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  • Robert Sterling
    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com Thu, 10 May 2001 Norman Solomon
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      Please send as far and wide as possible.


      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist

      Thu, 10 May 2001
      Norman Solomon <mediabeat@...>


      By Norman Solomon / Creators Syndicate

      For half a century, we've been watching rituals of
      Countless entertainment shows on TV have presented certain vengeance
      dramatic justice. In time for the last commercial, the designated bad
      got what was coming to them.

      These days, news coverage -- or what passes for it -- tends
      edge out fictional concoctions. The surfaces of pathos, anguish and
      suffering are readily available without scripts, actors or set
      Around the country, local news programs air plenty of crime
      sensations with
      yellow police tape in the background. Cable channels strive to offer
      latest shootings in progress. And trials can't miss: Inside a
      everyone makes a perfect cameo appearance.

      A week before the scheduled execution of Timothy McVeigh,
      major cable networks -- CNN, Fox and MSNBC -- could hardly tear
      away from the spectacle of a 14-year-old boy as he testified about
      happened when he shot a teacher, taking an adult's life and
      shattering his
      own. The camera work and sound quality were crystal clear.

      McVeigh's crime, we're told, was the deadliest act of
      ever on U.S. soil. Among the 168 people he killed were 19 young
      From prison, he has insisted on describing the kids he murdered as
      "collateral damage." It's a phrase that disturbed some media
      consumers a
      decade ago, during the Gulf War, when it was the euphemism of choice
      top Pentagon officials and many American reporters.

      In a recent statement to a Fox News Channel correspondent,
      said: "Collateral damage? As an American news junkie, a military man,
      and a
      Gulf War veteran, where do they think I learned that?"

      Unrepentant and preferring to undergo capital punishment now
      rather than later, McVeigh has declined to appeal his death sentence,
      move that would have delayed his execution for years. He expresses no
      remorse about setting off a bomb at the federal building in Oklahoma
      Explaining his motives to the authors of a new biography, McVeigh
      commented: "I did it for the larger good." With more diplomatic
      that's the sort of remark that U.S. officials frequently made during
      Gulf War.

      If McVeigh were black or brown instead of white -- and if he
      grown accustomed to the idea of inflicting lethal violence as a
      member of a
      gang instead of as a member of the U.S. Army -- it's a safe bet that
      media would have flooded us with feature reports, analysis and
      about the inner-city culture of violence and pathology that produced
      But in McVeigh's case, we're made to understand that he was a bad
      apple in
      a wholesome barrel overseen by Uncle Sam. The good apples, the ones
      we can
      all be proud of, understood that killing is laudable only when

      And now, it has been authorized in Terre Haute. During the
      before his execution in that Indiana city, T-shirts with his face on
      have been selling briskly. A simple message is printed on those
      shirts: "Die, die, die."

      Long ago, Bertrand Russell observed: "The reformative effect
      punishment is a belief that dies hard, chiefly, I think, because it
      is so
      satisfying to our sadistic impulses."

      The slaying of Tim McVeigh promises to be an unprecedented
      of capital punishment. Advance stories predict that 2,000 journalists
      descend on Terre Haute for the festivities.

      In Newsweek's words, the execution "will be shown on
      closed-circuit television to several hundred victims of the Oklahoma
      bombing and their families -- the biggest crowd to watch an execution
      the 1930s." In theory, the audience will be limited. But some of the
      viewers will surely be on national TV to describe what they saw.
      videos are likely to find their way to a wider audience.

      If "we," ostensibly represented by the state, are going to
      with premeditated executions, then we may as well see the grisly
      But why stop there?

      A lot of babies perish due to social conditions that could
      prevented by a shift in government priorities. For the first time in
      quarter-century, the latest annual figures tell us, infant mortality
      have not dropped in the United States -- remaining at 7.2 infants per
      births. Meanwhile, the Children's Defense Fund says, 10.8 million of
      nation's children are lacking health insurance.

      Unfortunately, there's no media frenzy to cover what happens
      the state, in effect, routinely kills many Americans simply by
      inaction --
      not enforcing workplace-safety rules, or not reducing air pollution
      menaces people chronically short of breath, or not providing health
      for the uninsured.

      With the corporate-dominated state functioning as a serial
      every day, news outlets should shine a bright light on its innocent


      Norman Solomon's weekly syndicated column -- archived at
      www.fair.org/media-beat/ -- focuses on media and politics.
      For online audio of his recent speech about media coverage of
      "globalization," go to:


      McVeigh's attorneys get evidence withheld by FBI
      Jerry Seper

      Published 5/11/01

      Attorneys for convicted terrorist Timothy McVeigh
      could ask a federal court to delay Wednesday's scheduled
      execution pending a hearing to determine if the FBI
      improperly withheld documents that should have been turned
      over to the defense.

      FBI officials told a federal judge yesterday that the
      bureau had mistakenly withheld more than 3,000 documents
      from McVeigh's attorneys, who last night said they were
      considering "all options."

      Federal officials said the error was discovered when
      FBI agents began gathering up evidence in the case to be
      moved to the bureau's archives.

      Justice Department spokeswoman Mindy Tucker said the
      department had notified McVeigh's attorneys that a number
      of FBI documents that should have been provided to them
      during the discovery phase of the trial had not been turned

      "While the department is confident the documents do
      not in any way create any reasonable doubt about McVeigh's
      guilt and do not contradict his repeated confessions of
      guilt, the department is concerned that McVeigh's attorneys
      were not able to review them at the appropriate time," she

      "The documents have been made available to McVeigh's
      attorneys, and the department has asked for notification if
      they believe any of the documents create any reasonable
      doubt about McVeigh's guilt," she said.

      In a letter last night to the defense lawyers, Sean
      Connelly, special attorney to Attorney General John
      Ashcroft, said the documents included material generated by
      FBI field offices outside Oklahoma City and consisted of
      transcripts of sworn statements and interviews of witnesses
      by FBI agents and other physical evidence, including
      photographs, written correspondence and tapes.

      The material was generated at FBI field offices in at
      least 30 states and in Paris, as part of a massive FBI
      investigation known as "OKBOMB."

      Mr. Connelly wrote that FBI Director Louis J. Freeh
      and Agent Danny Defenbaugh, who headed the Oklahoma City
      field office, had requested on numerous occasions that the
      documents be forwarded to Oklahoma City "and had received
      numerous assurances that all such materials had been

      "We do not believe anything produced is Brady material
      bearing on the federal convictions or sentences of Timothy
      McVeigh or Terry Nichols," Mr. Connelly wrote. "Similarly,
      we do not believe anything in the materials even makes a
      prima facie showing of either man's actual innocence. ...
      We are producing the materials so you can make your own

      None of the documents is expected to be favorable to
      McVeigh or Nichols, according to law enforcement sources.

      The FBI, which initiated an internal investigation
      yesterday to determine how the records were overlooked,
      referred inquiries in the matter last night to the Justice

      McVeigh's attorneys, led by Ron Nigh and Nathan
      Chambers, were given the documents last night and are said
      to be considering their next move.

      The documents were flown to McVeigh's Denver defense
      team on an FBI plane. The papers also were delivered to
      attorneys for Nichols, who is serving a life sentence for
      helping plan the bombing.

      Mr. Chambers said he had spoken personally with
      McVeigh about the FBI's failure to turn over the documents.
      He said McVeigh indicated he would consider the matter and
      decide on how best to proceed. Mr. Chambers did not

      "Here we are a full six years after the bombing and
      less than a week before Mr. McVeigh's scheduled execution
      and these reports mysteriously appear. So it's a cause for
      concern," he said.

      Lawyers and others close to the case noted, however,
      that McVeigh may not agree to any delay. He already has
      boasted of his guilt, claimed sole responsibility for the
      bombing, expressed his willingness to die as scheduled and
      has refused all appeals.

      U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch, who heard the
      McVeigh case, was not available last night for comment.

      A jury in Oklahoma City found McVeigh guilty in the
      1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, in
      which 168 persons were killed. The same jury recommended
      the death penalty, which Judge Matsch ordered.

      McVeigh is scheduled to become the first person
      executed under federal law since 1963.

      He is slated to die by lethal injection at 7 a.m.
      Wednesday at the federal penitentiary in Terre Haute, Ind.


      by Sherman H. Skolnick

      The following further details in this report might be helpful in
      understanding the situation:

      1. As stated, the head of the McVeigh defense team, attorney Stephen
      Jones, prior to the 1997 McVeigh murder trial, filed a Petition for
      Mandamus, an extra-ordinary attempted remedy in the U.S. Court of
      Appeals, 10th Circuit, Denver. Because of perceived prejudice
      against a
      fair trial in Oklahoma, the case had been transferred to Denver U.S.
      District Judge Richard Matsch. Prior to the beginning of the trial,
      Jones was attempting to force Judge Matsch to order the release of
      secret records in the possession of U.S. intelligence agencies,
      corroborating that U.S. dissidents were secretly surrogates for an
      revenge plot to carry out a major terrorist attack on an Oklahoma City
      federal office building. That these records, also referred to in
      court records, would show Iraqi complicity, as known in advance by
      intelligence agencies, as referred to in Jones' unpublicized Petition
      some 185 pages.

      The spy-riddled monopoly press did not bring out an important detail.
      Namely, that Judge Matsch was intimidated into keeping these records
      secret to protect the Clinton White House cover-up of the multiple
      bombings of the Murrah Building as well as protecting the FBI, the
      the NSA, and others of the spy agency Establishment. How? Judge
      daughter was apparently murdered. She somehow fell into a volcano in
      Hawaii. This apparent murder made the Judge naturally distraught. The
      apparent murder example also was known to and intimidated the Federal
      Appeals Judges in Denver who after the McVeigh murder trial, conducted
      without these highly revealing records, upheld the District Court's
      guilty verdict of McVeigh. So both the trial judge and the federal
      appeals Judges in Denver had been coerced into going along with a
      up by murder close to home.

      Will trial Judge Matsch and/or the federal appeals judges, all
      apparently intimidated by the apparent murder, do something at this
      date to bring out the true nature of the bombings of a federal office
      building in Oklahoma City?

      2. The apparent split in the FBI by which some three thousand records
      suddenly showed up also involves the super-secret Federal Emergency
      Management Agency, FEMA. Seldom accurately referred to by the
      pressfakers, FEMA is not authorized OR FUNDED by Congress. According
      very well placed sources, FEMA secretly funds their covert
      planning to run the U.S. FROM ABOVE THE U.S. CONSTITUTION, with huge
      funds garnered from the CIA's dope trafficking into the U.S. Vice
      President Richard Cheney has promoted the idea that FEMA should take
      over all anti-terrorist planning of the U.S., thus excluding the FBI,
      and causing a rift between the FBI and FEMA. Yes, FEMA seeks to run
      U.S. from ABOVE the U.S. Constitution and yes, I recognize such a
      is itself unconstitutional.

      [The martial law edict, quietly signed several years ago by President
      Clinton and carried over by alleged "President" or White House
      "resident" George W. Bush, provides---now get this---that no judge in
      the U.S. has jurisdiction to consider any challenge to the martial law
      edict. We are about the only ones publicly stating that several
      judges in the U.S. wear two hats---one as federal judge, and two,
      generally unknown, as FEMA official. One such judge sits in the
      Court in Chicago. We pointed all these details out in a several
      page documented lawsuit, in January, 1991, against FEMA, in Chicago's
      Federal District Court. Yes, a federal judge on behalf of FEMA
      our suit in secret, without any legal formality.]

      3. Despite the military coup planned against Clinton as President,
      referred to in our story, Clinton was never concerned. Why? Because he
      had reason to know that his rise to and stay in power was orchestrated
      with the aid of blackmail and murder. We mentioned how supposed
      "Independent Counsel" Kenneth W. Starr was blackmailed. Clinton
      benefitted from an epidemic of suspicious if not sabotaged military
      aircraft crashes and from the strange death of those who knew too much
      about Clinton and about the military coup plot against him.

      One of those who knew too much and was reportedly sympathetic if not
      supportive of the coup, was General David McCloud, head of he Alaska
      Military District. He died in a sabotaged plane crash. His military
      colleagues are aware of the terrible details but refuse to allow a
      reporter to publicly identify them or take their position public. His
      relatives tend to agree with our details.

      4. Some in the monopoly press, who talk to us off the record and we
      agree never to identify them as sources, contend such details as in
      stories, which they believe to be true but cannot go in print or on
      air with them, could well topple the U.S. government. Why? Because the
      ruling elite, whose faces are seldom seen, are governing us from
      the scenes in contradiction of the U.S. Constitution and laws.

      5. Is there a rationale by the ruling elite for the cover up of the
      nature of the bombings of the Murrah Building? They fear,
      supposedly, a
      full scale war with Iraq which now has chemical and biological weapons
      as well as some types of nuclear bomb devices. Furthermore, any ruckus
      with Iraq over the Murrah Building inevitably would involve the
      German government Establishment. Why? A German counter-intelligence
      agent, on behalf of Iraq, supervised the U.S. domestic dissidents in
      limited role outside the Murrah Building while others had already
      planted explosive devices INSIDE the building to go off about the same
      moment as the ineffective truck fertilizer bomb outside. That
      agent,known to the American CIA, reportedly was Andreas Strasmeier,
      whose elders reportedly were pro-Hitler. Little understood: German
      industry has supplied much of the weaponry for Iraq. And, they built a
      60-foot-under-the-ground bomb shelter for Saddam Hussein as well as
      other super-secret buildings, machines, and weaponry for Iraq. All
      Germany professes to be pro-West and pro-U.S.

      Also, in our stories about the murder of Clinton White House Deputy
      Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr., we mentioned that German
      Counter-Intelligence [also tied to Strasmeir] in Frankfurt, had
      knowledge of a foreign team set to murder Foster. [See our website
      stories, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush", Part Four.] And study our
      website story about how Foster was part of a team, trying to assist
      FBI, in arresting international swindler Marc Rich, at the
      border [Affidavit of former CIA operative Leo Wanta.]

      In an honest world, if McVeigh is to be severely punished for his
      limited role in the bombings, also deserving of major punishment would
      be William Rockefeller Clinton and his crony, George W. Bush, as well
      the Elder Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, for their cover up
      complicity in the 168 murders on behalf of Iraq.

      6. Timothy McVeigh, a purported expert in secret code usage,
      cryptography, has been communicating in code with author Gore Vidal
      was on an extremely short list of those McVeigh wanted to witness his
      supposed execution. {Study Gore Vidal's book "1876" and how it
      the strange 2000 election. See our website series on the year 2000
      alleged election.] Gore Vidal, a third level cousin of Albert Gore,
      Jr.,[they are on the outs with each other] reportedly has a witnessed
      Affidavit from Timothy McVeigh supposedly setting forth "smoking gun"
      details that could scandalize the American government and Presidents
      George Herbert Walker Bush, Bill Clinton, and Bush's son, George W.

      How is it that high-level types are so dedicated to destroying and
      discrediting the American central government? Isn't this something the
      British monarchy and aristocracy have been trying to do since at least
      the War of 1812? And British complicity in the murders of President
      Abraham Lincoln, President James Garfield, and President William
      McKinley, all who opposed the British plans to take back this
      and its peoples as subjects of a British colonial rule.

      [Visit our website series, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush", to which
      are attached secret Federal Reserve wire transfer records showing
      billions and billions of dollars, from worldwide illicit dope
      trafficking and such, to the joint account of the Bush family with the
      Queen of England at her private bank, owned by the Queen, Coutts Bank
      London, as authorized under the secret codes of Greenspan.]

      More coming. Stay tuned.


      Monday May 7 7:57 AM ET
      Judge Dismisses Bombing Lawsuit

      OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - A federal judge has dismissed a libel lawsuit
      filed by a former FBI (news - web sites) official who was alleged to
      have had advance knowledge of the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103
      over Lockerbie, Scotland.

      Oliver ``Buck'' Revell, a retired FBI associate deputy director,
      complained that a book, ``The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics
      of Terror,'' accused him of allowing the mass murder of the 259
      people on board the flight and 11 more on the ground.

      The book, by David M. Hoffman, claimed Revell had prior knowledge of
      the bombing and pulled his son and daughter-in-law off the plane in

      Revell said his son was briefly booked on the flight, but had left
      London a week earlier. His daughter-in-law was in the United States.

      Judge Robin J. Cauthron ruled Thursday that Revell had not shown that
      the author or his publisher knew the statements were false.

      The publisher, Feral House Inc., agreed in 1999 to destroy all copies
      of the book because of the inaccuracies.

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