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Lone Nutter News 07-04-03

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  • Robert Sterling
    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com LNN Lone Nutter News 7-04-03 by Jaye Beldo
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      Please send as far and wide as possible.

      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist

      Lone Nutter News


      Jaye Beldo

      In This Issue:

      Anal-Apolis in XTC

      The Conspirators
      by Al Martin

      Intuitive Media Prediction

      Exclusive Interview with Bayless Secord
      Celebrity DNA Psychic

      Arjuna Diaz: Cram Artist Extraordinaire

      The Assassinations
      Book Review by
      Jaye Beldo


      Anal-apolis in XTC

      XTC Magazine, now peaking its brains out in Minneapolis with its
      first issue, is publishing my Anal-apolis article which originally
      premiered in the Twin Cities Reader weekly back in 1996. The
      overall response to my observation of overt geo-political anal
      retentiveness and its devastating consequences in the form of pseudo-
      liberalism, hypocritical 'Minnesota Nice', PC Nazis infiltrating
      academia and the artworld etc. was A: enthusiastically received by
      those who had moved to Minneapolis from elsewhere and B: hated by
      those who grew up in Minneapolis or Minnesota in general (the fish
      not seeing the water he/she lives in syndrome). I received some
      rather nasty letters from and phone calls from irate native people. I
      burst a few civic bubbles but not as many as I wanted to, for
      regional anality still persists to this day in Minneapolis-perhaps
      why XTC has deemed it fit to publish once again. So check it out if
      you can. No websites that I know of are posting Anal-apolis-although
      it was on the Gnostic Liberation Front site which is temporarily out
      of commission and will be up and running ... hopefully soon? Eh

      contact RPM at TwoRabbits@... for more info. on where to find
      copies of XTC, ad rates, writer's guidelines etc.


      The Conspirators

      Uri Dowbenko recently sent me a copy of The Conspirators: Secrets of
      an Iran-Contra Insider by Al Martin. My full review of this hair
      graying book will appear in the next edition of LNN. For now I'm
      compelled to urge LNN readers, in honor of the real Independence Day,
      to go out and buy this book. I have never come across something that
      has made me so literally sick to my stomach, considering its
      directness and the depth/breadth of investigation into the criminal
      cabal otherwise known as our government. Mr. Martin obviously has
      the courage to come forth and name the names like I've never seen
      done before. The Bush moniker appears very frequently
      throughout....surprise surprise. Please go to: www.almartinraw.com
      for more info. on how to order this book. If The Conspirators
      doesn't make you blood boiling angry.....nothing will!


      Intuitive Media Prediction

      I usually refrain from making predictions-both in my work as an
      Intuitive Counselor, Integral Tarot reader and even in some of my
      satirical writing-but this one I have to share with you:

      I suspect Ronald Reagan is dead but the media is not revealing this.
      Right before the polls open for the Presidential election in the fall
      or maybe even during the republican convention in NYC near the 911
      anniversary, his death will then be announced on every front page in
      America. Thus the heart/puppet strings of the populus will be pulled
      in an even more rightward direction-people will then go out and vote
      for Bush as an expression of their 'sorrow' over the loss of
      the 'greatest' president we ever had.

      Sometimes cynicism such as expressed above creates unusual clarity
      and allows me to see into the future in a strangely undistorted way.
      However, please pray that I'm wrong and that this prediction won't
      come true because it really could sway the election considering how
      gullible the American public seems to be at the moment. Now that I
      think about it-if Ronny doesn't croak, then maybe orders to have his
      plugged pulled will then be given-perhaps by Kervorkian himself.


      Bayless Secord Interview Exclusive

      Bayless Secord is a rather unusual fellow in that he claims to have
      an ability to psychically read celebrity DNA. After remotely
      scanning the glittery genomes of such stars as Britney Spears and
      Madonna from the confines of his home in Medina, Mn. Bayless has
      concluded that the key to humanity's salvation is hidden within
      celebrity DNA. Lone Nutter News recently contacted him in an attempt
      to learn more about this promising potential which may give the
      Genome Project a new lease on the future of the earth.

      Lone Nutter News: So how do you psychically read celebrity DNA?

      Bayless: I envision my third eye as an electron microscope and focus
      it on a single DNA molecule of say...Bruce Willis or even Keaunu
      Reeves when I'm feeling daring. Then I use the cytoplasm as a kind
      of movie screen on which to view the DNA codes that contain all sorts
      of information. By doing this, I've come to the conclusion that
      people in high profile positions like movie stars and rock musicians
      have a better chance of fully activating their unused DNA to create
      meta-human genes. Being in the media spotlight is activating this
      junk DNA somehow-which still remains dormant in non-celebrities...the
      average six pack Joe..the nine to five slob so to speak who can't
      even get a letter to the editor published in his local paper.

      LNN: What do you see specifically?

      Bayless: Well in the blockbuster celebrities I scan like Arnold
      Schwarznegger there are lots of explosions, steamy sex scenes between
      DNA molecules, car chases involving sub-optimal genes, lot's of
      profanity between RNA and DNA, gun fire, tedious second acts with
      boring amino acid subplots......the usual Hollywood formula movie
      stuff but all within this microscopic world I psychically scan.
      Fortunately I'm able to see through this crap. I'm starting to see
      more interesting genetic movies within the DNA of premium celebrities
      like Cher and Jewel for example. I believe that the these movies I
      psychically see may transform our society into something that is debt
      free, has universal health care, models its government after the one
      in Sweden, DNA movies that promote world peace and sound ecological
      practices esp. by major corporations like Exxon, Halliburton. The
      catch however is to make celebrities aware of these salvational,
      molecular movies going on in their DNA. This is where Bayless comes
      in: I hope to help celebrities read the script of their own DNA by
      using my psychic abilities and show them how to act accordingly.
      Once enough celebrities become aware of what is going on, I believe
      that all of Hollywood will completely merge with the Biotech industry
      and start making the DNA movies I am seeing on the molecular level
      even if they don't conform to the usual formula of sex, drugs,
      violence, profanity. I trust that someday I'll be a psychic
      consultant during the production of these gene movies and that
      certain celebrities will totally transform the world into a peaceful
      and healthy place to live by willingly, altruistically activating
      their junk DNA.

      LNG: Will this DNA be projected onto a movie screen in a suburban
      theater someday for the average person to see?

      Bayless: Let's hope so. I do foresee a mass activation of fully
      evolved, twelve stranded DNA but only if two stranded people go see
      the DNA celebrity movies at their local theater or on pay per view.
      The more people who see DNA movies the greater the chance of

      LNN: Who will direct these movies?

      Bayless: Oh...what I call Spiritual Scientists.

      LNN: Isn't that rather oxymoronic? Surely you'll need scientific
      proof to get this project of yours going-to sell it not only to
      Hollywood, but the Biotech industry you see merging with Hollywood.

      Bayless: I really don't think I need scientific proof. All I need is
      one major celebrity to endorse my work like Demi Moore, pitch it to
      Spielberg and Biotech and the rest will be easy. Maybe I'll be
      directing the movies!

      LNN: How do you know when something you see in DNA is true or not?

      Bayless: I know I'm onto something when my heart chakra warms up.
      And I also know I'm being told a genetic lie when my skin starts to
      crawl. The proof is in my intuition and not statistics. The other
      day I tried reading President Bush's DNA but frankly speaking...based
      on what I saw, I don't think the man is human or anyone else in his
      administration for that matter.

      LNN: Do you really think Hollywood will be sold on your ideas through
      your intuition or celebrity endorsement?

      Bayless: Well I am planning to read the DNA of producers, maybe even
      gene scientists themselves if I have to. Who knows where this will

      LNN: Will you read my DNA and see if I have the same salvational
      potential as Andrew Firestone?

      Bayless: You're not a celebrity. Call me after you appear on a talk
      show or star in a mainstream movie, O.K.? Then we'll talk business.
      You'll be in a better position to afford my rates!

      LNN: I'll keep you posted on that one. Well, Bayless...thanks for
      talking with us. I'll be looking for your name when the credits roll
      in Mariah Carey's DNA when I psychically scan it.

      Bayless: Oh! That would be sweet! Heaven indeed!


      Arjuna Diaz: Cram Artist Extrordinaire

      In 1988 I met a guy during a Himalayan trek in Northern India who
      called himself Arjuna Diaz (real name Ronald). I had participated in
      a group trip sponsored by the Omega Institute in New York and which
      was lead by none other than Joan Halifax, the haughty, Rockefeller
      funded anthropologist, so called Buddhist and Shamaness to boot.
      Arjuna caused much trouble for the group: falling in love with a trip
      member, getting seriously sick, refusing to take medication so more
      attention would be paid to him, the usual infantile stuff
      characteristic of most inner plane explorers. His last words to me
      at the New Delhi airport as we were preparing to fly our separate
      ways were: "I'm going to Calcutta where they burn egos in big black

      "I doubt there will be a pit big enough for your ego...pal." I wanted
      to say but I didn't. I actually felt sorry for the guy at the time
      and wished him well in his quest.

      I didn't think much about Arjuna after I returned to the US until I
      got a postcard from him about three years later. He informed me
      that he had started a phone sex business and wanted to know if I
      wanted in on the action. Being in rather desperate financial
      straights at the time, I agreed and started writing these three
      minute scripts of a PG-13 variety when the regulations on the
      industry were tighter. Eventually, after buying my scripts, he said
      he would hire me full time. When he gave me the go ahead after the
      industry was less strict about XXX content, I flew down to Atlanta
      where his business was. But when I got there, Arjuna was not
      interested in talking business at all. We wandered around downtown.
      He took me up to this revolving restaurant and tried hitting on the
      waitresses-but to no avail as he appeared quite geekish: penny
      loafers, calve length socks-the stereotypical computer nerd who was
      about eighty pounds overweight, pony tailed-the whole bit.

      "Did you bring your passport?" He asked me. "Do you want to go

      A bit taken aback by his suggestion, he then informed me that he had
      over three hundred grand in the bank so financing any last minute
      trip would be no problem.

      When we got to his apartment a few hours later, he fired up his
      laptop and scrolled through a program which showed who called his
      phone sex business, how often and how much money he made per day. He
      made about twenty grand in 24 hours he bragged to me, showing me the
      figures on the screen and then said morosely, "I wonder what my guru
      would think of me."

      Before I proceed with the rest of this story I'm compelled to inform
      the reader that the name Arjuna, a character in the epic myth of the
      Bhagavad Gita,means 'One who makes sincere efforts'. The real Arjuna
      was a spiritual warrior battling his own illusions basically.

      The next day we were on a plane to Puerto Rico. I'l l fast forward
      to the end of this nightmare 'vacation' which consisted of me
      watching Arjuna hit on the stunning Puerto Rican women in skin tight
      black dresses-all to the usual no avail. Fed up with and embarrassed
      by this sexually frustrated pornographer's antics, I confronted him
      on the so called job position he had offered me back in Georgia.

      "Oh...didn't I tell you...I hired someone else." Was his pathetic

      I walked outside to get away from him-finding a bit of shore away
      from the hotel to commune with the ocean, a desperate attempt on my
      part at salvaging the wasted trip. Somehow he found me and sat
      down. After listening to the waves and watching the full moon rise,
      he turned to me and said: "What a beautiful evening....God... how I
      wish you were a woman."

      I got up and raced to the hotel room and changed all the reservations
      to shorten the trip by a day. I really felt what it was like to be a
      woman trapped by a rich man on a date from hell with no where to go.

      Arjuna confronted me in the airport back in Atlanta prior to my
      flight back home-asking for the 800 dollars of 'fun' money he gave me
      of which I spent about twenty dollars of. Apparently I didn't live up
      to his expectations so he was punishing me through his act of Indian
      Giving. I gave it all to him and told him to put it back in his
      sperm bank. I told him that men were jacking off into his bank
      account and that I wanted nothing to do with it. He had no reason to
      get offended at me but he did.

      A few months ago, I decided to check up on Arjuna Diaz and did a
      Google search of his spurious and unjustly appropriated name. Lo and
      behold I discovered that he is currently wanted for defrauding
      customers and phone companies in Atlanta through a scam called
      cramming-where consumers are charged on their phone bill without
      being informed of the charges. His scam was a singles hot line people
      could call in hopes to find a date. Callers were being charged up to
      four dollars a minute without knowing about it until they received
      their phone bill.

      I couldn't find the original website where I first encountered this
      info. while writing this story for LNN- so I can't verify the exact
      amount of his illegal earnings but it was somewhere around 20 million
      I believe. No doubt he is somewhere back in India searching for that
      big black pit in Calcutta or maybe kneeling at the feet of his
      beloved guru, drawing upon his offshore/Swiss bank accounts to
      finance his illusions quite nicely for the rest of his pathetic
      life. Who knows, maybe he can buy off his guru who will take on his
      bad cramming karma and work through it for him. Such are the
      luxuries of the rich, I suppose.

      Check out:


      for the most updated info. on this sleazy intrigue.

      The Assassinations
      Book Review

      Jaye Beldo

      Weary of the contrived maze of intrigue surrounding the
      assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK and Malcolm X? In order to cut to
      the conspiratorial core, I suggest checking out The Assassinations
      edited by James DiEugenio and Lisa Pease. These dedicated researchers
      who put out Probe Magazine (www.webcom.com/ctka) pay a worthy tribute
      to the 40th anniversary of the JFK snuff by offering us a cohesive
      and comprehensive analysis of what really happened in Dallas and
      elsewhere. The appearance of this book is most timely, considering
      that JFK's supposed affair with a young intern is making front page
      tabloid news in the usual sleight of hand fashion, distracting us
      from the ongoing dictatorial machinations of the Bush administration.

      Steering clear of the kind of mythical/alchemical exegesis that the
      late James Shelby Downard (author of King Kill-33) was known for as
      well as potentially crack pot theories such as lizard alien
      complicity in the assassinations, the editors dedicate themselves to
      the presentation of facts that deconstruct and devastate such
      insulting documents as the so called Warren report. I particularly
      enjoyed reading "The Creation of the 'Warren Commission'" by Donald
      Gibson who states out right: 'Most of the people who have done
      research on or are knowledgeable about the performance of the so-
      called Warren Commission are convinced that a number of its members
      and counsel played an important role in the post-assassination cover-
      up.' Gibson proceeds to describe how the commission itself was
      kludged under very suspicious and questionable circumstances in a way
      difficult to dismiss. Something we should all pay attention to, for
      the very same commissions composed mainly of sleazy Illuminati Mafia
      types are currently at work 'investigating' the Columbia Space
      Shuttle explosion and the economic assassins at Enron for starters.
      With practice, we can see how these spurious and reckless ad hoc
      committees only serve to shroud the truth rather than reveal it. The
      Assassinations will help greatly with achieving and maintaining the
      kind of perceptive vigilance required to see through the
      conspiratorial BS at large. Much of the writing in The Assassinations
      resulted from the uproar following Oliver Stone's film JFK that
      stated that 'thousands of documents about the president's murder
      remain sealed.' Congress, responding to public outcry, then created
      the Assassinations Records Review Board, which declassified some but
      not all information crucial to revealing the reality at hand.

      It has been most encouraging to this book reviewer that The
      Assassinations pushes us all further towards the cusp of truth,
      whether we like it or not. Our understanding of the 'cataclysmic
      homicide' of JFK and other potential and actual revolutionaries will
      be inevitably broadened/deepened by a thorough study of this
      impressive work. May the editors's courageous efforts continue
      unabated. Perhaps after reading The Assassinations, the American
      public will pressure Congress to initiate a full-scale investigation
      into Bush complicity in the 911 assassinations and various other
      crimes against humanity that he has committed. It sure would be nice
      to see James DiEugenio and Lisa Pease on the review board, for it
      would pretty much guarantee a front page indictment for Dubya.

      Available from Feral House: www.feralhouse.com

      Lone Nutter News
      ©2003-Jaye Beldo
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