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Skolnick - The Japanese Mafia

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  • Robert Sterling
    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com Skolnick - The Japanese Mafia In The United
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      Please send as far and wide as possible.


      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist

      Skolnick - The Japanese Mafia
      In The United States
      By Sherman H. Skolnick

      They own half of the skyscrapers built in the 1980s downtown Chicago.
      They are major owners of one of America's largest banks and its
      company. They are unpublicized kingpins in dope trafficking in

      Banks in Japan do not dare foreclose on tens of billions of dollars of
      certain mortgaged properties owned by them. They get hush money by
      threatening to disrupt, with scandals, business meetings in Japan. For
      many years, they have been instrumental in installing the topmost
      officials of the Japanese government and some in America as well.

      They are the collectors and enforcers for gambling and prostitution on
      the West Coast of the United States. In the U.S., Japan, and
      they operate covert firms, propertaries, for the American CIA. One of
      their key members, according to a book on the subject, reportedly
      founded and owns a stylish restaurant chain in America.

      Five of their strong-arms tried to murder O.J. Simpson. An outgrowth
      a business deal he reportedly had with them that went sour or in which
      they tried to muscle in on OJ's chain of restaurants. The American
      monopoly press, hand-cuffed and shackled to large corporations with
      business in Asia, dare not mention their existence in the U.S.

      They leaned on a judge in Chicago who reportedly permitted local
      extortionists to try to shake them down. They own most every bank in
      California. They constitute a form of dreaded foreign secret police
      operating on American soil with total immunity from the American

      You probably never, ever heard about them. They are the YAKUZA, the
      Japanese mafia. Knowledgeable sources contend there are more of the
      Yakuza than the traditional Sicilian and Italian mafia. If you put
      name into a large computer database, you might not come up with much.
      Why? They are a forbidden subject.

      If a property owner in Japan stops paying on their mortgage, the bank
      will not seek to foreclose or collect---not if they know the property
      owned by, or protected by, a member of the Yakuza. To send a message,
      the Yakuza murdered a top banker in Japan who would not co-operate
      this vast underworld. The Yakuza are bold and arrogant. Every once in
      while, dressed all in black, they march proudly, with complete
      right in the street. In their stronghold of Osaka, Japan, they are the
      accepted adjunct of the local police.

      By 1984, the Yakuza had placed 20 billion dollars of their hot money
      Continental Illinois Corporation, holding firm for Continental Bank of
      Chicago. They were falsely led to believe their funds were "deposited"
      there. Yet, a bank holding company is not a "bank of deposit", and has
      no federal deposit insurance. In the spring of 1984, I was one of the
      first commentators in the U.S. to accurately predict the then upcoming
      downfall of Continental Bank, owned principally by the Vatican and the
      Queen of England. An agent of British royalty, by tradition, always
      together with a Jesuit, on Continental's Board of Directors. It was a
      really sticky situation. Another major owner of the bank was Walter
      Cummings, Jr., a "man of trust" selected to handle the secret funds of
      the Catholic Church hierarchy. For many years he was also Chief Judge
      Chicago-based U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit. His Court was the
      end-of-the-line for most federal cases from Wisconsin, Illinois, and
      Indiana, since the U.S. Supreme Court only lets in to be heard a few
      handful of cases per year. Required to gain entry into the high court
      Washington is the filing of a "begging" petition, imploring the nine
      members of the court priesthood to please, please, allow the litigant

      Then, as now, most of the federal appeals judges in Chicago, as well
      around the nation, are tied to the Federal Reserve and the banking
      system. And by the way, Judges like to own banks right near their
      Courthouse. From the federal courthouse in Chicago, the Banker-Judges
      have full view of the rear entrance of Continental, now merged with
      of America, owned principally by the Rothschilds, the Jesuits, jointly
      now with the Yakuza.

      In 1984, some called me a liar. But I was, however, the only reporter
      who stationed himself starting at 3 o'clock early one morning at the
      back entrance of the Continental Bank. I and an associate noticed
      well-dressed apparent orientals rushing from waiting cabs into the
      with their suitcases. Cab drivers later confirmed that they were paid
      wait for oriental messengers who were then rushed back with guards to
      O'Hare International Airport with heavy suitcases of money. The Yakuza
      did not wait for or want the money to be wired to them in the
      emergency. JiJi Press Service, owned by the Japanese, with a staff in
      Chicago, started the run on Continental with a story of their
      not being able to return huge funds entrusted to them by Japanese
      "investors". Continental never really returned all the money but
      gave their Osaka branch and other parts of their business to the
      as return payment.

      One of the only detailed books on the subject is simply
      titled "Yakuza"
      by authors Kaplan and Dubro. Some years ago, one of the authors was
      on a
      local Chicago radio talk show. He outlined how the Japanese underworld
      owned half of all the tall buildings in the 1980s built in the "Loop",
      slang for downtown Chicago.

      The book asserts the very fancy, unusual serving-style restaurant
      in America, Benihana, was founded and is owned by a member of the
      Yakuza. At such restaurants, the patrons sit right at a Japanese-style
      stove while the chef, in traditional Japanese garb, prepares the meal
      from scratch right in front of them. It is all done with dramatic
      oriental movements and wielding great sharp knives.

      Several months before the double-murder for which he was accused, O.J.
      Simpson reported to the police that five orientals [apparently Yakuza]
      tried to murder him by operating five cars that tried to run him off
      road. OJ owned a chain of restaurants part of which was given to his
      ex-wife Nicole as part of a bitter divorce settlement. The businesses
      had brought in as silent partners Los Angeles police brass who
      reportedly arranged to launder the funds from a huge dope traffic
      supervised by the Yakuza. There were apparent quarrels among the
      "partners". To associates of his in other businesses, OJ complained of
      his growing problems with the businesses which he, in part, turned
      to Nicole. According to those business associates [who we
      OJ said he is going to have to "do something" to end the problems.

      The one who reportedly was in a position to understand all of this was
      the judge in the first OJ case, Judge Lance Ito, of Japanese descent.
      The Judge's wife, Los Angeles Police Captain, Margaret York,
      had direct knowledge of these problems with corrupt police brass, the
      chain of OJ businesses, and the Yakuza. She was at the time in charge
      L.A. Police Internal Affairs, supposedly investigating corruption
      the police department.

      The Judge himself was apparently in a position to be a blackmailer. He
      heard the case against the red-light district madam, Heidi Fleiss.
      Somehow Judge Ito seized her "little black book" and kept it. Listed
      there were the prominent patrons of her crew of fancy hookers and dope
      distributors. The "customers" included important lawyers, doctors,
      congressmen, Hollywood stars, FBI officials, and drug enforcement
      agents, and such, according to some in law enforcement familiar with
      situation. Experts in whorehouse matters, the Yakuza were interested
      Fleiss' notations for shakedown purposes.

      In his hometown of Buffalo, New York, O.J. Simpson reportedly had a
      business partner. Together they owned a cocktail lounge through which
      dope was distributed supplied reportedly by the Yakuza. During OJ's
      first trial in California, his Buffalo business partner was murdered.
      Also murdered in the middle of that trial was Judge Lance Ito's
      courtroom bailiff. A masked man came up to the bailiff at his home, in
      the presence of his wife, and did not rob him but simply blew him
      A reporter of a Philadelphia newspaper, attending the trial every day,
      was likewise murdered. He apparently began asking forbidden questions
      about the Yakuza links. Also done in was a fellow restaurant employee
      Goldman, victim of the double murder for which OJ was accused. The
      upscale restaurant was reportedly a place for distribution of dope
      the Yakuza.

      With the apparent aid of a corruptible bankruptcy judge, a band of his
      cronies tried to put the arm, in Chicago, on a Japanese businessman, a
      key official of a Japanese auto maker. The Judge and his select group
      make up a "bankruptcy court club", of most every judge in the place
      together with certain chosen lawyers, bankruptcy trustees, court
      bankruptcy assignees, and such. As we found out from our
      over a period of years, "The Club" meets every month at a certain
      lawyer's house. For mandatory "dues" of three thousand dollars a
      certain lawyers get the run of the bankruptcy court. Their court
      petitions are granted without question, regardless of the law and the
      facts to the contrary. They must also pay, to fill the Judge's
      without question, certain "assessments" levied on the club lawyers
      time to time. In return, the lawyers are to easily make a quarter
      million dollars a year in bankruptcy court rackets condoned by the
      Judges. The "Club" payments are deposited, coincidentally or not, in
      Caribbean branch of a Japanese bank.

      Several lawyers complained to us, not to be publicly identified, that
      their failure to join the "Club" and pay the "dues" and "assessments",
      caused them to lose more than one hundred and fifty thousand dollars
      a previous year in cases they should have easily prevailed. A
      attorney, guest on our television show, once confirmed the existence
      a "Club" but said it was harmless, that they merely met after Court
      "coffee". In December, 1991,a bankruptcy court auctioneer, about to
      "sing" to a federal grand jury about "The Club" was assassinated right
      near a bank linked to "The Club". We are the only ones who did a TV
      documentary on-location about the killing.

      In a case involving the bankruptcy of a car undercoating firm, Rusty
      Jones, some of the "Club" members tried to shakedown the Japanese auto
      manufacturing official. They falsely contended he and his firm were
      financially implicated in the bankruptcy and were obligated to come up
      with big bucks or suffer the consequences at the hands of the
      Trustee seeking out assets of the debtor. The would-be extortionists
      failed to determine that they were messing around with the Yakuza
      could be violent if not fatal. No resulting shootings or stabbings,
      however, were reported to the police. The Judge on the case, a member
      "The Club", was, in addition, closely aligned with Israeli
      that for years has skimmed off funds from the Chicago bankruptcy court
      rackets. As a foreign secret police operating in America, the Mossad's
      amoral view is that they are not obligated to seek enforcement of
      American criminal laws and that they are just taking advantage of
      "business" opportunities in Chicago.

      The Judge on the case of the rust-preventing firm, must have somehow,
      because of the extreme stress of us poking into his corruption, became
      "rusted out" himself. He needed heart surgery.

      A growing amount of the litigation in the federal courts, like in
      Chicago, involves Japanese firms. Often, not knowing or finding out
      ahead of time which of these firms are linked to the Yakuza, some of
      judges think it is cute to push around some of these Japanese firms,
      if the companies and their officials are not entitled to Due Process
      fair and square proceedings in American courts. No one close to the
      judges with sense seems to warn these judicial pirates that it is
      dangerous to steal property from some Japanese who might actually be
      Yakuza on U.S. soil.

      A cynic said some foolhardy court member might end up someday as a
      judge-burger carved up and cooked right in front of some unsuspecting
      patrons at Benihana.

      More coming.

      Stay tuned.

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