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LNN 01-04

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    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com LNN Lone Nutter News 1-01-04 by Jaye Beldo
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2004
      Please send as far and wide as possible.

      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist

      Lone Nutter News
      Jaye Beldo

      Some notable quotes about The Lone Nutter aka
      Jaye Beldo since his conspiratorial 1999 debute:

      "If the aliens were really smart, they'd probe his mind instead of
      his anus.

      -Paul Krassner- columnist for The New York Press

      "...tops our list of favorite new underground writers."

      -Robert Sterling- editor for The Konformist

      "A pimp in a time warp."

      -William Cooper -author of Behold a Pale Horse

      In This Issue

      Lone Nutter Responds

      The Wasteland Health Club

      The Prankster and the Conspiracy
      by Adam Gorightly
      Book Review

      Nostradamus's Green Language Opera

      The Ouranos Rite CD
      by Peter Carroll
      CD Review

      Ride the Tiger
      by Julius Evola
      Book Review

      Happy Holidays/New Year dear readers!! Never mind the orange
      flavored alerts, 2004 promises to be a fun one in Lone Nutter Land.
      My handlers in the Langley galaxy are preparing to activate some
      dormant sub-personalities within me that you may very well find
      inspiring if not entertaining. No, I won't become a Manchurian
      Candidate (even if it is an election year) but rather a kind of
      Wormhole Virgil of sorts, urging you to explore some hyper
      dimensional , super strung out realms that may very well assist us in
      raising the consciousness of our own retarded solar system. The
      future CIA/NSA (in their perfected, White Hole converted,
      unconditional love states) will illuminate the twelve subs inserted
      within me from some non-local future headquarters, activating one for
      each month of this year. The first twelve Tarot cards of the Major
      Arcana to be exact. . Having no idea how I'll act/behave when these
      archetypes are activated by my savvy celestial handlers, I leave it
      up to LNN readers to remain unconditional and non-judgmental no
      matter what I say or do. New Features to abound in LNN this year:
      Interviews, Lone Nutter Responds column, fun ways to neutralize MK
      which will all kick off in this New Year edition and more!

      My vow to not do any more book reviews didn't last very long. Too
      many excellent titles have been sent to me recently which I've
      finally gotten around to looking at. Call me a pushover, but my
      conscience, as well as aspiration to be more altruistic is beckoning
      me to give exposure to titles such as The Alien Chronicles by Matthew
      Hurley and more titles recently put out by Feral House such as War is
      a Racket and The Shadow Government (which will be reviewed in future
      issues of LNN). In this issue I review Adam Gorightly's compelling
      and worthwhile offering: The Prankster and the Conspiracy on the
      scapegoated Discordian Kerry Thornley, Peter Carroll's Ouranos Rite
      CD and Ride the Tiger by Julius Evola recently put out by Inner
      Traditions. I want to thank all of you who have sent me your books
      recently: Disinfo.Com, Quester Publications, Paraview, Inner
      Traditions, New Falcon Press. Keeping in connection with other like
      minded writers and those who publish them certainly has helped remind
      me that we are indeed creating a new, more positive, more livable
      universe as a result of our efforts in spite of what the corporate
      media says. In the words of Paraview Press: Transforming the world
      one book at a time.

      As I have said before-give me a transformative pitch for a book ,
      CD or DVD or perhaps an interview and I'll see what I can do for you
      in 2004.

      Lone Nutter Responds

      Using Integral Tarot, Integrative Dream Narration, and Interactive
      Imagination, I will attempt to 'answer' questions or respond to
      comments sent my way. Something else may be doing the
      answering/responding for me, but within the danger is the rescuing
      power as old Goethe (or was it Holderlin?) once said. Please send
      your questions to: Lonenutter@... (please note address change-
      I'll no longer be using Netnous@... for LNN-for numerological
      reasons primarily)

      Snakzrat@... writes:

      'Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare' by Michael Hoffman

      I just read your review done in 2001. I enjoyed your review and found
      it useful. It was surprising, however, that you added the "PLEASE
      NOTE" after the review. Who cares what his views are about anything
      else? You were reviewing ONE book.., not bowing to the Thought Police
      who MUST shut down all discussion if someone holds even ONE belief
      that they don't agree with or can't control. Sad to find such
      cowardice on The Konformist site.

      Dear Snakzrat,

      I just pulled card number 7: The Chariot. The Sphinxes in the cards
      sprout wings and fly in the nighttime sky. They start to glow in the
      dark and begin sky writing with a phosphorescent substance that comes
      out of their anuses. The flatulent chem-trails they leave behind are
      easily decipherable from the earth (colored lime green). They spell
      out the words: Holocaust Revisionism. A wind comes along and then
      blows these letters away. One of the Sphinxes warps to beyond Mach 5
      and a phosphorescent tunnel of a purple hue leads to the Zeti
      Reticula star system where the Nazis cruised their Vril craft to and
      bartered with various Ets for goods, information….

      …in more earthbound parlance, I only put that disclaimer at the end
      of my review so certain people would not think that I was
      endorsing/condoning Mr. Hoffman's views about what or what did not
      take place in Nazi Germany. I stated that there were reasons that I
      could not share with the public at the time for writing the
      disclaimer. I am still not at liberty to share them. The Chariot
      Card as animated above however should give you all the clues needed
      to grasp what those reasons of mine are. Thanks for writing.

      For those of you that haven't read my review of Mr. Hoffman's book,
      please check out:


      The Lone Nutter

      Hey Lone Nutter,

      So you think this finding Saddam was a plan all along ? I DO.....
      Next will b Binny boy and wa la shrub will be put back in.....
      NOTE > PUT BACK IN< never was selected/elected......

      Love Sherry
      (e-mail address withheld upon request)

      Hey Sherry,

      I just withdrew the DEVIL card from the deck. The Devil's face
      metamorphoses from the Hitler/Saddam to George W. Bush. Now the
      devil jumps out of the card and goes to a shrink-claims he's
      schizophrenic-physically and not mentally and blames Karl Rove for
      his unfortunate and indelible pathology. Shrink suggests that the
      Devil goes to Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon and straighten things
      out for himself-since photo ops will abound in the aftermath of the
      capture of the criminal and that he could use the publicity. Plastic
      surgeon botches the job on the Devil and renders him looking like
      Binny Laden who comes prancing out of his office instead and into the
      hands of waiting FBI agents just before election day, to be PUT BACK
      IN as you say (since his face melts back into shrub's blowmolded

      Warm Regards,

      The Lone Nutter

      The Wasteland Gym

      In attempt to homeopathically acclimatize to the political status
      quo, I started working out on a regular basis at a health club around
      the time that the steroid wasted mesomorph Arnold Schwarzenegger got
      himself elected in California. It has become something of an
      addiction quite difficult to break free of. Toying with the thought
      that such purely physical self absorption is actually a good thing
      and that my narcissism is actually alleviating socio-enviro-economic
      problems has inevitably led me into a kind of delusional abyss (not
      surprising with all the wall to wall mirrors in the weight rooms).
      Achieving the elusive six packed abdomen has become my latest grail
      quest. Nothing else matters it seems. Dosing on Creatine and various
      powdered protein concoctions before doing the Nautilus circuit
      sometimes puts me in an oddly epiphanic state which clashes with the
      more musculatured consciousness at large around me. I'd like to share
      some of these experiences with LNN readers in hopes that it will
      inspire you all to get on some kind of similar 'weight' training

      One day I was working the leg machine and managed to break away
      from my reflection. All these saints and Avatars from various
      spiritual traditions in the weight room were with me. A skeletal
      Milarepa, the Tibetan saint, skin dyed a nettle green color was bench
      pressing something like 290 lbs. In an Atmic state, Nityananda
      removed all obstacles to the pec machine he was strapped into and was
      effortlessly lifting its maximum weight since there was no perception
      of duality (light vs.heavy in this case). Ramakrishna was too blissed
      out to care and didn't even know where he was (weight assisted chin
      up bar). Lord Shiva burned masses of toxic cellulite, reflecting the
      laser emanating from his third eye off some mirrors and into the
      nearby Jazzercise room. At one point all twelve incarnations of
      Vishnu were at the Nautilus stations. Kalki blazed so strongly that
      he nearly melted the chrome plated weights themselves into red hot
      puddles. When I opened my eyes, they were all gone-replaced by Hulk
      wannabes graced in lavender Batik lycra, eyeing the aerobics bimbos
      on the treadmills paging through People Magazine and ignoring the
      graver implications of CNN on a t.v mounted in the upper right corner.

      It was a rather harsh transition,yes, but the vision inspired me
      to increase the number of repetitions at each station as well as the
      amount of weight. My muscles were thus more greatly defined
      afterwards and a kind of spiritual confidence pervaded, one I tried
      to share with the other weight lifters but was met with an obviously
      overt disdain.

      Visions or not, I usually finish my workouts on the Stair Machine
      for some reason. Unlike the reclining bike that I first warm up on,
      the machine is impossible to read a book on however. Fortunately
      there is an LED readout on the display panel which spells out all
      sorts of important statistics. One day while I was enduring a
      grueling 'Fat Burner' workout and stair climbing my way to some zero
      calorie heaven , a well known poem started horizontally scrolling by,
      interrupting the flashing stats: What are the roots that clutch EST.
      CALORIES PER HOUR: 550 What branches grow out of this stony rubbish
      TIME ELAPSED: 21 MINS. Son of Man you cannot say or METS: 53 for you
      know only a heap of broken FLOORS CLIMBED: 33. On and on with the
      same kind of iambic defiance that Mr. Eliot was known for himself.
      Stetson that corpse you planted in the garden has it AVERAGE LEVEL: 7
      begun to sprout?

      When the Fire Sermon segment of The Wasteland was reached I was
      already finished with my workout however. I wasn't able to get to the
      real Shantih Shantih Shantih gist of Eliot's work considered that I
      was totally soaked with sweat and massively adrenaline rushing to
      boot . Inspired by this welcome poetic intrusion, I'm hoping to
      program some incendiary writing into all the stair machines and
      treadmills at the club now. Maybe Georges Bataille's Story of an Eye
      or Bao Ninh's The Sorrow of War could be somehow downloaded into the
      exercise circuitry. Users would actually have to read the text in
      order for the machines to work. This idea could be extended to the
      Nautilus machines which could be programmed not to function unless
      the user reads some Wittgenstein Philosophy or a Kafka paradox or an
      elusive post quantum tractate by Nick Herbert, Jack Sarfatti or Fred
      Alan Wolf. Better yet-the user would have to actually figure out a
      Quantum Physics equation prior to doing the bench press. Maybe
      describing the ever mutating, transitional vectors within the
      vacuumed fulcrum point between a black hole and white hole. Things
      could get very deep indeed and the six packed abdomen, bulging
      biceps, pecs and trapezius muscles could be a thing of the past-or at
      least an ever present future according to the current supraluminal
      theory. In the beyond speed of light scheme of things,
      gravity/stupidity would no longer be a problem that needed the
      immediate surmounting that it does now.

      The Prankster and the Conspiracy
      by Adam Gorightly
      Book Review by
      Jaye Beldo

      If there ever was a perennial scapegoat of the 60's counterculture
      it would have to be Kerry Thornley, one of the founding members of
      the patently anarchist Discordian Society. With a kind of
      insurrectionary bravado, he took it upon himself to sponge up the
      sordid projections of the Military Industrial Mafia Complex as well
      those from the plethora of intelligence revenants who trailed and
      taunted him for years, under various disturbing guises. He managed to
      keep ahead of the archetypal game by purging himself, from time to
      time, through various prankster like stunts, self published
      underground 'zines and the writing of fiction. However the Fool ended
      up occupying the Hanged Man's place in a Tarot deck that had been
      stacked against him from day one. As a result of such discouraging
      and divinatory odds, his self imposed role as Sin Eater freely dining
      at the table of the conspiracy funeral banquet is what probably
      turned him upside down and killed him in the end.

      In Adam Gorightly's The Prankster and the Conspiracy: The Story
      of Kerry Thornley and How He met Oswald and Inspired the
      Counterculture, a most intriguing and vivid portrait of this
      essential and vital anarchist spirit is effectively painted. Kerry
      freely ranged about in the JFK/MLK/RFK assassination matrixes like a
      conspiratorial version of Diogenes, the ancient Greek who loved to
      mock the philosophers and statesmen of his day. In this case, KT was
      mocking the real assassins at large without anyone really knowing it,
      since he was drawing so much attention to himself. The author
      suggests that KT may very well have been an MKULTRA prodigy along
      with Lee Harvey Oswald himself since they were both in the marines
      together and stationed in Japan prior to 1963. Maybe KT's Discordian
      strategy was an attempt to break free of his handlers. It seems that
      both he and Oswald ended up being double crossed, the latter by some
      very real forces at work, namely in the form of a mind controlled
      entity named Jack Ruby, and KT by his ever snowballing delusions
      which genuinely got out of hand as the author so convincingly points
      out, thanks to his wide ranging, unbiased, thorough research and
      interviews with key players such as Robert Anton Wilson. Gorightly
      maintains a wonderful balance between compelling factoids surrounding
      the JFK hit, its aftermath and Thornley's proximity to it all and the
      elusive yet intriguing metaphysics of the Discordian Society he
      helped to create and promote. It certainly makes for a compelling and
      very hard to put down book, I can assure you of that. If you are
      looking to get a bead on the Thornley universe and how you may obtain
      a key enabling you to enter into it, The Prankster and the Conspiracy
      will certainly do it for you.

      In spite of Thornley's Discordian extremism, mass consumption of
      LSD and being a target of intelligence forces, within and without, up
      to the time of his death, I tend to think that it was his early
      dabblings into Ayn Rand's so called 'Objectivism' that ultimately
      cracked him in the end. Aynny's I've-got-the-Hots-for-Capitalism
      philosophy served to malignantly magnetize the ever mutating vortex
      of KT's psyche and attracted some kind of negative free market
      investment forces into its realm. No amount of Discordian meme
      subterfuge could have de-railed the Rand dogma (or catma) from
      rapidly self replicating within the brain of this errant pixie who
      seemed to be able to defy everything else and get away with it. Not
      even the electronic dissolution of memory could neutralize these
      Objectivist toxins within him, no matter how many times his handlers
      kept pushing the button to keep him raving. I realize that I'm merely
      speculating in a possibly communist/socialist manner, but Gorightly's
      fertile biography is triggering my synapses to bridge so rapidly that
      I cannot help but entertain such cabals. Your own synapses will be
      triggered/bridged (and entertained too) when you order your own copy
      of this excellent proto- biography of an anarchist archetype gone
      delightfully awry.

      While reading the final chapters of this sad, wonderful, tragic,
      inspiring/electrifying book, I flashed that the 'evil' Goddess Eris,
      who brought a well known apple to a banquet on Mount Olympus
      celebrating the wedding of King Peleus and the Sea Nymph Thetis,
      decided to jump ahead a few thousand years into the 1960's and toss
      another solid, golden fruit into the chaos heart of a Discordian
      party, a fruit upon which was engraved, 'Who is the most paranoid of
      all?' No telling what kind of Trojan war her question would have
      caused if she had chosen to roll it into the mix at the time. Who
      amongst the group would have fought for the title? Fortunately
      Gorightly's keen portrayal of Kerry Thornley gives us a sufficient
      starting place where we can all freely witness the scapegoat himself
      stepping forth from the shadowed margins and taking the full honors
      of the title, holding his apple high up in the limelight.

      Please check out: http://www.paraview.com/gorightly

      And: http://www.mansonmythos.com

      As well as my review of Mr. Gorightly's fine book on that wiseacre
      Charley Manson: The Shadow over Santa Susana at:

      Nostradamus's Green Language Opera

      Perusing David Ovason's book The Secrets of Nostradamus, while on
      the above mentioned reclining bike at the Wasteland health club, I
      flashed that the wily diviner tried to urge Beethoven to translate a
      few of his quatrains into an elaborate symphonic language, primarily
      for the aristocracy most concerned about their own political futures.
      Perhaps an akashic opera of sorts that would glorify/immortalize the
      predictions themselves if not encourage them to come true somehow.
      The vision was so vivid that I'm convinced that in some parallel or
      perpendicular universe, the two are currently conspiring to actually
      do such a thing. Not a piece glorifying Napoleon (something which
      Beethoven composed but then later recanted when he realized what the
      emperor was actually doing: Eroica) but a Green Language opera to
      warn us of the crimes to be committed by our current leaders.

      The Cozenage music came to me in quite a wonderous way, but sad to
      say I could never transcribe it sufficiently enough for an orchestra
      to play. Maybe the composer of Nixon in China, John Adams, could pull
      it off however. Fueled by such a possibility, I then saw Leonardo da
      Vinci designing the stage sets for this coming soon, Argot
      production. (Maybe I could get Andrew Lloyd Weber to transcribe it
      all into something Broadway profitable). 'Unlikely' you may sneer,
      but such liasons are actually if not inevitably possible. That they
      are ever occurring in some imaginal realm is a moot point really.
      Imagine Tesla providing the free energy lighting for this
      production . Imagine the Heads of State attending this opera.
      Kissinger, Dick Cheney, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld and Rove. And George Bush
      of course. Beethoven/Nostradamus would probably burn the score before
      letting the orchestra sound a single note if they saw Bush in the
      audience, picking his nose with a coke spoon., wondering when Garth
      Brooks was going to amble onto the stage and do a re-election ballad
      in his honor.

      The Ouranos Rite
      Peter J. Carroll
      CD Review by
      Jaye Beldo

      While checking out the controversial Julius Evola's Ride the
      Tiger: A Survival Manual for Aristocrats of the Soul, (see review
      below) I came across the now well known/worn quote by Hassan I'
      Sabbah: Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted. Unfortunately
      legions upon legions of immatures take this to mean that they can
      defy every known law without suffering any consequence whatsoever.
      (soon corporate lawyers will be using the Sabbah defense for their
      billionaire clients and thus promptly winning cases). What is hardly
      known however and what Evola himself emphasized is that Hassan meant
      what he said to be used only by trainees in the upper levels of his
      program and not for the base of the pyramid neophytes. In all the
      years that I've come across the nothing/everything quote, first
      popularized by William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin, I've never seen
      mention of this upper level prerequisite required to access the
      ambiguous axiom at all. The resulting free for all has had disastrous
      consequences: the inexperienced magician thinks that she/he are
      successfully rebelling against something by believing in nothing/
      allowing everything, but are really unconsciously conforming to the
      very id based dictates of the corporate world, which depends upon
      this kind of ignorance and recklessness for its very existence. Take
      heed anyone who follows the Colonel Sanders of the Occult Aleister
      Crowley's, 'do what thou wilt' as well, for you are only
      perpetuating, with your precious life energy, a similar kind of
      franchise endorsement unawares, with many a string attached.

      There is a dangerous albeit effective antidote, however, in the
      form of The Ouranos Rite CD by Peter Carroll, one of the most
      prominent Chaos Magicians operative in recent times or anti-times as
      the case may be. Ouranos, in astrological parlance, is the planet of
      rebellion, surprises, shock, sudden changes, etc. Evoking the
      energies of the planetary archons associated with Ouranos via the
      rites /invocations found on this CD can either A: kick one on their
      righteous magickal ass (in the form of a much needed experience of
      humiliation-degradation) or B: further empower one to break free of
      any existing oppressive structure, social system, inner/outer
      delusions, etc.and experience total and unadulterated autonomy in
      defiance of the capitalist system and not in obeyance to it. Since
      the latter is quite difficult, even nearly impossible to do, I
      suggest to the neophyte to go ahead and make Ouranos's day. Take a
      risk and see if you can actually handle the Nothing True = Everything
      Permitted equation and not use it as a cop out, like some
      spoiled 'anarchist' brat who uses their parents's credit card to go
      out to a shopping mall to buy 'anarchist' Hakim Bey's complacency
      inducing slacker propaganda. Just listen to the 1st invocation on the
      CD and see what happens and then take it from there.

      For the upper level initiate nearing ultimate assassin-hood
      (assassination of the ego that is), I suggest pulling all the stops
      out and fully experiencing each and every provocative invocation
      found on this CD. There is an excellent and extensive glossary of
      Ouranian words to use in various spells in the accompanying brochure.
      If you are feeling stuck and in some kind of magickal or corporate or
      Men are from Mars/Women are from Venus relationship rut, this is the
      Rite to follow, but be prepared for the unexpected!

      Available at WWW.NewFalcon.com

      Ride the Tiger: A Survival Manual for
      Aristocrats of the Soul
      by Julius Evola

      Book Review by
      Jaye Beldo

      While listening to the Ouranos Rite CD (reviewed above) I wondered
      what Jullius Evola would have thought of the so called Chaos Magick
      now spinning out of fractal control. After musing upon his essays and
      becoming more familiar with his views, I'm sure he would look upon
      something so anti-order and hier-anarchic with utter contempt and
      disdain. After all, he was an Aristocrat of the Soul as the sub title
      of the book emphasizes. His abhorrence of chaos certainly would
      give birth to a polemical tractate or two or even a full length book
      if he were still alive, that is for certain. (I can see his monocle
      shattering in Mandlebrot fashion so fuming mad he would become in
      light of current magickal developments!)

      Evola has been quite a controversial figure all along,
      metaphysically toeing the line of some potentially fascist
      ideologies. He certainly has a growing audience on the right side of
      the occult as well as political spectrum. In the book Black Sun,
      Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke takes aim at Orange Julius and spells out
      his rather shady right wing associations with protracted and tedious
      detail, while ignoring some of the real spiritual treasures within
      Evola's work. In spite of such possible leanings to the all powerful
      Imperium-I feel that we can greatly, even profoundly benefit from
      some of Evola's views and that it is possible to separate them from
      potentially fascist undertones or tendencies towards such potentially
      noxious inculcations. We can use them in a more life affirming , even
      apolitical way. I'm particularly drawn to the notion of preserving
      tradition in order to withstand the forces of dissolution,
      relativism, etc. So far I have yet to see any real lasting benefit to
      come out of Chaos Magick. I have not seen any positive influence yet,
      other than thrilling inner rides which may help us intuit the
      implicate more effectively but not much else. Nor have I really seen
      any obvious benefit come out of Quantum Physics, for that matter,
      other than it being an elaborately complex and ultimately abstracted
      kind of acid trip( without the aura perforating side effects of the
      actual hallucinogen itself). Virtually all of our political and
      economic systems are based on the supposedly obsolete Newtonian
      Paradigm of action/reaction. Show me a non-local, gravity free
      government and I'll shut up and vote. Show me a Chaos based form of
      economy and I'll start investing in Blue Chips with nary a pang of

      Now onto political correctness, where notions of hierarchy are
      sneered upon in knee jerk fashion. Evola suavely advocates
      throughout his writings the importance, even the necessity of
      hierarchy in many ways. It is high time that we start listening to
      him again-his book should be mandatory reading in multi-cultural
      studies curriculum in universities. There are certainly many
      benefits to be had if we re-value/ re-integrate hierarchy back into
      our lives. We need to de-load the word for starters since most
      associate it with oppression, the State, the Patriarchy etc. Here is
      an example of the benefits of re-aligning to what I consider
      proactive hierarchy: I greatly admire classical east Indian music.
      The artists who play it such as Irshad Khan, Ustad Ali Akbhar Khan
      and others have my unending and deep respect. Why? Because the
      musicians are put through the most rigorous training-often made to
      practice up to 18 hours a day. Sometimes they tie their hair to the
      ceiling so that if they nod off, they are instantly awakened and can
      resume playing. Often their teachers sit on the stage with them when
      they perform, perhaps so they don't step out of line or as a gesture
      to remind the player that they are always learning and will always be
      a student ( a good way to check ego inflation). Having attended these
      concerts and watching the audience's jaws literally drop-I experience
      the pay off of such strict adherance to hierarchy. Now imagine some
      PC victim artist like Karen Finley wanting to learn how to play the
      sitar . About a half hour into an 18 hour day of practice, she would
      probably call a press conference and start protesting that she was
      being oppressed by a caste system and then want to do things her own
      way ( smearing chocolate on the sitar in front of corporate
      executives). Goddess Saraswati would weep and run away, quite
      embarrassed by the idiosyncratic/idiotic spectacle of this pseudo-

      Another example: In Ken Wilber's tumescent philosophical tome Sex,
      Ecology and Spirit he bravely defends hierarchy in a unique and
      coherent way: he describes first the sub atomic particlewave, then
      the atom, then the molecule, then the cell and then the organ and
      then the organism resting on top of all this. Without this hierarchy,
      life forms would cease to exist or never have existed in the first
      place. He then brilliantly advocates hierarchy against relativism of
      various kinds, cultural and otherwise.

      What I'm trying to convey with these incongrous examples is that
      without a sufficient grounding in hierarchy, anyone delving into
      Chaos Magick or Chaos Politicks or even Chaos Sex would be doomed to
      inevitable dissolution and not of an ego dissolving variety. Their
      very souls would dissolve. Just take a look around at all the empty
      eyed beings walking down the street in your town and ask yourself how
      many souls have been dissolved because of an absence of or rebellion
      against hierarchy. The reason I'm harping on all of this, in such a
      stilted , paradoxical and off hand fashion, is because my library
      angel cleverly arranged the pile of books- to- be-reviewed on my
      desk, so that the Chaos Magick-Ouranos Rite CD (reviewed above) was
      resting on top of the Julius 'tradition is everything' Evola book!
      What a dichotomy I thought, one begging for reconciliation or a
      transcendent function and hence this attempt at a review. In Iight of
      what Chaos can do and has done, in terms of temporarily freeing us
      up, I wholeheartedly defend many of Evola's positions. I do not,
      however, advocate the kind of fascism he was attracted to or
      advocated himself while he was alive. Maybe Evola should enter the
      Kao Chamber (CD reviewed in a previous issue of LNN) and groove on
      some quantum disarray while, outside, Peter Carroll slowly ascends
      Hassan's Ladder to the Top Gun Assassin-hood rung and when he reaches
      the summit, then and only then, can he shout out to the world that
      nothing is true, everything is omitted.

      Ride the Tiger can be ordered from:

      It is absolutely imperative that you do so.

      Coming Up in the 2-01-04 issue of LNN:

      Jack Sarfatti Inteview Exclusive

      The Redundancy of Martial Law

      The Alien Chronicles
      Book Review

      Inside the Shadow Government
      Book Review

      Was Theodor Adorno Walter Benjamin's


      Jaye Beldo writes for Disinfo.Com, Fahrenheit San Diego, The Great
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