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"Impeach Bush!" Resounds Across the Country

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    ImpeachBush@VoteToImpeach.org Impeach Bush! Resounds Across the Country Wed, 24 Mar 2004 Across the Country the Call for
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      "Impeach Bush!" Resounds Across the Country
      Wed, 24 Mar 2004

      < http://www.votetoimpeach.org >

      Across the Country the Call for Impeachment is Heard on March 20
      To Every Congressional Candidate that Wants Your Vote: Demand They
      Support Impeachment

      Spring is Here - a Time for ImpeachBush.org Lawn Signs to Blossom Everywhere

      Dear VoteToImpeach / ImpeachBush.org Member,

      Congratulations on making March 20 such a powerful success! On the
      first anniversary of the attack on Iraq, people came into the streets
      united in huge numbers to repudiate the Bush administration. From
      coast to coast, in New York, in San Francisco and Los Angeles, in
      Chicago, in Crawford, TX the call to Impeach Bush also rang out.
      Demonstrations were held in more than 250 cities and towns throughout
      the U.S. and VoteToImpeach contingents and individuals carrying the
      Impeach Bush message were out in full force.

      It is no wonder that so many more people are joining the campaign to
      remove Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Ashcroft from office. Each and
      every day a new lie promoted by the administration unravels in full
      public view. It is no longer a secret, if it ever was, that the
      administration was planning to carry out a war to conquer Iraq from
      the first day it took office. While the people of the country were in
      a state of shock and mourning, Bush and high administration officials
      saw September 11 as an "opportunity" to escalate its plans for war
      against Iraq. (See the accounts of former Secretary of the Treasury
      Paul O'Neill and those of Richard Clarke, Bush's former top
      counterintelligence official.) Bush's war of aggression has led to
      tens of thousands of deaths in Iraq, nearly 600 deaths of U.S. Gi's
      and created a climate of hatred.

      Over the past months, impeachment activists have worked to introduce
      impeachment resolutions in their local city and town councils, and
      have undertaken letter writing campaigns and delegation visits to
      their representatives to push for impeachment. All of us have built
      this grassroots movement across the United States, reaching
      neighbors, friends and co-workers to build the campaign.

      March 20 was built from the ground up. As people distribute leaflets,
      flyers, bumper stickers, wear t-shirts, and display lawn signs, each
      of us is making a difference. During the months ahead every candidate
      running for office (and all 435 members of the House of
      Representatives are up for election) should hear the message from the
      people that they demand that elected officials uphold the
      Constitution and impeach George W. Bush, Cheney and the others.

      Let's get the word out there as far and wide as possible. Spring is
      not only a time of renewal (and hopefully warmer weather) it is also
      a time to make sure every block has an ImpeachBush.org lawn sign,
      that for every median strip cluttered with candidate signs the bright
      yellow ImpeachBush.org sign is prominent, and that the Sticker it to
      Bush campaign goes into full bloom. You can pick up materials by <
      http://www.votetoimpeach.org/store>clicking here for the Impeach Bush
      Resource Center.

      < http://www.impeachbush.org/store/page3.html >
      < http://www.impeachbush.org/store/page1.html >
      < http://www.impeachbush.org/store/page2.html >
      < http://www.impeachbush.org/store/page3.html > T-shirts and sweatshirts
      < http://www.impeachbush.org/store/page1.html > Lawn signs and sign riders
      < http://www.impeachbush.org/store/page2.html > Bumper stickers

      Let's keep up the pressure and get the message out loud and clear:
      Impeach Bush!

      All of Us at VoteToImpeach/ImpeachBush.org

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