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Konformist: Julia "Butterfly" Hill: Konformist of the Year 1999

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    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com http://www.konformist.com/1999/koty1999.htm
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      Please send as far and wide as possible.


      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist


      Julia "Butterfly" Hill
      Konformist of the Year 1999

      Sometimes, the most powerful word that can be said is "no." Julia
      "Butterfly" Hill has been showing her power for over a year now.

      While many so called "rebels" and "mischief-makers" have proven how daring
      they are by sitting their duffs in front of a computer and printing frivolous
      internet zines, Julia Hill has tried something a little different: she's sit
      her duff in a tree.

      More specifically, since December 10, 1997, she has sit in the Redwood tree
      known as Luna the Stafford Giant, an act of determined civil disobedience.
      Her sit-in is approaching 16 months, protecting a tree (and surrounding
      trees) threatened by Pacific Lumber and the Maxxam corporation, run by
      corporate raider and financial swindler Charles Hurwitz.

      Julia Hill is also a member of Earth First!, the passionate environmental
      organization regularly labeled a "terrorist" organization by the mainstream
      media over dubious at best allegations that they were involved in spiking
      trees. That such a "terrorist" organization regularly engages in non-violent
      acts of civil disobedience seems to fly in the face of the charge. Thanks
      primarily to her sit-in (by far the longest in history), Earth First! has
      finally been getting some positive media coverage, as they most well deserve.

      An examination of the campaign against Earth First!, which includes the still
      controversial bombing of Judi Bari and the botched investigation which
      followed, proves it to be an echo of the COINTELPRO campaign of the sixties
      on waged against groups the FBI deemed as "subversives." What Julia Hill has
      helped prove is that she and her kind are a threat to no one but big
      korporations that want to plunder for profit. Indeed, Hill's campaign has
      opened the eyes of many in groups that would be normally suspicious of those
      associated with her cause, such as those in the Patriot/Militia movement.
      When all the frivolous ideological values are removed, Earth First! and the
      Patriot community are one and the same: groups of dedicated people who value
      the land, and do not like how the establishment, both government and business
      (which is one and the same), is stealing it from the rest of us in the name
      of mammon. As a symbol of uniting different causes, Hill deserves
      celebration alone.

      But beyond the symbolic, Julia Hill deserves to be admired for the values she
      embraces. Taking a page from Gandhi and Martin Luther King, she has proven
      that the greatest threat to elites is not war, but peace. The not-so-big
      secret is that the government LOVES violent anti-authority types, as they
      more effectively demonize dissent than any speech by establishment
      mouthpieces can. If violent anti-authority types don't exist, then the
      authorities are happy to manufacture them, which very likely is what is
      really behind the Oklahoma City bombing and the Unabomber. To the
      establishment, there is nothing more threatening than a Julia Hill, a person
      who turns rebellion in an idealistic, moral cause.

      The civil rights movement rightfully celebrates heroes like Martin Luther
      King and Malcolm X, men who spoke the ideas that will influence millions for
      generations to come. But many consider the true spark for the civil rights
      movement the act of Rosa Parks, the woman who said "no" when told to get off
      her seat. From that one act, an entire social revolution was started. Julia
      "Butterfly" Hill has waged the greatest act of civil disobedience since Ms.
      Parks, and with that act, another revolution may well be sparked.

      Perhaps the most telling victory for Julia is not that she has chosen to stay
      in the tree for so long, but that the authorities have LET her stay up there.
      As anyone aware of the Humboldt County's vicious methods at dealing with
      anti-logging demonstrators (including swabbing eyes with pepper spray) proves
      they have little moral qualms in using the iron fist of the law at full
      force. What has stopped them this time is most certainly not morality: it is
      logic, namely that the outrage caused by attacking a peaceful woman sitting
      in a tree is more trouble than it is worth. Instead, they have let her
      merely sit, hoping that eventually Hill's willpower would not crack. So far,
      she has withstood a scorching summer and El Nino, and seems to be little
      fazed. If this is a game of chicken, it'd be a sucker's bet to place money
      against Juy with the passion it deserves. Keep it going, Julia.

      We salute you.

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