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  • Robert Sterling
    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com Bob Anderson
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2001
      Please send as far and wide as possible.


      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist

      Bob Anderson <the_top_view@...>
      Some Okla bombing victims won't watch McVeigh execution

      Neither would we, especially considering he's certainly NOT the only
      perpetrator, if even a direct one at all.

      - - - - - - - - - - - -
      WIRE: 05/02/2001 2:14 pm ET

      Some bombing victims won't watch McVeigh execution

      The Associated Press

      OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) Not all of those who were injured or lost loved
      in the Oklahoma City bombing will wake before dawn on May 16 to watch
      Timothy McVeigh die.

      Athena Roy will kneel in church to pray for the man who murdered her

      Rob Roddy, a survivor of the Oklahoma City bombing, will get ready for
      work the same as he does every weekday.

      Deloris Watson will take her scarred grandson to a park, where they
      eat ice cream straight out of the carton and study the clouds.

      They are victims of the April 19, 1995, blast who think it is easier
      heal if they try to go on with the lives they had before McVeigh
      a truck bomb in front of the federal building and killed 168 people.

      They don't attend every anniversary ceremony or volunteer at the
      memorial site, telling their stories to tourists from all over the
      world. They don't like to talk to reporters.

      "You can never forget it, but you move on," says LaVerne McCloud,
      10-year-old daughter, Nekia, was injured in the Alfred P. Murrah
      Building day-care center. McCloud rarely goes to the memorial.

      Nearly 300 people have told the government they want to watch
      execution. To accommodate them, Attorney General John Ashcroft has
      agreed to the largest closed-circuit TV broadcast of an execution in
      U.S. history.

      Roy gets angry when she hears someone say bombing survivors and
      families want to watch McVeigh die. She doesn't want to see it.

      "We're not all the same person," says Roy, whose mother worked in the
      U.S. Housing and Urban Development office. "Some of us don't need to
      out and get the support of the public. I can keep that to myself."

      Roy, who is Roman Catholic, believes the death penalty is wrong. She
      says McVeigh's execution will not help her family heal.

      Roy, who was 22 when her mother, Diane Hollingsworth Althouse, was
      killed, says it is time other people stop dwelling on the bombing. She
      worries that some bombing survivors and victims' families are
      downplaying other people's losses.

      "There are people that die every day in tragedies," she says. "There
      all kinds of horrific things that have been happening everywhere."

      Roddy, one of the few who walked out of the federal building without a
      scratch, will not do anything out of the ordinary on McVeigh's
      day. He hopes other bombing survivors do the same, leaving the metal
      folding chairs facing the execution viewing screen empty.

      "Boycotting it would be a much stronger statement they could send
      he says. "I wish they would realize that."

      Roddy did not support capital punishment before the bombing and still
      doesn't. He thought for the first couple of months after the blast
      maybe McVeigh could be an exception.

      "After the shock wore off, I came to my senses," he says. "I started
      realizing that it was so self-serving of me. I could never begin to
      forgive McVeigh, but I don't want him killed."

      Dennis Hodges, who lost a sister, a great-niece and a great-nephew in
      the bombing, has kept to himself so much in the past six years that he
      is not on a U.S. Attorney's list of bombing victims' relatives. That
      means he cannot attend the closed-circuit broadcast, even though he
      tried to register.

      Hodges and his family plan to spend May 16 carrying on with their
      lives. They will turn on the news, waiting for word McVeigh will no
      longer disrupt their days by spewing his views in the media.

      Watson will try not to think of McVeigh on his execution day. She will
      spend it with her grandson P.J. Allen, who breathes through a tube in
      his throat and has two bare spots on his scalp where rocks lodged in
      P.J. is one of six children who survived in the day-care center on the
      second floor of the federal building.

      His grandmother recalls a day not long ago when she had a headache.
      7-year-old boy kept asking her to help him pick out shapes in the
      clouds, but she wouldn't open her eyes.

      "You know why your head hurts? You're not looking at the clouds," he

      That's what they will do on May 16.

      "I am going to take P.J. and make sure he has one of the most fun-
      days ever a celebration of life," Watson says. "We're going to spend
      some time looking at the clouds."


      Bob Anderson <the_top_view@...>
      Strieber, others spread patent dis-info re: Earth changes, eco
      degradation, etc.

      TOP_VIEW has become aware that without ANY doubt, certain persons have
      recently been deliberately spreading major quantities
      government-sanctioned disinformation to the public on certain crucial

      These persons include Whitley Strieber, as well as associates in the
      Bell organization, including Bell himself.

      The particular issues we're talking about herein are interconnected,
      have to do with such things as so-called, presently-occurring or
      allegedly-impending "Earth changes" in terms of such things as
      climate, planetary magnetic field, solar energy bombardment, ozone
      depletion, global warming, "ice ages", widespread catastrophic
      eco-system collapse AND, probably MOST important, the myriad
      inter-linked, exceptionally multi-faceted, vastly extensive, ongoing
      weather/climate modification and control operations being conducted by
      the U.S. federal government virtually every second of every day of
      week of every month of every year, for much of the past FIFTY years.

      Of course, there's been an ASTRONOMICAL increase in the number of such
      operations AND in their breadth and scope in more recent times,
      ESPECIALLY with regard to the electromagnetic/radio-frequency - based
      types of weather/climate modification. Of particular note regarding
      EM/RF weather/climate modification are the HAARP transmitter arrays
      rapidly-developing ULF/ELF technology, as reported herein recently.

      Strieber, in our view, has distinguished himself of late with his
      relentless spin-doctoring of information relating to this entire
      equation; most egregiously, in his DELIBERATE non-reporting of those
      VASTLY extensive and, clearly, intentionally malicious/malevolent,
      FedGov weather/climate modification ops; which are beyond the MEREST
      shadow of ANY doubt the PRIMARY -- if not the ONLY -- "force" which is
      at THIS time in FACT provoking such massive, severe and profound
      disruptions of long-established planetary weather and climate

      Strieber is surely serving well in his capacity as some kind of FedGov
      "goat-boy"/dis-info pawn, targeting those elements of society more
      likely to be open-minded about certain subjects.

      At this point, Strieber has become well-practiced at misleading and
      manipulating the gullible, through the books about his interactions
      grey aliens that have earned him many millions over the years.

      This is NOT to say that we reject the possibility of extraterrestrial
      extra-dimensional sentient life, or the possibility, even high
      probability, that such beings may have indeed made contact with this
      planet and its human (AND non-human) inhabitants in the past and are
      NOW interacting with this planet and its inhabitants.

      This is NOT to say that Strieber didn't have such contacts himself.
      It's only to say that we strongly suspect Strieber's rendering of any
      genuine incidents is almost CERTAINLY HEAVILY skewed and spin-
      doctored to
      a tremendous extent, in keeping with his role as a FedGov "goat-boy"
      dis-info artist and in furtherance of certain highly-questionable,
      manipulative and almost certainly non-"benevolent" agendas for
      humanity as
      a whole.

      Anyway, Strieber is clearly trying to DOWNPLAY the impact which the
      number of FedGov weather control operations IS having on the planet's
      weather; preferring instead to talk rather vaguely in quasi-mystical
      terms about all these many, many "Earth changes" as IF these were
      "NATURAL" occurrences! -- which will, of course, lead to some "higher"
      and more perfected state of existence for the human race; if only we
      all just hold fast to the doctrines of witch-doctor Whitley.

      Our leader, Brother Whitley, leading his flock of clueless lambs and
      sheep to... slaughter, perhaps? Let's hope not...

      Now, one can SPECULATE all they want about certain POSSIBLE "natural"
      factors which MAY or MAY NOT have caused the planet's weather in
      to have become more and more unpredictable and severe in recent years.

      One can SPECULATE and postulate all they want about the possible
      on global climate, weather and ecological health in general of the
      various forms of pollution which ARE, undeniably, poisoning the planet
      and US to an ever-greater extent. That is, pollution is of COURSE by
      definition toxic, but the actual effects regarding climate and
      -- especially in the longer term -- can really only be speculated

      However, what is NOT speculative in any way whatsoever is the FACT
      the federal government of the United States IS ACTIVELY ENGAGING in a
      MULTITUDE of various weather and climate modification/control
      AT THIS VERY MINUTE; using various systems and technologies, such as
      EM/RF-based and chemical-based technologies both in concert with the
      other and independently: as MANY investigators, observers, whistle-
      and researchers have proven beyond the very least "reasonable doubt".

      THEREFORE, it is NOT speculative to state that these many currently-
      ongoing weather/climate modification operations are clearly inducing
      certainly INTENSIFYING most, if not ALL, of these so-called "Earth
      which Strieber, Bell and a number of others have been making
      amounts of noise about.

      Without any doubt, "goat-boy" Whitley Strieber, Art Bell and certain
      others are deliberately obscuring the essential facts underlying any
      ostensible, presently-occurring or impending so-called "Earth changes"
      of ANY kind, with respect to numerous, HUGE FedGov weather/climate
      modification operations; as they have just as definitely obscured the
      true facts about many other issues of importance in recent years.


      Bob Anderson <the_top_view@...>
      Pentagon immediately reverses Rummy shutoff of all joint military ops
      with China

      What the bloody HELL is going on here??!!

      Mere HOURS ago, top brass in D.C. make a big splash with their news
      that all joint military operations, projects and interactions between
      U.S. and Red Chinese military forces were to be suspended immediately
      until further notice.

      Well further notice came REAL quickly, as only TWO HOURS LATER, the
      Pentagon announced "tersely" that the previously-issued order was a
      "MISTAKE" (What the #&*@!+?! Are they CRAZY?); and that such
      were NOT suspended, but merely now being subjected to review.

      RIGHT. And we're supposed to BELIEVE that ANY of this happened by

      What an UTTER crock of SEVERELY ripe Bulls**t THAT is!

      Exactly what might be going on behind the scens hereeis hard to say
      certainty, but informed sources WE trust have advised us that there
      just TOO many indications that Machiavellian New World Order/4th Reich
      power-brokers are setting EVERYBODY up for some kind of military
      conflict between Red China and the United States, over which one gets
      be the biggest, nastiest global-schoolyard bully.

      Got that?

      Now get THIS unbelievable FLIP-FLOP/QUICK CHANGE act by the UNITED
      STATES GOVERNMENT, as described in the two forwarded articles below!

      "president" Cheney": better check on who's playing captain of the
      ship, bro!

      - - - - - - - - - - - -
      WIRE: 05/02/2001 3:56 pm ET

      U.S. Suspends Military Relations with

      WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States has suspended all military
      relations with China as Beijing continues to hold a crippled U.S.
      reconnaissance plane involved in an April 1 collision with a Chinese
      fighter jet, the Pentagon said on Wednesday.

      A Defense Department spokesman told Reuters that Defense Secretary
      Donald Rumsfeld ordered the move this week and that order was signed
      days ago by a senior Pentagon official.

      No reason was given for the order, but other defense officials said
      move was taken in large measure because of China's refusal to return
      EP-3E Navy spy plane after Beijing also earlier delayed returning the
      members of the crews. "The secretary of defense has directed the
      suspension of all Department of Defense programs, contacts and
      activities with the People's Republic of China until further notice,"
      said Navy Lt. Cmdr. Terry Sutherland, a Pentagon spokesman.

      WIRE: 05/02/2001 6:37 pm ET

      Embarrassed Pentagon Reverses
      Order on China Ties

      By Charles Aldinger

      WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An embarrassed Defense Department on Wednesday
      reversed an order issued by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's office
      which had mistakenly suspended American military ties with China.

      A Pentagon spokesman said the order, signed two days ago by a Rumsfeld
      deputy and announced late on Wednesday, had "misinterpreted"
      intention to subject modest bilateral ties such as ship visits and
      military personnel exchanges with Beijing to a case-by-case review.

      The mistake was admitted as chill relations continued between the two
      countries over Beijing's refusal so far to return a crippled U.S. Navy
      EP-3E spy plane held in China since its April 1 mid-air collision
      with a
      Chinese jet fighter.

      "The memo called for a suspension of the military-to-military program
      until further notice. That is not his (Rumsfeld's) intention," Navy
      Adm. Craig Quigley, a Pentagon spokesman told reporters only two hours
      after the "suspension" order was announced.

      "The secretary's intention is to bring all proposed interaction for
      China military-to-military (relations) to the Department of the
      Secretary of Defense staff level for individual, case-by-case review
      approval," the embarrassed admiral said in a hastily called meeting


      Another Pentagon spokesman, reading from the mistaken memo based on
      Rumsfeld's orders, had earlier said in a terse statement that all of
      modest military ties between the two countries had been suspended.

      The order was signed on Monday and issued to the military services by
      Christopher Williams, special assistant to the secretary for policy
      matters. But Quigley said it had simply misrepresented Rumsfeld's
      intention to be more careful about such ties.

      Although the U.S. military services were told of the order on Monday,
      formal notification was ever sent to China, defense officials said.

      Beijing, which earlier delayed the return of the EP-3E reconnaissance
      plane's 24-member crew to the United States, has so far refused to
      back the aircraft. But it allowed a team of technical experts from the
      United States to inspect the damage to the aircraft on Wednesday.

      Beijing has demanded that the United States halt all reconnaissance
      flights in international air space near China. The United States has


      Defense officials said that while military-to-military programs
      Washington and Beijing were very modest, the memo signed on Monday had
      in effect briefly suspended ties which normally range from military
      visits to exchanges of visits by military officers.

      The United States and China are still negotiating over a proposed
      meeting of their bilateral Military Maritime Consultative Commission
      discuss return of the aircraft.

      The United States has proposed several tentative dates for the

      The Pentagon announced on Tuesday that the "Made in China" label would
      not be welcome in the U.S. Army as it outfits about half a million
      troops with new black berets.

      It said that the Army's top general has determined that U.S. troops
      would not wear berets made in China or berets made with Chinese

      The Army said it was recalling previously distributed berets, received
      from China this year, and would dispose of them.

      The announcement followed not only the spy plane tension, but
      from Congress of the Defense Department's decision to let contracts
      totaling $27 million go to companies in China and elsewhere to make
      black caps, instead of to American firms.


      Bob Anderson <the_top_view@...>
      bush Missile Scheme Means BIG $$ for Some Defense Contractors//
      -- At LEAST quarter-trillion price tag for massive boondoggle

      dub likes to keep all that money "in the <family>", don'tcha know...
      - - - - - - - - - - - -
      Thursday, May 3 5:24 AM SGT

      US defense companies stand to reap big gains from Bush missile program

      WASHINGTON, May 2 (AFP) - Leading US defense contractors stand to reap
      handsome profits if President George W. Bush succeeds in expanding
      until now has been a relatively modest land-based missile defense
      program to the air and sea.

      Four major suppliers, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and TRW, are
      already involved in the national missile defense (NMD) effort launched
      under former president Bill Clinton, which calls for ground-based
      missile sites in Alaska and North Dakota.

      Extending that concept to ships, aircraft and even satellites in a
      multi-tiered system "will be enormously expensive, dwarfing the 60
      billion dollar price tag of the Clinton NMD system and creating a huge
      potential windfall for the Big Four missile defense contractors," said
      William Hartung, senior fellow at World Policy Institute at the New
      School in New York.

      "You're talking something that's at least three to four times as much
      the Clinton system. This could be more like 120 to 240 billion

      Bush presented the broad outlines of an anti-missile defense network
      a speech here on Tuesday. He made no mention of how much the proposal
      would cost nor how it would work.

      But Hartung said the sea-based component could have "boost-phase"
      capability, allowing ship-based missiles to hit enemy missiles just
      after their launch.

      "The notion of a boost-phase capability from ships requires an
      different missile that has yet to be designed.

      "It would have to be larger, faster, more agile and might well
      require a
      different kind of ship."

      The Bush plan has already prompted warnings that US technology is
      nowhere near being able to deliver on the goals implied in his speech.

      "Despite tens of billions of dollars that the United States has spent
      missile defense research and development since the ... era (of former
      president Ronald Reagan), the technology for even a limited land-based
      system has not been demonstrated," said Ivan Eland, head of defense
      policy studies at the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank here.

      "Proven technologies for sea, air and space-based systems remain
      years away."

      Nonetheless, officials at two of the Big Four, Lockheed Martin and
      Raytheon, expressed both enthusiasm for the Bush plan as well as
      confidence they could do the work.

      "Lockheed Martin is very prepared and well-positioned to support the
      government in its desire to deploy a network of layered defense
      ballistic and Cruise missiles," said company spokesman Hugh Burns.

      At Raytheon spokesman David Shea likewise said his company was
      "well-positioned in missile defense systems."

      Industry analysts said that if Bush's plan got off the ground,
      would concentrate on radars and missile warheads -- called "kill
      vehicles" -- while Lockheed Martin, thanks to its Aegis ship-borne air
      defense system, would specialize in the naval component as well as in
      the production of missiles used as enemy targets to be shot down in

      Boeing would likely be responsible for integrating such functions as
      communications and targeting into the system while TRW would provide
      command and control technology.

      The land-based system promoted by Clinton has so far failed two of
      tests carried out in 1999 and 2000. In only one experiment, in October
      1999, did the attacking missile -- fired from an air base in
      -- manage to locate and destroy the "enemy" projectile in a
      confrontation over the Pacific.

      "Three tests hardly make a trend," Shea of Raytheon insisted. "We're
      confident about the work we've done. But we are talking rocket science
      here and it should be tested and we don't argue with that."


      Bob Anderson <top_view@...>
      Many Don't Believe CheneyBush on Power Crunch, Drilling, Environment:

      Well, thank God! And why the heck SHOULD anybody believe the
      liars of the Cheney-BushMob, anyway?

      NOT that WE even believe that this "poll" -- from the OVERTLY and
      VOCIFEROUSLY pro-bush (Cheney) Newsweek -- is ANYTHING like REAL,
      genuine, honest and NON-spin-doctored.

      In truth, the REAL poll results most probably showed that even higher
      percentages of the population DO NOT believe the never-ending lies of
      the Cheney-BushMob - about any so-called "power shortages", the need
      build ONE POWER PLANT A WEEK FOR TWENTY YEARS, the need to devastate
      Arctic Wildlife Refuge, the California Coast and other areas for mere
      MONTHS worth of LOW-GRADE oil, and the need to make the monumentally
      GREEDY swine-dog head honchos of the New World Order/Fourth
      Reich/Cheney-BushMob even RICHER off our sweat and blood.

      This shows that even with all the many means and methods being
      by corrupted, CommuNazi Cheney-Bush elements of the FedGov to
      manipulate, condition and control the thoughts and minds of the
      people on this and so many other issues, it's STILL barely working!

      cheney, bush, rumsfeld, bush sr., baker 3... If only they'd all go
      somewhere forever, and never, EVER return...
      - - - - - - - - - - - -
      Newsweek poll on energy, the environment and more

      Americans, unsure about energy crisis, are firmly pro-conservation

      A Newsweek poll, conducted after Vice President Cheney's Monday speech
      outlining the administration's new energy policy, showed that only a
      slim majority of Americans believe there actually is an energy crisis.
      In his speech, Cheney recommended focusing mostly on increased
      oil and natural gas production as well as relying more on nuclear

      51 percent of those polled say the priority for U.S. energy policy
      should be more energy conservation and regulation on energy use and
      prices, while only 40 percent say it should be expanding exploration,
      mining and drilling and the construction of more power plants.

      48 percent disapprove of President Bush's proposal to open up some
      protected Alaskan wilderness areas for oil exploration. Almost half of
      those polled don't think Bush is committed to protecting the
      environment; 39 percent believe he is (THEY PROBABLY believe in the
      TOOTH FAIRY, too! -- T_V).

      50 percent say the fact that both Bush and Cheney are former oil-
      executives makes them more likely to help the energy industry at the
      expense of consumers and the environment.

      Princeton Survey Research Associates conducted the poll 1,002 adults
      Newsweek on May 3 and May 4.

      The margin of error is plus or minus 3 percentage points

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