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BUSH: A Fiscal Liberal and a Social Conservative

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    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com
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      Please send as far and wide as possible.

      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist

      50 Reasons Not to Vote for Bush
      Order at Amazon at:

      BUSH: A Fiscal Liberal and a Social Conservative
      by Barbara Keeler

      Bush plays the labeling game very well. The facts are against him, so
      resorts to name-calling, making charges that cannot be proved or
      because they are mere labels.

      By contrast, an examination of his record shows that when it comes to
      government spending, Bush is the "liberal." He is only a social
      conservative, having managed to spend trillions without benefit to the
      average American, let alone the unemployed, impoverished, vulnerable,

      Fiscal Liberal

      When it comes to spending as a direct result of Bush's decision, the
      are undeniable. He turned a 5 trillion dollar surplus to a 3 trillion
      dollar deficit, He has spent billions on war. He has forced the
      to pay full price for Medicare prescription drugs - at a cost of $139
      billion, based on a study by two Boston University researchers Alan
      and Deborah Socolar.

      Social Conservative

      Bush has managed to spend trillions with little or no net benefit to
      impoverished and the middle class. Even when he boasts of tax cuts and
      money for education, Bush does not mention that teachers have lost
      tax credits for the school materials they dig in their shallow
      pockets to
      buy. FYI, teachers are not among the wealthy who benefit most from
      tax cuts.

      Bush also boasts of the Medicare prescription drug plan. His
      gift to the drug companies, trickled some benefit down to seniors ­ if
      can find someone to prescribe them. Medicare pays doctors so little
      more and more refuse to accept Medicare patients. Why squeeze the
      while feeding the drug companies?

      Fiscal Liberal Again

      In waging his so-called "War on Terror," Bush scorned the low-cost
      to military force: diplomacy. He did not give the UN sanctions a
      chance to

      When he made the questionable decision that force was necessary, he
      the most expensive option: bypassing the UN. In doing so, he took a
      from his father's book.

      In the first Gulf War, rather than waiting for the United Nations to
      the lead, and then following with what support our nation could
      Bush senior charged ahead, shouting to the international community to
      speed up as it trailed in the distance. Bush expended vast sums of
      money and
      resources, then aggressively passed the hat to other nations, saying,
      essence, "What are you guys going to contribute?"

      Perhaps we could have saved billions by waiting for the Security
      Council to
      pass a resolution, then negotiating our share of the burden in

      His son went a step farther. He told the UN it was irrelevant when he
      charged ahead without UN support, then went to them, hat in hand, for
      and troops. Had he let the United Nations take the lead, the shoe
      have been on the other foot. If the UN decided inspections had
      failed, the
      UN would have needed to ask the United States for its share or money
      forces for an invasion.

      Letting the United Nations do the job it was created to do, at its own
      pace, is definitely the cost-effective option for handling
      rogue nations. Bush decided that United States taxpayers, or their
      and grandchildren, could afford to pass it up. He decided United
      troops could pay with their lives, then tried to cut their combat pay.

      The Decline of the Republican Party

      During the 1950s, we had a Republican president who declared himself a
      "fiscal conservative and a social liberal." What a shame to have sunk
      to a
      fiscal liberal and a social conservative.
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