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    deborahbarrie@hotmail.com Mailing-List: list earthfirstalert@yahoogroups.com; contact earthfirstalert-owner@yahoogroups.com Mon, 16 Feb 2004 EARTH DAY 2004
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      Mailing-List: list earthfirstalert@yahoogroups.com; contact
      Mon, 16 Feb 2004

      EARTH DAY 2004

      It's the time of year to start thinking about and planning for Earth Day

      Celebrate Earth Day April 22 and Every Day!

      Be a force for change by organizing an activity, project or event.

      Register your plans on our online Events Calendar to help us track what's
      going on locally, to generate publicity for your efforts and to inspire
      others into positive action. If you do, you can request free materials such
      as posters, brochures and newsletters to distribute at your event.

      Register now at <http://www.earthday.ca/EDy2k/Events/register.htm> or visit
      <http://www.earthday.ca/> for more information on what YOU
      can do to get involved.

      These are just some of the events taking place communities this April:
      Tree plantings, Waste Reduction Projects, Clean-ups, Environmental
      Festivals, Workshops, Displays and Environmental Program Launches!

      The attachment to this email [see below/no attachment this email]
      should answer any questions you may have. If
      not, please contact Aliza Kassam, Public Affairs Assistant at
      prassistant@... or 416-599-1991,
      extension 114.

      Feel free to spread the word about Earth Day 2004 through newsletters,
      websites or other forms of communication.
      Aliza Kassam
      Public Affairs Assistant
      Earth Day Canada
      111 Peter Street, Suite 503
      Toronto, ON, M5V 2H1
      Tel: 416.599.1991 ext. 114
      Fax: 416.599.3100
      Via: earthfirstalert list - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/earthfirstalert
      List-Subscribe: <mailto:earthfirstalert-subscribe@yahoogroups.com>
      The attachment mentioned above included this text -

      Earth Day Canada Event Organizers 2004

      Inspiration - Motivation - Action

      Earth Day 2004
      Earth Day Canada (EDC) believes that Canadians working together in
      their communities accomplish the most important environmental work.
      Cumulatively, their individual actions yield enormous positive
      results. It is EDC's view that the most powerful tool the
      environmental movement has in order to be successful is sheer numbers
      of participants actively involved. People get involved through
      inspiration and motivation.

      This year, our message for Earth Day speaks very strongly to this.
      Our poster image shows average people doing their part for the
      environment. They are actively involved because they want to, and
      feel they need to do their part to help deal with environmental
      issues. The cumulative efforts of many will be the basis of our
      environmental successes.
      It is now time to start planning your Earth Day 2004 activities. In
      order to accommodate the large number of events, festivals, and
      environmental initiatives that take place on and around April 22, the
      entire month of April has been declared Earth Month.
      The following will help get you started. Please let us know if there
      is anything we can do to help.
      Event Ideas
      There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day. You can choose an Earth
      Day activity that will help you reduce your personal impact on the
      environment, such as becoming more energy efficient in your home, or
      you can choose an activity that is relevant to your community, such
      as taking part in a community clean up or tree planting event. For
      more ideas, go to www.earthday.ca, click on Events, then Previous
      Event Highlights. Click on Search to find out what's happening in
      your community this year.

      Be sure to register your Earth Day activity or event. It's easy to
      register online at www.earthday.ca, (go to Events, then Register).
      Registration helps us track what's happening nationally for Earth Day
      and will help generate publicity for your efforts. Registration also
      helps to inspire others to act positively to address pollution and
      environmental degradation.
      Event Support
      Order Earth Day Canada merchandise to help promote your event, to use
      as prizes, and to give to volunteers. We have some very unusual eco
      friendly items that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.
      Have a look; you'll be impressed. Place your order at
      www.earthday.ca, or by calling 1-877-566-4999 (local GTA
      Promotional materials can be ordered from our office. The Earth Day
      issue of Solutions will inspire you to take personal environmental
      action. Brochures include information on Earth Day Canada's programs,
      resources, and ideas for Earth Day and every day.
      Posters will be 12"x 37" with blank space on the bottom for
      overprinting your event information. They can be used as signage for
      your event, prizes, or used as a fundraiser by giving them away in
      return for donations. Event Organizers can request two free posters,
      as well as brochures, and newsletters by completing the order form
      once you have registered online. As well, you can call 416-599-1991
      extension 114 or email prassistant@.... Additional posters
      can be ordered by calling 1-877-566-4999

      New this year
      If you would like to receive free Earth Day Canada resources, you
      must complete the online Event Registration form. If you are not
      registering an event, but still would like EDC materials, we would be
      glad to send you a package of 2 posters and 20 newsletters/brochures.
      Please mail a cheque for $10 (to help offset our costs) payable to
      Earth Day Canada if you would like to receive these resources.
      Earth Day Canada, 111 Peter Street, Suite 503, Toronto ON M5V 2H1

      (GTA 905-566-5994).


      Volunteers to help with your event can be recruited from many
      sources. Advertise in your local community newspaper, contact
      organizations such as Girl Guides, Scouts, and Cubs, ask the guidance
      office at your local high school for students needing to complete
      volunteer hours, and notify churches and service organizations that
      you are looking for volunteers. As well, ask your friends and
      neighbours. After all, it's for a good cause!

      Contact Earth Day Canada

      Thank you for your interest in Earth Day Canada, and good luck with
      your event. Please check out our web site at www.earthday.ca for more
      information, and contact us if you require further assistance. Good
      luck with your plans!

      Sign up to receive our online environmental newsletter, Solutions

      With appreciation,

      Debbie Kelsall
      Director of Communications
      416-599-1991 ext. 107

      Earth Day Canada charitable # 13195 1378RR0001

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