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Bush Sucks: The Continuing Saga

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  • Robert Sterling
    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com Bush Warns of New Kind of Protectionism By
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      Please send as far and wide as possible.


      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist

      Bush Warns of 'New Kind of Protectionism'

      By Steve Holland

      WASHINGTON (May 7) - President Bush warned Monday the drive to attach
      and environmental standards to trade deals represents a ''new kind of
      protectionism'' that is hampering his ability to pursue open trade.

      In a nine-minute speech to the Council of the Americas, an influential
      business group, Bush urged Congress to give him the trade negotiating
      authority he needs to pursue a free trade agreement among North and
      American nations.

      Bush said the concerted effort, which has been led by Democrats and
      unions, to attach labor and environmental standards to free trade
      represented a threat to free trade that the previous Clinton
      and Congress allowed to gather strength.

      ''By failing to make the case for trade we've allowed a new kind of
      protectionism to appear in this country. It talks of workers while it
      a major source of new jobs. It talks of the environment, while
      opposing the
      wealth-creating policies that will pay for clean air and water in
      nations,'' Bush said.

      ''It talks of the disadvantaged even as it offers ideas that would
      keep many
      of the poor in poverty. Open trade is not just an economic
      opportunity. It is
      a moral imperative. Trade creates jobs for the unemployed,'' he said.

      Bush praised what he called ''fresh new thinking'' among some members
      Congress on how to handle labor and environmental standards -- an
      reference to proposals to fine nations that fail to uphold agreed-upon
      standards, rather than levying sanctions against them.

      ''They recognize that 'one-size-fits-all' policies can't succeed.
      They know
      we need a toolbox equipped to match diverse tools with diverse
      problems, and
      I agree,'' Bush said.


      Under the trade promotion authority, also know as ''fast track,''
      can vote up or down, but not amend, trade deals negotiated by Bush.

      Bush's father had the fast track authority during his presidency, but
      expired in 1994 under President Bill Clinton and has never been
      renewed as
      lawmakers spar over how to handle labor and environmental issues
      with trade.

      Bush cited ''the inactivity of the American government'' in letting
      track lapse. he said one of the casualties has been uncompleted trade
      with Chile.

      Demonstrators against free trade and largely in favor of labor and
      environmental protections have played havoc with a number of
      gatherings including the 34-nation Summit of the Americas in Quebec

      The president is to make his formal request to Congress to give him
      authority later this week. It faces an uncertain future on Capitol

      ''One tool I must have is renewed U.S. trade promotion authority. I
      urge the
      Congress Restore our nation's authority to negotiate trade
      agreements, and I
      will use that authority to build freedom in the world, progress in our
      hemisphere, and enduring prosperity in the United States,'' he said.

      Bush pointedly praised Taiwan and managed a dig at communist China in
      about countries where democracy is flourishing, propelled by free

      ''Look at our friends Mexico and the political reforms there. Look at
      Look at South Korea. And some day soon, I hope that an American
      will end that list by adding, look at China. I believe in open trade
      China because I believe that freedom can triumph in China,'' he said.

      At the Summit of the Americas, Bush told regional leaders he was
      confident he
      would get trade promotion authority ''before the end of the year'' and
      promised to kick off the debate by outlining a set of principles when
      returned to Washington.

      Democrats generally want strong protection for labor and the
      environment as
      part of trade pacts, while Republicans are leery of including such
      provisions, fearing they could become obstacles to trade.

      The standoff has prevented action on a U.S.-Jordan Free Trade
      negotiated by the Clinton administration.

      Reuters 1816 05-07-01


      Bob Anderson <top_view@...>
      BigOil/Cheney-Bush/NWO Gift to US: $3 a gallon gas!

      Hey, THANKS so MUCH, you slime-sucking BushMob vermin! And this on top
      of the CONSTANT malicious manipulation of electric power generation
      fuel supplies across the length and breadth of the west Coast --
      ESPECIALLY California.

      Hey, Mr. and Mrs. America; the handwriting IS on the wall. What's
      on now in California is EXACTLY what Cheney-BushMobsters have planned
      for the entire COUNTRY by the time summer rolls around.

      We're having some fun now! Yee-haa!....

      - - - - - - - - - - - -
      WIRE: 05/08/2001 2:05 am ET

      Motorists in shock again as gas prices
      jump; $3-a-gallon may follow

      The Associated Press

      CHICAGO (AP) Summer vacations are just around the corner, and once
      soaring gasoline prices are driving some motorists around the bend.

      U.S. pump prices have hit record highs, topping the $2-a-gallon mark
      Chicago and California and spurring talk of a possible $3 a gallon
      sometime after the peak driving season begins on Memorial Day.

      "This is price gouging," complained Jacquie Van Keuren, filling up at
      San Francisco gas station after paying as much as $2.64 a gallon on a
      weekend trip to Los Angeles.

      The odds appear to be against $3 gas, according to one industry
      That would happen "only if something goes seriously wrong" with
      supplies, said Adam Sieminski of Deutsche Banc Alex Brown.

      But even where prices are now, consumers are having unhappy flashbacks
      to last year when prices also climbed more than $2 a gallon.

      "It's ridiculous," Cedric Norwood said Monday as he fueled up in
      downtown Chicago. "The oil companies are going to suck us dry."

      Pump rage is in full blossom as prices hit unprecedented levels
      especially in smog-prone parts of the Midwest and West which are
      required to use cleaner, "reformulated" gasoline in summer. Recent
      at Tosco refineries in Los Angeles and Wood River, Ill., threatened
      those supplies and sent prices surging.

      U.S. gas prices reached an all-time high in the past two weeks, not
      adjusting for inflation, according to the Lundberg Survey of 8,000
      service stations. Overall, the average price covering all grades of
      gasoline increased 8.58 cents to $1.76 a gallon as of May 4.

      "This is crazy $2.34 for a gallon of gas?" said Erika Trujillo, 19,
      only partially filled her Nissan Stanza. "We can't even afford to pump
      gas anymore. We're going to have to get on our bicycles."

      Even the White House alluded Monday to the possibility of $3-a-gallon
      gas. White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said President Bush has not
      supported calls to repeal or cut the 18.4 cents-a-gallon federal gas
      and won't act even if prices exceed that amount.

      "Price controls will make the prices go higher and make people wait in
      lines," Fleischer said.

      U.S. refineries are being pushed to the limit to try to keep up with
      demand, and aging infrastructure has resulted in several breakdowns no
      new U.S. refinery has been built in 15 years.

      But there are hopeful signs in the most recent oil industry data,
      showed gasoline supplies creeping higher.

      "The worst may already be over because refiners are getting caught up"
      with supplies, said Phil Flynn, senior energy analyst for Alaron
      Corp. in Chicago. "The bad news for consumers is we don't have one
      drop of gas to fall back on.

      "If one more refinery goes out of service, it could have an impact on
      consumers of as much as 75 cents a gallon."


      Bob Anderson <top_view@...>
      5,400 Nov ballots lost due to disabled Fla machines; 10,000
      absentee ballots 'RECREATED'

      UNBELIEVABLE! Two Florida counties partially disabled their voting
      machines in last November's election, resulting in at least FIVE
      THOUSAND, FOUR HUNDRED ballots being tossed out and completely

      Optical scanners in these machines are supposed to immediately reject
      any flawed ballot and issue another clean ballot to the voter;
      workers in Escambia and Manatee counties disabled that function and
      simply TRASHED 5,400 flawed ballots.

      THIS in an election "WON" -- if you'll PARDON the term (which I
      -- by a pack of criminals who base their usurpation of the presidency
      some fictional 500-vote "margin" of "victory" in THIS very state of

      ALSO: it's NOW been made public that election officials in Florida
      "RE-CREATED' -- THEIR term -- at least TEN THOUSAND absentee ballots
      counting machines could tabulate the results. Included were MANY
      for which officials made their OWN determination of the voter's

      bush WON the absentee ballot vote in Florida by a 2-1 margin.

      But REMEMBER how loudly team bush cried and WHINED all the way to
      buddies in the U.S. Supreme Court in an attempt to PREVENT this very

      Although the actions of election officials regarding these
      absentee ballots was legal under Florida law, it TOTALLY contradicts
      team dub's ultimately-successful courtroom arguments that without
      standards, humans should NOT be looking for voter intent if machines
      couldn't find it!

      Double standards every which way to hell and back; that's the
      Cheney-BushMob's constant modus operandi.

      - - - - - - - - - - - -
      WIRE: 05/07/2001 11:07 pm ET

      5,400 ballots thrown out due to disabled machines in two Fla.
      10,000 absentee ballots recreated

      ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) Two Florida counties threw out about 5,400 flawed
      ballots that might have been corrected during the disputed 2000
      presidential election, a newspaper reported.

      Escambia and Manatee counties use optical scanners that are supposed
      immediately reject ballots that are improperly filled out and give
      voters another chance. Poll workers tried to save money and speed up
      lines by turning off that part of the machines that reject the
      the Orlando Sentinel reported in Sunday's editions.

      As a result, the ballots were not counted in a race that President
      won by only 537 votes in Florida.

      Optical scanners are expected to be the standard in Florida's 67
      counties in the 2002 elections under the sweeping election reforms
      passed by the Legislature last week.

      Bonnie Jones, Escambia's elections supervisor, said the reject
      on her county's machines has been disabled since they were purchased
      1994. Each new ballot costs the county an additional 23 cents and
      voters fix their mistakes slows down the line, she said.

      In November, about 4,000 of the approximately 121,000 ballots cast for
      president in the county were rejected.

      Of Manatee County's 112,000 presidential ballots, nearly 1,400 could
      be counted, mostly because voters had made marks for more than one

      Bob Sweat, Manatee's elections supervisor, told the newspaper he
      off his machine's error detection function because "it slows down the

      The Sentinel also reported on Monday that county elections officials
      re-created about 10,000 mismarked or torn absentee ballots so that
      counting machines could read them.

      Among the ballots duplicated statewide were those that machines
      read but that election officials said showed "clear intent" in the
      presidential race or other contests.

      The officials' efforts, which is legal by Florida law, goes against
      Republicans' successful courtroom argument that without clear
      humans should not be looking for voter intent where machines couldn't
      find any.

      The process probably helped the candidate whose party later argued
      against manual recounts Bush. Voters casting absentee ballots backed
      Bush by a near 2-1 margin.


      Robert Redford Sez
      Thu, 10 May 2001

      From Robert Redford:

      Re: Oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

      Dear Friend,

      I've never circulated this kind of email before. But I am so
      appalled by
      President Bush's plan to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
      massive oil development that I feel I must do whatever I can to help
      stop it.

      To me, the Arctic Refuge represents everything spectacular and
      endangered about America's natural heritage: a million years of
      serenity... vast expanses of untouched wilderness ... an irreplaceable
      sanctuary for polar bears, white wolves and 130,000 caribou that
      return here
      each year to give birth and rear their young. For 20,000 years --
      hundreds of generations -- the native Gwich'in people have inhabited
      sacred place, following the caribou herd and leaving the awe-inspiring
      landscape just as they found it. Our own presidents going back to
      have kept a bipartisan promise to safeguard this world-class natural
      treasure. But not THIS president. It is a sad day indeed when our
      and congressional leaders would sacrifice America's largest wildlife
      for the sake of a possible six-month supply of national energy. A
      supply! We could save that little oil by improving the fuel
      efficiency of
      cars and light trucks by a mere one mile per gallon.

      Only one group of Americans will benefit from the destruction of the
      Wildlife Refuge: the oil giants. Everyone else loses. Arctic
      populations will decline, the Gwich'in people will see their land
      marred by
      pipelines and poisoned by oil spills, you and I will become even more
      dependent on oil, and the planet will suffer
      catastrophic global warming from the burning of even more fossil

      Unless we get millions of Americans to lodge a protest right now,
      nightmarish scenario may well come to pass in the next two months.
      Republican energy bill, which would fulfill the president's promise
      to drill
      the Arctic Refuge, is moving through Congress today. House and Senate
      leaders may also try to sneak through the Arctic drilling provision by
      attaching it to a "must-pass" appropriations bill. These votes will
      decided by the moderates in both parties. We must reach those
      moderates and
      hold them accountable.

      Here's what you can do: go to

      The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has set up this new
      website to
      make it extremely easy for you to send messages of protest to your
      and represenative. It will take you only a minute.

      I've been on NRDC's board for 25 years, so I know how effective they
      are at
      waging and winning environmental campaigns. Last year, NRDC used web
      activism to help generate a million messages of protest to Mitsubishi
      stopped the company from destroying the last unspoiled birthing
      ground of the
      Pacific gray whale.

      We'll win this time too if each of us does our part for the Arctic
      Please visit:
      right now. And forward my message to your family, friends and
      Congress cannot ignore millions of us.

      If we let them plunder our greatest wildlife refuge for the sake of
      company profits, then no piece of our natural heritage is safe from
      destruction. Please go to:
      and help keep the Arctic wild and free.

      Sincerely yours,

      Robert Redford

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