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  • Robert Sterling
    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com Lone Nutter News 5-01-03 by Jaye Beldo
    Message 1 of 4 , May 4, 2003
      Please send as far and wide as possible.

      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist

      Lone Nutter News

      Jaye Beldo

      In this Issue:

      CIA Site is Bogus

      'Unihipili in Steamshovel Press

      AAD: Advertising Affective Disorder

      Time and the Technosphere Review

      Abuse Your Illusions/
      Disinformation: The Complete Series DVD

      Healing Sounds Review
      CIA Site is Bogus

      Thanks to many of you who expressed concern about my wellbeing
      and safety after I said in the last edition of LNN that my Mind
      Control in Black and White article was posted on the CIA's official
      website. A few of you actually scrutinized the site more thoroughly
      than I did. I admit that once I saw the CIA logo ominously
      manifesting on my monitor, I immediately left the site. However,
      those of you who poked around, discovered that the site is a spoof,
      put on/out by somebody associated with the London School of Art.
      Just so you know, lest you think the site is real, I am not a CIA
      agent. If I was...I'd actually get paid on a regular basis for
      writing the stuff that I do. Hmmm....a tempting possibility come to
      think of it. Perhaps I'll be preparing for an interview with the
      agency soon, as I've heard that there is a job opening in
      their 'Weird Desk' department.
      'Unihipili in Steamshovel Press

      Please check out the upcoming issue of Kenn Thomas's
      Steamshovel Press and the article I contributed called: 'Unihipili:
      An Intuitive Perspective on how the current Dubya administration is
      being targeted by black magic Kahunas who have inserted discarnate
      criminals, mostly from Nazi Germany, into the bodies of Bush, Cheney
      et al. I'm quite honored to be making an appearance in KT's
      hallowed if not hoary 'zine considering that the likes of Timothy
      Leary, William S.. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and other counter
      culture luminaries from by-gone flashbacks have been published over
      the years in SSP. So do me a favor and check it out and make sure to
      subscribe to the best in Offline Illumination while you're at it! In
      the meantime check out KT's website at:
      AAD: Advertising Affective Disorder

      I'm back on the air to discuss, rather reach out from the
      depths of my commercial heart, to those who may be suffering from AAD
      or Advertising Affective Disorder. Many of you may be familiar with
      how I cope with AAD via the McHajj series posted on Mr. Sterling's
      Konformist Website (www. konformist.com/2002/mchajj/mchajj.htm) I
      sent a synopsis of my affliction to Wireless Flash News who
      interviewed me last week and then dispatched the info.to the media on
      Monday calling AAD a form of 'Icon-trol'. I've been on a few
      stations so far such as KTWD 99.9 FM, KZL? FM somewhere in
      California, a station in Kamloops, BC and Red FM 104 in Ireland on
      the late night Victor Barry show. I've been contacted by KASH 105.7
      in Anchorage Alaska, a Country-Western station as well. I'll
      probably confess to them that Ronald McDonald tries to force Garth
      Brooks to play a Beethoven Violin Sonata in front of his fans.

      I'm currently using the air time to promote new underground 'zines
      and websites such as New World Disorder, MK Zine as well as some of
      the fine books coming out now which include Abuse Your Illusions
      published by Disinfo.Com (see review below) and The Assassinations
      put out by the yet to be domesticated Feral House. I even got a call
      from ABC News. A guy named Burt Wolf said he was interested in the
      AAD story. When I sent the inquiring journalist to websites
      containing my conspiracy articles and the McHajj series which has
      resulted from my AAD, I never heard back from him, however. Gee,
      what a surprise! He asked me if I had a psychiatry or psychology
      degree and if AAD was a 'real' affliction. In spite of my hopes of
      having the story aired on such a Clear Channel being dashed, the
      overall response has been good so far. However, one announcer got
      rather nervous when I claimed I was going to file a class action
      lawsuit against Madison Avenue for causing my AAD disorder. "Not on
      this station.' , he said with a bit of a warning tone in his voice.
      On the station up in Kamloops (which was even more moronic than some
      of the U.S. stations I've been on , I'm sorry to say) I said that I
      saw Ronald McDonald tearing up the U.S. Constitution into little
      pieces when I was asked how AAD was effecting or affecting me that
      day. Again there was nervous laughter and then a polite ushering of
      myself off the air after one of the announcers claimed that Ronald
      was having sex with her in the middle of the night. At least I
      didn't chime in that the Pillsbury Doughboy was trying to sodomize me
      with the Patriot Acts I and II rolled up and stuffed into a Red,
      White and Blue Strap On and that John Ashcroft was videotaping it all
      for airing at the next Republican convention.

      In terms of psychic attack via the media matrix: the
      gatekeepers, prison warders and other assorted vampire goons have
      been trying to sabotage me with the weirdest etherically based MK-
      mostly holographic inserts and of course the usual bottom feeder
      entities trying to glom onto my aura in the middle of the night.
      This morning in meditation, after doing a Vajra mantra ,I saw this
      kind of device surrounding my head-one which attempts to distort my
      sixth and seventh chakras-trying to block access to the heart. Yet
      overall the attacks have not been as severe as when I went on the air
      to discuss the Bon Jovi conspiracy and MK-ANUS in the spring of '02.
      Either that or I've gotten more immune to the fallout. BTW: David
      Moye of Wireless Flash informed me that sales of the Bounce album
      have failed to meet the capital expectations of Island Records who
      have tried to breathe new life into the talent/vision lacking Jovi.
      I'd like to think that my on air foray last summer where I tried to
      point out the sugar coated fascism inherent in the XS Serialization
      Program had something to do with this,not to mention the websites
      that posted the article I wrote. I'll at least entertain the
      possibility for now and hope for another chance to bring to the
      public domain, awareness of the potential for NWO takeover via Has
      Been Hair Metalers such as BJ.
      Time and the Technosphere
      By Jose Arguelles

      Book review by Jaye Beldo

      Jose Arguelles has cornered the market on chronological intrigue
      with his most recent offering published by Bear and Company. The
      ultimate darling of the New Age movement and world famous co-
      ordinator of the so called Harmonic Convergence day which came and
      went back in the summer of 1987, Arguelles offers us a sobering,
      perhaps inspiring look at the various calendrical systems imposed
      upon us such as those found in the Gregorian and Julian systems. In
      Time and the Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs he
      advocates a calendar that accommodates the 13th moon-which has been
      globally occluded, deliberately speaking, by such vectors as the Holy
      Roman Empire and others of like minded oppression. Yet in spite of
      his good intentions at liberating us from the matrix of conscripted
      linearity, there is a hint of messianic condescension that sets the
      tone of this book throughout. Calling 9-11 the 'inevitable event'
      Arguelles distances himself with a kind of suave arrogance, disguised
      as erudition, that only the privileged few can ever appreciate, let
      alone understand. Here's an example of his haughty mien:

      I am the stranger from the other side of the wall of mechanized
      time, I have come back to make you familiar with the time your clock
      and calendar shield you from.....

      We should be very grateful for such a timely second coming on
      Arguelles part, but it is hard to swallow the weird declaration of
      his celestially atemporal status, a claim which only further
      dichotomizes his supposedly salvational, baker's dozen moon
      chronology ,instead of unifying it in a coherent, convincing and
      accessible way. I tried my best to be fair and tried to read and re-
      read the book, setting aside my obvious distaste for Jose's lofty
      attitude, but eventually came to the conclusion that the author
      himself has been taken over by some kind of sinister force looming
      underneath the surface of the deceptively impressive and scholarly
      prose. It is the same kind of creepy force which is currently
      infiltrating the New Age and holistic health movement in general as
      manifested in the so called Indigo Child phenomena. Another example
      of this spin can be found in the intelligence goon from New Mexico
      who alledgedly channels the Goddess Sehkmet who claims that the war
      in Iraq is an 'expression of her ultimate compassion'. 'Channeled'
      information from the Pleiades which claims that animals can never
      become extinct because their orignal templates exist in another
      dimension is yet another example of this multi-dimensional
      doublespeak ( but what a load off of my mind since I love clubbing
      baby seals to death). I guess what I'm struggling to say here is
      that much of the bizarre negativity encoded in Time and the
      Technosphere appears to be emanating from Planet X, now advancing
      towards the earth at breakneck,orbital speed. X seems to be
      inhabited by unsavory denizens who do not want humans to be liberated
      at all from the time constructs Arguelles describes so convincingly.
      On the smokescreen surface, Arguelles offers a way out of the trap,
      but I really don't think his optional route can be trusted at all,
      considering how oddly coded his book is underneath. I'm anxious to
      hear from readers of this column whether or not they have had similar
      intuitions about the book. I dare you to try some down home
      psychometry on the thing and see what you come up with via your hand
      chakras. In the healing work I've been doing lately, I've been
      seeing more and more of this malign presence and dare to posit that X
      is influencing if not inhabiting our unconscious minds. I highly
      recommend the work of Anna Hayes who has some wonderful meditations
      which enable us to see and then ward off this nastiness.

      I did make some sincere effort to bypass my growing prejudice
      towards Arguelles (especially since I loved his early '70's
      books 'Mandala' and 'The Transformative Vision') as I tried to read
      on. I would meditate after working through his convoluted intrigues
      but saw/felt some of the most vile and negative alien programming
      underneath the 2012 Omega Point frosting on his calendrical cake. I
      shared one of these inner experiences with a friend of mine and said,
      after handing the book over to him, "Arguelles has been taken over by
      "Yeah....his ego.' He said and walked away.

      Time and the Technosphere is a book to be talked about over a nice
      Chablis and Neufchatel cheese in some bistro in Santa Fe. My
      suggestion to Arguelles is that he should team up with Michael Moore
      and write something that the beer and pizza crowd in Detroit can
      understand for a change. But for that to happen, Jose is going to
      have to come back down to the earth, pass through that annoying wall
      of 'mechanized time' and revel in the 9 to 5 dirt for awhile. From
      what I have read in his book, this isn't going to be an easy task,
      since time, at least for Arguelles, isn't of the essence.

      Available from: Bear and Company
      Abuse Your Illusions:
      The Disinformation Guide to Media Mirages and
      Establishment Lies
      Edited by Russ Kick

      Book Review
      By Jaye Beldo

      Some of the illusions I've been abusing lately are ones
      convincing me that the Bush Administration will never be brought to
      trial for crimes against humanity and justly prosecuted. Or that
      John Ashcroft won't be hoisted on his own Patriot Act petard live on
      CNN where we can watch him agonize during Prime Time. Or that there
      won't be widespread uprisings amongst those who have finally realized
      that our Bill of Rights has been ultimately comprimised, forever.
      Thanks to Disinfo's latest offering Abuse Your Illusions:The
      Disinformation Guide to Media Mirages and Establishment Lies, I'm
      proud to say that I'll no longer be able to finance these oil
      pipeline dreams I try to cling onto, because within the covers of
      this potent edition are articles by Paul Krassner, Greg Palast,
      Daniel Ellsberg and others who are most devoted to uprooting and
      exposing, once and for all, the corporate criminals who think they
      can continue to perpetuate the varied mirages they use to hide
      behind. I was pleasantly electrified by a most scathing exposé of
      Bush complicity in the 9-11 event, found in the article by Russ Kick
      entitled 'Pieces of the 9-11 Puzzle'. Kick thoroughly and most
      impressively brings together so much contradictory information such
      as the Prez claiming twice that he saw the first plane hit the WTC
      Tower when it wasn't broadcast at all on t.v. anywhere until hours
      afterwards. Russ also provides eyewitness accounts from journalists
      who arrived on the scene before the FBI did, of the so called
      commercial jetliner hitting the Pentagon and the curious lack of body
      parts, suitcases and debris usually associated with crashes of this
      kind . Most damning, evidence wise, is the fact that military jets
      from over a hundred miles away were employed in the delayed scramble
      to the east coast, when pilots in a nearby airbase in Washington were
      just as readily available but not ordered (or ordered not) to
      scramble. There are some intriguing photos of an obvious explosion
      of WTC 6 which of course was systematically downplayed by the media
      as well. It is most heartening to this book reviewer to see such
      thoroughness of research and clarity of factual presentation. Not
      only does such high caliber journalism require outright courage these
      days considering that Martial Law is looming about as more and more
      evidence emerges which could indict Bush and Co., but a kind of civic
      fortitude that is obviously lacking in mainstream media and the
      spineless hacks who willingly perpetuate the mirage for their own
      self serving interests. Other gems in AYI include Jeff Cohen's
      clever take on the definition of the word 'terrorism' , Thom
      Hartmann's chilling article on 'Corporations Claim the Right to Lie'
      where the Nike Corporation says that it is their first amendment
      right to deny that they are using sweatshop labor. Try your best to
      ignore the article 'The Lily Suicides' by Richard DeGrandpre who
      points out that popular antidepressants such as Zoloft can and do
      cause suicide, while psychiatrists ignore this rather permanent side
      effect and continue to prescribe these deadly drugs in spite of the
      growing evidence of their dangers.
      If you have endless illusions to abuse your days away with and
      chances are that if you live in the United Police States of America,
      you do, please invest in this worthy Disinfo.Com achievement and dig
      in. You won't be sorry to have your rose colored bubbles burst in
      such a timely, relentless and effective way.

      Available at: www.disinfo.com

      Disinformation: The Complete Series DVD

      An editor for an art magazine I used to write for, named Layne
      Relya, once told me that the only time that we are only U.S.
      Citizens 'when we watch t.v.' Well, I can proudly say that for the
      first time in my life I can declare myself an American, because I
      recently took a pledge of allegiance and watched Richard Metzger's
      Disinformation Television series, wonderfully archived on DVD, and
      recently put out by none other than the Disinfo company. Handsomely
      packaged with an incendiary, fulsome and sultry mugshot of the host
      on the cover, this double DVD series packs over six hours of
      interviews with such personages as Paul Laffoley, Joe Coleman, the
      Throbbing Gristle/Psychic T.V. mountebank Genesis P-Orridge and many
      others. Highlights from the Disinfo.Con convention in 2000 are also
      included. Originally airing on Channel 4 in the UK the Sci-Fi
      channel in the US bought the series, only to permanently can it
      because of its controversial content. As the blurb on the back of
      the DVD package says:' How far out do you have to go....to go too far
      for television? Disinformation found out!'
      ...and so should you. Be a good citizen and order The Complete
      Series today!

      Available from www.disinfo.com
      Healing Sounds by Jonathan Goldman

      Book Review
      Jaye Beldo

      In the recent re-release of Jonathan Goldman's classic Healing
      Sounds published by Healing Arts Press,information on the Mongolian
      Hoomi over tone singers, Gyuoto Monks of Tibet and other indigenous
      practioners of sound healing can be found. Packed with esoteric
      information on how to do toning , primarily by sounding vowels, the
      positive effects such sound work can have on the physical and subtle
      bodies is aptly described within. Healing Sounds is a recommended
      source of information for any one interested in using toning for
      heightened awareness as well as psychic self defense. I found the
      description of Karlheinz Stockhausen's 'Stimmung' album most helpful
      as I have that recording but have not really developed my
      appreciation sufficiently enough to listen to its more spiritually
      subtle inflections. Stockhausen used overtoning himself to stimulate
      the pineal and pituitary glands and directed vibrations to specific
      points in the palette to do this. In order to produce the 28
      different overtones he was capable of producing, he said that he
      focused on different areas in his brain. I actually tried doing this
      and achieved some wonderful results in terms of dissolving a negative
      state of mind (although fell short of producing all of the
      overtones). It took some of Stockhausen's singers months to
      achieve the overtones that can be heard on the Stimmung' recording.
      The composer discovered marked physiological changes in his singers
      as well especially in their skulls.

      I first took interest in Healing Sounds after recommending to my
      Intuitive Healing clients that they try some form of toning to
      alleivate blockages in the body-most common being the ones found in
      the throat. I also recommend toning to ward off various forms of
      mind control and holographic inserts created and delivered by the
      Illuminati and alien weasels who seem to have endless MK tricks up
      their sleeve these days. As an example I once went to this web site
      called The Last Wizard and immediately felt like I was under psychic
      attack when I left. I went for a walk and began doing some of the
      toning exercises Goldman offers in his book. Within minutes, the
      weirdness was gone. I felt alive, grounded and present. Toning is
      the most direct and effective ways of dissolving entities, cords,
      miasms as well.

      I also suggest listening to Goldman's CD Chakra Chants which
      includes Pythagorean tunings, Bija Mantras and Shabda Yoga sounds, as
      this will helps one to appreciate his skill at overtone singing.

      available from: Healing Arts Press www.InnerTraditions.com

      Jaye Beldo writes for Disinfo.Com, the Konformist, New World
      Disorder, Paranoia, Steamshovel Press and other publications on and
      off line. He has appeared on the Howard Stern Show, WGN Radio, BBC
      London and other stations around the world. He can be reached at:

      ©2003-Jaye Beldo
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