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Lone Nutter News 02-01-04

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    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com Lone Nutter News LNN 2-01-04 by Jaye Beldo
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      Please send as far and wide as possible.

      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist

      Lone Nutter News


      Jaye Beldo

      In this Issue

      Ask Lone Nutter

      The Alien Chronicles
      Book Review by
      Jaye Beldo

      Gnostic Liberation Front is Back!

      My Karl Rove Dream

      Phase Two
      Book Review by
      Jaye Beldo

      Destiny Matrix
      Book Review
      by Jaye Beldo

      Destiny Matrix Unloaded:
      LNN interviews Jack Sarfatti
      Greetings Friends of the Lone Nutter,

      Since the sum total of the New Year will be resonating with the
      number six, if the Gregorian digits are added up correctly, may I
      suggest contemplating the Lovers card in the Tarot deck. First, soft
      focus your attention upon the Fuzzy Logic angel, beckoning to
      capacitate the immanent tantric energy of the Edenic couple beneath.
      Ask what this capacitance may forecast, if not activate, in the
      coming year. The answer may be encoded halfway up the eroded
      mountain in the background, which reveals that it is peopled with our
      unbalanced leaders, trying to escape to even higher ground as the sea
      of our collective discontent continues to rise far above the Tree of
      Good and Evil as well as the Tree of Life. If adding isn't your
      thing these days, then fancy yourself an ordained minister and join
      the High Priestess and the Emperor together in Holy Matrimony (thus
      squeezing out the annular zeros in between them) and see what happens
      for the coming year. After all, Bush is backing in billion dollar
      fashion, a vast marriage overhaul/advocacy as a part of his 'faith
      based uncertainty' program. I see both of them heading for the polls
      (the Fools that is) in a Rolls Royce Limo, all expenses paid. If only
      the driver could see the abyss up ahead and steer clear!

      As I contemplated such a perilous drive, The High Priestess
      (after signing a prenuptial agreement) sat back upon on her Gibbous
      and watery throne, flaunted her wedding ring and whispered in my ear
      a reminder that our consciousness (and unconsciousness) can and does
      influence technology. With this encouragement in mind, I then flashed
      that computerized voting machines may very well have the year's
      answer already zone coded into our genomized cells and programmed to
      be revealed during the prime time election commercial break. Perhaps
      this crisis/opportunity to arise next November will truly alkaline
      test our mettle considering that the three companies who are
      producing the so called machines have been and will continue to be
      major campaign contributors to the Dubya cause. Just remember that
      the PEAR department at Princeton pretty much confirmed that indeed we
      do have an effect on the Mother Boards of the world. It has been
      empirically verified with virtually uncooked data. So let us all
      prepare. Meditate on the High Priestess/Emperor, no matter how
      stacked the deck is and send their consummation vibe directly into
      the corrupt circuitry of the voting machines on election day and see
      what happens. Maybe a more reliable King and Queen will be chosen
      for the Commander in Chief post(s).

      Well, enough of subjecting you all to this loveless number
      crunching. I do hope you enjoy the Feb. issue of LNN. Happy
      Valentine's Day to all the Lonely(Nutter)Hearts out there!


      The Lone Nutter

      p.s. The Redundancy of Martial Law, Inside the Shadow Government Book
      Review and the article 'Was Theodor Adorno Walter Benjamin's
      Handler?' will all appear in the March issue of LNN. I got a bit
      sidetracked with what follows below, hence the delay.
      Ask Lone Nutter

      Please Note: I'm required to run the e-mails I receive through my
      Truth Filter Software, considering that the Internet is occupied by a
      high percentage of cyber frauds these days. There are still bugs in
      the program ,so a few of the ghost letters the faceless/souless net
      sluts send me may slip through undetected. I have no choice but to
      put quotes around the supposed names of strangers who send letters to
      me until I know for sure that they are for real-so don't get offended
      by this. You're chances of getting your letter published in LNN are
      greater the more you substantialize your communiques with personal
      information about yourself and/or your environment. Providing phone
      numbers does wonders as well. Send your truthful questions, rants,
      comments to: LoneNutter@...

      JBUGENE@... asks:

      Hey Lonenutter,

      What is your take on Remote Viewing?


      James B.

      Dear 'James',

      Having read Psychic Warrior by David Morehouse, Jr. I am somewhat
      convinced that remote viewers have not been adequately prepared to
      psychically reconnaissance. I've heard that the book is possible CIA
      disinfo, but having read other literature on the subject and
      encountering similar things, I think that RV'ers do not take needed
      precautions such as grounding, psychic self defense, etc. prior to
      RVing and hence they tend to 'crack up' more frequently than most non
      psychic folks do. Proper grounding is a definite prerequisite so
      one's sanity is preserved. Intent is also important. If you are not
      clear on your intent prior to RVing, don't even bother.

      I wrote an article for the now defunct Green Egg magazine (some
      Pagan power struggle did the publication in) called Intimate Viewing
      which describes a more heart centered approach to RVing. Using
      imaginal computers more advanced than the ones the NSA is using, I
      look for interesting things 'out there.' I don't seek out
      blueprints, secret military bases, pictures of a sophomoric Bush
      jerking off in a Skull and Bones coffin, etc. but for ways in which
      things can be shifted more towards the positive. I was slightly
      amused when I saw a grey alien giving a blow job to a five star
      general at Wright Patterson air force base in Ohio once (the tip of
      the iceberg of the Grey Slave trade I intuited). Even more amused
      when I discovered that Wayne Newton is shuttled underground from
      Vegas to Area 51 to perform for Insectoid ETs there who wear edible,
      day-glo lingerie. Something about endorphin manufacture with that gig
      I was told by a Goldi shaman I took along for the ride. My
      suggestion, if you want to try RVing on your own, is to focus on your
      heart chakra for long while before embarking into the realms demons
      fear to tread and not try to glean top secret info. It isn't worth
      the sanity price.

      Thanks for writing!

      The Lone Nutter

      'Paul' writes:


      Having read your article "Fear is the Beginning of Idiocy" (check
      out: http://www.konformist.com/2000/fear-idiocy.htm and taking note
      on the reference to Barbara Marciniak, I am compelled to respond with
      following additional information:

      I know this woman personally and my wife has been a part of
      Barbara's"inner circle" for about four years. The use of drugs (pot)
      is very common in this group - this is not merely my opinion, but an
      fact. If you search out old issues of High Times magazine you will
      find one where the featured interview is with Barbara. If you listen
      to her tapes you will even hear advice against drug use. There's
      strange going on here...

      That Barbara should direct her followers attention to the dangers of
      mind control by governments and other vague entities is standard cult-
      manipulation designed (perhaps subconsiously on her part) to redirect
      attention away from the real source of manipulation, i.e. Barbara

      From your article I take the following paragraph:

      "Unfortunately, persons who have done a lot of drugs and/or abused
      have moon centers that are far too open or distorted, making them
      vulnerable to belief systems, memes (thought forms with a life of
      own) and other mental viruses. Many conspiracy authors and lecturers
      make a living peddling conspiratorial delusions, often unconsciously
      imported from other dimensions, have damaged or undeveloped moon
      which are controlled by malevolent forces. Detrimental influences
      such as
      these can easily enter the victim's perforated aura, enter through the
      moon center and colonize the mind as a result. After awhile, the
      unsuspecting one thinks the belief system or scenario is her/his own
      develops an uncanny system of 'objective' justifications to support

      Barbara makes a nice living peddling her stuff, in addition to
      enjoying a nice world-wide, expenses paid lecture circuit. The
      influences of this woman have reached deeply into my life by way of
      my wife - it's turned my world upside down and I'm quite pissed about


      Hey 'Paul',

      If what you say is true about Barbara, it is yet another example of
      the hypocrisy which reigns supreme in the New Age. After reading
      your e-mail, I drew the Tower Card. The Lightning comes from some
      UFO but not one of benign Pleiadian origin. Some lizardesque
      creatures busy themselves with knocking the crowns off of several
      like towers around the earth. Only to replace them with some of
      their own: replicas of the missing capstone on the Great pyramid.
      The capstones rotate anti-clockwise-quite rapidly and generate the
      lower astral plane which of course feeds right into the damaged moon
      centers of legions of New Age delusionoids who use cannabis and other
      substances to make it easier for them to lie to themselves (and let
      others lie to them). The Tower card may also be hinting at the fact
      that something may short out her lecture circuit in the near future.
      Let's hope.

      I suggest that you write an Op-ed piece for Sedona magazine or some
      other publication and see if they print it. If not them, then send
      it to the National Review. Rumor has it that ol' warmed over corpse
      Buckley likes to wear a rubber alien mask and do bong hits of BC bud,
      thus opening his own moon center up to the ghosts of the founding
      fathers of Manchester Capitalism.


      The Lone Nutter
      The Alien Chronicles
      by Matthew Hurley

      Book Review
      Jaye Beldo

      Having shied away from the Alien enigma for years, avoiding
      MUFON meetings (too many spooks roaming about at those things) and
      using my old Eric Von Daniken/Whitney Streiber paperbacks to practice
      my paradiddling on, I approached The Alien Chronicles with much
      reluctance. However, after paging through this marvel and grooving
      on the profusion of revelatory illustrations within, I have
      reconsidered the possibility of the existence of ET lifeforms. Not
      for the glamorous off world thrill it gives most people in search of
      new avenues of terrestrial escape, but for purely aesthetic reasons.
      The author has faithfully catalogued the mysterious appearances of
      out of place ovoids in everything from cave art to Renaissance
      paintings to old photographs in a way that makes their clear and
      present wonder even harder to debunk. I'm sure the scepti-agents
      would leap to conjecture that it was some form of Freudian Projection
      or Jungian transcendent function of archetypal/mythic proportions
      that inspired the artists to include detailed renderings of UFOs in
      their compositions and not from direct observation of the crafts
      flitting about in the background skies of the reality they derived
      their portraits from. The CIA funded Derrida deconstructionists would
      also have their day in the UFO field as well, indicating that the
      appearance of saucers in art was conclusive proof of Lack of the
      Other, a Hegemonic cowing to the Canon, an obviously 'spongy
      referent' a la the ever sneering Jean Baudrillard, or perhaps a back
      engineered form of semiotic neurosis.

      While musing upon one of the paintings which depicts some haloed
      craft beaming rays right into a rather sumptuous Marian figure down
      on the earth plane, I flashed that our creativity may have been
      inspired and/or manipulated by off world intelligences. For example,
      it is quite possible that the Renaissance perspective of three
      dimensions via foreshortening and a singular point of view was
      holographically inserted in artists such as Mantegna, Carravagio,
      Leonardo and others. The philanthropic aliens far above Italy at the
      time, amused themselves as the earthling artists faithfully
      articulated these changes in their paintings and drawings, breaking
      away from the flatland of medieval perspective. Once the ET art
      directors got bored with one kind of perceptual modality, they used
      some kind of tachyon tractor beam trained on the artists's pineal
      glands to tweak them into doing something truly avant garde with
      their paint brushes. However, such technical manipulation of
      perception seems to have peaked with Pointillism and then
      Cubism/Futurism and of course Surrealism only to die out shortly
      afterwards. I'm convinced that the ETs abandoned their project, which
      was then taken over by the Rockefellers who were the behind the
      scenes manipulators of the abstract art movement designed to draw
      people away (quite literally) from the socio-political realism of the
      Diego Rivera type. With such possibilities in mind, it is only
      natural to ask what is influencing our perspectives of 'outer'
      reality now? Are we suffering from some kind of holographic insert by
      artless, crassly commercial aliens at large? Have these inserts
      caused the art world to go even further down the drain and into the
      New World Sewer?

      The Alien Chronicles's author has put in much time compiling the
      images and integrating them into a book which is sure to spark heated
      debate, speculations such as described above, dialogue and perhaps
      put much needed life and spirit back into what appears to be a
      moribund artworld (and UFO world as well). Perhaps the aliens will
      beam something our way (while laser incinerating into extinction The
      Guerrilla Girls, LeRoy Neiman and many talentless others) something
      truly revolutionary which will help us art-iculate the post quantum
      worlds of hyper-dimensionality, parallel universes and other cosmic
      wonders beckoning to be placed on the artist's palette.

      Available at: www.questerpublications.com
      Gnostic Liberation Front is Back

      Recently I was informed of the on-line return of the Gnostic
      Liberation Front. Check them out at: www.gnosticliberationfront.org
      and groove on the massive archive of controversial articles on
      everything from mind control to Meher Baba. Many of my own book
      reviews, issues of LNN and articles are posted on this site as well,
      so obviously the webmaster has decent taste :). Thanks to Holger
      Haffke who keeps the thing together and for his courage as well
      considering the volatility of some of the subject matter he offers to
      us on his front line site. He can be reached at:
      Discoverer73@... There are also free astrology report
      downloads available. So enjoy getting yourself totally gnostified.
      Holger's site just was given the 'Star of Bethlehem' award for web
      site excellence! Congratulations Herr Haffke and keep up the good
      My Karl Rove Dream

      In my dream, I approach Karl Rove, Bush's Minister of Propaganda,
      and he smiles at me, pointing to the top of his head. He unzips his
      cranium down the center and pulls the two lobes of his brain
      apart . He informs me that his pineal gland is really a clitoris in
      disguise and that it needs to be stimulated. The resulting orgasm
      will be encoded directly into the State of the Union address, i.e.
      through the microphones George W. will speak through. Reluctantly,
      I do as I'm told considering that the Patriot Act Two is hanging on a
      wall behind him-all glowingly spelled out in a black velvet
      painting. I close my eyes, stick my face between the halved brain
      and reluctantly 'go down' on the pineal gland, tonguing the thing
      like some Tantric expert or maybe Mantak Chia himself. Yet when I'm
      done (after hearing Rove moan and 'come'), I cannot put Karl's brain
      back together again as the damned zipper is jammed with bits of
      brain. He goes amok, running out onto the White House lawn where he
      is tackled by a secret service agent thinking he was some
      terrorist. 'Thank god I wasn't having sex with a minor.' I thought,
      looking out the window as Rove was hand cuffed and then maced. I
      then woke up wondering if Condi Rice would require my services also.

      Does anyone care to Freudian analyse this dream? Do you think I
      need to see a psychiatrist and start taking Zoloft? Send your
      interpretation to Lonenutter@...
      Phase Two
      C. Scott Littleton

      Book Review
      Jaye Beldo

      Back in 1985 I experienced a female ET visitation in New York
      City while staying at an apartment in the East village. I felt this
      presence scanning me via some kind of etheric circuitry which freaked
      me out a bit considering I wasn't asking for it, at least
      consciously. The next day I wrote down the unusual caller's name
      as 'Quzi' and even composed a song about her. Unable to get her out
      of my mind, I then typed out the beginnings of a Quzi screenplay that
      I managed to get into Tracy Keenan Williams's hands a few years
      later. The script describes the renegade ET taking over a franchise
      pornography chain using some advanced technology and holding the
      corporate investors and shareholders in this sleazy scheme hostage,
      until they meet her unusual demands. It wasn't Hollywood formula
      enough for Tracy to run it by studio heads, but I may very well
      unearth the script and actually finish it considering that a most
      astonishing synchronicity involving a review copy of a novel sent to
      me recently called Phase Two occurred recently. The book describes
      an out -of- place conception in some back dunes of the Mojave desert
      as a result of an unsolicited tryst between a human male and a female
      ET named..... Qaazi . The book just about dropped out of my hands
      when I came across her all too familiar name in the opening pages.
      Are Quzi and Qaazi somehow related or perhaps the same being? Was
      the author himself visited and scanned by her like I was, prior to
      writing his novel? Once I realized that the author of Phase Two
      was obviously tapping into something very potent, I couldn't help
      but work my way through a story where the Zeti Reticulans, the MJ-12
      and other noxious entities , i.e. those beings most fearful of the
      multidimensional awakening of humanity, are alerted to the above
      mentioned liason. In response, they send their own Men in Black to
      search out and destroy the sometimes strained, sometimes tender
      relationship between the human and the ET who manage to use their
      telepathic abilities to stay one step ahead of the fuzz and educate
      their desert conceived love child Adam, once the son returns to the
      earth with his mother. 'Phase Two' refers to an easing up of a law
      forbidding contact between ETs and humans, a law which Qaazi and co.
      seek to abolish primarily through her relation with the academically
      ostracized professor who knocked her up and her own extended
      Pleiadian family. I get the feeling that this kind of inter-
      species, familial cabal between aliens and humans is actually taking
      place (hopefully I don't owe back child support payments to the Quzi
      who visited me in NYC)!. Reading Phase Two may very well help to
      accelerate the realization of this secondary project in a more
      positive way, by heightening our awareness of the possibility of
      human/alien interaction in a non fear based way.

      My only criticism concerning Phase Two is that some of the
      dialogue is a bit stilted and expository. I wanted to have what the
      characters were doing and saying shown to me instead of being told
      outright in such a matter of fact way, i.e., more poetically or
      metaphorically descriptive passages in this otherwise relevant and
      timely book. However, I think writing Phase Two in any other manner
      would be most challenging considering how difficult, if not
      impossible it would be to tap into the psychology/interiority of
      something/someone from another star system with a different set of
      laws, ethics, morality, atmosphere, environment, mores,
      mythology, philosophy, sense of time/space and even spirituality. (my
      own reason for not attempting to write sci-fi.) The author loosens
      up his writing style considerably in the second part of the novel,
      especially during an intergalactic tribunal involving the fate of
      Phase Two (and three) and I found myself relaxing into and engaging
      in the characters's worlds more substantially as they started to take
      on more life and substance.

      Aside from some stylistic shortcomings, the novel prominently
      occupies a borderland, imaginal zone between consensus
      fear/skepticism concerning the UFO issue and the breakthrough
      potentials of contacting Pleiadian and other positive, sentiently
      advanced worlds where peace, love and deep healing reigns supreme
      (and is available to us now)! Such needed contacts could influence
      our own technology and those who control it, our government,
      environment, etc., and help steer things in a more life affirming
      direction. Read Phase Two and discover some of the implicate
      synchronicities such as described above, beckoning to be used in a
      benignly navigational way as we all look for our own star paths to
      use as escape routes from the current hostage takers now occupying
      the Oval office and beyond.

      available at: www.invisipress.com
      Destiny Matrix Unloaded
      LNN attempts to interview Jack Sarfatti
      (and reviews his book)

      In 1953 Jack Sarfatti allegedly received a series of mysterious
      phone calls, presumably from the future. The voice or voices which
      informed the thirteen year old that he was being chosen amongst 400
      other 'geniuses' were described by Jack himself as 'distant, cold,
      metallic'. Such a tone should have been a red, hammer and sickle
      flag to the boy or at least his mother who eventually told the
      callers to leave him alone, that there was probably no compassion to
      be brought forth in the mysterious mission that he was being chosen
      for. No emotion, no feeling, no love-the very things that science is
      in short supply/dire need of these days. As a predominantly feeling
      and intuitive person, I only make this point because I tried my
      damnedest to make my way through Sarfatti's braggadocio tome Destiny
      Matrix, only to run into the Wailing Wall of his Star Gate equations
      which first emerge into the third dimension on page 122. This is not
      a criticism of the author himself, born of my inability to understand
      such physics, lumpen-innumerate that I am, but rather of Jack's
      rather fuzzy intent for even publishing the book in the first place.
      Did he do it to geometrodynamically dazzle us in Mensa fashion? Or
      does he sincerely want to inform us about what could possibly be the
      means to a truly liberatory omega point hidden within post quantum
      physics? He does fancy himself a 'theatrical physicist' as the
      subtitle of the book confesses. We only need to get a clearer bead
      on exactly what kind of script he is following, who is
      staging/directing the production, who his handlers are and whether
      his ongoing, off Broadway run is a classified Top Secret MK / Black
      Psy Ops project or not.

      At a loss at how to approach reviewing Destiny Matrix, I did my
      fair share of reality checks with other writers and editors who have
      come across the book and/or the author. One writer, who will remain
      unnamed, hints at the possibility of Destiny Matrix containing high
      level disinformation which would prevent those competent in physics
      (and ethics) from producing truly free energy, instantaneous
      transport to other universes, etc., etc. Such vectoric
      disinformation certainly exists on the Leading Edge website and in
      their own series of so called 'matrix' books edited by the
      pseudonymous and sleep inducing Val Valerian. Another writer, also
      who will remained unnamed is convicinced that Jack has
      been 'programmed by the military'. I'm obviously not qualified to say
      whether or not this is true-but just remember the voices from
      Sarfatti's past, or future as the case may be:
      cold...metallic....distant. I'd trust the author's quantum summations
      more if the voices on the Cold War phone had been warm, fluid, and
      intimate. I'd trust his work even more if he was summonsed into
      action by Namagiri-the Hindu goddess who inspired the mathematician
      Ramanujan to conjure up equations which startled the pasty faced
      Cambridge Apostles.(see the book, The Man Who Knew Infinity: A Life
      of the Genius Ramanujan by R. Kanigel)

      Physics desperately needs to integrate some poetic metaphors into
      its realm, to help bridge the gap, primarily between the
      cold/analytical and the warm/ intuitive. Paul LaViolette in his book
      Earth Under Fire does a fairly impressive job of using the major
      arcana of the tarot to describe cosmological phenomena and posits the
      theory that the cards were solely designed for use as esoteric
      transmitters of such knowledge in the first place. The late Itzhak
      Bentov also comes to mind. He did his best to break free of
      establishment science in a heart centered way, trying to make his own
      heretical insights available to us nonscientific folk. In his most
      well known work, Stalking the Wild Pendulum, Bentov combines his
      analytic erudition with humorous and enlightening cartoons which
      inspire us to understand such things as iso-electric fields, the
      interactions between white and black holes and other universal
      peculiarities. A Brief Tour of Higher Consciousness: a Cosmic Book on
      the Mechanics of Creation goes even further in making metaphysical
      and scientific things more accessible to the analytically
      challenged. It is along these lines that I was hoping Destiny
      Matrix would follow, but Jack's warp speed megalomania just plain
      gets in the way all throughout. Instead of such informative
      renderings as described above, we get page after page of Sarfatti
      posing with famous people such as Francis Ford Coppola, Sukie
      Sedgewick and other physicist groupies as well. I'm glad to see that
      Jack loves to party with the beautiful people. However, flaunting his
      high society connections as he does in the book (and on his website
      as well), does nothing for the average reader in terms of encouraging
      at least a remedial understanding of post quantum physics. Aside
      from a most helpful illustration of M.C. Escher's 'Drawing Hands'
      which assisted me somewhat in understanding the 'post quantum
      principle of self creation', heuristic illustrations are sorely
      lacking throughout Destiny Matrix. Perhaps some Asuric or Ahrimanic
      savant in another dimension is manipulating the false shell of
      personality in the author, thus sabotaging the possibly world
      transforming potential of post quantum physics. If Sarfatti were
      really street smart, he'd transcend all of this relentless fanfare
      crap he throws at his fans, market some Destiny Matrix flashcards
      which would burn his bewildering equations, in an elementary way,
      into our neurocircuits and we would have no choice but to fully
      comprehend them. I sincerely think there are gems to be extracted
      from Destiny Matrix but the egotistical briar patch the author
      fertilizes with his ongoing rodomontade, makes the quest even more
      difficult than it should be.

      Recommended Reading:

      Stalking the Wild Pendulum and
      A Brief Tour of Higher Consciousness
      by Itzhak Bentov

      Trialogues at the Edge of the West:Chaos,
      Creativity, and the Re-Sacralization of the World
      The Evolutionary Mind
      by Terence McKenna, Rupert Sheldrake
      and Ralph Abraham

      The Quantum and the Lotus by
      Trinh Xuan Thuan and
      Matthieu Ricard

      Art and Physics by Leonard Schlain

      The Spiritual Universe by Fred Alan Wolf

      The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo
      Men like Gods
      LNN attempts to interview
      Jack Sarfatti

      Lone Nutter News: Do you think that the Post-Quantum physics you
      describe in Destiny Matrix will be the final blow to the Newtonian
      paradigm which still persists in our socio- economic systems, in
      politics and, ironically enough, in science?

      Jack Sarfatti: Good question. My answer is "Yes."

      LNN: Is there anything we can do to further accelerate the breakdown
      of the Newtonian paradigm, i.e., open ourselves to the same messages
      from the future as you have? In other words, how can we become more
      aware of our own Destiny Matrices? I'm speaking as someone who only
      has an intuitive grasp of quantum and post quantum physics.

      JS: That is too psychological or even spiritual question for me. I am
      only a warped quantum mechanic down in the Engine Room. :-)
      Seriously, ask Russell Targ about that, or Jeffrey Mishlove, or Fred
      Alan Wolf .

      LNN: I only ask these questions because of all the Aquarian hype
      about the inevitable merging of the spiritual and the scientific.
      Such a merger has been hinted at in The Tao of Physics by Fritjof
      Capra and more recently with The Spiritual Universe by Fred Alan
      Wolf, also an excellent book called The Quantum and the Lotus (a
      dialogue between a Buddhist monk and a physicist). Are scientists
      doomed to forever remain separate from the spiritual-the
      psychological, i.e., trapped in the Engine Room?

      JS: Yes, it's Bohr's Complementarity Principle. To the extent you
      get more spiritual you stop doing physics. I mean if you seriously
      meditate and also if you spend too much time with people and their
      emotional issues. Physics is difficult and is a Stern Jealous
      Mistress - All Consuming, The Dark Energy of The Black Widow. ;-)

      LNN: Maybe you just haven't found her G-Spot yet ;-)~ On that note,
      let's take things to a more pragmatic level then. What use value
      does post quantum physics have? Will it enable us to patch up ozone
      holes, alleviate pollution,get people to kick their antidepressant
      addictions? Or has this science already been co-opted by the
      military only to be used to further destroy the planet?

      JS: It will enable us to be Men like Gods, like Q in Star Trek. Why
      do you think THEY put me on this primitive planet? ;-)

      LNN: And for my final question, a trick one at that: What are the
      possibilities of a future intelligence beaming Marylin vos Savant
      back into the 1970's hit T.V.show Hee Haw? What would she say to the
      audience as she rises out from some Tex-Arkana corn field?

      JS: Why Tex-Arkana?

      LNN: Because it is sufficiently above the 33 degree line-enough so to
      prevent Freemasonic interception/distortion of the Savant

      JS: If you read my book "Destiny Matrix" carefully you will find a
      very significant reference to Texarkana, I think it's in a footnote.
      Happy hunting. Let's see how good a detective you are.

      LNN (after finding Texarkana reference in the index of the book): So
      what would Marilyn vos Savant say to Joe Peeples, the Mid-East arms
      dealer from Texarkana mentioned in your book if they were both on the
      Hee Haw T.V. show? If you were beamed back to the Hee Haw show-
      beamed there by THEY who sent you to this primitive planet in the
      first place, what would you say or do?

      JS:A+ :-)

      My last question was not answered, but my spadework into Destiny
      Matrix seems to have been graded by Professor Sarfatti. With such
      ambiguity in mind, I'll leave it to the reader to judge the
      relevance/veracity of Mr. Sarfatti's place in the world of post
      quantum physics.
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