of the ARICA motorised regiment, Lt
      Col Ariostel Lapostel Orrego. The same day General Arellano ordered the
      shooting of 15 detainees of the Serena prison in the Arica Regiment.

      B) The night of 17 October 1973, General Arellano ordered the execution of
      13 civilians, detained in Copiapo, a fact suppressed by General Lagos
      Osorio, military commander of the zone.

      C) The next day, 18 October 1973, General Arellano Stark ordered the
      execution of 14 people detained, awaiting trial, in the prison of
      Antofagasta, without the knowledge of General Lagos. The victims were
      transferred from the prison to the "Quebrada El Way" in military vehicles.
      At around 1.20am they were shot with bursts of machine-gun fire and
      repeater guns. The corpses were thrown on to the street in front of the
      "morgue'" of Antofagasta hospital.

      D) On the following day, 19 October 1973, the same general, Arellano
      Stark, set off to Calama where he ordered the execution of 26 detainees.

      The indictment then lists nearly 3,000 more men and women killed by the
      military between October 1973 and the restoration of democracy in 1990. It
      is at www.elpais.es/p/d/especial/pinochet

      ** NOTICE: In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material
      is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest
      in receiving the included information for research and educational
      purposes. **

      INDEPENDENT (London) Dec 13, 1998

      Pinochet - Extracts from other papers

      Verdicts on Jack Straw's decision to allow extradition proceedings against
      the former Chilean head of state to continue in the courts


      A rogue Spanish judge is using "international law" to trample Chilean
      sovereignty and overrule Chile's functioning judiciary, its democratically
      elected government and the decision of its people to choose national
      reconciliation over revenge. And the advocates of the International
      Criminal Court are cheering him along. (Jesse Helm)


      Straw's ruling confirms that the ultimate resolution of the case was
      always in the hands of the British Labour Government, which has, in an act
      of enormous political indifference to the basic legal principles stated by
      our foreign ministry, sought to ignore the fact that Chile is a sovereign
      and independent country. However, the minister can at any moment take
      political factors into account and decree the end of the extradition
      process, thus ending the gravest situation that Chilean juridical
      sovereignty has had to face in the present century.

      The Sun, UK

      Home secretary Jack Straw made the wrong decision yesterday - giving in to
      the prejudices of 1970s student rabble-rousers. But the real villains are
      the Foreign Office. They told Pinochet that he would be welcome to receive
      medical treatment in Britain. That was like luring a fly into a spider's


      Difficult to find a more appropriate commemoration of the 50th anniversary
      of the Declaration of Human Rights than the British Home Secretary's
      decision to allow his country's courts to process Spain's request for the
      extradition of Augusto Pinochet. Since 16 October, when the former
      dictator was detained in London, the Pinochet case has not only aroused
      international passions and unleashed huge controversy but taken on a
      direction and speed that few would have dared predict. London and Madrid
      have overcome powerful pressure to shelve action on this delicate matter.
      The Pinochet affair is doing more for international law than decades of
      conventions ignored by signatory governments.

      Evening Standard, UK

      Pinochet's detention in Britain under these circumstances for extradition
      hearings does nothing to advance this Government's "moral foreign policy".
      Rather, it highlights the Government's penchant for hypocrisy. To take the
      moral high road with Pinochet is anything but courageous - it is an insult
      to the relatives of those who have been murdered to advance the cause of
      Mr Adams and his friends in Northern Ireland. These people have been asked
      to swallow the misery and injustice they have suffered. The British
      government, by contrast, says it would be "gut-wrenching" to ask the
      victims of Pinochet in Chile to do the same. Yesterday was not a good day
      for British justice, whatever it may do for the international kind.


      The case will strain relations with Chile to breaking point, if not
      beyond. And, far from strengthening or clarifying international law, it
      could easily open up an international free-for-all, in which all sorts of
      judges and governments will feel able to apply for the arrest of a wide
      range of former leaders to whom they may have taken a dislike. The whole
      thing is a ghastly mess and one which Mr Straw should have done everything
      he could to avoid, while he still had the chance.

      Le Monde, France

      It is of vital importance for all victims of any dictatorships that the
      trial takes place. It inspires hope in all of us. It is of interest to
      thevictims because it must lead to one immense trial. In France at the
      moment all charges placed by French or Chilean victims of assasination and
      torture are on hold. French legislation is much less progressive than that
      of the Spanish. For the sake of all the victims, French or otherwise, this
      judicial debate has to take place.


      Straw and his Government have shown political courage in taking a decision
      that means that Pinochet will not be able to leave Britain for a long
      time. However much the Chilean government protests, no one can do anything
      for Pinochet. He must be cursing the day he left for the London clinic and
      tea with Lady Thatcher.

      ** NOTICE: In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material
      is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest
      in receiving the included information for research and educational
      purposes. **

      Rob, Sector Air Raid Warden at Rob's Place

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      Robert Cherwink <rc@...>
      Usenet: alt.thebird


      From: spiker@...

      From: DotHB@...
      Subject: Warning: 2nd Amendment will be gone by June 99.....
      Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 11:24:14 EST

      by Jon Christian Ryter (BAFFauthor@...)

      In a message dated 12/1/98 11:47:34 AM Eastern Standard Time,
      DotHB forwarded a message in which Devvy Kidd writes:
      "Americans have the right to defend their family, their life
      and we know how to do it. We will do it if that's what it comes
      down to - that's what the Second Amendment is all about. You
      know it, I know it and the bad guys know it." ....Devvy Kidd

      As an individual who has run for Congress (and is acquainted with
      several of my own acquaintances) you obviously know the jeopardy
      in which the Constitution (and particularly the 2nd Amendment) is in. What you
      may not know at this moment is that the Justice Department is on a timeline
      that mandates the abrogation of the 2nd Amendment by next June.
      In writing my latest book, I picked up several key information
      "sources" within the Clinton Administration. One of them is a terrorist
      specialist in the Justice Department. He and a high ranking department head in
      the National Institute of Health have provided me with a good deal of
      information concerning the National ID Card (which Lamar Smith lied to me about
      in February, 1997) and the abolishment of the 2nd Amendment no later than June,
      1999. The Justice Department source, while actively supplying me with
      information a few months ago, has now become nothing more than
      my personal "Deepthroat." He will no longer supply new information, but will
      only confirm or deny information I manage to pick up elsewhere.
      Two of the posts I sent out containing information he supplied were
      attached to a memo circulated through the Justice Dept asking for information
      about who could have leaked the data to an author.

      It should be obvious to just about anyone today that the Y2K problem
      is a manufactured problem. First, no one knows what's going to
      happen. If you think about it, it is easy to figure out. You have included all
      of the elements. The introduction of the Euro is the first step to creating a
      universal global currency. As you likely know, when Jimmy Carter attempted
      to have GATT ratified (it had already failed in 1974), the government printing
      office had already printed thousands of new "dollars," believing that global
      governance would be achieved during his term.
      The problem with creating a global currency has always been the
      United States. To create a global currency all that is required is a
      global panic which collapses not only the economies of the industrialized
      nations, but their currencies as well. The problem for the globalists has
      never been its desire or determination to do it, but in creating a catalyst
      that could not be blamed directly on them.

      When J.P. Morgan instigated the Panic of 1908, it came back to his
      doorstep almost overnight. When the bankers manipulated the stock
      market throughout the 1920s and then collapsed the market and the
      economy in 1929, a good many intelligent writers correctly laid the blame on
      their doorsteps. This time the globalists have something else to blame---a
      computer chip.

      They will be blameless this time. The collapse will be blamed on
      computers that see 2000 as 1900, and through no fault of their own,
      computers will shut down the economy. There are a few factors that will have
      great bearing on the severity of the problem: The crisis is being cleverly
      managed, and the media is doing its part to convince the American people that
      they will be faced with the loss of electricity, water, gas; and they can
      expect problems withdrawing funds from banks, etc.

      And, of course, those things will happen. Because the crisis will be
      so severe, the government believes there will be a dramatic increase in crime,
      so they are also preparing for that contingency as well. (Isn't it nice that
      our government is so concerned about our welfare?)
      To prepare for the crisis, Clinton wrote PDD-39 (which was immediately declared
      a top secret). As you know, PDD-39 creates a new "local" police force out of
      FEMA. For the better part of 1998, FEMA "agents" have been receiving small
      trains training, and now spend more time on the pistol ranges than either the
      FBI or the BATF.
      Of course, since there are so many "radicals" around, Big Brother
      also realizes that FEMA, the FBI and the BATF may not be enough
      even with the American military. Fortunately (according to my Justice Dept
      source who was responsible for their routing to U.S. military bases) there is
      not a shortage of UN troops. For the past year they have been coming into the
      United States in small numbers. They arrive at various military installations.
      The minute the pass through the front gates of those bases, they simply
      disappear. And, that is true also of vast amounts of weapons and munitions.
      My source routed a trainload of small arms and munitions to one
      western base. Before the train arrived, it was diverted...and vanished.
      When he tried to track it, he was told by his supervisor in the Justice Dept
      that it was none of his business.

      (1) the introduction of the Euro-dollar January 1, 1999,
      (2) the government's progress,
      (3) how prepared the American people are and the people of the
      United States, regardless how prepared they think they are, are not
      prepared for what is planned. Stocking up on food packets and bottled water
      will not prepare them for what is coming no later than next June.
      (4) the behind the scenes machinations of the world bankers.
      Here is the real culprit behind Y2K. From documents I picked up for
      my latest book, Whatever Happened To America?, that include confidential White
      House memos and Clinton documents that were buried in the National Archives,
      the timeline of world government has been chronicled.

      [Devvy], I know when you were running for Congress, you followed this
      fairly close. I don't know how much access you have at this time.
      What should you know about the problem? The obvious first is that it
      is going to happen and the world has waited too long to fix the problem.

      As you state in this posting, the problem, Y2K can be solved with a Band-Aid
      until such time as all of the nation's mainframes can be updated by simply
      manually keying the year 2000 into those systems that have not been updated.
      This would solve the Y2K problem temporarily with only a minor interruption.
      The second is that you are probably going to have your life disturbed to some
      degree and that degree will depend on you and those in your community. In
      reality, Devvy, it will have nothing to do with any
      The power that is creating the problem requires the problem. Just as
      that invisible power behind government caused the illegal and fraudulent
      ratification of both the 16th and 17th Amendments---and the creation of its own
      central bank in the United States, it has selected not only every President who
      has sat in the White House since 1912 (at least)---and, it determines precisely
      what issues will be debated during those election campaigns. Their power
      extends beyond the elected officials now, and goes directly into the U.S.
      Supreme Court.

      It was because of a fear of overpopulation and a demand from the
      Rockefeller Foundation that abortion be legalized that the Supreme Court ruled
      on January 22, 1973 that a woman had a right to an abortion. Unknown to you,
      but on file in Box 1748 in the National Archives are three Supreme Court
      decisions which have not yet been rendered because the cases have not yet been
      filed. The first decision will state, when the government attempts to gain
      access to the medical databases at State level that "...accessing medical
      databases does not require a medical license."

      This decision, based on the passage of Hillary Clinton's Health Security Act of
      1994, was to occur between 1996-98. The second decision which was to grant the
      government co-ownership of all medical databases was to occur between
      1998-2000. And, finally, between 2002-04, the Supreme Court was to rule that
      all medical databases in the United States will be surrendered to the UN which
      will become the custodian of all information databases in the world.

      Attached to these decisions was the itinerary the government was
      planning to use to control the free movement of the population of the
      United States. One thing I would like to stress and that is this: Just
      remember one thing - those people - patriots or sheep - who will be adversely
      impacted are also the people who can fix the problem.

      Devvy, I am of the opinion that if we are to alter the timeline of
      the globalists, we need to do it now...or it will be too late. I am not
      certain exactly what the government has planned for June, 1999 but it is "last
      resort" act if the current plan to incite a revolt in North Carolina (or
      Tennessee, etc.) with the militia groups they are doing everything to incite
      fails. My "source" will not tell me what is planned (he may not even know),
      but the "plans" he is involved with apparently center on deployments after the
      incident occurs.

      He did tell me that there is a Delta Force team that is "practicing"
      for a June, 1999 mission which suggest that if the militia groups like
      the 91st Brigade do not start shooting federal agents, it is likely that the
      government (in pure Hitler fashion) will use government troops to
      counterfeit one (like Hitler's burning of the Reichstag in 1933.)

      I have been following your writings for some time, and have been
      greatly impressed with your assessment of the problems this country is facing.
      Devvy, too bad you failed in your bid to get elected. In fact,
      I was impressed enough with your determination to fix America that you are one
      of twelve patriotic Americans to whom I dedicated my new book. At this time, I
      see your posts only because I have been fortunate enough to have them forwarded
      to me by Dot Bibee. Would appreciate it if you would include me on your
      primary mail list.

      Jon Christian Ryter
      [MORE INFO. Jon is talking about the Delta Force - and that is the
      H.R.T. Squad that is in Andrews, NC right now. They are training
      hundreds of men - even though they only have a hundred or two there
      at a time because they rotate them every two weeks. They have
      been in the mountains since July. THINK!!! Stay Alert! ....Dot Bibee]

      Dot Bibee (DotHB@...)
      Knoxville, TN Ph/FAX (423) 577-7011
      "To Deny the Constitution is to Provoke Revolution"

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