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    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com Mediawhoresonline.com BUSH FATIGUE GRIPS
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2004
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      Please send as far and wide as possible.

      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist








      (CBS) After rising in public support following the capture of Saddam
      Hussein, President Bush gives his State of the Union message next
      week with a decidedly less positive audience.

      A CBS News/New York Times poll of 1,022 adults puts the president's
      approval rating at 50%, matching his lowest ever, and the largest
      number ever - 45% - disapproving.

      This decline (from 60% approval the week after Saddam's capture)
      comes after former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill's criticisms of
      the administration in a book and in interviews, and after continuing
      attacks on American troops in Iraq.

      And there is other bad news for the president.


      What accounts for these abysmal numbers? Haven't we heard for weeks
      now that Bush is "riding high" because of so-called positive economic
      news, his stealthy and cowardly trip into Iraq to present a fake
      turkey to a handpicked audience, and Saddam's capture?

      Wha hoppin?

      Bush Fatigue happened. The voters are awakening to the fraud that is
      the Bush presidency, the Bush War, the Bush economic plan, the Bush
      aircraft carrier landing, the Bush space vision, the Bush
      environmental, education, health care, immigration policies, and on
      and on.

      The Bush Fraud.

      But it isn't only Bush's miserable failure in each of those realms
      that is serving as a bracing wakeup call for the American public.

      Democrats are fighting back.

      And what happens when Democrats get fired up and begin to fight back?

      We win.

      After Pat Buchanan's hate-filled GOP convention speech in 1992, fired
      up Democrats fought back and we won.

      After Newt Gingrich's and Rush Limbaugh's hate-filled propaganda
      culminated in the OKC bombing, fired up Democrats fought back and we

      After Ken Starr's perverted witch hunt in 1998, fired up Democrats
      fought back and we won.

      After eight years of Republican power abuse, fired up Democrats
      fought back in 2000 and we won.

      What happened in 2002?

      Democrats failed to lead after 9/11 and instead allowed their actions
      to be determined by a terrorized public begging them not to give
      them any further "bad news" about Bush's defective character, his
      corruption, or his incompetence.

      Democrats failed to lead at a time when Democratic leadership was
      needed more than ever. A time when the corrupt Bush Regime signaled
      it intended to utilize the deaths of 3000 Americans to push an
      unrelated radical right-wing agenda that included an unnecessary and
      immoral Iraq war, and draconian domestic policies rejected by the
      American people when Bush was defeated in 2000.

      For months after 9/11, Democrats bought into the Republican Party and
      state-run news media's exploitative and disgraceful "unity means
      agreeing with Bush's radical right-wing agenda" propaganda.

      And when the midterm elections rolled around in November 2002, Karl
      Rove and Ralph Reed showed Democrats what happens when they foolishly
      trust known corrupt power abusers: Republicans will unceremoniously
      shove Democrats' goodwill down their throats with ads portraying them
      as traitors and terrorist sympathizers.

      Democrats seem to be wising up. Now they're ignoring the New York
      Times editorial admonitions not to question the Unelected Fraud's
      character and have begun to fight back hard.

      Our candidates are saying things you used to see only on Websites
      like this one.

      "I"m not going to play dress-up on an aircraft carrier."

      - Sen. John Kerry

      "Every time he brings [the Bush War] up, I'm going to beat him down
      with it. I can't wait until I'm standing on that stage looking at
      George W. Bush and he repeats a simplicity and I repeat my
      simplicity - you didn't do everything you could have done to have
      prevented 9/11, you failed in your duty to the American people and
      you took us into a war to distract the American people instead of
      focusing on the real threat to America.''

      - Gen.Wesley Clark

      "I'm tired of listening to fundamentalist preachers"

      - Dr. Howard Dean

      "A Miserable Failure"

      - Dick Gephardt

      For months, Republicans got away with saying Democrats were "carping"
      about national security and had no plan for remedying Bush's Iraq
      disaster and defending the country.

      But now, with the election season upon us, Democrats are finally
      getting enough airtime to articulate their plans, and the stunning
      new Bush poll numbers are reflecting this development.

      Among the Democrats' positions, favored by the American public over
      those of the Fraud:

      "We wont' lie about reasons for sending American soldiers to their

      "We won't spend $150 billion attacking unarmed third world nations
      and turning them into brand new Islamofascist states - we'll spend it
      shoring up homeland security and attacking Al Qaeda"

      For months, Republicans accused Democrats of not having an economic
      plan to counter Bush's irresponsible tax cuts for the wealthy. They
      should have been careful of what they asked for.

      "We won't force middle class working Americans to pay for tax breaks
      to the wealthiest 1%"

      "If you are a family of four making $50,000 or under, you won't pay a
      penny in federal income tax."

      Check Out Our Candidates

      Remember when it was safe for Republicans to mock the Democratic
      candidates and turn them into weak, hapless cartoonish "seven dwarf"
      losers because they knew the candidates were not receiving sufficient
      coverage to dispel the mythology?

      Not anymore. What is becoming more clear every day to more Americans
      is that all of our frontrunning candidates are infinitely stronger,
      more experienced, more intelligent, and more competent than the
      Unelected Fraud.

      Bush was able to get close enough to steal an election in a year in
      which Americans believed nothing could possibly go wrong in a country
      that had enjoyed 8 years of unprecedented peace and prosperity. The
      Clinton presidency created a false sense of security. That, combined
      with months of pro-Bush media propaganda, enabled many voters to
      become convinced that competency, intelligence, and experience were
      essentially vices, and the most important criteria in a president was
      whether one would "like to have a beer" with him or whether or
      not "he thinks he's so much better" than the media whores covering

      But virtues like intelligence, experience, competence, and morality
      are making a comeback and will likely make the difference this year,
      as voters see Democratic candidates contrasted starkly against the
      Bush Regime's moral cowardice, corruption, exploitation of 9/11
      victims, and all-around miserable failure on every front.

      Our candidates have finally abandoned holding back harsh criticism of
      George W. Bush, the individual for fear of being labeled
      unpatriotic. And they aren't afraid of accusations they are "not
      respecting the office of the presidency" because they finally
      understand that only the most deluded and hopeless Bush apologists
      believe it is in any way respectful of the office of the presidency
      to avoid criticizing someone who occupies it illegitimately as a
      result of successfully fighting to prevent the will of the American
      voters from prevailing.

      Repairing the image of Democrats-as-wimps was essential if we were to
      have any chance of defeating the Unelected Fraud in November.

      Nobody calls our candidates "wimps" anymore, do they?

      Karl's Empty Arsenal

      Some Democrats have become demoralized in recent weeks, lamenting the
      mudslinging among the candidates and by the media whores that has
      dominated the primary coverage.

      There was the ABC-American Spectacle story implying Dr. Howard Dean
      knowingly vouched for a wife-beater.

      Next came an equally vaporous New York Times story about General
      Wesley Clark strategist Chris Lehane, headlined at Drudge, complete
      with grainy black and white photo of Lehane resembling Chupacabra.

      Finally, accusations flew about John Kerry's alleged advocacy for the
      abolition of the Dept. of Agriculture, clearly intended to set us on
      a dangerous slippery slope toward the abolition agriculture itself.

      But given that these are considered the most "damaging" stories for
      each of the candidates - what is most remarkable is not the nastiness
      of the campaign, but the fact that when one examines all of the so-
      called "scandals" thrown around thus far, the heartening question
      that comes to mind is: Is this all they have?

      There is no reason to believe Karl and the gang, or any of the
      candidates' operatives, are holding back much. If that is the case,
      we're in great shape because not only do we have several superior
      front-running candidates, but they're relatively skeleton-free.

      The media whores and Karl will be left with attempting to destroy our
      nominee with tired personal smears, but they too will fail, not only
      because the two GOP/media whore standards (the Democratic candidate
      is "mentally ill" or "has an identity crisis") are retreads from 2000
      and better recognized now, but because reality will aggressively

      Karl and his media whores will say "Howard Dean is angry." Voters
      will observe and conclude he's not angry but "gets" angry - about the
      same things they are angry about.

      Karl and his media whores will say General Wesley Clark is "creepy
      and dangerously ambitious." Voters will observe General Wesley
      Clark's affable demeanor, and consider his heroism and long record of
      accomplishment in arenas that require intense discipline combined
      with intelligence, morality, and dignity. Rove's charge simply will
      not compute.

      Karl and his media whores will disingenuously claim Senator John
      Kerry "flip-flops" and is overly coiffed. Senator Kerry will replay
      the Daily Show segment of Bush debating himself about nation building.

      That's not to say the RNC and the media whores will not try to invent
      a script and stick to it. But we suspect their potency now will be
      diluted substantially, as those efforts are more transparent now than
      they have ever been. More voters are wise to the media whores' lack
      of seriousness, the candidates are strong, and perhaps most
      important - mass Bush Fatigue resulting from this illegitimate
      regime's relentless failure is setting in.

      Their boy is getting rolled in November.
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