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Larry Bensky to host live on KPFA the national Presidential Debate at Sonoma State University Oct. 8

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    Sat, 25 Sep 2004 Peter Phillips Larry Bensky to host live on KPFA the national Presidential Debate at Sonoma State University Oct.
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      Sat, 25 Sep 2004
      Peter Phillips <peter.phillips@...>
      Larry Bensky to host live on KPFA the national Presidential
      Debate at Sonoma State University Oct. 8

      Seventh Annual Labor and Social Action Conference
      Oct 8 & 9 Sonoma State University

      Friday, October 8
      5:00 pm Check-in (The Cooperage Theater Lobby at Sonoma State University)

      Larry Bensky will host live on KPFA the national Presidential Debate
      at Sonoma State University.
      Seating for 500 available, arrive early!

      Presidential Debate
      Friday, October 8th
      6:00 - 7:30 PM
      Town Hall Panel and open forumn live on KPFA in 22 cities from SSU
      Cooperage after the debate.
      $5-10 sliding scale at the door.

      Larry Bensky is a political analyst and election correspondent for
      Pacifica Radio Network who has covered national and international
      events from Iran-Contra
      to the Democratic and Republican conventions of 2004. His many awards
      include the prestigious
      George Polk award and five Gold Reel awards from the National
      Association of Community Broadcasters. He currently hosts "Sunday
      Salon" on KPFA Radio.

      saturday, october 9
      8:30 -9:00 am Check-in (Stevenson Courtyard)
      (Registration $55.00 $25 students, includes Friday program)
      9:00 -10:15 Plenary (Warren Auditorium in Ives Hall)
      Film "Hijacking Catastrophe" and discussion
      10:30 -12:00 Workshops
      * Labor Organizing in Today's Hostile Environment
      * Smart Growth with Equity: Coalition Building &
      Petaluma Politics
      *Challenging Corporate Rule
      * Civil Liberties and the Patriot Act
      * Fair Trade and Outsourcing
      12:00-1:00 Lunch
      1:15 - 2:45 Workshops
      * "Yes" on 72: The Step Towards
      Universal Health Care
      * Is there a future for progressive politics in the
      golden state?
      *War Resistance and the Draft
      * Politics of Hip Hop
      * Unions and Other Organizations: Does your
      structure get in the way of your mission?

      3:00 - 4:30 Workshops
      * Banning Genetic Engineered Crops & Reclaiming
      the Commons
      * Action for a Viable Future: Report from the
      Hutchins MA Program
      * Eyes on the Fries - Young Workers in the Service
      * Untold News Stories of Labor and Social Activism
      * Singing and Chanting to Win
      4:45 - 5:30 Closing Plenary - Networking and Socializing

      For more information call 707 545-7349 ext 109

      Sonoma State University
      October 8-9, 2004
      Sonoma State University will again host the conference for youth,
      labor and community activists. The intent of the program is to offer
      opportunities for networking and collaboration between activists,
      community organizations and unions in the North Bay.

      One Unit of Sociology 495 Extended Education Credit available. Call
      Peter Phillips at 664-2588 for class requirements (Cost $45.00
      registration fee)

      * Develop leadership skills to more effectively organize in
      the community, on campus and in the workplace
      * Discover how the history of the labor, civil rights,
      women's, environmental and other movements for social
      justice provide important lessons for today
      * Analyze the power relations in the North Bay as well
      as the national/international political economy
      * Acquire organizing skills and interact with activists
      and organizers from various social movements to establish
      collaborative relationships which may extend beyond
      the conference
      ACLU-Sonoma County, Alliance for Democracy of Sonoma County,
      California Faculty Association-SSU Chap, California Federation
      of Teachers, City College of S.F. Labor Studies, Friends House,
      Greenbelt Alliance, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies-SSU,
      Instituto Sanchez-Mendoza, IBEW Local 551, La Voz Bilingual
      Newspaper/Santa Rosa Printing Co, Inc, Leadership Institute for
      Ecology & the Economy, Living Wage Coalition of Sonoma County,
      MAPE-SEIU Local 949, National Women's History Project, New
      College of California, New Economy-Working Solutions, North Bay
      Central Labor Council, North Bay Progressive, Petaluma
      Progressives, Project Censored, Santa Rosa Democratic Club,
      SEIU Local 707, Sonoma County Conservation Action, Sonoma
      County Conservation Council, Sonoma County Family Action,
      Sonoma County Peace & Justice Center, SSU Intercultural Center,
      Town Hall Coalition, UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research &
      Education, Youth Employment Center at SAY, SRJC-Associated

      Traducciones en espanol seran proveidas para varios partes.
      Para mas informacion por favor llamenos.

      Wheelchair Accessible
      Peter Phillips Ph.D.
      Sociology Department/Project Censored
      Sonoma State University
      1801 East Cotati Ave.
      Rohnert Park, CA 94928
      Project Censored
      Search /RENEGADE/ for articles that are from or mention Project Censored -

      *STRIDER* Sector Air Raid Warden at /RENEGADE/


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