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Disinformation: The Interviews

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  • Robert Sterling <robalini@aol.com>
    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com http://www.konformist.com
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 1, 2003
      Please send as far and wide as possible.

      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist


      Disinformation: The Interviews
      Militantly Magical Book released; "banned" DVD to follow in January

      "Disinformation: The Interviews" - Weirder than `Ripley's Believe it
      or Not'?
      Ever heard a plant speak? Know how to build a working time machine?
      Heard about the house grown from vegetables? Wanna learn how to
      perform acts of sorcery in 10 minutes or less?

      It's all there in "Disinformation: The Interviews", the new book from
      The Disinformation Company. "Wicked warlock" Richard Metzger presents
      the best interviews from his controversial hit UK television
      series "Disinformation®", featuring the most radical thinkers on the
      planet - in the first book that an author claims is a "magick spell".

      If you've ever wondered how you might build a working time machine -
      and don't we all - look no further than "Disinformation: The
      Interviews" where noted artist and futurist Paul Laffoley explains
      how a science fiction device he's invented measuring 7 square miles
      and hoisted into geo-synchronous orbit above the earth's surface can
      fulfill the definition of time travel as it was presented in HG
      Wells' novel, "The Time Machine." Laffoley also unveils his
      blueprints for a vegetable house grown from a single seed.

      Elsewhere in the book, weird science enthusiast Duncan Laurie
      introduces Metzger to his talking plants and discusses the "forbidden
      science" of radionics. Never heard of radionics? Well, you might say
      they're devices that work almost like long distance "wishing
      machines." Sound too weird to be true? These devices were tested
      thoroughly by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture in the late
      1940's (before they were outlawed entirely) and they *do* work. This
      might explain why you can't get your hands on them anymore!

      In an extended interview, X-Men scribe, comics genius Grant Morrison
      tells Metzger of his "alien abduction experience" in Nepal and
      explains how anyone can perform acts of sorcery within 10 minutes
      using just pen, paper and their "magic wand". And so can you -- we
      can't explain this part of it in a G-rated press release!

      LA Weekly's Doug Harvey explains: "This emphasis on the magical
      alteration of reality through force of will may seem whimsical at
      first glance, but points up an essential aspect of the
      Disinformation® agenda. Where dissection of propaganda and
      exploration of alternative theories awaken individuals to the web of
      fictions that surrounds them, the examples of pranksters and deviants
      empower them to put their own, competing fictions into play. This is
      William Burroughs-style magic, exploiting whatever current technology
      works best -- culture jamming, ad busting, or hacking a hole in the
      prevailing consensus."

      Hosted by The Disinformation Company's co-founder Richard Metzger,
      the "Disinformation®" television series caused quite a stir when it
      aired on the UK's Channel 4 TV network. The first season was
      bizarrely scheduled after "Ally McBeal" and surely messed with the
      heads of more than a few fans of that show; the second season went
      even further in challenging the network's censors, resulting in
      Channel 4 refusing to air certain segments.

      Nonetheless, the series was a hit and was bought by SCI FI Channel in
      the United States. They didn't quite realize what they'd paid for,
      apparently, and never aired the programs. The interviews in this book
      represent the "intellectual" side of the series; the more "insane"
      pieces, such as the mayhem of the legendary `Uncle Goddamn' segments,
      are contained on a companion DVD soon to be released.

      "Disinformation: The Interviews" packs more than 280 color plates in
      its 176 pages. Startling and mind bending images from `outsider
      artists' like Laffoley, Joe Coleman and Norbert Kox, not to mention
      the first ever publication of performance artist Kembra Pfalher's
      notorious "Wall of Vagina" (don't ask, but do check out page 77!)

      Other items in "Disinformation: The Interviews" include: Robert Anton
      Wilson on The Illuminati - Scientist Howard Bloom (The Lucifer
      Principle) on the coming biological apocalypse - Genesis P-Orridge
      (Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV) describing what it's like to be the
      leader of your own cult - Joe Coleman on serial killers - Douglas
      Rushkoff explaining media viruses - Kembra Pfahler on why she sewed
      her vagina shut - Philosopher Peter Russell on ecological doomsday -
      and more!

      A companion 2-DVD set featuring the complete Disinformation® TV
      series, plus highlights of the infamous Disinfo.Con event featuring
      speeches from Robert Anton Wilson, Douglas Rushkoff, Joe Coleman,
      Kenneth Anger, Marilyn Manson and others will be released soon.

      For a review copy or to interview author Richard Metzger: tel. 212
      529 2330; fax (212) 473 3717; or email books@....

      For more information on the book, please see:

      http://www.disinfo.com/pages/article/id2877/pg1/ or purchase directly
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